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How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text – 10+ Examples That Get Dates

You have a crush on someone and you want to know how to ask her out over text… awesome!

Now let’s make sure you end up on a fun date with her…

…and not in her friendzone.

You get:

  • The 1 word you can never use when asking someone out
  • What to text if you ask her out and she has no time
  • 7 Copy-paste words to use that increase your chances on a date
  • A smart trick to avoid rejection
  • 10+ Good and bad example texts
  • 3 Texting mistakes that make her reject your date proposal
  • What good date proposals have in common with an F-117 Nighthawk
  • The best way to ask a girl out you already know
  • Plenty more juiciness…

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

How to use stories to get her on a date

If you’ve ever asked a girl out and she wasn’t very excited…

…then your meet up text probably ticked some (or all) of these boxes:

1. It was boring
2. It conveyed little to no excitement
3. It didn’t give her any feel of what a date with you would be like

And that’s a problem, because people are attracted to things that make their lives better.

I have a simple method to make girls see that life would be better including yourself in it.

A method that triggers her emotions, and gets her excited to hang out with you.

And this simple method… is exactly what you are getting in this video.

It’s a short one of only 5 minutes and 5 seconds.

That’s 5:05 packed with solid, juicy information.

Ready to slide into your operating system.

Watch it now.

And for more screenshot examples, and how to avoid the most common mistakes, read on!

How NOT to ask someone out (most common mistakes)

Don’t screw up with the girl you currently like!

Read this tip to avoid three of the most commonly made mistakes.

I’ll bestow some juicy knowledge upon you, thanks to stories from my TextGod coach and friend, Dan.

#1: DON’T escalate on a no (CALM DOWN!)

Sometimes someone won’t be ready to date you yet.

And I say YET.

Because you can turn the tide.

The one thing to avoid is being impatient, and overly eager.

Because if you are, then chances are you WON’T be able to turn the tide anymore.

Screenshot example?

In this example TextGod coach Dan is texting with a girl he met earlier on the street.

They’re having a good time discussing food. At this point there are a couple signs she likes him.

Like her sending a selfie of herself eating corn on a cob (yes, that’s a sign.)

Or she asking for a selfie of you (another sign.)

Or her double texting you and even asking if you’re planning to visit her home turf (sign #3 & 4.)

So yeah, she likes good ol’ coach Dan.

But good ol’ coach Dan was put off by her showing too much interest. Especially the double text asking him over.

You might think “well, I know I should not ask her out after she straight up ignores me, Louis!”.

But there is a deeper lesson to be learned.

Here at Team TextGod we call it “escalating on a no”. It means that the other person is not complying. For example she sends you only two-word answers, or she doesn’t text back for 2-3 days.

Her mood is a “no”. And out of mere desperation you might think “okay, I’m just going for it, I’m going all in, and ask her out!!”

Chances are extremely low that you get a “yes” when her mood is a “no”.

First get the conversation going with some fun banter. You can use some of my 10 Texts That Always Work to do this.

Only when the fun is there, THEN you ask her out.

Don’t make the same mistake this lady made.

#2: DON’T verbalize your feels

When coach Dan was at a musical festival, he met a girl we’ll call Jenny.

At one point they were having a blast with some of those glitter 3D glasses. You know, those goggles you wear that change the way you see the world.

All the fun and festival vibes made Jenny very attracted to good ol’ Dan.

And suddenly she said:

“Now I really want to have sex with you.”

And by verbalizing it… the tension evaporated.

It’s one of those moments where both of you know what might happen. But because it is communicated indirectly instead of directly, tension keeps building.

Now did Dan reject this adventurous girl because she verbalized her desires?

Heck no, Dan is a simple man like you and I.

He told me they started walking towards his tent.


He continued,

“During the whole 30 minute walk to my inflatable mattress, there was no more sexual tension. We had a fun conversation, but that’s it.”

Now if Dan was a woman, and Jenny was a man, you can bet your ass that there would have been no more bedroom acrobatics. Or at least less exciting acrobatics.

Because telling someone you like them PREMATURELY, can absolutely ruin your odds.

The correct way to do this, will appear on your screen further down this article

#3: DON’T use the forbidden word

Mistake number 3 is so commonly made, that if we could erase it from existence, the amount of dates scored would soar by 69%

Can you remember the last time(s) you asked someone out over text?

How did you go about it?

Many men will pop the classic question:

Hey Jenny, do you want to go on a date with me?

And throughout this article you’ll learn many WAY better ways to ask a girl out by text.

But right now I’ll tell you that these guys are using the forbidden word.

   —Unknowing fella using the forbidden word

Let’s do a quick thought experiment.

Think about the best date, or best dates you’ve had.

How did it feel?

Experience in again in your mind for a second.

Now answer this question:

Did this amazing date… feel like a date?

