How Does Tinder Work – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

You want to improve your sex life or find a girlfriend.

And you’ve heard Tinder does precisely that.

But the benefits of dating apps feel so far away because the only thing on your mind is:

“How does Tinder work?”

You’ll have the answer to that question by the end of this article.

This is what you get:

  • How to set up your Tinder account
  • The photos that get you 99+ Likes in one hour
  • What Tinder bio gets you most matches
  • 5 Simple tips to tease your way into her heart
  • 4 Reasons why you’re not getting any hookups (+ how to get the hookup)

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What is Tinder and how does it work?

Tinder is a dating app, it allows you to chat with other users and potentially meet up with them. The main draw of Tinder is that it’s very easy to use in contrary to traditional dating sites. It’s easy to create a Tinder account on your smartphone, upload some photos, and you’re good to go. Users on Tinder swipe each other left and right, right being a like and left a dislike. When both users swipe right then they ‘match’, meaning they can now chat with each other. When the conversation on Tinder goes well they’ll usually exchange numbers and/or go for a date.

1: How to create a Tinder account

Step by step, I’m going to take you through the creation of a Tinder account.

Plus, show you a bit of my profile that got me 99+ Likes within 60 minutes.

You fueled up and ready to go?

Let’s kick it.

You can sign up through your computer or phone.

Both have an identical process, so I recommend you pick the platform that has your best photos.

After you get the app onto your phone, or find the desktop version, you should see something similar to this:

When given the option between Facebook and phone number, I like to go for the digits.

The Facebook alternative takes slightly longer to set up, but your phone gives you total freedom over the photos in your Tinder profile.

Which is exactly what you want.

Next, Tinder asks you to enter your mobile number.

Find your country code then enter your number in the box on the right.

If all went well, Tinder will send you a code to authorize your number.

If not, you probably flubbed your digits, butterfingers.

Once you get and enter the code, Tinder confirms you’re legit.

IMPORTANT: Do not lose the number that you just attached to your Tinder account. Sometimes the dating app asks for re-authentication, 3+ months after account creation. And if you can’t verify the number, you can’t get into your Tinder account.

With a verified phone, Tinder will ask you for your email:

Your gender:

And your name:

Where I obviously put down…


Unless you’re already part of the Mentor Program, you probably have no clue who I am.

To keep it brief, I’m a full time member of team Textgod and coach in the Mentoring Program. I also bully Louis on a daily basis. (That League playing nerd thinks he’s SO cool.)

Enough about ‘lil ‘ol me.

You’re here to set up a dynamite Tinder profile!

And we’re finally at the most important part…

The profile photo!

Your first photo is crucial for your Tinder success.

Because if she sees anything unappealing, you’ll instantly be swiped left and be left for dead.

Okay, not quite dead. But you won’t get another shot at matching for at least another few months.

Anyway, what photo do you pick?

Find out in the next tip…

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2: The ideal first photo

We’ve finally arrived at the most important step of your Tinder profile.

The photos.

Get your photos wrong and you’ll be another drop in the Tinder ocean of friendzone.

And be painfully ignored.


And totally avoidable.

Even if you aren’t blessed with genetics that makes women all gooey inside.

How can you get attractive photos with an average face?

With a mixture of good lighting and the right angle.

Let’s talk about the angle.

Ideally, you want to start with a headshot from the pecs up.

In an angle that shows off your best features, or hides your worst features.

But whatever you do, you want to be instantly recognizable.

That means:

  • No hats
  • No sunglasses
  • No emo haircuts covering your eyes

Here’s my leading Tinder photo to show you roughly what you want to aim for:

  • Nothing hiding my face
  • Shot from the pecs up (although I slightly cropped it for Tinder)
  • And an angle that shows off my best features


Now I already know some of the questions you have:

“Jay, should I always be looking away from the camera?”

“And do I need to smile or can I also look more relaxed?”

After reading dozens of studies and experimenting with a ton of poses, we’ve come to the next conclusion…

There is no FIXED answer.

It all depends on your face and expression.

For a while, I thought anyone who looked directly into the camera should be smiling, or else you’d look too aggressive and scare off the girls.

But that’s not necessarily true.

Louis’s super effective leading photo is of him staring into the camera lens without showing off his pearly whites.

But he does have the slightest smirk.

This is enough to make you feel he’s not a threat, but a nice dude.

So here’s the final verdict on where to look and what to do with your face:

Look anywhere you like, with or without a smile, as long as you look social and approachable.

3: The photos that get you 99+ likes in 60 minutes

No matter if you look like Aquaman himself, if your photos don’t show it, you won’t get liked.

So how do you create an attractive profile that charms the ladies?

Firstly, you want to understand the most important rule of the dating profile:

You’re only as attractive as your worst photo.

You can be a panty-dropping stud in 5 out of 6 photos. But if your 6th photo makes you look like a bloated corpse from CSI Miami, you’re getting trashed.

