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24 Best Bumble Pick Up Lines For Guys (Tested in 2020)

You’re on Bumble and you see some cute women.

But a good amount of them don’t text first. And when they do…

…it’s with boring texts. So you need the best Bumble Pick Up Lines.

Time to turn these Bumble matches into dates!

Here’s what you get:

  • How to get Bumble girls to start up to 3x more conversations with you
  • 1 Profile fix that makes girls text you FUN stuff (instead of a boring ‘hey’)
  • A quick biology/history class on why girls are so bad at Bumble (Skip this if you don’t want to hear it)
  • Access to a free secret video with my best Bumble Pick Up Line
  • 1 free Bumble bio example with a CTA that makes her text you (Feel free to steal)
  • 10 Copy paste pick up lines for when you’re feeling lazy
  • And as usual, a good dose of non-PC humor

Louis - The TextGod
Yo, Louis here. Quickly letting you know I found the best opener EVER. Its psychologically irresistible to ignore. I made a video explaining how to use it and it's 'clickbait-principle' with screenshot examples. Check it out here.

#1: Why girls on Bumble send boring openers

You have a problem as a guy on Bumble. When girls start the convo, they usually send BORING openers.

And it’s not just YOU who has that problem.

Most men are plagued by women’s cliché first texts, and it makes a fun conversation harder to have.

Look at this prime example:

Wow, great first impression.

In case you weren’t aware: What sets Bumble apart from apps like Tinder, is mostly this:

Women HAVE to send the first text.

As long as they don’t, the guy CAN’T TEXT the girl.

(Bumble says it has to do with female empowerment and preventing men from sending inappropriate first texts.)

It seems like the team at Bumble didn’t really think about the fact that apparently most women don’t want to send the first text.

And I say most. Some are happy to do so:

If you this lady did well with her opener and really understands how you feel every time you have to start a conversation

…You’re wrong. And I’ll tell you why in the next tip.

But first I want to go a little deeper. It’s important to understand why most women send boring openers.

If you just want good openers, and don’t feel like reading about biology and history for even ONE minute, then skip to tip #2.

History I said, because you see, all throughout human history, it has been us men going after women.

We are biologically programmed to make the first move.

Think of these examples:

  • A guy asking a girl to go to prom together
  • A man asking a girl’s father for his blessing
  • A knight saving a lady from a dragon
  • The classic man-takes-girl-to-a-drive-in-movie-theater date
  • Sending inappropriate pictures to random girls on social media at 3AM
    (j/k, please don’t do that)

These things are so culturally (and probably biologically) INGRAINED that you can’t just change them with one simple dating app.

Another biological fact working against Bumble is this:

In the dating process, it makes perfect sense for women to be more selective than men.

If we compare the consequences of sex and dating between men and women, then we see a MASSIVE difference.

Imagine someone gets pregnant. It’s pretty easy for a man to be like: “Nah, not interested anymore. Moving abroad bye bye.”

That’s pretty difficult for a woman to do when she’s pregnant for 9 months. To name just one of the many reasons.

So, yes.

Yes, it makes sense that women aren’t very fond of making the first move and coming up with an original opener every time they have a new match.

So what can YOU do to make the situation better?

Let’s step away from the biology class and look for easy to implement strategies, in the next tip.

#2-3: How to respond to her Bumble opener

You are annoyed by her boring “Hey”.

And guess what?

Bumble is annoyed by her boring greeting too!

The app wants to thrive, so they can’t allow this lazy behavior.

Bumble wants to see flourishing conversations. They want to see babies come into this world thanks to relationships founded on their dating app!

But the chances of that happening DWINDLE if women keep sending what I call the ‘peasant opener’ (hey, hi, hello, or even a simple “.”)

So Bumble implemented a new feature:

Bumble encourages interesting conversations by supplying lazy or uncreative women with better openers.

Holy Tip:

Once you learn which Bumble openers are supplied by Bumble itself, then you can reply to them with the best answers possible.

Just like this guy did:

Btw, Remember Emma from the first tip?

The girl who said:

This whole messaging first thing is stressful, I sympathise with you guys now.

She doesn’t really know how you feel. Because you’re on my website. Which means you at least put in the effort to google for great Bumble lines. Her line was one of the ones Bumble suggested.

Want to see another Bumble pick up line and a witty reply you can steal?

