How to Chat with Girls on WhatsApp: 20 Tips (10+ Examples)

If you want success with women, you need to be able to flirt with them over text.

And if you’re in Europe WhatsApp is what you’ll be using most.

Today, I’ll tell you exactly how to flirt with girls on WhatsApp and get them completely addicted to you.

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1.  Use the ticks to your advantage

Hohoho, I’m sure you know them. The little ‘check marks’ next to each WhatsApp message.

  • One single grey tick. Your message has been sent, but not yet received by the other person. Maybe her phone is on airplane mode or she’s somewhere with a bad connection.
  • Two grey ticks. Your message has been sent and received BUT she hasn’t read it yet. Maybe she’s at the gym. Maybe she hasn’t checked her phone in a while. Maybe she’s avoiding you.
  • Two blue ticks. Your message has been sent, received and read. This is the phase where you start to worry.

What’s the best way to use the check marks?

Turn off blue ticks unless you’re confident in your seduction skills.


  • You won’t know if she’s read your texts, so you won’t bother checking the convo over and over.
  • She won’t know if you’ve read her texts, so you can prepare an answer at your own pace.
  • You won’t have to deal with needy behavior. Some girls will freak out if you’ve seen their texts without replying and blow up your inbox. Not always fun.

2. Hide ‘last seen’

Are you the type to constantly worry about if she likes you or not? This is for you.

Change your ‘Last seen’ settings.

Not only can she not see when you were last online. But you can’t see when she was last using WhatsApp.

Was your crush online without texting you? You won’t even know. That way you save yourself the stress.

If you also removed blue ticks, then you have no reason to obsess about your WhatsApp convos and spend every waking second opening her chat.

And there’s another positive.

Once she can’t see when you were last online or when you read the chat, you become a little more mysterious to her.

Now she has to use her imagination to think about what you’re up to.

Are you busy with work? Climbing Mount Everest. Or having your 3rd foursome of the day?

She has no clue. And that keeps her thinking about you.

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3. Get her to chase you

Want to know to to impress a girl by chatting on WhatsApp? I’ll do you one better. Here’s how to make her put in more effort if she already likes you a little.

Put blue ticks and ‘Last seen’ status on and… read her texts without replying.

Here’s a screenshot to show you what can happen (The checkmarks were blue at the time, but after I changed my privacy settings it turned everything grey).

I ignore her laughing emojis and carry on with my day.

She’s now in exactly that painful situation you were in every time a girl gave you blue ticks but didn’t respond.

So what does she do? Exactly what you would do when you feel neediness towards a girl you’re crazy about.

She sends another WhatsApp text message. Which I also read and leave unanswered.

A solid hour later she tries again. With the same result: no answer.

Poor girl. 🙁

A while later I put her out of her misery and blessed her with the sweet taste of my attention.

4.  Turn your WhatsApp notifications OFF (neediness killer)

This is without a doubt the biggest problem my clients suffer from.

They’re too needy!

One of the side effects of neediness is that you reply to her messages too often and too fast.

She sends you a text? BANG, you’ve read it immediately and as soon as you know what to say, you text back.

And that’s not awful. It’s perfectly fine to text her back fast every now and then. Just not always. That gives her the impression that your entire life revolves around her. And her alone.


Are you someone who checks their crush’s conversation every time she sends you something?

If the answer is ‘’YES’’, I want you to turn off your WhatsApp notifications now.

By turning off your notifications, you’ll automatically make yourself a little less available.

And hopefully, you’ll start investing your time in the things that really matter to you. Not some girl that you barely know.

5. Send voice messages

Here’s a great way to chat with a new girl on WhatsApp. Voice messages. Hell… YEAH!

Unless you’re a lyrical wordsmith, your text messages probably lack emotion.

Are you a mere mortal? Then it’ll be far harder to spike her emotions and get her to slowly fall for you.

Voice messages are your secret weapon of seduction. Just like we love hearing the voice of a woman, so does your crush love hearing your voice.

And even if she’s not crushing on you, your voice message will make you much more HUMAN. Now you’re no longer the 10,000th random dude trying to get into her panties.