So when you’re assembling your best photos, you always want to think,

“Will this photo make a girl look at my next photo?”

The further your photos draw her into your profile, the better.

Whereas us guys may swipe a girl right based on her angelic looks from her first photo, girls are a little more sophisticated.

Usually, girls will judge your photo one at a time starting from the first.

If she sees what she likes, she dives deeper. If she doesn’t like what she sees, she instantly swipes left. (Read: rejects you.)

I can sense what you’re thinking:

“Jay, how the heck do I know if she’ll like my photo?”

Experience, but also empathy.

What do you suppose she’s thinking when she’s swiping?

No clue?

Let me take you into the mind of the typical woman.

*steps over the stacks of Cosmo, drenched Harry Styles posters, and mountain of Starbucks cups*

Ah, she’s swiping on Tinder.

Let’s watch the screen to see her thoughts:

“Cute first photo…”

“His second photo is not bad either.”

“Aw… he’s holding a puppy!”

“Wow, he dunked a basketball. Pretty hot.”

“That mountain top looks beautiful”

“Haha, his friends are silly. You know… I think I’d like to see what he’s about.”

*swipes right*

There we have it.

To summarize, she’s basically thinking:

“Will it be fun hanging out with him?”

If you can show that… your Tinder profile is solid.

And will attract muchas attractive women.

Here’s a taste of my Tinder profile:

As you can see, I only have 6 photos.

Holy Tip:

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Grab our Dating Profile Checklist that’ll show you exactly what you need.

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Which was more than enough to score me 99+ Likes under an hour and match this sexy beast:

Now I haven’t been completely honest.

It’s not just my photos that got me 99+ Likes.

My bio helped too.

4: The Tinder bio that gets you matches

If your photos don’t tell a great story, your bio can fill in the gap and get you the match.

But your bio can also ruin a perfect collection of photos and get you rejected.


So what makes for a good bio?

Let’s start by showing you what NOT to do.

Most men write bios that look like this:

Love wine, pizza and the stars 🚀


Programmer, love to cycle, travel, good coffee, and specialty beer 🍻

Bios that are absolutely…



These bios don’t show, but tell.

What’s so bad with that?

She can’t get a good sense of your personality by reading a short list of your likes and dislikes.

And that’s precisely what your bio should be:

A peek into your life and personality.

So what do you write?

Well, that depends on what you’re like.

Let’s suppose you’re an average-looking funny dude.

In that case, you can use Louis’s first bio:

According to my friends I’m more beautiful in real life, but my mom says I’m always beautiful.

Which got the BEST responses.

Here’s another for good measure:

The reason it worked was because it was funny and humble.

Plus, it was LEGIT.

It was based on his life. Not just a copy-pasta from someone else.

So whatever you do, make sure your bio is about you.

For inspiration, check out the next article with 12 Tinder bio examples.

5: How flirting on Tinder works

Rubbing up against your matches is impossible unless you can seduce her, which you’ll find out here.

Getting lots of likes and matches feels great.

But likes and matches are no guarantees you’ll get a date and actually meet up.

To go from match to date, you have to cover a lot of ground.

And most men never reach the end.


Because they send texts that slowly kill their own attraction.

Until she finally loses interest altogether.

So how do you hold her attraction from start to finish and score a date?

With the next 10 Tinder tips for beginners.

That Louis neatly turned into a FIRE YouTube video.

Check it out here:

Now for one of Tinder’s mysteries.

6: How does Tinder location work

If you swipe on Tinder, you may notice something weird.

Despite that your radius may be set on 20 miles, you bump into women on the other side of the globe.

What the heck is going on?

Let’s explain how Tinder checks your location.

To see where you are, Tinder tracks your phone.

Basically, Tinder is like a worried parent.

Every few minutes, the dating app peeks around the corner to see what you’re up to.

“Good. He’s still eating doritos in the basement.”

How often Tinder checks your phone doesn’t just depend on its army of robots.

But also your phone and usage.

Roughly speaking, Tinder measures your position with two different speeds.

If you have the app open, Tinder glues its eyeballs on you. The checking is constant.

Once you log out, however, Tinder relaxes its gaze. Now the dating app checks your location every 5 to 20 minutes.

Which largely depends on your phone, battery life and other apps that are competing for your live location.

So there’s no EXACT way to know how often Tinder calculates your location.

Are you more interested in faking your Tinder location?

Well, that’s not easily done unless you go premium with Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

And even if you find a way to trick Tinder into believing you’re somewhere else, your Tinder profile will probably get smooshed into a pancake by Tinder’s banhammer.

Want more details?

Check out my in-depth article for the specifics on changing your Tinder location.

7: How do Tinder Boosts work

Tinder Boosts can get you a lot of matches if you use it wisely.

If we believe Tinder, you can reach up to 10x more women than normal.

Pretty impressive, although I feel like the number is closer to 3x more.

