Best Online Dating Apps 2023: Which One Is Right For You?

Which dating app is the best in 2023?

There are a TON of dating apps out there now.

Some are okay. Some are terrible. And some are hands down AMAZING.

Use this article to find which online dating apps will give you the best results in the shortest time.

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Use this guide to find what dating app best suits your needs Whether it’s something casual, a serious relationship, or a kinky experience.

What are the best dating apps in 2023?

  • Best for hook ups: Tinder or Grindr
  • Best for relationships: Hinge
  • Best for quality conversation: Hinge
  • Best for busy professionals: The League or Raya
  • Best for travelers: Tinder
  • Best for women: Hinge
  • Best for queer women: HER
  • Best for gay men: Grindr

1. Tinder

Tinder is extremely easy to use and has a huge user base.

And swiping profiles is pretty fun.

You upload a few photos, make a short bio, and you’re ready to go.

It also has some great paid features to make you stand out, such as Tinder Platinum.

  • Easiest app to use.
  • So many users that you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.
  • Great for casual daters.
  • Lots of competition for men.
  • Lower quality people compared to some other apps.
  • Some paid features are expensive and cost more the older you are.
  • Matching is mainly based on looks, not personality.
  • Some people don’t take it seriously or use it as a game.

Tinder has a huge audience. Which is great as there are a lot of options to choose from. But sometimes those options are only an illusion as people are only using tinder for fun.

But hey, I still love tinder like my first World of Warcraft character. He’ll always have a special place in my heart.

If you’re new to online dating then tinder is a great place to start.

2. Happn

Happn only shows you people who you’ve actually crossed paths with in real life.

So if you and another cute Happn user are riding the subway, you can open Happn later and send them a like.

And if they like you back, it’s a match. Too chicken to talk to women in person?

Happn’s got your back.

Here’s a breakdown of Happn’s pros and cons.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Little to no fake accounts or bots.
  • Relatively easy to find like-minded people. For example, if you like to go to the gym, you’ll find lots of gym girls.
  • Matching with people who you’ve crossed paths feels more exciting.
  • Paid options are cost effective.
  • Matching is based on vicinity and not personality.
  • Can be difficult to set up dates with people who frequent the same places. After all, things might get weird if it doesn’t work out.
  • Smaller towns can run out of matches FAST.

Although it doesn’t give me the most dates, I find Happn the most exciting dating app.

It’s just so fun to find out if the cute girl you passed on the street is in your Happn feed.

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3. Bumble

What makes Bumble unique from all the other dating apps is that women text first.

Having girls send you the first text is a lot of fun. Finally you don’t have to come up with something clever for once.

Plus, having her take the lead makes you feel pretty hihi.

Sadly, it’s not all rainbows and lollipops. If you don’t make it easy for her to come up with something good, your every match will probably text you:

Hey how are you? 🙂

  • Women message first.
  • Free membership is plenty good.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can send voice messages and images over text (no ding-a-ling pictures please fellas).
  • Higher quality people than Tinder. Bumble tends to cater to a more mature audience.
  • Lots of women struggle to come up with creative icebreakers. Which can make it a little difficult to continue the conversation.
  • Not hugely popular compared to Tinder. But plenty of match potential if you live in a city.

Overall, Bumble is an incredibly good dating app. It’s one of my favorites.

High quality people. Easy to use. Essentially free.

With the only downside being there’s less people on it compared to Tinder.

Try it out.

4. Badoo

This blows my mind to this day, Badoo has more users than Tinder even though it’s absolute dogshit.

I don’t know a single person who enjoys the Badoo experience. But I think I know why other people might.

Unlike Tinder, Badoo is actually a social platform.

So it’s not just for romance, but making friends too. And it might be great to find friends. But me and my colleagues wouldn’t know, because we’re looking for other things. Giggity.

Anyway, since Badoo is largely about creating new buddies, the audience tends to be a lot younger and immature.

So if you’re still in your early teens, Badoo might have what you’re looking for.

