30+ First Tinder messages that WORK – Funny & Flirty examples

You’ve got a match and want to send your first message. But what to send? How do you make sure your match will like you?

Here are my best first Tinder message examples that you can steal so you can get success on Tinder too.

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Important: Quickly letting you know I found the best opener EVER. Its psychologically irresistible to ignore. I made a video explaining how to use it and it's 'clickbait-principle' with screenshot examples. Check it out here.

What is the best first Tinder message?

The best First Tinder Messages are personalized, funny, and arouse curiosity.

The perfect opener

These elements combined create a first Tinder message that is impossible to ignore.

If you want to know exactly how to craft your own first Tinder message, check out this article:

Don’t have the creativity or time to create your own? Then scroll down and steal my best texts.

And if you want to have fun while learning, check out this video I made for you:

Funny first Tinder messages

  • Pain reliever personality: Advil, tequila, or complaining?
  • [When she has a pet] Wow you look super cute… and your human is pretty okay too. 😉
  • I don’t usually give away compliments so easily, but you have great taste in men.
  • How much does a polar bear weigh? [Wait for her answer]. No, they live on the ice. If they broke it, they’d fall through.
  • Sunday priorities: exercise, sleep, or aggressive mimosas?
  • Hey, [her name]! Two truths and a lie, let’s go! I’ve never been on a blind date, I have never been hospitalized, I graduated with high honors.
  • Choose: the ability to talk to animals -OR- the ability to turn into any animal?
  • There’s always a living earthworm hanging from your nose -OR- you have to destroy the toys of playing children whenever you see them.
  • Alright, so what movie title describes your love life best?
  • You’re having your portrait painted, what’s your backdrop?

Risky and flirty first Tinder messages

These next Tinder texts are still good, but slightly more risky. Either because it’s a little bit much, or it requires that she puts in some effort.

  • Are you good with puzzles? [Wait for her answer.] Can you help me with this one I’m stuck on?
  • You fart 5 times every day and one of them is a shart -OR- You have to make out with a random grandpa every week or you can’t sleep.
  • Hey <name>, describe your Tinder experience with one GIF.
  • My dog started humping my phone after I opened your Tinder profile. Do you mind coming over? He won’t stop.
  • If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple. And if you were a vegetable, I’d visit you every day in the hospital.
  • How’s your Friday night going on a scale from single mug of tea to cocaine orgy?
  • If your father and your boyfriend woke up with their bodies switched, your father in the body of your boyfriend and your boyfriend in the body of your father. And to switch them back you had to fuck one of them or they would die in two days. Would you fuck your boyfriend in the body of your father, or your father in the body of your boyfriend?
  • Hey there! A little about me: My grandparents were second cousins. I’m not missing any limbs, but it’s okay if you are. Oh and I’ve only collected two tears in prison. If I sound like a catch, message me. 🙂
  • If I were a T-rex, I’d try to hold you in my little arms and cry because I couldn’t resist your yummy smell and eat you.
  • Lame pickup line. Boring questions. Some funny shit. Laugh, flirt, tease. Are you in love with me yet?

Using clickbait in your first message

Clickbait is a great way of starting a conversation on Tinder.

As you can see, this example of a first Tinder message makes women curious.

Apparently, I said something that she wants to know more about.

Then I follow my icebreaker up with a tease because… well teasing is the essence of flirting.

And then I reverse the teasing vibe with a genuine compliment.

To which she replies:

Oh, this is the cutest compliment I have ever seen!!

Now, to somewhat protect my Clickbait Opener from being used by every man on the planet, I covered it up with black rectangles.

But you can download it for free right here

Tips to create the perfect first Tinder message

1. Understand her situation

The best Tinder openers are personalized.

That’s a fact.

You personalize your opener depending on what you see in her photos, bio, or even her name.

Using one’s name to craft a clever joke, seems to be trending. But there’s a catch.

When you match a girl named Jane, and you send her a first Tinder message saying:

Me Tarzan, you Jane

Then you can rest assured that she’s facepalming instead of texting back. She’s heard the Tarzan lines one billion times already. And she hates them.

If you’re set on making a name joke, then you’ve got to go next level.

Like this guy on the dating app Hinge:

Not only does he UNDERSTAND her situation.

He’s also creative enough to pull off what other guys couldn’t. Well played, brother.

So always ask yourself:

“Am I being witty and original, or am I repeating the same joke everyone is making?”

2. Use her name in a creative way

Bonus example. The next guy killed it:

Understanding + Creativity = Score.

Want another one? Of course, you want another one!

And you’ll have it:

My hat off to these two clever hombrés.

3. Personalize your message

At the end of the day, there are only two types of first Tinder messages that get the most replies.

  1. My Clickbait Opener.
  2. Personalized openers.

The second one, goes like this:

  1. You see a profile you like.
  2. You pick the element that you like best.
  3. Send her your awesome text.

Let me give you two examples of this technique at work.

Meet Ariana.


There were many things I liked about Ariana’s profile. And many personalized texts came to mind.

BUT, I know that I’m not the only man to think about Ariana Grande name jokes at this point.

So I don’t take that route. Because if I do, I’m really saying:

Hey, I think I’m original but I lack the social intelligence to predict other people’s behavior.”

So, I take it one step further, to a place where most men never go.

A good personalized text is almost impossible to ignore. And don’t worry, your message doesn’t need to be as witty as this one.

Here’s another example. Mind you, I blurred everything except what stood out FOR ME. And that’s probably not what will stand out FOR YOU.

Thank god we are different people with different interests.

Now, you may not instantly see what I am pointing at, so I zoomed in for you.

Well if it isn’t 4 DVD’s of Gossip Girl, one of the best shows ever.

(One of the best shows ever if you’re in puberty or if you’ve never really left puberty, like me.)

So I sent her a very simple first message about Gossip Girls and BOY OH BOY… we rambled about Gossip Girl for hours.

All because I looked for something fun to talk about.

How to get her to write the first message

The reason you’re here is because you want first Tinder message examples.

But what if I told you, I have something even better?

What if you didn’t have to be the one starting conversations all the time? What if you could just kick back and relax, as girls sent you the first text?

I can tell you from experience that it feels amazing. Wouldn’t you want to get texts like this?

You’d be surprised how many of your matches hit you up with texts like this if you just… ask them to.

That’s right. Add a simple Call To Action to your profile text. Here’s the one I used:

So simple. Yet so effective.

Will all girls now send you the most interesting openers ever? No.

Will SOME girls send you openers more interesting than a boring “hey?” Yes.

Will you have to open less girls yourself, you lazy bastard? Yes.

What are you waiting for?

Try it out!

The 10 Tinder messages that get her excited to meet you

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