26 Flirty GIFs For Tinder That Get Great Responses

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“What are the best flirty GIFs to send on Tinder?”

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Is it a good idea to send a GIF on Tinder?

Look, GIFs are great and can be stupidly effective at making her laugh.

But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. GIFs can also seriously turn her off. Even if you’re using the best GIFs you can send on Tinder.

Why? Because spammings GIFs can make you seem like a 10-year-old.

That’s not exactly what a woman is looking for. So before you send your first GIF, know this:

Use GIFs sparingly.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend no more than 1 GIF every 10 texts.

With that out the way, we can get into it.

Starting with…

When to use GIFs on Tinder?

If you’re a true TextGod follower, you know the importance of making your match feel emotions.

The best way to her heart and to make her feel attracted, is by making her feel stuff. By being fun, playful and flirty.

And that’s exactly what GIFs are good for.

It’s a way of communicating an emotion while being playful and fun.

If you use your flirty GIFs right, you’re bound to make her laugh.

It’s also a way to be radically authentic. Another one of the core principles we teach at TextGod.

Because you can use YOUR humor and demonstrate YOUR personality in an exaggerated way.

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GIFs to use as an opener on Tinder

These are the ones you want to send when you can’t come up with a personalized opener.

Don’t know what a personalized opener is? It’s a message tailor-made for your new Tinder match, which requires quite a bit of finesse. If you want to know how to write one, check out my article on the 33+ Best First Tinder Messages

I recommend you learn how to send these Personalized Openers because GIFs are hit and miss when it comes to starting a Tinder convo.

But as GIFs go, the next ones are likely the most effective.

IMPORTANT: As of now these GIFs are not trending. That means they’re not being used by everyone and are actually a bit rare in the world of Tinder.

That’s a good thing. But once enough people start reading my article, these GIFs may become popular and lose their power.

So use them while you still can, or learn how to write a personalized opener.

#1: Slide

Keywords: flirting, slide, dms, hey girl

#2: Hay Jimmy Fallon

Keywords: hay, jimmy fallon

#3: Hey girl

Keywords: hey girl, skating

After you sent one of these Tinder GIFs, you’re going to send normal texts for a while.

And you may eventually find yourself in a situation that asks for a GIF.

Like here…

GIFs for when she tells you what to do

Some girls like to be a little bossy and may jokingly say stuff like:

You shouldn’t talk to girls that way

If you did nothing wrong and she’s clearly kidding, it’s a good move to stand your ground.

In fact, you shouldn’t see it as ‘standing your ground.’ Because what you’re actually doing is flirting. After all, her telling you off is really a tease.

In this scenario, you can go with one of three playful GIFs.

#4: Dobby has no master

Dobby has no master. Excellent scene and perfectly over the top for this scenario. In case you don’t remember, Dobby said this after he stood up to the nasty death eaters.

And now you’re standing up to a cute girl from Tinder. You’re such a gentleman.

Keywords: harry potter, elf, dobby, free

#5: Baby eye glasses

If you’re feeling more like a diva, here’s little Miss Baby peering over her glasses as if to say, “Excuse me?” Clearly your Tinder match is nothing more to you than a blip on your radar.

Keywords: sunglasses, excuse me, baby

#6: No thank you

And if you’re feeling more sassy, go with this GIF.

Keywords: sassy, no thanks, boo boo

Up next, a different scenario…

GIFs for when she gives you a challenge on Tinder

If she’s really feeling herself, she’ll eventually throw you a challenge.

I’m the campus champ, you don’t stand a chance

How would you reply to this? With nothing but confidence I hope!

Here are some GIFs you can go with:

#7: Bring it on

Keywords: bring it on, emperors new groove

Now for my personal favorite…

#8: I’ll whoop your ass

Show no mercy, my friend.

Keywords: whoop your ass

GIFs for when she teases you

If you’re even half-good at texting, girls should tease you all the time. Do you never find yourself being teased?

I recommend you read this article on 9 Tips How To Build Rapport Over Text.

