23 First Tinder Date Tips to Make a Fantastic Impression

So you’ve got a first Tinder date. Congratulations! But now you want to know how to make a great first impression.

You’ve come to the right place. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to have success on any first or second Tinder date.

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Tinder date 101: The basics of a great date

Before we dive into the tips, I want to give you some pointers on what a good Tinder date looks like.

To get someone super excited about you, there are 4 ingredients:

  • Physical attraction: That raw feeling of attraction.
  • Deep attraction: Looking up to someone, admiration.
  • Surface connection: Having fun together, having a good time.
  • Deep connection: Feeling a deep emotional connection.

Now, since she wants to go on a date with you, you managed to at least have a good time on the app and create some attraction.

However, your first Tinder date is basically the ultimate test if she really feels attracted and can have a fun time with you.

So on your first date, you should focus mostly on physical attraction and surface connection. Only if she feels those, the other types of attraction and connection become important.

Physical attraction isn’t only achieved by looking good. It’s also a result of teasing, flirting, and playing around with her a bit.

Surface connection means she feels she can have a fun time with you. It’s not boring, you laugh a lot, and time flies together.

So those two things should be your main focus points on your first date.

A big mistake many people make is that they focus on serious and deeper topics. Or proving themselves to her by showcasing their careers or other cool stuff about them.

However, a first date is too early. And her conclusion will without a doubt be: He’s interesting and we got along just fine, but I just don’t feel it. And that leaves you in the friendzone.

So let’s have a look at the following tips on how to have a great first Tinder date.

1. Set yourself a clear goal

As a coach, my job is to turn my clients into master daters. And this is the most powerful tip I always give them:

Set clear and realistic goals for yourself.

It might sound a little mechanical to approach your love life as if it’s a business, but I believe it’s the best way to approach it.

Otherwise, you’re waiting for fate to throw the perfect girlfriend into your lap and somehow hope that you have the ability to seduce her and keep her around.

So ask yourself these next questions:

  • Do you have the love life that you want?
  • If not, why?

If you want to have a better love life and find the woman of your dreams, you have to work on it.

So set yourself a dating goal and work your way to completing your mission.

If you’re not going on at least ONE date per week, you’re honestly not doing it right.

Anyway, there are a couple of things you want to do before you step out of the door to meet your date.

I’ll tell you all about it in the next tip.

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2. Appearance: Dress to impress

Wouldn’t you like to be the type of guy that makes ladies secretly check you out as you walk past?

Good. Because that’s exactly who you’re going to learn to be.

Women love men who dress well and can’t stand to be around guys who look like they live in a box underneath the highway.

Rocking a snazzy outfit can really set you apart.

The right clothes also increase confidence and improve your body language.

Research shows that the clothes you wear change how you behave and how other people perceive you.

Here’s a simple checklist that will increase your attraction and thus your confidence:

  • Wear fresh smelling clothes. Do the armpit sniff test.
  • Wear fitted clothes. Not too small, not too big, just right.
  • No flashy colors. Stick to neutrals and earthy tones.
  • No prints. Keep your t-shirts and sweaters plain and free of distractions.
  • Also stay away from big logos like “CALIFORNIA EST. 1999.”
  • No buttoned shirts with short sleeves.

You can’t go wrong with fitted (not skinny) dark denims and a white t-shirt or a black long sleeve shirt.

3. Appearance: Style your hair

How most men think about hair is a mistake.

“As long as it doesn’t get in my eyes, I’m good,” says the average guy.

Fair enough, right? But that opinion doesn’t fly when you want to date the ladies.

There’s little a woman finds uglier than a man who doesn’t groom himself. Shaggy beard. Long nose hairs. A bad haircut.

But you can also rock a haircut that attracts women.

And it really doesn’t take much effort. Just a regular visit to your hairdresser or barber.

Here are the basic foundations of grooming for men:

  • No bangs.
  • Just a smidge of gel or wax. Girls love running their fingers through your hair. And they don’t like sticky fingers.
  • No hair hanging over your ears.

4. Appearance: Spray on an irresistible scent

You’re about to learn the easiest way to instantly boost your attraction. It’s so simple, you’ll wish you did it before.

One word: Cologne.

You only get one first impression.

