10 Smooth Ways To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

You’re chatting with a girl and you like her.

But you’re not sure how to ask her out over text. You only have one chance, so you want to do it right.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. In this article, I’ll give you the best ways to ask a girl out… and have her say yes!

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When is the right time to ask a girl out?

Before making a move, you’re probably wondering when is the right time to ask her out.

If you’re too quick, she won’t feel comfortable enough. However, if you wait too long she may lose interest.

So trying to find that sweet spot, the exact right moment, is critical to your success!

Here are 5 signs she is ready for you to ask her out:

  1. She actively engages in the conversation with more than short replies.
  2. She asks questions back and shows interest in you.
  3. She uses plenty of emojis, lol’s, and haha’s.
  4. She shares information about herself.
  5. She asks about your plans (or mentions her own lack of plans).

If you want more certainty that she likes you, then check my list of 20 signs a girl likes you over text.

Do you recognize some signals and are you ready to ask her out? Great! Use one of the following 10 texts.

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How to ask her out: the right and wrong way

Below you’ll get 10 great ways to ask a girl out. Feel free to scroll past this video, straight to the copy-paste lines.

If you like understanding the psychology behind the lines, then watch this video.

You will know exactly what girls find attractive, how NOT to do it (like most guys), and how to craft your own lines.

10 Great ways to ask her out over text

So how do you ask her out?

Here are 5 different styles of asking her out, with 2 examples each.

Pick one that suits your personality and fits your conversation.

Confident ways to ask her out over text

  • “I like our convo and I think we should have one in real life sometime.”

Sounding sure of yourself and straight to the point.

  • “How’s your week looking? Got an evening free for a charming man to ask you out?”

Hey, nothing wrong with believing in yourself.

Funny ways to ask a girl out over text

  • “Hey Sarah, guess who accidentally found the city’s best coffee bar yesterday? And guess who’s going back there for a cappuccino very soon? Can you also guess who’s not selfish and would like to share this discovery with you?”

This text makes asking her out something very casual and lighthearted. It’s not a big deal!

  • “Hey I realize it’s extremely oldskool of me, but I am thinking of turning this texting into an actual meet-up. Too conservative of me, or does it sound like a good idea to you too?”

A perfect text to ask someone out if you’ve been texting for a longer time. With a dash of self-mockery, this text is great for turning that pen pal into a romantic date.

Cute ways to ask her out over text

  • “Sarah! A friend was raving about this new place called X. I’m going to check it out this week. Would you like to join me?”

Your friends let you in on a cool new find. You are adventurous enough to go check it out and cute enough to ask her along!

  • “So, you’re into art, right? Have you been to the current exhibition at the Museum of Photography? I hear great things about it and want to check it out. Feel like going together?”

What’s more charming than remembering her interests? Remembering her interests and then exploring them together.

Smooth ways to ask a girl out over text

  • “Hey, I’d love to take you on a date sometime. If that sounds fun, let me know if Friday eve or Saturday during the day work and I’ll set something up!”

Boom! You’re clear about your intentions and you are taking the lead. If she’s free you’ll take matters into your own hands and arrange the date. Like a real man does.

  • “I want to see that X in real life. Let’s grab a drink together. Are you free some evening this week?”

This text comes in handy when she has shown you something nice about herself. X can be her great smile, a new outfit, or her problem-solving skills.

Clever ways to ask her out over text

  • “Let’s meet up and have this conversation in real life sometime. Are you more of a coffee person or more of a desert person?”

Having an interesting conversation? Does she seem to enjoy it as much as you do? Great! Propose to continue the topic over a coffee or a slice of pie.

  • “Sarah! I’ve been terrible at texting people back but I am still alive. And having finished some projects gives me more free time. Free time that I’d love to use to meet up with you! How’s your week looking?”

This text comes in handy for the guys who aren’t the greatest at texting back. Left someone hanging a bit too long? Been drowning in work lately? Use this text to clarify why you’ve been silent, and make it up by spending your free time with her.

What if you ask her out and she says she’s busy

Use this text template to turn a ‘maybe’ into an exciting ‘Yes!’

So you asked her out and she doesn’t reject your date offer, but she also doesn’t accept. Ugh, annoying!
Here’s what you do:

Hey, I’d love to take you on a date sometime. If that sounds fun, let me know if Friday eve or Saturday during the day works best and I’ll set something up!

On Friday and Saturday I can’t

(Psst… this is the moment where you say: “Luckily I am available at another time Louis! In fact, I am free on…”)

Here’s an example where I was asking a girl out on WhatsApp:

What if she’s not just doubtful or busy but blatantly rejects your offer?

What to do if you ask a girl out and she says no

You asked your crush out and she rejected the offer. Ouch, painful. But there are still things you can do.

When your date proposal doesn’t go as planned, consider these two options.

  1. If you think it’s possible you asked her out prematurely, then go back to building rapport. Once you’ve built enough attraction, ask her out again.
  2. If you already spent plenty of time texting, then she might not be interested in dating you right now. Respect her choice but leave the door open for a future date.

Here is what that second option looks like:

Hey thanks for the offer but I am not in the right space to date right now

Hey Sarah, I understand.  If things change and you feel like our convo was kind of fun, just send me a text. No pressure and no rush. Whatever is going on, I hope you feel amazing again soon.

This shows maturity while showing you understand her perspective. But at the same time you put the ball in her court, should her situation change. By not chasing her around forever, you convey a healthy level of self-respect.

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