How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text – 10+ Examples That Get Dates

You have a crush on someone and you want to know how to ask her out over text.

This article will give you the BEST ways to ask a girl out that will

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How to ask a girl out over text

Make her feel that meeting up with you will be incredibly fun. How do you do that?

1. Express excitement.
2. Convey confidence.
3. Choose a fun activity and/or date location.

This method works well because people are always looking to do things that make their lives better.

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1. Ask her out at the right time

This will save you a lot of grief and frustration.

Don’t ask her out unless she’s showing clear signs of interest.

And it works both ways.

Here’s a screenshot example from friend and colleague, coach Dan.

This girl is sending photos, being warm, and even double texting.

She’s really into coach Dan.

But good ol’ coach Dan was put off by her showing too much interest. Especially the double text asking him over.

Dan lost interest because the mystery of ‘will they won’t they’ was over. It was very clear that he’d won her over.

What does that mean for you?

Only ask her out if she’s having a good time.

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2. Maintain sexual tension

Even if she’s super into you, this can kill all her attraction for you.

Verbalizing your sexual desires.

Let me explain using a story from coach Dan.

Dan was at a music festival where he met a girl we’ll call Jenny.

The more time they spent together, the more touchy she got until she finally said…

…“I really want to have sex with you.”


All the sexual tension evaporated.

Now, of course, Dan is a simple man like you and I. So he walked her over to his tent.


He tells me now from across the table at our office,

“During the 30-minute walk to my inflatable mattress haha… there was no more tension. The convo was enjoyable, but that’s it.”

Now if Dan was a woman, and Jenny was a man, you can bet your ass that there would have been no more bedroom acrobatics.

Telling someone you want to tear their clothes off without a bed in sight can kill sexual desire.

3. Stay away from the word ‘date’

Although not forbidden, the word ‘date’ can seriously turn off a lot of girls.

It just feels so official.

Your grandparents went on dates and later got married.


What’s more, if anyone knows you went on a date, anyone that’s even just slightly acquainted will want to know EVERYTHING about it afterwards.

”How was the date?!”
   —Everyone you know and don’t really know

So my theory is that the best dates don’t feel like dates. They’re more like hanging out with a cool guy/girl.

My point?

Date is a dangerous word.

A word that wields the power to scare off a couple ladies.

The solution?

Ask her:

  1. to hang, to hang out
  2. to meet, to meet up
  3. rendezvous if you want to sound fancy and literate
  4. grab a drink
  5. go for a walk
  6. sip a take-away cappuccino, grab a cup of Joe
  7. or to chill (careful with this one’s relation to ‘Netflix and chill’ which is a synonym for ‘sex’.)

All these alternatives allow your date proposal to fly under the radar. Plus, if she’s not really into you yet, the hang out may convince her otherwise hehehe.

4. Think again about a dinner date

I strongly suggest not to go for dinner on a first date.


  1. You’re seated across each other for three hours (instead of next to each other).
  2. It’s expensive.
  3. It’s not dynamic (movement is your main wingman during the first date).
  4. It’s hard to really be yourself because you need to respect the dinner experience of the people around you. Unless you don’t give a fuck, but then your date will most likely be embarrassed about you.
  5. You can’t get close. That means no physical contact either.

It’s usually better to choose a more casual date activity.

BUT, if you are going for the dinner date anyway, then hit her up with something like:

Hey! Do you know this place?

Next, you WAIT to see how she reacts.

If her reaction is anything positive, then tell her something like this:

I’m planning on checking it out soon, you should come!

Usually though, her reaction will probably be more curious:

No what is it?

Then you just clarify:

It’s a restaurant I keep hearing great things about. Do you like the look of the place?

After that, you’ll have a good idea whether she’s excited about this restaurant… or not.

5. Ask her out the RIGHT way

This is my favorite way to ask a girl out.

Say that we should hang out in an expressive way.

So this next text is only halfway done.

Hey Jenny, let’s hang sometime.

It’s too boring.

Although if you’re some celebrity or Milan Fashion Week model, that text will probably work.