She sees what you’re wearing, hears what you sound like, and smells your scent.

You may not think it, but scent is amazingly powerful for seducing women.

That’s because smell is closely linked with memory. After one whiff, she’ll forever link you to your most prominent odor.

So if she smells your scent somewhere else, that aroma will instantly make her think of you.

Scent is also highly emotive, meaning that fragrances can trigger specific feelings. Wouldn’t you like to trigger her feelings of desire? Of course you do!

Now, I happen to be a cologne-nerd. I know so much about eau de toilette, I could write a small book about it.

Perhaps for another time. But what I will now do, is give you a rundown on colognes that will fetch many compliments.

First up, the fragrance for the working professional who likes to be a bit fancy.

Chanel Bleu.

One of the most well-received colognes in the business.

If you’re meeting in the evening and you want to smell seductive, wear Dolce & Gabbana The One.

Are you in your late teens?

Go for Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct.

Tinder Date Tip:

Apply your cologne below your ears, on your neck, and the inside of your wrists and elbows. Why? Because those places are especially warm. And heat makes your scent travel further.

And when you have a date, throw your arms around her or give her a kiss.

Now she’ll instantly catch a whiff. And trust me. She’ll definitely want to get that close to you again.

5. Preparation: Reduce date stress by having a strategy

You’re about to learn THE most useful tip for crushing your Tinder date anxiety.

The biggest mistake most bachelors make is not having a strategy.

At least, no strategy outside of diving into the unknown and hoping for the best.

While you don’t need to design your first Tinder dates to have them succeed, you do want to plan out your dates if you want to feel relaxed.

The reason is simple. The less you feel at home, the more you feel anxious.

In other words, familiarity grows comfort.

What does that mean for you? Become intimately familiar with your first Tinder date routine.

Know the place where you’ll meet your Tinder date

Are you easy to spot? Is there a place to hide from the rain? Is there a bench to sit on?

Know the route to your Tinder date location

Is she going to enjoy the walk? Will you pass interesting sights? Is the path well-lit?

Know the Tinder date venue

Where’s the best place to sit close to her? Do you know where the bathroom is? Do you know each staff member’s social security number?

Know where you’re going to embrace and/or kiss her

Aim for somewhere romantic. A panoramic view of the city. A quiet bench next to a monument.

Know how you want to take her home

Will you take her by car to your place? Go by bus? Walk? And what route will you take that is the least likely to creep her out?

By answering all these questions, you feel a sense of calm washing over you.

Why? Because you’ve taken almost all the random out of your first date.

The only big unpredictable factor of your date equation is her. Which is exactly how you want it to be.

Instead of wasting your thinking on what to do, you can focus all your attention on getting to know her. Perfect.

With your nervousness and stress out of the picture, there remains only fun.

6. Preparation: Boost your confidence with music

If the stress of a date is so severe it gives you pit stains, this is for you.

Because after reading this tip, you’ll never have to worry about hiding your sweaty armpits again.

Imagine you have a date tonight. And you’re meeting in half an hour. You’ve showered, got dressed, and trimmed your nose hair. You’re ready.

But you can feel your stomach tighten, your heart racing, and your armpits sweat bullets. Whoever said dating was easy!

But I have a wonderful tip that will calm your anxiety to a quiet hum.

Listening to your favorite tunes while preparing for your date.

Music is super powerful. It almost works like a drug.

Music makes you feel more energized, enhances physical performance, and lifts you out of a bad mood.

Just check out Dr Costas Karageorghis’ study.

If you’re unfamiliar with the doc, he’s a wizard when it comes to the magical effects of music on performance.

The takeaway? Start up Spotify and listen to your favorite songs and anthems.

As a bonus, I’m going to give you my personal fave mood-booster. It works wonders.

7. Preparation: Make your bed

Do you want to be the type of guy who gets out of bed in the morning and makes the devil say, “Aw shit! He’s up…?” Then this is for you.

First, let’s dig into the power of habits. We go about our days thinking we’re in charge of our every action.

But a study by Duke University claims that 45% of what we do is habitual. Pure routine. No choice involved.

So if we are practically our habits for half the day, we better build the right ones. Agreed?

Charles Duhigg, author of the best selling The Power Of Habit, says that one of the keystone habits is to make your bed.

