4 Best Dating Apps in Norway (For Love or a Hookup)

You’re probably already in the Land of the midnight Sun.

Or making plans to go there soon.

And you want to know what the best dating apps are in Norway.


Because that’s what you’re about to get.

  • 4 Best dating apps in Norway
  • 7 Copy pastable lines to make a great impression on your Norwegian matches
  • The ultimate beginner’s guide to Tinder (best way to get 99+ likes in 24 hours)
  • How to blow your matches away with a powerful texting technique
  • 3 Dating do’s and don’ts that will set you apart from the competition

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Must read before you continue

The dating app suggestions are meaningless unless you keep this in mind:

To have the best experience with dating apps, you want to be in a large city.

Swiping in the cave of a gletsjer is unlikely to get you matches.

So stick to populated regions.

Anyway, let’s get onto the dating apps pronto.

Best dating apps in Norway

Because I don’t live in Norway, I tested the waters with the apps that allowed it (like Tinder Passport).

Heck, I even reached out to some date savvy locals who were willing to share their online dating experiences.

And it was all worth it.

Through our combined efforts we found the most popular dating apps in Norway.

Starting with…

#1: Tinder

I hope it’ll one day be different, but as of 2021…

Big daddy T is dominating the online dating scene in Norway.

And not just for the young adults.

Tinder is popular across all demographics. Although the numbers do start to dwindle in the higher age groups.

In case you’re new to Tinder, let me quickly go over the basics.

Once you create a profile (which takes less than 5 minutes), you’ll see something like this.

After you scroll through her profile and like what you see, you swipe her right.

If she likes you back, it’s a match and you can chat.

Simple stuff.

If you’d like to know more about setting up your account and getting 99+ Likes, check out this article of mine:

So why should you pick Tinder if you’re in Norway?

Let me tell you.

  • It’s crazy popular
  • It’s diverse. You’ll meet women of all ages and educational backgrounds
  • It’s free and easy to use (although Tinder Plus and Platinum are worth considering too)
  • It’s both useful for finding long-term commitment and casual hookups

Now for the drawbacks.

  • Free gives you a maximum of 100 likes per day. More than plenty if you ask me
  • It has no filter options besides gender, age and distance. Which means you’ll have to go through EVERY profile Tinder shows you
  • It doesn’t allow you to send voice messages. An incredibly powerful way to raise attraction
  • Slightly less invested user base. You’ll sometimes match with girls who have little interest in meeting up

In short: Tinder is a GREAT app to find women. Although you’ll spend quite a bit of time swiping, unless you get Gold or Platinum to you can see who likes you.

#2: Hinge

I was very surprised to find out that Hinge is probably Norway’s 2nd most popular dating app.

Not that Hinge is bad. Far from it.

But this particular dating app tends to struggle for dominance in other countries.

Anyway, this is incredibly good news for you.

Because Hinge is easily the best free dating app.

Here’s why.

  • It offers all the paid features from Tinder Gold for FREE
  • It has a detailed filter function so you’ll never have to see anyone BUT your type of woman
  • It lets you send a text to a girl before you’re matched. Which hugely increases the odds of matching
  • It forces everyone to upload a minimum of 6 photos, so you’ll never see a boring 2-photo profile
  • It demands you answer prompts (think: interesting questions) that make it much easier to start conversations
  • It’s made to be deleted, so Hinge regularly sends you profiles that the algorithm thinks are a fit for you

Hinge isn’t all unicorns and lollipops.

It has a few downsides too.

  • You get a maximum of 5 likes per day. Pretty low, so make them count
  • Your profile needs to have 6 photos. Which may mean you need to shoot some new pics (or get creative with a funny meme)

From what I’ve seen from my own experience (using Hinge passport to swipe in Norway) and what my Norwegian venns have said…

Hinge in Norway is da bomb!

So be sure to check it out.

Up next a dating app that’s especially good if you’re in your early 20s.

BRIEF INTERMEZZO: Your secret power of seduction

Unlike Tinder, Hinge does allow you to send voice messages

Which is GREAT.

Because voice messages are incredibly good at raising your attraction.

The best part?

My voice is pretty average. Yet she thinks it’s sexy.

Want to know how to sound sexy too?

Check out my short 3-minute video.

Now back to the best dating apps in Norway.

#3: Happn

Happn is a real cool dating app because it brings the worlds of offline- and online dating together.

Unlike traditional dating services, it’s not purely about swiping.

It’s also about meeting people in real life.

Let me explain through a scenario every guy knows.

You see a gorgeous girl in a yellow top standing at the bus stop.

You’d love to meet her but you’re too chicken to talk to her.

Ten years ago, that would have been game over.

But today, you can grab your phone and open the Happn map.