Because my theory is that the best dates, don’t feel like dates.

They feel more like “hanging out with a cool guy/girl”.

On top of that, a date is still something very official. Your grandparents went on dates and later got married. That’s how intense dates can be.

What’s more, if anyone has been on a DATE, their friends and anyone that’s even just slightly acquainted, will want to know EVERYTHING about it afterwards.

”How was the date?!”
   —Everyone you know and don’t really know

My point?

Date is a dangerous word.

A word that wields the power to scare off a couple ladies.

The solution?

Ask her

  1. to hang, to hang out
  2. to meet, to meet up
  3. rendezvous if you want to sound fancy and literate
  4. grab a drink
  5. go for a walk
  6. sip a take-away cappuccino, grab a cup of Joe
  7. or to chill (careful with this one’s relation to ‘Netflix and chill’ which is a synonym for ‘sex’.)

All these alternatives allow your date proposal to fly under the radar. Increasing your success to ask a girl out via text.

Here’s a U.S. Air Force F-117 Nighthawk, designed to avoid detection by radar, just like your ‘date’ proposal.

I’ll tell you how to properly ask her out in a bit, but first I want to safeguard you from another horrible mistake:

#4: How to ask a girl out for dinner over text

Oops, there’s a mistake in this title.

It should have read:

“How to get a one way ticket to the friendzone?”

By making your first date a dinner date.

But I won’t stop you. If you want a dinner date, you can have a dinner date. And I’ll tell you how I would go about setting one up.

Before I do that however, allow me to quickly sum up the first 5 reasons that come to mind.

5 reasons why I wouldn’t go for dinner on a first date:

  1. You’re seated across each other for three hours (instead of next to each other)
  2. It’s expensive
  3. It’s not dynamic (movement is your main wingman during the first date)
  4. It’s hard to really be yourself because you need to respect the dinner experience of the people around you. Unless you don’t give a fuck, but then your date will most likely be embarrassed about you.
  5. You can’t get close. That means no physical contact either.

So, better do something casual as a first date.

BUT, if you are going for the dinner date anyway, then hit her up with something like:

Hey! Do you know this place?

Next, you WAIT to see how she reacts.

If her reaction is anything positive, then tell anything like this:

I’m planning on checking it out soon, you should come!

Chances are she’ll ask you about the photo but doesn’t react clearly positive or negative. Something along the lines of:

No what is it?

Then you just briefly clarify:

It’s a restaurant I keep hearing great things about. Do you like the look of the place?

After that, you’ll have a good idea whether she’s excited about this restaurant… or not.


Last tip I said: “I’ll tell you how to properly ask her out in a bit”.

Well, my friend, the time has come.

#5: Best way to ask a girl out via text message

In this tip I’m going to show you how to ask a girl out through text… the RIGHT way!

As discussed in tip 3, we won’t be using the forbidden word.

And on top of that, we’ll avoid doing what cucks do.

Know what we’re going to do?

We’re going to fuck two girls with one condom.

We’re going to catch two birds with one stone.

Firstly we’re not going to ASK her out. We’re going to state that we should hang out.

Secondly, we’re not going to phrase it the way any man would. We’re going to make the invitation a bit more expressive.

Let’s go!

So how do we change that question into a statement? It’s pretty easy. By deleting the question mark at the end of the sentence and changing the word order.

Continuing with the text from Tip #3:

Hey Jenny, do you want to hang sometime?


Hey Jenny, let’s hang sometime.

That’s just the first step. Because this text is still pretty damn boring.

But at least now you take the lead. If she can’t meet up she’ll still tell you, your texting just comes across much more assertive.

And if you’re some celebrity or Milan Fashion Week model, that stuff will probably work.

But last time I checked, I write articles and you’re probably clickety-clacketing behind your computer all day. So we have to put in some more effort.

So, if it were me inviting Jenny out, I’d scribble down something like this:

Hey Jenny, guess who accidentally found the city’s best coffee bar yesterday? And guess who’s going back there for a take-away cappuccino very soon? Can you also guess who’s not selfish and will share said secrets with you, over a coffee?

Bang, I just blurted that out.

Of course I’d change the text a little depending on what Jenny is like.

At the minimum, our date proposal is now more entertaining and lively. She’ll probably giggle a little when reading this text message. While the classic “Hey wanna go on a date with me?” might have scared her off.

#6: How to ask her out for coffee (2 example texts)

If you don’t know the answer to this question yet…

…then you deserve some harsh spanking.

The answer was in the last tips already. BUT…

…because the Lord is forgiving and generous, he shall bless you with another way.

Here’s what you do.

One morning you hit her up with a coffee meme. A quick Google search supplied me with this one:

Found a photo of you this morning

If she’s into you at all, she’ll text back. There’s a fair chance her response will be along the lines of:

Haha sometimes


Haha so true 🙈

Feel free to text back and forth a couple times, before hitting her up with the next meme.