Here you go:

What I respect about these ladies, is that they at least read Bumble’s notification and accept a better alternative. There’s still plenty of women that will click the ‘Send Anyway’ button and refuse to put in even one milligram of effort.

In the next tip, I’ll show you a way to handle those women.

#4: When she refuses Bumble’s philosophy

DON’T grant her wish if the next scenario happens to you.

The only reason this girl send this text:

Hit me with your best pickup line

Is because she gets away with it.

It’s sad, but there are tons of men abiding by her rules.

Which is also good news for you.

Because you’ll instantly stand out by having a spine.

I’m not saying this guy will get away with his demands every time. But at least he is no doormat.

It’s a fun example of reversing the roles.

Where usually guys will set the standards and guys try to meet them, this time it’s the other way around.

He had my respect throughout this conversation, until he said:

But I’ll allow it because you’re cute

And instantly rejoined the ranks of doormat nice guys.

Besides, I never use pickup lines.

In the next tip I’ll give you a better alternative.

#5: Don’t use pick up lines, use this instead

Allow me to give you an alternative to the pickup line.

Something that is not only easier to use, but also more effective.

*grabs phone and checks Bumble conversations*


She opens with the same old:


Even though my bio gives her plenty of inspiration to send a fun first text, but more on that further in the article. Promise.

Rather than throwing pickup lines at her, I’ll put in the minimal effort with a GIF.

But there’s one problem here.

You might not be her personal entertainer who starts working as soon as she gives him the green light with a ‘hi’…

…but you’re also likely not to get a response.

She said hi because she was lazy or uninspired when she texted you.

And she likely still is.

So putting the ball in her court again might not be your best move.

In the next tip, I’ll show you what you can do when a girl sends a boring opener, so that you can still get the date.

#6-7: The proper way to react to her boring Bumble opener

If you want to have interesting conversations that convert to fun dates, then you shouldn’t care about anything else but moving the conversation forward.

So even if she opens with a boring ‘hi’, YOU can still decide to make it work.

Look at her profile and hit her with a personalized opener.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the personalized opener, then check it out in Tip #4 of my Tinder Tips for Guys article.)

So instead of calling her out on her boring opener, create your own FUN opener.

Let’s say this as her profile:

A cute girl taking care of a rhino. How sweet is that?

But now she says:


Here’s your two options:

  1. Sulk in a corner and call her out
  2. Take matters into your own hands and make it work

Summer is the name of a baby rhino she cared for

Bang bang!

Imagine you felt uninspired when you had to text a girl so you hit her up with the peasant opener.

What would make you feel like texting back to her?

Being called out, or a fun and creative reply?

Exactly, bro.

Now I know you aren’t always feeling very creative, so in the next tip I’m going to help you on your way.

I have a text for you that you can ALWAYS use, and it gets more responses than any other opener on this planet.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it’s real.

Welcome to TextGod, baby.

#8: The Bumble pickup line that always works

What a title.

This must be a lie, there is no line that ALWAYS works!


Very true.

But there is one line that comes closer to perfection than anything else out there.

And it’s my very own Clickbait Opener.

Curious to see how it works?

Here, have a look at this example where I’m using it on Tinder:

Ah crap, there’s black bars over my Clickbait Opener!

Luckily for you, you can get instant free access to my secret video. I’ll tell you exactly how the opener works, when to use it, how to use it, what to follow up with, and so on.

On top of that you get 7 screenshot examples.

You can use it as a Bumble pickup line, a Tinder opener, a PoF icebreaker, …


Armed with this opener you’re better off than any guy using pick up lines.

But to make things even juicier, I’m going to tell you how to make girls open you with FUN texts, rather than heys and his.

Check it out in the next tip.

#9: The secret to starting Bumble convos the right way

You can have all of this TODAY by applying this tip:

  • More matches
  • Less Bumble girls hitting you up with a boring ‘hi’
  • More interesting conversations

The trick to get all three of these in one go, is by adding a CTA to your bio.

CTA is an acronym for Call To Action.

A marketing term for anything you write that makes people perform an action.

Here’s an example:

Download my free clickbait opener HERE. Click this link.

There, that was a CTA.

Now I want you to think of a CTA to add to your Bumble profile text.

Here’s a bio that someone found on Reddit and sent to me:

His bio says he hunts/tracks mammoths.

This fun little bio is enough to cause some fun openers.