You lucked out.

The pretty yellow top wearing girl has Happn too.

Instead of talking to her in person, you can like her on your phone and hope she likes you back.

If she does, it’s a match and you can chat just like on Tinder.

From what I’ve been told, Happn is pretty popular in Norway.

But only among the younger age groups. Think 18 to 25.

If that’s what you’re after, be sure to give Happn a go.

  • It’s popular among students
  • Your daily routine is the filter method. You’ll see anyone who crossed paths with you within 250m (280 yards)
  • It’s not a problem if she has few photos, because you’ve probably seen her in real life
  • She isn’t notified of your swipe unless you use a ‘charm’. And you only have 10 unless you buy more
  • If she didn’t see you in real life (or if you didn’t blow her away because you were wearing your pyjamas to go to the supermarket), your profile needs to be immaculate to catch her attention
  • If she travels a lot for work, the odds are small that she’ll look at every attractive guy that she crossed paths with

Now for the last of the best dating apps in Norway.

#4: Sukker

No, this dating app isn’t for suckers.

Sukker is Norwegian for sugar and is the name of a local dating app.

And from what I understand, it’s not bad.

I usually don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried, but Sukker is completely Norwegian. And is impossible to comprehend for my Flemish brain.

Plus, a bunch of locals I trust tell me good things about Sukker.

Here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Mainly aimed at relationships
  • You need to answer a series of questions that will determine how compatible you are with other people
  • No bots or inactive profiles
  • Premium members get invited to real life single parties
  • No English option
  • Not useful outside of the big cities like Oslo
  • Requires a Norwegian telephone number, or proof that you’re in Norway
  • You can’t read messages from free members unless you go premium

Dating do’s and don’ts that can break or make a first date

Now for some dating tips that’ll increase your attraction.

Useful for both locals and foreigners.

#1: Be patient

Most guys know Norway is a progressive country and will make the next mistake.

Thinking that girls will easily make out or sleep with them on the first date.

Although entirely possible, first date hanky panky is not the norm.

Especially if she met you through an online dating app.


Norwegians are usually slow to trust strangers.

So unless you’re a particularly trustworthy person, or you already know the girl through some other way, your date will probably want to play it relatively slow.

So pace yourself.

Show that you’re interested, but don’t get upset if she’s not ready yet.

So aim to have fun.

That way you won’t be disappointed, plus you’ll increase the odds of seeing her again or jumping into bed with her.

After all, what person doesn’t want to hang out with someone who makes them laugh?

#2: Don’t be overly macho

As seems to be the trend everywhere, feminism is gaining a lot of traction.

Which is great. Women and men should be treated as equals.

Especially in the public and professional domain.

But equality can become a bit confusing in the dating domain.

Things that you may feel are the guy’s job, like holding open a door or pulling out a chair, could potentially be interpreted as a display of male supremacy.

Major mood kill. And highly confusing for us dudes.

So how do you know what to do?

Let me tell you.

All that chivalrous behavior like offering her your jacket and kissing her on the forehead? Leave that for when you’re seriously dating.

Next, take turns in paying bills on your dates.

Pick up the first tab and say, “You can take the next one.”


Onto the next tip.

#3: Do bring up the next subjects

The next topics will show her you are not just a random foreigner and will blow her away

Here are some lines that will set you apart from the rest. (Feel free to make up your own using the same subjects.)

I’m pretty sure I’m Norwegian now because I just consumed my bodyweight in Brunost

Brunost is a famous Norwegian cheese.

You have to help me, Britt. I can’t stop eating Freia

Freia is a famous Norwegian chocolate milk.

The next few lines are more suited for a first date.

Okay, Elin. Everyone keeps telling me that Scandinavians are very different from each other, but I don’t know how

You must tell me the difference before someone finds out and sends a Viking deathsquad to get me

If she doesn’t want to pay the bill say this jokingly:

That’s not very Janteloven of you

Janteloven are the famous laws of Jante (known by all Norwegians) that emphasize acting for the collective rather than for yourself.

Share your opinion on (cross country) skiing. Like:

You have to tell me, Liv. What’s so special about skiing?

Is she not from Oslo? Ask her about her dialect and background.

Non-city folk are very proud of their heritage.

You’re not from Oslo? That explains why you talk like a Harry

Haha, just kidding!

Okay, so this is a twoofer.

You’re showing you know about the Oslo vs. non-Oslo dynamic. Aaaaand you know about harrys.

A harry is basically Norwegian white trash.

For instance, harry-shopping is what it’s called when people go to Sweden to buy lots of cheap alcohol, meat and tobacco and smuggle it home.

With all this knowledge lodged in your brain, you’ll DEFINITELY make a good impression on your Norwegian date.

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