Ever tried this one?

At this point she’s probably laughing at this silly latte art and coffee is on her mind.

It’s time to ask her out.

Haha let’s go to a coffee bar some time and order a cappuccino. But we’ll specifically ask for one with Ejaculatte art.

By the way,  if the baristas are any cool, they’ll gladly try making you one.

Like this one I got served when I asked for one:

Now you go get your own milk foam dick, together with the girl you like!

#7: Best way to ask a girl you already know out

You have a crush on someone you already know, correct?

(or maybe you’ve been in this situation before and you didn’t know how to handle it)

Let me cut straight to the chase here.

The problem with asking out a girl you already know, is that there’s a reason the two of you haven’t been out on a date yet.

You really like her.

You didn’t want to lose her.

So you played it……… safe.

That means you laughed at her jokes, listened to her stories, were super friendly to her…

And here is what was missing:

You have never presented yourself as a potential boyfriend.

When you suddenly declare your interest, it might shock her, and you’ll likely get rejected.

It doesn’t work.

So… what DOES work? What can you do now?

Here’s your battle plan:

You need to very subtly poke her and probe her.

And then see how she reacts.

Is she down for 1 on 1 chilling?

Does she feel comfortable with the idea?

No? Then don’t even tell her you like her. You’ll get shot down.

Or maybe you already hang out with just the two of you, but you might be in the friendzone.

Then I have three more tests for you.

How does she react when you lightly touch her?

When you’re in a group and you give her a friendly touch on the shoulder, or you playfully throw your arm around her… does she pull back?

Or when you’re with a group and something funny happens and everyone laughs…

…who does she look at? Does she look you in the eye? Maybe she even touches you?

If that’s the case, yeah, then she probably likes you.

BUT EVEN THEN… you still don’t tell her that you like her.

Instead, you gently keep on raising the temperature.

By making flirty comments for example.

“I have bad news for you…”

She’ll look at you all confused.

“You are wearing the sexiest dress… I can’t keep my eyes off you so I’ll have to ignore you for the rest of the day.”

Does she laugh when you flirt with her like that?

Or does she pull the hand brake and take more distance?

It’s by using these little tests that you find out in an attractive way.

Instead of suddenly flooding her with your emotions.

#8: Case study: a student example

Ever asked someone out and she said she didn’t have time?

Maybe she had an exam or a family event or her dog was getting castrated or WHATEVER.

The important part is that she couldn’t make it.

And now you’re in a tricky situation.

Just like one of the guys on my newsletter was.

He emailed me, saying he asked a girl out and when she texted back…

…she told him she was on vacation until Tuesday.

When this happens to you, you’re thinking: “OH COMON! Propose another time to meet up then!”

It feels bad asking for a date a second time. And if she’s not available for your second proposal either…then you’re totally screwed.

The guy wanted to text her this:

Ok enjoy, let me know when you’re back

Assuming she would then text him after her vacation, and he could fix things from there.

But his friends said he had to lock in a date NOW.

So he texted this:

One of the days after Tuesday then?


This text has a bit of a needy vibe to it. And again, the ball is now in her court. What if she doesn’t text back after her vacation?

Now you might be thinking: “well if she doesn’t text him back after her vacation, then she’s clearly not interested.”

Fair enough. But that could be because she hasn’t had the chance yet to be charmed by the guy, face to face.

So, my dearest reader and best friend, here’s a line I use from time to time, in gnarly situations like this:

(Psst… this is the moment where you say: “Luckily I am available at another time Louis! In fact, I am free on…”)

A quick line that often brings fruitful harvests.

Just like it did in this screenshot example:


Bang bang!

What a desirable response that was.

Holy Tip:

You might want to be a smart TextGod disciple and do your homework.

Because when you finally got her out on a date, a new problem arises.

What to text a girl after the date? If you read this article already now, it will give you all the preparation you need. Including some juicy text examples..

#9: How to make rejection fun when you ask her out by text

If you’re scared of rejection, then read this tip and you’ll feel more confident asking her out.

When my team and I were doing a tour around Europe, we had a standard first (Tinder) date plan.

It’s a plan that turns possible rejection into a party.

Here’s what you do:

Whenever you invite someone over to hang, you make sure to invite her to something you like a lot.

In our case: Virtual Reality gaming.

If your date is excited to see you: GREAT!

Because now you get to spend time with a girl you like.

If your date stays silent, rejects, or flakes: ALSO GREAT!

Because now you get to hit better scores since you don’t have a girl as a teammate.

I remember coach Dan being super happy when his date texted she couldn’t make it. Because now we could try and hit a new personal record in the Elven Archer game.


Those were some insights about how to ask a girl out over text.

Do with them as you wish, I’ll see you in the next article, or on YouTube.

Louis Farfields

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