How to Change Your Age on Tinder

How To Change Age On Tinder

You created a Tinder account, but you goofed.

You put down the wrong age.

Now you’re a pizza-faced student or maybe a creaking old-timer.

And you’re wondering: “How do I change my age on Tinder?!”

An answer you’ll find in this article.

You get:

  • 2 Methods to change your age on Tinder
  • How to change your age AND get more matches
  • The truth on whether you should date someone younger than you
  • A critical insight you MUST know if you’re dating a woman in her 30s
  • The #1 opener that almost always gets a reply (+ examples)

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Read this before you continue and waste your time

Tinder only has one way for you to change your age.

And that’s through Facebook.

Did you create your Tinder account via email or your phone number?

You’re boned. You’re stuck with the age you have now.

Well, there is one way to change your age.

You’ll have to skip to tip #3 to find out.

Did you use Facebook to set up your Tinder? Continue onto the next tip.

#1: Method one to change your age on Tinder

IMPORTANT: This method only works if your Tinder is linked to your Facebook.

If you’re Tinder and Facebook are connected, changing your age is easy.

Just head to your Facebook profile that’s linked to Tinder and click the ‘About’ tab under your cover photo.

J/k. This is my business Facebook. On my real FB I have 8 friends, but my mom counts for 100.

From there, click on ‘Contact and basic info’.

Glance to the right of your screen and you should see ‘Basic info’ PLUS your birth date.

Click the little pencil and you’ll see drop-down menus that let you change your age.

Once you’re done, click ‘Save’.

Be sure to get the date right this time!

Because you can only edit your date of birth a limited number of times. I don’t know what number that limit is exactly. But my guess would be anywhere from 3 to 5.

So don’t be wasteful.

Once you’ve changed your age on Facebook, Tinder will adopt the number after roughly 24 hours.

As simple as abc.

The trouble with the above method?

It doesn’t work if you want to lie about your age.

Which isn’t as dastardly as it sounds. It can help you get more matches.

Let me explain in the next tip.

#2: Lying about your age may get you more matches

The TextGod Mentoring Program attracts people from all walks of life. Each with their own problems.

But one particular demographic always come to me with the same problem:

“Louis, how do I date a woman younger than me?”

For any ladies reading this, no this isn’t a sleazy urge. Many of my older clients want to date younger women because the girls from their age group are often settled or have kids of their own.

While there are many ways to attract people younger than you, a BIG one is changing the digits on your Tinder profile.

Firstly, if you never touch Tinder’s age range slider, the app will only show you people between 18 and 30.

Are you 30+ and want to date someone younger? You’re shit out of luck. You’ll only match youngsters who’ve played around with their age slider.

And that’s not a huge amount of people.

So it REALLY helps having an age that fits inside the spectrum of 18 to 30.

“Does that mean you need to lie about your age?”

Yes and no.

While you DO have to change those big digits beneath your profile photos.

I do strongly recommend you share your true age in one of two ways:

  1. If you clearly don’t look your age: put it in your bio
  2. If you can pass as a 20-something-year-old: tell your match how old you are via text

Revealing your age via text is my favorite because then she won’t just be making a choice based on a number, but how you made her feel.

Lots of people have almost an allergic reaction to certain ages.

You’re 30?? No thx

But these knee-jerk reactions are largely based on nothing.

Many women will reject a man based on their age, just because they were brought up to act that way.

But if she matches with you under the assumption that you’re almost the same age as her AND finds out you’re witty and absolutely hilarious

…she may not care that you’re older than she previously thought.

In fact, she may suddenly be turned on that she’s crushing on someone 8 years older than her.

There’s just one thing I want you to do if you use a fake age:

Always, and I mean ALWAYS, tell her how old you are before you meet her.

Otherwise you may as well be a catfish.

And that’s super creepy, bro. Don’t be that guy.

#3: How to change your age on Tinder method two

If you used your personal Facebook to set up your Tinder account, you may be in trouble.

Because if you want to seem younger on Tinder than you really are, you’ll have to bamboozle your Facebook friends too.

Once your birthday arrives your Facebook buddies will get a notification and be totally confused by your age.

“I thought I had my bubala 30 years ago, not 20. O dear, my brain has finally gone on the fritz. ”

So changing your age may not be a fun trick to play on your mom and other relatives.

If that’s something you want to avoid, you have some work cut out for you:

You’ll need to create a new Tinder account from the ground up, using a fake Facebook profile.

To clarify, you need to:

  • Delete your old Tinder so that Tinder’s algorithm won’t ban your new ‘copycat’ account
  • Create a new Facebook account that looks real (dummy accounts get banned)
  • Set up a new Tinder account

It’s quite a bit of work. But it’s worth your mom’s sanity, right?

#4: Is it a bad idea to date someone younger than you?

Age difference can be a dealbreaker for some people.

Should it be?

Depends on you and the person you want to date.

Here are the two biggest problems:

  • They don’t necessarily have the same references as you
  • They aren’t necessarily in the same part of their life as you

A girl in her early 20s is unlikely ready to settle down. And a woman in her 40s is unlikely up for a casual relationship or Tinder hookup.

The biggest danger, however, is…

Being on separate wavelengths.

Before you get involved with someone significantly younger (or older) than you, ask yourself:

“Are you willing to take the risk that they won’t be in the same place as you 10 years from now?”

One school of thought is: you can’t help who you fall in love with. So just go with it.

That’s a very romantic way of thinking.

I’m more of a pragmatic thinker.

While I don’t want to force my line of thought onto you, I’ll leave you with this:

If you think the age difference fits your dating goals, go for it. Just be aware of the risks involved.

Talking about risks, here comes another you MUST be aware of if you’re dating a woman in her 30s or above.

#5: Crucial information for dating a 30+ year old woman

We’re in a luxurious position, guys.

Us dudes can take our time deciding whether or not we want kids.

But women have to decide about kids much earlier.

Which is a big reason why women are far more focused on monogamous relationships and why men enjoy following their dongers.

And I can’t stress this enough.

At one point in her life, a woman reaches a point where she thinks:

“If I don’t have kids in the next five years, I won’t have them at all.”

Men don’t ever feel that kind of pressure.

So it’s easy for us to date women of that age group and feel like we’re playing laser tag, while they’re toting 12-gauge shotguns.

We may get our egos hurt, or our hearts a little bruised, but women can seriously lose out on something that means THE WORLD to them.

Having kids is arguably one of life’s greatest gifts. And your playful, devil-may-care attitude may be taking that away from her.

So whenever you’re dating a woman in her 30s and you don’t have a desire for kids…

…you have to be prepared to leave if you know you’re going to deny her a shot at pushing out some tiny humans.

Okay, broski.

With the technical deets about changing your age out of the way, I’ve got one last gift for you.

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Enjoy, m’bro.

Louis Farfields

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