Bumble Hookup Guide: Get Laid On Bumble in 5 Steps

If you’re here, you probably want to hook up with cuties from Bumble.

But you ran into a problem.

You don’t know how to propose a sex date in a respectable, non-aggressive way. And you may also be wondering if Bumble is even the right app for hookups.

In this Bumble hookup guide, you’ll find all the steps to go from matching on Bumble to hooking up in the bedroom. All while staying a gentleman.

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Isn’t Bumble only for relationships?

Let me tell you one of the greatest misconceptions circling the internet: Bumble is for relationships and Tinder is for one night stands.

Like most misconceptions, it has a grain of truth.

On the whole, women on Bumble are indeed looking for commitment rather than a steamy evening under the sheets. But that trend is far from the rule.

Especially today, where it’s quite common to date multiple people at the same time. So even though a woman’s Bumble profile might say that she’s looking for a serious relationship, that doesn’t mean she’s not open for a fling. It’s always a possibility. After all, sex is a form of intimacy that all humans crave to some extent.

Do keep one thing in mind: no woman will hook up with you unless she trusts you. So if you’re looking for something casual, you have to be a reliable dude who’s open and honest about his intentions.

We’ll go over how to be that guy in the rest of the article.

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Step 1: Build an attractive profile

If you want to hook up with one or more Bumble matches per week, you need to have an attractive profile. Here are the most important elements to keep in mind.

Look like a trustworthy bad boy

If you’re on Bumble for hookups, the last thing you want to do is have a profile that politely remarks: “I’m a nice guy with a big heart who just wants to take care of you.”

It’ll get girls interested. But few of them will have the same intentions as you.  So by looking like a sweet cuddly bear, you’re wasting their time and yours.

You want to look like a reliable guy that’s interested in the ‘no pants dance’.

How do you do that?

By setting the right expectations with your profile photos.

Whatever photos you upload, they all fit onto a spectrum ranging from ‘super mega people pleaser’ to ‘giga gorilla Chad’. You want to avoid the extremes and design a profile that leans a bit toward the gorilla.

That probably sounds like it makes sense. But what does all of this look like in practice?

Want to look more trustworthy? Have photos of the following:

  • You smiling into the camera;
  • You wearing a big cuddly sweater;
  • You with a pet;
  • You doing a harmless hobby, like cooking or playing the guitar.

Want to look more edgy and seductive? Have photos of the following:

  • You looking away from the camera without smiling;
  • You showing off your muscles. Be sure to never go shirtless unless it’s normal for the situation, like surfing;
  • You showing off your jawline or manly beard;
  • You doing dangerous activities, like kickboxing or skateboarding.

Once you have the right blend of masculinity and trustworthiness, you should attract the open-minded girls you want.

Write a strong bio

Despite your bulletproof photos, a bad bio can easily sabotage your matches. So let’s make sure your bio is all that it can be.

First up, don’t scream your intentions from the rooftops.

Yes, I know you’ve seen women be shamelessly direct about their intentions.

But when us guys put our cards on the table, we get labeled creeps.

Double standards? Absolutely. A problem? Not at all.

To get hookups, you don’t need to have an explicit Bumble bio. Light-hearted and fun usually does the trick.

Although a dash of ‘adult’ helps. Your bio is largely designed to (1) make it easier for her to send you the first text and (2) to win her over your photos didn’t quite do the trick.

Here are a couple of examples that you can rip and paste into your Bumble profile.

  • Not looking for anything serious, just marriage.
  • Sucker for productivity hacks. Olympic Gold spooner. And still listening to the same 200 songs from high school.
  • If I don’t reply right away, I’m probably busy making fun of people who clap after their plane lands.

A hint of sexual commentary shows you aren’t the stereotypical nice guy. And by adding a little comedy, you’re triggering emotions.

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Step 2: Start strong

Once you get a text from your Bumble match, you don’t want to mess things up with a bad text. Sure, you can still fix it. But it’s easier to make a first good impression than to repair a bad one.

Avoid clichés

No woman wants to date Joe Schmo and yet so many men go out of their way to look like one.

You probably don’t identify with the average Joe. But I’m willing to bet you act like him an awful lot.

Do you ever reply to your Bumble match’s first text like this?

  • “Hey, how are you?”
  • “Hey yourself ;)”.
  • “Hi, beautiful”.

Yes? Then I have some important news for you, my dear reader: you’re taking all the attraction she’s feeling for you and throwing it under the bus.