Anyway, suppose you told her an embarrassing story about how you dove head-first into a tree on a ski trip and she calls you…

Treeface. What a b—eautiful tease. What do you do?

#9: Play dumb and take it as a compliment:

I get my own nickname already?

You’re so in love with me

Keywords: stop it, playful, nikki glaser

Or, depending on what the situation calls for, you can go the opposite route and…

#10: Cry


I opened my heart and soul to you and this is what I get?

Keywords: crying, ice cream, emma stone

Talking about teasing over text, suppose she…

GIFs for when she says something you don’t agree with:

Maybe you absolutely adore sushi and so you tell her:

If I could, I’d have sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner

I don’t like sushi, lol

How do you respond? You tease her!

One way is to revert back to your child-self and…

#11: Mock her

i DoN’t LiKe SuShI

Keywords: ross, friends, mocking

Another option is…

#12: Say you don’t love her anymore:

Keywords: erin, breaking up, office

An equally funny reply would be to…

#13: Fire her

Keywords: friends, lisa kudrow, phoebe, fired

You can pick up your things from my place tomorrow, (name)

Now for a totally different scenario.

GIFs for when she asks you a question

If you’re always answering questions truthfully, you’re losing out on opportunities to create attraction.

Did that jump to conclusion make your head spin? Let me explain.

We’re all attracted to people who are playful. Of course there are varying degrees of playfulness that we’re looking for, but I think we can all agree that we don’t like people who are… boring.

And what is someone who always answers questions truthfully? That’s right, boring. So next time she asks you a Yes/No question, be playful and tell her…

#13: Maybe

Keywords: maybe, barack obama, classified

GIFs for when she doesn’t respond

One of the worst things about texting is that… sometimes she won’t respond.

Which can send you into a panic and have you blowing up her phone with needy messages.

Messages that scare her away… forever. So let’s not do that.

Instead, figure out why she didn’t respond.

There are a bunch of reasons why she might go quiet. If you want to know exactly why she didn’t text back, check out this article.

In this case, I’m going to give you a good GIF for two scenarios:

  1. The conversation went well and she forgot to reply or is busy
  2. You said something she didn’t like and she didn’t feel like answering

Let’s start with the scenario where you blundered.

#14: Oof!

My texts sounded much better in my head

Luckily I’m a handsome goofball. Anyway, (bla bla bla)

Keywords: cringe, yuck, wince, kristen bell

Want to know what to say instead of bla bla bla? Here’s 10 Things To Say When You Don’t Know What To Talk About.

Now for the best scenario: you were having a good conversation but she didn’t reply.

In that case, I have two possible double texts for you.

#15: When you say something obviously flirty

So what do you want?


Keywords: wink, steve brule


#16: Let me in

Keywords: conan obrien, let me in

To be clear, only send #18 and #19 if the convo was going well and she probably forgot to reply.

If you send these two GIFs when the convo was going poorly, you’ll likely scare her off.

Now for the best GIF to send on Tinder when…

#17: When she doesn’t get your joke

One of the worst feelings is when someone doesn’t get your joke.

That said, I’ve never gone to a Nickelback concert.

Anyway, it’ll sometimes happen when your Tinder match doesn’t see the funny.

Whenever a joke goes over her head, send her this…

Keywords: Joke, miss, star trek

It’s a lovely tease that’ll be sure to make her blow some air out of her nose.

GIFs for when she gives you a compliment

If you’ve got a bangin’ profile, you’ll no doubt get the occasional compliment.

Don’t have a bangin’ profile?

Then we have to get you one. So here’s an article with 7 Tinder profile tips to triple your matches.

Holy Tip:

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Check out my Dating Profile Checklist.

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You can grab it here for free.

Now that you’ve got some compliments, we’ve got to find you some GIFs.

In fact, you want the best Tinder GIFs to send.

And as far as I’m concerned it’s one of these two.

#18: Confident

Keywords: yeah, I know, fabulous

This one, I’ll send when she compliments me on something superficial. Like my smile.

But if she really blows me away with something special that makes me all tingly inside?

I’ll send her this.