Are you an older 20-something-year old gentleman?

Badoo is a big nope.

  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Free but with a few minor paid features.
  • TONS of people use it.
  • You can video chat on the app.
  • Has a similar ‘vicinity’ feature to Happn.
  • Younger and more immature users
  • You won’t know if someone wants to be friends or go on dates

Not much to say here other than Badoo has all the best features of other apps, along with the bad features as well.

It’s a great app to try out, but personally it’s not for me.

5. Facebook Dating

I know you’ll never guess this in a million years, but Facebook Dating was made by the same minds who built Facebook.

I know, I was shocked too.

The beauty is that you don’t even need to install a different app.

If you’ve got Facebook on your phone, you also have Facebook Dating. Although you’ll still need to set up an account and build your profile.

Yep, that means that your potential matches will be wildly different from your Facebook friends.

  • Creating a profile is very detailed.
  • You can match with people based on shared interests.
  • Geared towards more serious daters. No poop jokes allowed. 🙁
  • Gives you the ability to like both photos and prompts.
  • You need a facebook account to use it
  • Automatically selects photos from your Facebook to use (you can turn that off).
  • You can’t rearrange photos once they’re posted.
  • Less people use this compared to other dating apps.

Facebook dating can be really great for some people.

Generally though, I think it’s just okay.

It has everything it needs to be good, but it’s just not popular enough.

That said, Facebook Dating can be great depending on your region. Several of my Mentoring Program students were absolutely crushing it and getting dates with beautiful women.

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6. Grindr

Fun fact: did you know Grindr was the original dating app which Tinder based it’s functionality off of? It’s true!

But what’s different about Grindr from other dating apps?

Well, it’s got a WHOLE lot of weiner primarily for gay men and some trans people.

That’s it.

You will find 0 women on this app.

It is also, by far, the easiest app to hook up on.

Just be prepared for the most weenie pictures you’ve ever seen in 24 hours.

  • Completely free.
  • EXTREMELY easy to hook up.
  • Millions of shlong (the best word) pictures.
  • Majority of people don’t want relationships.
  • Less attractive people.

Grindr is the dating app for gay men. Or bicurious men.  Or men who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community. (I think it’s similar to a BLT, but someone fact check me on that).

So it’s GRRRREEEAAAATTTTT *insert Tony the Tiger voice* for hooking up, but not much else.

7. HER

The opposite of Grindr, HER is for Lesbian women or women who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community.

It also has a cool group feature which allows you to join certain community groups, like 40+, bisexual, Good Vibes Only etc.

HER also hosts a number of in person meet-and-greet events, which is a pretty cool feature!

  • Only lesbian women can use it.
  • Great for meeting friends and like minded people in the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Extremely few people use it.
  • It’s Taco Tuesday EVERY day. 🙁
  • The paid version of this is the best.
  • Lots of promotions and ads.

HER is a gold mine for women who like women.

Not the best for men who like women who like women though.

9. OkCupid

This is one underrated dating app.

It’s as easy to use as Tinder but completely free, aside from the same paid features that Tinder has, like superlikes and boosts.

One additional feature is that Ok Cupid has “Deal Breakers” which allow you to filter the people that you see.

Don’t like smokers? Cool, change your preference and you won’t see them anymore.

Other than that it functions as easily as the other apps: upload some pictures, write a short, snappy bio, and you’re set to go.

  • Easy to use.
  • Can filter people by using the Deal Breakers feature.
  • You use answers to questions on your profile to show more of your personality and spark interesting conversations.
  • Less users than Tinder.
  • More on the casual side of dating.

OkCupid is just…..Ok.

It gets the job done, but doesn’t do anything different to stand out from the other big dating app players.

OkCupid hasn’t really convinced me to replace apps like Tinder or Bumble.

But if you have the time, definitely check it out.

Especially if you have an irresistible profile that’ll easily get you quality matches on the first day.

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10. Hinge

Finally! My favorite dating app.