By sending her texts that she’s read a gajillion times before, you’re forcing her to put you in the ‘boring dude’ category.

So do her and yourself a favor by being a little different.

Did she start the Bumble conversation by saying ‘Hey’? Perhaps get a little cocky and sarcastic.

You’re such a player. I bet you say that to all the guys 😉

Not sure what to say, but do you want to spark her curiosity? Hit her with some clickbait!

Hey, [her name]. Wanna know what I like about your profile?

Want more ideas? Click on the next link:

Keep the compliments for a later time

Almost every guy on Bumble is guilty of this, but few are aware of it: being overly complimentary.

Complimenting someone on a dating app might sound like a good thing to do. And it definitely can be. But it’s RARELY a good idea to praise someone at the start.


It feels so undeserved. It’s similar to getting a prize for a contest that you never entered. It’s weird.

Plus, because you don’t even know her, your compliment feels insincere. It feels like you’re trying to win her over. And that’s something she won’t appreciate.

So keep the compliments to yourself until she does something that’s worth praising.

Don’t interrogate her

She wants to date an attractive man, not her auntie. And what does her auntie do once she finally sees her again at a family gathering?

They lovingly interrogate her about her entire life.

“What have you been up to lately?” “How’s school?” “What’s new in your life?”


Firing trivial question after trivial question is anti-seductive.

  • It demands a response from her (and is therefore needy);
  • It doesn’t really serve a purpose besides keeping the conversation going;
  • It doesn’t raise her emotions, which according to science is the basis of almost all our decisions.

So it’s okay to ask her questions. Just make sure to only ask ones that she’ll enjoy answering and that you’re genuinely interested in. To give you an idea of what those look like, check out my next article:

Step 3: Make her excited to meet you

Do you know what women on Bumble are more attracted to than anything? Playfully confident men. The next tips will help you become that man.

Give her the experience she wants

Being attractive isn’t enough to get hook ups on Bumble! She can find you incredibly sexy and still not meet up with you.


Because women want to be courted. They want to be romantically pursued and see that you’re willing to put in some effort.

TextGod coach Dan did a Tinder experiment a while ago, where he mass-texted his matches a super sexual opener. And he got very little success, even with the women that liked him from the start. One helpful lass told him exactly what was wrong with his raunchy line:

Even though it seems like she’s open to something casual, she doesn’t just want to hook up. She wants to be wooed first.

In short, women want you to seduce and flirt with them from start to finish.

And there’s no better way to give her that experience than by wanting the same thing for yourself too.

If you want her to put in a little more effort for you, you’ll automatically take your time and be a little harder to get. Now you’re playing the cat-and-mouse game that she wants.

Always look to stimulate her emotions

Here’s what will lead your Bumble conversations to success and get you the hookups you crave…

Emotional impact.

If your texts elicit emotions, she’ll start to feel stuff. And if you can get her to feel things, she’ll start to like you.

Makes sense, right? The things we love most in life generally bring out strong feelings inside of us.

But how do you actually do any of this?

With my SLUT method. No, that’s not me judging your sexual desires. I don’t kink shame.

It’s a method that stands for:


S L U T for short.

If the texts you send to your Bumble matches exist out of 1 of these 4 flavors, she’ll almost definitely get excited to meet you.

For more on the S L U T method, check out the next video. (Yes, the title says ‘Tinder’, but trust me, it works on Bumble).

Stay away from unattractive texting habits

If you want to hook up with someone from a dating app, you have to communicate like a man. Not a 5th grader.

So avoid sounding like one by following the next simple texting rules:

  • Speak like an adult. Capitalize your sentences and stay away from internet lingo and ‘1337’ speak.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling. A poor understanding of English will make you seem like a dumb-dumb. Big turn-off.
  • Keep emojis to a minimum. Only use emojis when your message might be confusing without one.

Flirt with her

If you want to engage in some evening cardio with your Bumble match, your conversation needs to be a little flirty.

Do you never make her feel any erotic excitement? Then it’s highly unlikely she’ll want to hook up with you.

You want to make her associate you with sexual arousal.

And you can do that in lots of ways. Here are a couple of easy ones.

  • Ask her an adult question. “What do you find the most attractive feature in a guy?”
  • Paint a suggestive picture. “Have you ever been skinny dipping?”
  • Flip the roles. “You’re totally falling in love with me ;)”

Just don’t go overboard with the flirting. A sprinkle is all you need.