But 69% of the time, a CTA will outperform a regular statement.

The CTA version of this guys’ bio would be:

Ask me about my job as a mammoth hunter/tracker.

By turning the statement into a command, more people will be convinced to actually text you. And they won’t text a boring greeting, they’ll text exactly what you asked for in your CTA bio.

Let’s look at an example in the next tip.

#10-11: An example of a CTA Bumble bio

In this tip I’m giving you a bio that inspires girls to text you.

You didn’t think I forgot about the promise I made in tip #4, did you?

If you’d like to get less heys and hellos, and more of this:

Then you can just shamelessly steal my Bumble bio for guys.

But even better would be to slightly adjust it, and make it your own. This way you can add some personality.

And no one will have the same bio as you. Because with millions of readers every year, you can bet your beautiful booty that you won’t be the only guy stealing my bio.

#12: Clever Bumble pick up lines

It’s no secret that the witty guy will always win over more hearts than the non-witty guy.

But being witty isn’t something you learn overnight.

It takes some practice. And a lot of examples.

And it’s those examples that I got for you in the next video.

And I know, it’s a Tinder video, not a Bumble video.

But guess what?

That doesn’t change ANYTHING.

Witty texts over Bumble are just like witty texts on Bumble.

If you’ve checked the video and you also want some copy pastable stuff…

…then the next tip is up your ass alley.

#13: Bumble pick up lines that always work

I’ve got some lines for you that are not only very good…

…they’re also usable on any dating app or texting platform.

And nope.

They are not for any situation.

And that’s what I like most about them. No braindead copy pasting. You actually need to turn your brain on at least 50%.

You can download my 10 Text examples that get fun reactions from girls here.

You get:

  • The best (non-needy) way to ask a cutie out
  • How to text a girl you’ve just met
  • 3 Fun ways to keep the conversation going
  • A line to get her number straight from Instagram
  • Some more of that goodgood

Downloaded them?

Congratulations. You’ll like the results.

And now, for the last part, let’s add some actual copy paste Bumble pick up lines for all the men that refuse to activate a single brain cell ❤️

#14-24: Ten Copy paste bumble pickup lines

No questions asked, just 10 pick up lines you can use on Bumble:

Test her creativity and humor

{Name}, quick yet important question:

You’re having your portrait painted, what’s your backdrop

An example screenshot:

Bumble pick-up line if she has a pet

Wow you look super cute…

And your human is pretty decent too.

This super random text

If I were a T-rex, I’d try to hold you in my little arms and then lay down and cry because I couldn’t resist the tasty smell of human and ate you.

Don’t ask me why, but it’s been tested and what can I say… it just worked well.

When her distance is 1 mile

Holy F, you’re close. Wait, I’m going to hang out of the window and mimic the mating call of a pregnant golden eagle. Can you hear me?

Make her do your two truths and a lie

Personally, I’m a fan of using Bumble’s two truths and a lie feature.

Add it to your profile and then make women participate in the game when they open you.

Hey {name}, before we can start this conversation I have to quickly test you. Look at my profile and tell me which is the lie.

Whatever she responds, it’s easy to build a conversation from there.

Never use this “pick up line”

Use this line if you’re poor

I don’t usually give compliments right away after meeting someone, but you have excellent taste in men.

Hmm, a follow-up just popped up in my mind:

I wanted to go on a quick trip but I’m kind of broke at the moment so I figured I’d take an ego trip.

Whatever she says, this line can probably still fit it.

Anyway, I just pulled it out of my ass, so it’s untested at this point. Don’t hit me if it doesn’t work out.

Bumble pick up line for weekends

Sunday priorities: exercise, sleep, or aggressive momias?

Make her doubt endlessly with this dilemma

There’s always a living earthworm hanging from your nose -OR- you have to destroy the toys of playing children whenever you see them

Or practice your creative brain muscle and make up some dilemmas of your own.

Try this one if you are desperate but hopeful and ready for rejection

Are you good with puzzles?

I think so

Can you help me with this one I’m stuck on?


Chance of rejection will be at least 69%

But it’s worth a try when you’re feeling lazy and hopeful.

That was it, my man.

Half a novel on the subject of Bumble Pick Up Lines.

I hope you learned something, and a had a giggle in the meanwhile.

Thanks for joining me here, I’ll see you around.

Louis Farfields

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