Hinge has so many great things about it.

Easy to use. More detailed than Tinder but less strenuous than eharmoney. Absolutely GORGEOUS women (and men). And it’s fun.

It does almost everything right.

The one downside is the minimal amount of “likes” you can send a day, which is 10 but the paid version is unlimited.

  • Easy and fun to set up a profile.
  • More detailed than tinder but not overbearing like other websites.
  • Uses prompts instead of bios to show personality.
  • You MUST have a good profile or you won’t get results.
  • Free version caps the amount of likes you can send.

Hinge is close to perfect when it comes to dating apps.

It also focuses slightly more on more serious or long term relationships, but there’s still plenty of people looking for something casual if that’s what you’re into.

I give it a patented 6.9/6.9 golden Louis stars as my favorite app.

11. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a little different.

Instead of swiping profiles one at a time you get to see up to 21 people every day at noon, at which point you can like them.

Except for women. Women are presented with bagels who like them AND who meet their criteria…

Which is interesting, as women actually outnumber men on this app in a 60:40 ratio.

Other than this feature, it follows the same function as other apps. Upload some pictures, fill out your prompts or bio, and you’re ready start falling in love.

  • Better for long term relationships.
  • More women than men.
  • Doesn’t require a huge time investment.
  • Limited number of matches per day.
  • Poor algorithm for matching people up.
  • Less users than other apps.
  • Upgrading memberships can be expensive.

Overall, the biggest downside to Coffee Meets Bagel is that so few people use it.

Still, it can lead to some quality dates with people who are young professionals or who are more sophisticated.

So based on my propensity for poop and ding-a-ling jokes, I’m clearly not sophisticated enough to use Coffee Meets Bagel. Oops.

12. Plenty Of Fish

The one great thing that Plenty of Fish (or PoF) has is that its free version is pretty great.

The paid version isn’t needed to have success.

You upload some photos, craft a long AF bio, and then start searching.

The downsides?

Most of the people are older and, ahem, aesthetically challenged…which made PoF earn its nickname “Plenty of Whales.”

  • Free version is *chefs kiss.*
  • Messages are usually long and detailed.
  • More suitable for finding relationships.
  • Takes way too much time to make your profile.
  • Messages can get lost in the email stack.

Unless you’re struggling on other dating apps, I’d stay away from this one.


Arguably the first dating website ever, has been around for a longgggggg time and actually owns other dating apps like Tinder and Hinge.

Because it’s been around for so long, most users are aged 30+.

It does take some time to fill out your profile, but this can lead to higher quality matches, usually looking for a serious relationship.

Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t allow you to message more than one person a day (WTF????).

One cool feature they do have is 1-1 phone calls with “dating experts” to help in your dating life.

But none of their employees are TextGod-coached and the advice they give is somewhere between garbage and meh.

Or maybe my ego is just that big hihi.

  • Detailed profile building.
  • 1-1 calls with dating experts to optimize your profile and texting.
  • You can upload an enormous amount of pictures.
  • Time consuming to set up.
  • Less active users than other dating apps.
  • You gotta be Bill Gates to use this thing.

If you’re going to use match then definitely get the paid version.

Talking to JUST one person a day is too much of a hindrance to get success when it comes to online dating.

Try them out if you’re looking for something more serious and have a little extra time on your hands, but generally there’s better options out there.

The 1-1 dating expert calls are pretty neat if you’re a complete beginner.

Speaking of dating experts, if you actually want to take your online dating and texting to the next level then book a call with ACTUAL dating experts who have tons and tons and tons and tons of success stories in our TextGod Mentoring Program.

14. Feeld

Feeld is an interesting dating app as it’s all about exploring sexuality.

Like exploring kinks, trying out different genders, ethical non-monogamy, covering-your-whole body-in-peanut-butter-and-having-your-dog-lick-it-off type of stuff.

I’m kidding about the last part but you get the idea.

You upload some photos, write a bio, and post some answers to sexual questions to engage other users.