He calls it a keystone because it will increase your success in all areas of your life.

Making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.
—Charles Duhigg.

What’s more, if you take your date back to your house, you don’t want your bedroom looking like a favela.

8. The date: Arrive early

Making her wait makes you look bad and makes her feel uncomfortable.

Plus you might arrive stressed out and sweaty when you need to hurry a lot last minute.

9. The date: How to greet your Tinder date

If the idea of meeting up with a cute girl still makes you nervous, you may be about to make an awkward start.

Telltale signs are the following thoughts:

  • “Is she going to like me?”
  • “What should I do when I see her? A handshake? A hug? A kiss?!”
  • “And what do we talk about after the introductions are finished?”

These are healthy concerns. But it’s also possible to just LOVE the first seconds of a date. Because that’s how I feel.

A healthy dose of excitement coursing through my veins. You’re about to get to know this gorgeous girl and probably have an awesome time together.

How can you turn your dates into a slice of paradise? Simple. Just follow the next three steps.

Step 1:

As soon as you see your date, walk up to her with a big smile on your face.

Step two:

Once she’s a few feet away, spread open your arms and get ready for a hug.

Step three:

Hold her in your arms while giving her a little squeeze and finish with a peck on her cheek.

You can reverse the hug and the kiss on her cheek. Just do your best to do both before the greeting is over.

(If a kiss on the cheek isn’t appropriate where you live, then obviously don’t do this part.)

Isn’t this a super warm start to your Tinder date? It’s like you’ve known her for years. That’s exactly the vibe you want to give off.

After you let her out of your arms, ask her how she’s doing and lead her to your first date location.

What you talk to her about now isn’t very important. The only goal is to break the ice and make her feel comfortable. I usually talk about what I did or saw that day.

10. The date: Listen as much as you talk

Carrying the burden of the conversation seems gentlemanly. But you’re also showing zero interest in her life.

Big turn off.

11. The date: No talking about your ex

Talking about your ex communicates two things:

One, you’re a bit butthurt. Two, you’re still not over her.

Instead of talking about your ex, share what you like in women.

12. The date: Slowly build up physical touch

This is the key to kissing her on the date.

Start touching early.

Give her a lovely warm hug when you meet. And then sprinkle in small touches throughout the date.

Casually touch her arm. Sit hip to hip. Grab her hand when you jaywalk through traffic. Briefly put your hand on her lower back as you lead her somewhere.

Be sure not to do the above in rapid succession.

Spread it out throughout your evening and after 1 to 2 hours of light touching, the kiss will feel completely natural for both of you.

13. The date: Make her excited to see you again

You’re about to get the single most important tip on dating that will make her want to see you again.

Chances are, your ideas of a good date are quite boring, unfortunately. Like going to a bar, bistro, or cinema.

Do you want to know the secret to the perfect date?

Where you meet is nowhere close as important as where you’ll go.

When most guys go on a date, they pick out a bar, walk in with their date, and sit inside for the rest of the evening.

Dates that take place in one venue just lack so much excitement.

You want your date to be more like an adventure. Think about it. Do you feel more alive when playing board games or when you’re traveling through a city you’ve never been before?

Exactly. And if your date is boring, she naturally links her feelings of boredom to you. But if your date is fun, she automatically thinks you’re fun.

What does this all mean for you?

You want to take her to multiple locations in one evening.

Here is what I might do on a date: Meet up in front of a monument, take her to a bar for cocktails, walk to another joint for ice cream cones, and end in a secluded playground where you rock on the swings.

To summarize:

Step one: Meet 5 to 10 minutes away from your first date location.

That way you can walk off any anxiety and create comfort.

Step two: Take her to a bar or café with a relaxed atmosphere.

Bonus points if there are couches or beanbags where you can snuggle up to each other.

Step three: After finishing your first drink, take her to a venue with a different vibe. It could be a cocktail bar, a bowling alley, or even a bench with a gorgeous view over the city.

Visiting multiple locations creates a sense of excitement.

Going on an adventure also makes her feel like she’s known you for a long time. After all, you’ve already experienced so much together.