But last time I checked, I’m just some Joe Schmo clickety clacking away at a keyboard in an office, so I have to put in a little more effort.

So, if it were me inviting Jenny out, I’d scribble down something like this:

Hey Jenny, guess who accidentally found the city’s best coffee bar yesterday? And guess who’s going back there for a take-away cappuccino very soon? Can you also guess who’s not selfish and will share said secrets with you, over a coffee?

Bang, I just blurted that out.

Of course, I’d change the text a little depending on what Jenny is like.

But it’ll probably get the job done.

She’ll probably giggle a little. While the classic “Hey wanna go on a date with me?” might have scared her off.

6. How to ask her out for coffee (2 example texts)

Here’s a super simple and effective way to get her to meet you for coffee.

One morning you hit her up with a coffee meme. A quick Google search supplied me with this one:

Found a photo of you this morning

If she’s into you at all, she’ll text back. There’s a fair chance her response will be along the lines of:

Haha sometimes


Haha so true 🙈

Feel free to text back and forth a couple times, before hitting her up with the next meme.

Ever tried this one?

At this point she’s probably laughing at this silly latte art and coffee is on her mind.

It’s time to ask her out.

Haha let’s go to a coffee bar some time and order a cappuccino. But we’ll specifically ask for one with Ejaculatte art.

By the way,  if the baristas are any cool, they’ll gladly try making you one.

Like this one I got served when I asked for one:

Now you go get your own milk foam dick, together with the girl you like!

7. Be 5% riskier than normal (how to ask a girl out you know)

Here’s the problem with asking out a girl you already know.

She probably doesn’t see you as a sexual interest.

How’s that?

Because you just laughed at her jokes, listened to her stories, and were super friendly to her.

What was missing?

You never presented yourself as a potential boyfriend.

So don’t tell her you like her now. That may just freak her out.

Now is the time for subtlety.

Specifically, innocent flirty comments.

Like, this one.

“O no, what have you done.”

She’ll look at you all confused.

“You’re looking crazy sexy right now. You trying to cause car accidents? Anyway, I’m going to have to ignore you for the rest of the day. Bye”

Does she laugh when you flirt with her like that? Or does she pull the hand brake and take more distance?

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8. Send her this if she can’t meet up

Ever asked someone out and she said she didn’t have time?

A fan of my newsletter emailed me, saying he asked a girl out and when she texted back…

…she told him she was on vacation until Tuesday.

That’s it. No other suggestion, nothing.

The guy wanted to text her this:

Ok enjoy, let me know when you’re back

But what if she doesn’t text back after her vacation?

Some of you might be thinking, “Well if she doesn’t text him back after her vacation, then she’s clearly not interested.”

Fair enough.

But that could be because she hasn’t had the chance yet to be charmed by the guy, face to face.

So, my dearest reader and best friend, here’s a line I like to use from time to time in situations like this:

(Psst… this is the moment where you say: “Luckily I am available at another time Louis! In fact, I am free on…”)

A quick line that often brings fruitful harvests.

Just like it did in this screenshot example:

Bang bang!

What a desirable response that was.

Holy Tip:

You might want to be a smart TextGod disciple and do your homework.

Because when you finally got her out on a date, a new problem arises.

What to text a girl after the date? If you read this article already now, it will give you all the preparation you need. Including some juicy text examples..

9. Deal with rejection like a G

If you’re scared of rejection, then read this tip and you’ll feel more confident asking her out.

When my team and I were doing a tour around Europe, we had a standard first (Tinder) date plan.

It’s a plan that turns possible rejection into a party.

Here’s what you do:

Always invite her to an activity you really like to do.

In our case: Virtual Reality gaming.

If your date is excited to see you: GREAT!

Because now you get to spend time with a girl you like.

If your date stays silent, rejects, or flakes: ALSO GREAT!

Because now you get to hit better scores since you don’t have a girl as a teammate.

I remember coach Dan being super happy when his date texted she couldn’t make it. Because now we could try and hit a new personal record in the Elven Archer game.


Those were some insights about how to ask a girl out over text.

Do with them as you wish, I’ll see you in the next article, or on YouTube.

Louis Farfields

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