How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Maybe you’re completely new to Facebook Dating.

Maybe you already tried it but have some questions.

Wherever your questions are coming from, in a few moments from now you’ll know exactly how Facebook Dating works.

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What is Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating is Zuckerburg’s free dating app that’s separate from your main Facebook profile.

That means you’re not limited to your friend circle. You can match with anyone in your area.

Once you sign up, you can leave a comment on someone’s profile or hit the Like button to let them know you’re interested.

Afraid friends or colleagues will know what you’re up to?

No worries.

None of your dating activities will be shared with the rest of Facebook.

How to create a Facebook Dating account

Creating a Facebook Dating account is really easy.

First, you need to open your Facebook app and look for the box that says ‘Dating’.

If you can’t find it at the top, keep scrolling.

Click on it and you’ll be brought to the account creation screen.

If you keep clicking the purple box at the bottom, you’ll pass a few info screens and eventually get to the account building phase.

It’s all incredibly straightforward.

Even if you accidentally make a mistake, no problem.

Just hit the arrow at the top and you can go back to the previous page.

You don’t really need to pay attention until you get to the photo stage.

Let’s discuss that in the next tip.

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How to choose the best Facebook Dating photos

The part you want to sink most of your time and attention into are your photos.

While you can change your photos, you only have one newbie boost. A period of time where you’ll be pulled to the top of the swipe stack and be seen by all the people in your area.

If you choose your most irresistible photos from the get-go, you’ll have way more matches at the start than if you fine-tune your profile later after the boost wears off.

So if possible, have all your best photos ready before creating a Facebook Dating account.

Check out the next article for more info on what makes for an attractive photo:

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Anyway, Facebook will offer to automatically generate your Dating profile using photos from your Facebook profile.

It’s better to do it manually though.

The Facebook algorithm has no idea what humans like.

Now choose a mix of photos that show off your looks, but also your personality.

Here’s a pretty good lifestyle pic from one of my students from the TextGod Mentoring Program.

If you don’t have any pictures that give her a peek into your lifestyle, be sure to add some flavor with prompts. (More on prompts in the next tip.)

Here’s what a balanced profile can look like.

Notice how I didn’t fill out everything?

That’s on purpose. You don’t want to look too try-hard. Cool and casual is the aim.

With the photos out of the way, it’s time to get your Shakespeare on.

Time to write a bio.

How to write prompts and a bio for Facebook Dating

Prompts and bios are grossly underrated by most men. Even women.

But that’s a mistake. Unless you have an incredibly diverse set of photos, your photos are probably a bit samey.

And even worse, likely a bit phony. Too much emphasis on looks and not enough on personality.

This is where the bio and prompts come in. (And to an extent your hobbies and interests, more on that later).

Do your photos only show off your beach bod? Write a witty bio.

Do your photos focus on your chiseled jaw and fabulous locks of hair? Write a prompt that shows you value what’s on the inside.

Let me give you an example.

Starting with my bio.

I don’t have any photos of me petting kittens outdoors. But it actually is something I do. So I wrote it down in my bio.

For more on bios, check out these articles:

Now one of my prompts.

It’s difficult to show that I like sporty people through a photo. So I did it with a prompt.

See the next article for prompt inspiration:

Lastly, some hobbies and interests are terribly difficult to capture with a camera (without you looking like a numpty.)

So it can be useful to use the ‘Hobbies and interests’ option Facebook gives you. (Look under your bio to find it.)

Is a few words under your bio as exciting as a photo of you actually enjoying your hobby?


But it sure is easy to do.

Plus, it’s enough to give a woman a better idea of what you’re like. And that’s what counts.

How does Facebook Dating work (swiping, matching, starting convos)

Once you have an irresistible profile (a cool profile is good enough too), it’s time to start matching fun ladies.

Which couldn’t be easier.

Because it’s the first thing you see after you finish your profile.

Click on the photo of the girl on your screen and you’ll be taken to her profile.

From there, you can scroll through all her photos and prompts.

Like what you see?

Press the purple heart to show that you like her.

Or even better, like her by leaving a comment on one of her pictures or prompts.

That way she won’t just judge you on your profile, but also on the awesome message you left her.

Which greatly increases the odds she’ll like you back.

And once she does, it’s a match!

That means you can text each other to your heart’s content.

Holy Tip:

Facebook Dating also gives you ‘Sparks’.

Send a Spark and you’re basically saying you’re super interested.

Which has its uses. Especially if you share the same hobbies and interests.

But otherwise I’d stay away and stick to a regular like.

Keep in mind you only have 3 Sparks every 24 hours.

So use them wisely.

How to have a good convo on Facebook Dating

Having a good convo on Facebook Dating is no different than on any other dating app.

But no TextGod article is complete without SOME advice on texting.

So let’s get started.

Hands down, the most asked question I get from students, fans and struggling texters is:

“What do you say after you break the ice?”

So how about I give you an answer that’ll keep you satisfied from now until the end of time?

The answer is two-fold and is context dependent.

  • If your icebreaker got a good response and has an easy follow-up, stay on topic.
  • If your icebreaker got a good response that’s tough to reply to, change topic.

What do you change topics to?

Something that’s highly relevant to her.

An example (these are all based on observations from her profile):

An accountant who loves acrylics and kickboxing

I can’t help but feel you paint on the days the numbers treat you right, and abuse a punching bag on the days the numbers treat you wrong

Another idea:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think math grads could look like you

What did you think they looked like?

Pale and shy with a smartwatch around their wrist and a pencil behind their ear

Do these texts look like witchcraft to you?

Let me explain what I’m doing.

I’m stereotyping.

I look at her profile and note a few things that stand out to me. Then I combine my observations and I ask my brain if it makes sense.

Next, I just roll with whatever cockamamy idea my brain hands me.

The most important part to remember is that it’s all about HER.

The person she’s interested in most.

So if you talk about her most favorite person in the world, you can almost guarantee she’ll reply.


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