14. The date: Show her you have the best Tinder date ideas

An easy way to be original and unforgettable to her is to…

  • Be a tourist. Do you think people from NY ever visit the Statue of Liberty or the Metropolitan Museum of Art? No, probably not since high school. That’s why it’s so exciting!
  • Take her to a petting zoo. A location that reminds her of a simpler time? Check. Heart-warming, fluffy, friendly, and adorable animals? Check. Somewhere she’s probably never been on a date? Check.
  • Homemade cooking and cocktails. These types of dates are best for some afternoon delight if you catch my drift. Though, one important bit of advice: don’t ask her to meet you at your doorstep. Meet up on neutral territory like a grocery store and shop for ingredients together.

15. The date: Bond over shared interests

Don’t ignore the big taboo: Meeting through Tinder.

Most guys tippy-toe around the subject of meeting through dating apps.  But Tinder is actually a super powerful connector.

  1. You’re both looking for romance online.
  2. You’ve both probably had bad dates (or else you wouldn’t be dating).

So talk about that elephant in the room! Some possible questions:

  • “Why are you on Tinder? Did every cute guy from your social group already turn you down?”
  • “What was your worst Tinder date? And why are you still stalking him?”

It should be obvious, but both of these questions are asked with a wink.

To make sure you bond and create attraction. Guess what made her date so bad.

After reading my articles, you should know exactly why some Tinder dates still give her nightmares:

Average Abe:

  • Super nice.
  • Non-stop questions.
  • Zero excitement.

Showing you know about Abe, shows you understand her and women in general.

Earning you lots of cool points.

Tinder Date Tip:

Act as if you’ve known each other for years. Like you’re long lost friends who are finally back together.

Plus, by bringing up her worst date, she can see your date is 500x better.

So stop missing out on attraction and bring up Tinder!

16. The date: Introduce togetherness

You’re about to learn the secret of a good storyteller. And it’s dead easy, just talk in terms of:

  • We (We’re going to kidnap penguins).
  • Our (Our child would never be broke. He’ll be too handsome).
  • Together (Let’s drink a pint of coffee and bounce around in a museum together like hyperactive bunnies).
  • Us (That would never happen to us).

Why? Because it keeps you away from the alluring, but deadly, interview mode.

No longer are you two separate individuals, you’re a unit. A good start.

Because every romantic goal you want to reach, whether it’s a relationship or a one-night stand, depends on her input too.

So you want to be a team. Let’s put this theory into practice.

This next girl said something I didn’t like (she said Jurassic Park sucked), so I said we were getting a divorce.

Here’s how she answered:

Not only did she send a 5-text reply (yes, there’s more than I’m showing), but she’s using ‘we’ too! She’s totally going along with the idea we’re married. (She also changed her photo to her holding a stuffed unicorn after a joke I made.)

Another benefit of Togetherness? It works in person and through text, as you can see from the screenshot. So all the advice I give on texting, improves your real life convos too!

17. The date: Who pays for a Tinder date?

The way you pay the bill might be ruining your chances of getting intimate with her.

After all, you don’t want to be cheap. But you don’t want to imply she can’t take care of herself either.

Letting her pay for the drinks feels wrong.

Think about it. The purpose of a date is not to make a stand on gender equality.

It’s about giving each other a great time. And by refusing to pay for her mimosa, you’re seriously killing the mood.

After all, you’re communicating that you value a couple of bucks more than you do her feelings.

Here’s what I do:

I almost always pay for the first round and let her get the second.

18. The date: Sit next to her

You’d think you’ve thought of everything. But you’re leaving out the most vital element of your date.

The sitting arrangement.

What does seating have to do with kissing you ask?

Everything. If you’re like most men, you’ll pick the wrong option. You’ll sit in front of her.

There are several reasons why sitting across from her is bad.

Firstly, it mimics the job interview. Making the date feel tense and formal.

Secondly, sitting in front of her literally creates the idea of distance between you.

And isn’t the goal of a date to feel close to each other?

And what are you going to do when there’s a moment of silence? Stare at each other with an awkward smile? No thanks.

Lastly, and most importantly, you can’t touch her!

And if you can’t touch her throughout the date, chances of kissing her fly out the window.

Why? Because she hasn’t grown comfortable being near you. Let alone being touched by you.

Just imagine her perspective. For hours you sit more than an arm’s length away.

And then, without warning, you go in for the kiss. How is she supposed to react?