Step 4: Ask her out

The best time to ask her out is when she’s already invested in the conversation and she’s having a good time.

So if you’ve been texting for a couple of days, it’s important to look for signs of interest.

Here are the most important ones:

  • She’s asking you questions.
  • She’s replying quickly.
  • She’s using a lot of hahas and emojis.
  • She’s sending you long texts.

Can you spot these signals in your Bumble conversation? Then she’s almost certainly ready to meet you.

So make your move and ask her out.

Step 5: Hook up

Prepare yourself

Before you meet up, you want to set yourself up for success.

  • Review the convo. By recalling details, like what she does for work, her favorite movie, or the name of her dog, you’ll score easy points.
  • Tidy up your home. Have your house looking and smelling nice, and make sure your bed linens are fresh
  • Familiarize yourself with her schedule. She probably won’t hook up with you if she has to go to an important work meeting in the morning.

Know what your evening will look like

The better you know what your evening will look like, the more comfortable and relaxed you’ll both be.

  • Meet near the venue. Walking a few blocks together to your home or bar is far more chill than starting the date sitting in front of each other.
  • Don’t sit across from her. It’s not a job interview. When you enter a bar, choose the best available table and let her sit down first. Then sit right beside her.
  • Visit several locations. What’s more adventurous? Parking your butt on a seat and chatting for four hours? Or visiting a couple of bars, walking through the park, hanging out on a swing set, grabbing an ice cream, and watching the stars in the sky? More things are better than one thing.
  • Be candid. If you’re going to get jiggy together, it’s essential that she can trust you. So try your hardest to be open and honest. Even about things that have nothing to do with hooking up.
  • Touch her. People that like each other, touch each other. And if you feel the timing is right, kiss her. Preferably, before you get to your or her place.

Hook up

Once you take her home, or you go to hers, it’s important to keep the vibes as chill as possible. With the expectations set for a hook-up, it’s easy to get a little nervous.

So make her feel as comfortable as you can.

  • Have easygoing music playing. I’ve never had any complaints about ‘chill hop’. It’s a genre, Google it.
  • Set the mood. Put on a dimmer or light a few candles. Whatever it takes to create an intimate and sexy vibe.
  • Have a cozy spot. Unless it’s your only option, you don’t want to jump into bed right away. Go somewhere more neutral, like a sofa that you’ve littered with feathery soft pillows and blankets.
  • Use protection. Use your own, safe and reliable condom that you keep in a drawer somewhere. Don’t use the week-old one from your wallet.

Bonus: A glance into the phone of a Bumble expert

Most professionals like to keep their techniques and strategies a secret, but I like to spread the wealth.

That’s why I’m going to give you a glance into my Bumble conversation from start to finish.

To begin, here’s the cutie in question.

If you can pull your eyes away from her dynamite body, you can see she opened me with:

Hey x

Nothing too crazy, but the ‘x’ definitely implies she’s interested.

Anyway, how would you answer?

If it’s anything standard and dull, like “Hey” or “How are you?”, it’s harming your odds of meeting her.

Here’s what I said:

My initial text doesn’t seem very fun, “You’re at least 50% Irish aren’t you?”. But that’s because I was setting her up for a joke by saying that she was lucky to match with me.

She liked my joke. And then dabs on me with her sound logic.

Where would you go from here?

I felt like it was time to implement the S from my S L U T method and sexualize a little.

SUPER direct. So this is make or break time. How does she react?

BINGO! Greenlight, fellas. So I take it up a notch.

Not sure if she didn’t get the hint, or if she thought I wasn’t up for it. In that case, good burn lady.

I lightheartedly answered her question and led to the date. After all, what else is there to say?

I was expecting the conversation to continue, but it stalled. So I reached out the next day with a normal question for a Friday night.

Here’s where most guys go off course and end up in the friend zone.

When she asks, “You?” Most guys share a boring story and forget to be seductive.

That’s a mistake. You don’t want to lose emotional momentum. Even though the date is in sight, it’s easy to ruin everything by waiting too long to make your move.

Based on the pre-midnight texts, I know she’s interested. So I send a text that ticks 3 boxes:

  • I say what I’m up to.
  • I tease her “one is almost your baby age”, and…
  • I mention my kingsize and give her a window to show interest.

Jackpot. We’re back on schedule!

Because I know she’s on her phone, I reply quickly to hold her attention. And dial up the flirting to 5000%.

If there was any doubt about the Bumble hook up, that’s all gone now. You can use your imagination for what happened next.

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