#19: Goofy blush

Keywords: goofy, blush, disney

Now for another scenario…

GIFs when you want to flirt

If you’re on Tinder, this is what you want to be doing… Flirting.

You want to be triggering all sorts of emotions that no other man on Tinder can.

Seriously, if you just do a little flirting you will become her #1 Tinder match. And she will be hunting you down for a date.

The best part? Flirting isn’t all that hard. Especially if you use GIFs.

Suppose she texts you something totally devoid of flirtiness:

I guess my favorite hobby is riding horses

Then you can turn it flirty by misinterpreting her text and sending…

#20: Eyebrow raise

Are we still talking about horses?

Keywords: milhouse, simpsons, eyebrow raise

It does require a little of brainpower on your part, so how about something even easier:

Suppose she says the most bland and boring thing on the planet:

I’m an accountant

What would be an awesome flirty response?

#21: That’s HOT

Keywords: that’s hot, paris hilton

It makes absolutely no sense.

But it’s still flirty, playful, and fun.

Suppose the convo is getting a bit boring and it’s in serious need of some flirting, go with the next gif.

#22: Are you flirting with me?

I like to read about quantum physics

Keywords: are you flirting with me, ncis

Like the GIF from earlier, it makes no sense!

But it gets the convo where you want it to be. And that’s all that matters.

We just discussed instances where you start flirting with her.

But what if she goes first and…

GIFs for when she starts flirting with you

If you’re following the texting principles I preach, you’ll often find yourself in a position where girls are flirting with you.

How will you reply? Suppose she goes:

Boy… if we ever meet up that’ll definitely be trouble

What would you reply?

#23: In your dreams

Meet up?

Keywords: in your dreams, melinda, vonetta mcgee

Most guys would love it if a girl started fantasizing about going on a date. And instantly try to capitalize on the opportunity.

But not you. You’re smart. You know how to flirt.

Now, you obviously don’t want to shoot down every date attempt of hers.

Eventually you do want to meet. So don’t flirt forever. Only until you’ve built up enough rapport and attraction.

#24: Show her you’re excited


Keywords: boner, transformer

The implication is clear.

But because it’s a GIF from a children’s cartoon, it loses much of its adult context and won’t set off any ‘creeper’ alarms.

GIFs for when she rejects your date proposal or number exchange

No matter how good you are at flirting and texting, she will eventually reject you.

That’s normal. And largely out of your hands. After all, you don’t know what kind of experiences she’s had with men in the past.

So even if she likes you, she may be a bit more reluctant to meet up.

Suppose you’ve been texting back and forth and you think the time is right to exchange numbers. So you send her this:

That last text of yours settles it

You’ve earned the privilege of having my number (XXX-XXX-XXX)

Sorry, that’s a bit quick for me

What would be a playful and non-butthurt reply?

#25: Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Keywords: nooo, screaming, jane the virgin

From here change topics and continue to build rapport over text until she’s ready.

Now for the last gif that’ll save you from the most painful situations possible…

GIFs for when you didn’t hear back after the date

Ever sent a text after a first date and never got an answer? This GIF is the answer to all your troubles.

Now, this is not something you want to send right after the date. You want to use this GIF after she ignores your initial text.

Imagine you just came back from a first date and sent her:

Hey, Sharon. I had a blast tonight. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

And after waiting two days, she still hasn’t answered your text.

What type of GIF could possibly trigger her to answer back? This one…

#26: Just letting you know I’m totally fine

Just wanted to let you know I’m doing fine. Just enjoying a glass of wine

Keywords: wine, drink, amy

Although the GIF implies that you’re totally NOT fine, the fact you’re cracking jokes shows you’re in a good mood.

So after she laughs at your joke, she’ll highly likely reply and tell her what’s on her mind.

Pretty sweet.

Next steps

Anyway, today we talked a bunch about the best GIF to send on Tinder.

Which may give you the idea that you want to be sending a LOT of GIFs. Unless you remember the first thing I wrote…

Use GIFs sparingly.

Most of the time you want to be relying on words.

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