The punchline? Sit next to her and shamelessly stare at the people in front of you.

And occasionally nudge your shoulder into her when you want to show her something silly.

Maybe give her a high five when she says something cool.

19. The date: Be her lover instead of the friend

You might be on the fast track to the friendzone without realizing it.

How do you think a girl falls in love with you? By being friendly? By agreeing with everything she says and build on shared interests?

Hopefully you knew being nice sends you nowhere but the friendzone.

If not, it’s all good. Because you’re about to learn how you can sweep her off her feet.

The road to a woman’s heart is by being masculine.

While the word masculinity is tossed around easier than rice at a wedding, not many people know what it means. That’s why I’m here.

To be masculine means to be comfortable staying in your lane. Comfortable being yourself and speaking your mind.

In short, you want to be able to hit the brakes on the conversation.

Does all of this sound super abstract? I’ll make it more concrete.

(By the way, I literally had this conversation yesterday)

Do you have lenses?

No. But I know what you mean. My eyes look unique, right?

No. I saw a pair of glasses sticking out of your purse and wondered if you could even see me.

I slammed the breaks on the conversation. I went AGAINST the flow.

Do you think what I said helped me look less or more attractive? If you guessed more, you guessed right!

I dared to disagree with her. I even teased her a little. And she loved it. But be careful. Too much teasing and pushing her away can come across as insulting.

And real men don’t bully.

A masculine man also knows what he likes and is lavish in his praise.

Whenever she says or does something he likes, the manly man isn’t afraid to compliment her.

Even if that means interrupting her to say she has the most kissable lips he’s ever seen.

The summary? Be a man by daring to tease and compliment her.

20. The date: How to make her your girlfriend

There’s one key element that decides whether she wants to get laid through Tinder, or become your girlfriend.

And that’s vulnerability. It’s what creates deep connection.

The vulnerability that I’m talking about creates a deep and meaningful connection.

You see, a guy who only teases women wears a mask. He’s hiding his true self.

But a guy who can both tease and share personal embarrassing stories and experiences, is the total package.

He is the guy she wants to be with romantically. And if you were to be her Romeo, you want to be the bad boy with a heart.

How do you know if you’re being vulnerable?

When you feel hesitant to share a personal story or experience. You may even feel a little uncomfortable.

And women are great at recognizing troubling stories. As soon she recognizes you’re sharing a personal story, she’ll think you’re brave for doing so.

Plus she’ll grow attracted to your confidence. Reveal some personal experiences between teases, touches, jokes, and leading… and she’ll be crushing on you before the date ends., texting you before you go to bed, and again when she wakes up. Every day. Forever.

21. FAQ: What if she cancels the Tinder date?

Her canceling the date doesn’t spell the end of your relationship, but your reaction might.

Imagine you get the next text a couple of hours before the date.

Hey, change of plans. I can’t make it tonight. Sorry

What do you reply? If it’s not along the lines of:

Cool. Thx for letting me know. Talk soon x

You may be killing your chances of seeing her.

Replies like these are quite common and unfortunately kill the vibe:

Pretty lame that you cancel so late. I was getting ready to see you.

Okay. So when do you have time??

Which shows her one of two things:

  1. You’re immature and not worth dating.
  2. You’re a pushover who doesn’t have much going on.

But by following my text, she thinks:

  1. You’re an unbothered chill guy who probably has his life together.
  2. You’re confident because you expect to talk to her again.

After she sees you’re emotionally stable, she may even plan a new date.

If not, hold out for a minimum of three days (if not a week) before you send her a text.

If you want to know exactly what to do when She Doesn’t Text Back, click the link for a step-by-step guide from yours truly.

22. FAQ: What if she doesn’t show up on the date?

This is the high value way to respond if she doesn’t show up on time.

  1. You wait 10 minutes before you send her a non-needy text, like, “Are you okay?”
  2. Then you wait another 5 minutes for her to reply or show up. If you receive nothing and see no one, you leave.

Emergencies do happen from time to time.

But if she doesn’t get back to you with an apology within a day, you just dodged a bullet. And you ought to be thankful for it.

Also keep in mind they don’t know you. Although she could have stood you up for a dozen reasons, your mind instantly jumps to: “She didn’t like me.”