It’s all about sex and sexuality.

  • Very sex positive.
  • Great for exploring kinks.
  • Promoting safety is one of their top goals.
  • Very sex forward, so relationships are more rare.
  • Very niche so less people use it.

Finally a dating app where my unsolicited dong pics become solicited.

Jokes aside, Feeld is actually pretty cool if you’re into this sort of lifestyle.

You can explore all kinds of sexual fantasies, solo or with your partner, and they focus on the safety of individuals.

15. The League

This ones easy.

Think of Tinder, but only for super successful, ambitious, and elite types of people.

So this app should be EXTREMELY well made to attract the highest quality individuals right?

Well…..holy moly they fumbled the bag on that. It’s actually a worse Tinder.

Uploading the photos and bio is the same, but then you only get THREE matches a day, unless you pay their super reasonable fee of $300 for membership!

If you are super successful then that lunch money ain’t no big deal….but then that super successful person could also be just as successful on another dating app. For less money.

And because it’s so exclusive there aren’t enough people using it to make it worthwhile.

The only unique feature is that your first photo is always black and white….

Thanks for making me look artsy I guess?

  • Users are ambitious and successful in life.
  • You’ll have to sell your kidney to use it.
  • Very few people are on it.
  • Doesn’t do anything new or different compared to other dating apps.

This conclusion will be short.


16. Raya

This review is tricky.

On the one hand, Raya has by far the highest quality individuals on any dating app. BY FAR!

The downside is that it’s close to impossible to get accepted onto Raya.

That’s right, you can’t just download it and join.

There’s a screening process, which usually takes 2-3 months, unless someone already on the app recommends you, in which case the wait time is shorter.


It also doesn’t allow you to choose your photos. Everything is chosen from instagram. This is great if you have an awesome instagram, but a complete dealbreaker if you don’t use instagram or don’t post to it regularly.

One sort of cool feature is that your pictures are shown in a slideshow along with a song of your choosing.

Which would have been cool back in 2001 when myspace was around.


  • Extremely attractive and high quality individuals.
  • Some celebrities use it (Sydney Sweeny if you’re reading this respond to my DMs pleasssse)
  • Difficult to get accepted onto Raya.
  • Mostly photo based.
  • You need a great instagram.
  • Very few people use it due to how exclusive it is.
  • Only available on Apple products.

Raya can definitely be a gold mine if you get on it.

And it’s filled with some of the most beautiful people on the planet, including celebrities.

But you can still have tons of success with public dating apps, especially if you use our dating profile checklist to your full advantage.

17. Inner Circle

Inner circle is similar to Raya, just less exclusive.

There’s still a selection process (so you may get rejected), but you can always try again after you upgrade your social media, which is the only way you can join.

Only 50% of people end up making it through the selection process and it has some of the prettiest people on any dating app.

One other unique feature is that nothing on the site is free, so you filter out for only people who can afford it. Like Scrooge McDuck.

  • Great for singles who want pretty people.
  • Very little communication, instead going on more fast dates.
  • Some celebrities use it.
  • Must have social media.
  • Very looks based.
  • No free version.

Inner circle is pretty cool if you can get on it, even if you have to spend a couple hundred dollars a month on it.

But this will only work if your profile is set up to be a 10/10.

That’s the only way you’ll ever land a chance with your celebrity crush if they use the app.

Which we all know is Ryan Reynolds.

He’s dreamy.

So which dating app is right for you?

With so many to choose from it can be difficult to choose which app will be the best for you.

Personally, I’m happy with using the big 3: Tinder, Bumble Hinge.

And I’ll try to get on Raya.

But for more specialized tastes Feeld or Grindr may be better.

Or or OkCupid for more long term relationships.

It’s entirely up to you.

Regardless of which app you choose, you’re going to need a 10/10 dating profile.

So if you haven’t done so already, grab my Dating Profile Checklist below by smashing the big gold button. It’ll make your profile better than 90% of those out there.

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