Anyway, what the heck is Tinder boost?

It’s pretty simple.

Once you activate Boost, your profile shoots to the top of the swiping stack of all the women in your area. Where your profile stays for the next 30 minutes.

That explanation raises two more concerns.

  1. You want to use Tinder Boost in a populated area so you increase the odds of being liked. Don’t waste your Boost in the middle of nowhere
  2. And more of a question than a concern: At what time do I use Boost?

For that my friend, we have to look at the data.

Thankfully, a nerdy professor has already done that for us.

As this graph shows, most users are online between 5 PM to 9 PM.

That still leaves out what day…

Back in 2018, Tinder revealed Sunday was the busiest day of the week. Although Bumble has gone on record that its users flock to the app on Sunday.

I personally like Sunday.

Before you fire off your Boost, I must warn you…

A vital piece of the puzzle is still missing.

If you want her to see your profile, you need to know when she’s swiping!

Let me introduce you to Dr. Gareth Tyson’s research and his graph about matches:

Most people might be online at 9 PM, but judging from Garry’s blue bars, they’re busy chatting.

The majority of swiping is done between 6 and 7 PM.

After having experimented with Boost myself, I can confirm that 6:30PM gets you a lot of matches.

8: How does Tinder work with/without Facebook

Back in the day, if you wanted to swipe cuties on Tinder you needed Facebook.

But today, Facebook is optional.

*angels singing*

So does tagging in Zuck give you extra benefits over just using your digits?

Not since Tinder 9.0, where common likes were hidden.

Before that patch, you could see every girl’s Facebook interests in her bio.

Now Facebook likes are kept a secret, there is ZERO advantage to using Facebook.

So unless you like Zuckerberg ogling the nudes you get from your Tinder matches, sign up with your phone number.

9: What to talk about on Tinder

Some topics get your match hooked on your texts, other topics send your match running for the hills.

Obviously, it’s good to know the difference.

Let’s start with the #1 topic most men love to discuss.


*grabs puke bucket*

Jokes aside, I understand why you want to know what your match does for 40 hours a week.

It makes sense.

And that’s why work also tends to be a bad Tinder topic.

It makes too much sense. It’s too logical. Too serious. Too bland.

Seduction is not about sharing relevant facts about yourself.

Although useful, seduction is mostly about raising attraction through playful banter.

Why banter?

Because it triggers emotions directly tied to attraction.

Consider your favorite date ever.

How was the overall vibe?

Was it filled with lots of logical conversation, or lots of random mini convos that made you both laugh?

Most likely it was the latter.

When girls talk about chemistry and feeling ‘a click’ they really mean how easy it was to have light and playful conversation.

So if you want to be more attractive for your Tinder match, you want to play around.

So tease. Shoot the shit. Treat her like she’s your 7-year-old niece.

Perhaps you don’t yet have an instinct for banter.

So, in that case, where do you start?

Before I give you some tips know this:

Never tease her on anything that she can’t change in 10 seconds.

Because then your playful tease will quickly turn to a serious insult.

To help you develop your playful banter, consider using the next topics:

  • Maybe she’s short so you call her ‘Smalls’
  • Playful insults like ‘dork’ or ‘nerd’
  • Calling her the opposite. If she’s a nerdy programmer, you can say “I’m shocked. I totally pictured you as a kale munching hippie who smells like incense and has a mom called Moonbeam.”
  • Calling out her behavior. Suppose she loves something you hate, “Okay, that settles it. We’re getting a divorce.”
  • Self-deprecating humor. “I’m 6 feet and 2 inches. Those are two different measurements, baby 😎😎😎😎

With these topics as your springboard, you’ll make her hooked on your texts in no time.

10: How to hook up through Tinder

Although also good for relationships, most people see Tinder as THE app for hookups.

And that’s no exaggeration.

Even though many ladies have Tinder bios like this:

No ons/fwb

(Translation: No One Night Stand/Friends With Benefits.)

Here comes a little secret about women…

Women don’t like to broadcast their desire for sex to the world.

At least, not obviously.

Usually women prefer to drop hints in the conversation.

Although some do the following:

Now the pussy cat is out of the bag, let’s learn how to get hookups via Tinder!

Where do most men fail?

By sending the wrong signals.

Most duderinos try to “Nice Guy” their way into her panties.

But that only launches our bros into the friendzone.

What do those “Nice Guy” signals look like?

  • Too many photos that make them seem friendly and harmless
  • A respectable bio
  • A text style that’s more invasive than being waterboarded (stop the questions)
  • More emoji spam than an 8-year-old girl drunk on Disney movies

Do you think any of these bullet points get her in the mood for a game of Hide The Salami?

Of course not.

So what does?

That deserves a video of its own.

Which you can watch right here!

That almost wraps up today’s article.

First, I have one last gift to give.

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Enjoy, bro.

Jay Murray

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