But that’s not true. At most she didn’t enjoy the texts you sent her. So don’t beat yourself up about being stood up, she only rejected how your texts made her feel.

23. FAQ: How to ask her out for a first Tinder date

You’re about to learn how to ask her out the right way.

Say you’ve met a cute girl. And you’ve been texting on Tinder for over a week without asking her out.

Partly because you enjoy talking with her, but also because you’re afraid of going for the first Tinder date and getting rejected.

Well, if you see this you’ll never be afraid again.

Watch for when she gets excited!

Imagine you’re texting your Tinder match. You’re telling jokes, talking about your hobbies and interests.

Suddenly, she reacts positively.

I used to play football too! Professionally even! But there was no money in it, so I quit…


Haha. I was a dumb kid too. When I was young and couldn’t sleep, I used to think I was the only one awake on the planet.

Now the proverbial iron is hot and it’s the time to go for the date!

Let me show you what I mean with another example.

And before I knew what was going on, I’d won. I couldn’t believe it. I was the new Arizona junior chess champion!

Aww… you were such a nerd. I love it!

You know. One of these days I’ll show you how I’m so good at pinning down a queen. I doubt you’ve ever seen anything like it B4.

Hahah deal

Do you see how subtly I hinted at our future date? This is a very low risk way of asking a girl out.

Technically I haven’t yet. All I did was plant a seed of our Tinder date.

But now that I painted a picture in her head of our future plans, she’s much more likely to say yes when I do pop the question.

Which can now be as simple as:

Let’s meet up for our chess lesson soon. I’m available on Wednesday and Thursday evening

Doesn’t that feel harmless to write? More on that later. Let’s first go over another example.

In the previous scenarios, you interested her. But it’s also possible she interests you!

I’m not great. But I like to write a poem every day. Usually before I go to bed.

Not to come on too strong. But poetry gives me a broner. I’d love to buy you a coffee and read one of your pieces. One you feel comfortable showing me.

Haha ok we’ll see

(And now you know why I became a Tinder coach and not a screenwriter.)

Tinder Date Tip:

Notice how I never use the word date when sketching a scenario of meeting up? It’s a very loaded word.

Date brings up thoughts of romance, relationships, and wedding bells. But phrases like “Let’s get a coffee,” and “I’ll show you how to…” fly under the radar.

Because it feels so casual, these harmless words don’t set off any alarms.

She’s much more likely to “hang out” with you than she is to “go on a date” with you. So keep it chill.

Give her multiple options

You’re about to learn how to ask her out using only 8 symbols!

But stay sharp. These 8 symbols won’t help you out unless you know when to use them.

Always wait for the high note.

Like when she’s rapid-fire texting, responding quickly, and using a lot of emojis.

Once you recognize she’s having a good time, all you want to send is the following:

You + me = ☕

If she replies positively, you propose not one but TWO dates.

Haha sure

Take your pick. Saturday 8 PM or Sunday 1:30 PM

Giving her more options dramatically increases the chances of locking in the date.

If you only propose the one date, it’s very likely she isn’t available.

Which means she has to turn down the date and that kills the good vibes of the conversation.

That’s why you always want to propose at least TWO dates.

Tinder Date Tip:

It’s possible your match shoots down both of your options. If she’s super nice, she’ll come up with her own proposal. But more often than not, the lady wants to be led. And so she’ll wait for you to make a move.

Here is the move that will secure the date:

Here’s where you say:

But I AM available on the next dates… Which one is good for you?

Next up is a tip on what keeps most men from finding their perfect partner.

Pretty important if you ask me.

Have her begging to go out with you again

Have you ever been on a date, where you had so much fun that you wished it could go on forever?

But at a certain point she said, “Hey, I’ve got to go soon. I have class/work in the morning…”

If you’re anything like my younger me, your heart sank into your shoes. And you went home wishing she’d text you ASAP to ask you out to do it all over again.

What if you could make her feel that deep sense of longing?


Cut off the date at its peak!

You’d have an epic memory of the date. And you’ll have the perfect excuse to set up another rendez-vous.

Now she’s replaying the date in her mind, wishing you would text her and ask her out.

That about wraps up the article, amigo.

Now go on a dating adventure and apply what you’ve learned.

And if you want to make sure your adventure is a success…

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