Your voice, especially when used correctly,  will make sure she only has eyes for you.

Here are some examples.

—According to H. my voice is sexy.

—According to S. my voice is cute… uhhh sexy.

—L thinks my accent is “super hot”.

—This girl suddenly thinks I’m “super fucking hot”.

—And finally this chick thinks my voice and accent are <3 <3 <3. On top of that she can’t wait to send me a voice message back.

Now you may be thinking I’m just bragging about my Divine voice. My deep, hoarse, MASCULINE voice that leaves no panty dry.

But that’s the whole point… my voice isn’t Divine. Let alone masculine.

I have a pretty average voice.

Maybe you attended one of my seminars or you watched on of my Youtube Videos. Then you know I’m no Sean Connery.

6. Have a strong WhatsApp photo

If you don’t already have one, this will change everything.

Set your best photo as your WhatsApp profile picture.

So many clients of mine use a sloppy dimly lit photo that’s over 5 years old.

Bummer. If your interaction before exchanging numbers wasn’t rock-fucking-solid, she might lose interest very fast.

Do you have an amazing picture?

Good. When she sees it, she’s even more convinced that she made the right choice by giving you her number.

7. Have a collection of good memes

This is one of the most important things you want to do over WhatsApp.

Be your authentic self.

You’re not trying to impress. You’re not saying things to be liked. You don’t hide your flaws.

You’re your unapologetic self.

That should not only be reflected in your texts but also your jokes and memes.

I’m a little over the top, so I proudly used this meme for centuries.

This image won’t be appreciated by everyone, but the ones that did got super into me. And that’s what you want.

You don’t want girls with so-so levels of interest. You want them to go CRAZY for you.

8. Change your picture for extra attention

An incredibly easy way to grab her attention is this.

Upload a new WhatsApp photo.

Some girls will come back from the dead after they see you changed your avatar. It’s quite incredible.

Coincidence will have it that while writing this article, I changed my picture and I got a comment on it straight away.

And when I first set up my pink sweater picture on WhatsApp the compliments came pouring in.

I just shot it and set it up for the first time.

Conversations I had already forgotten suddenly came back to life without me saying a single word.

Holy Tip:

It’s also smart to change your photo to target one specific girl at a time.

Like if you’re talking to a girl who turns out to be quite kinky in the sack, it can be fun to briefly upload a sexual meme as you’re chatting with her. Just like the ‘bueno’ one from before.

It’ll generate some extra excitement.

9. Tell her to save you under a cool name

The good (and ugly) TextGod colleague, coach Dan, has a brilliant trick for you.

The nickname trick.

Whenever he gets a girl’s number, he sends her a screenshot of what he named her in his phone.

Next he says: “Daniel Dreamman”. Implying that this is what he’d like to be saved as in her contacts. And they almost always do what he wants.

And what name do you think gives her more positive emotions?

Do you think she prefers to get texts from “Danie”l or “Daniel Dreamman”?

Whenever you apply this trick, I recommend you use alliteration.

In my case it could be one of these: “Lovely Louis”, “Lieutenant Louis” or “Lowlife Louis”…

You get the gist.

A nickname like “Loser Louis” or “Lameass Louis” can actually work just as well. A man who doesn’t take himself too seriously is usually a f_ _king boss.

10. Give yourself an attractive name

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on your name.
  • Remove everything that is there.

It probably just had your name.

“John”, “Dave”, “Rob”, …

Now, keep in mind. When you text a girl for the first time on WhatsApp, she hasn’t saved your number yet.

So she’ll see your everyday name. The one you filled in yourself.

The flirty solution?

Add some cute hearts.

Whenever I send her the first messages, she’ll a notification on her screen of my name with some cute hearts. <3333

It’ll disappear when she finally puts me in her contacts. But it does wonders for a first impression.

She’ll be more inclined to like you more at the beginning of the conversation when she sees those classic romantic symbols.

11. Use proper punctuation and spelling

Here’s something I never want you to forget.

Women want to be with a man who can make her feel like a girl.

And it’s not even that difficult to achieve. Just don’t act like a child or an excited little puppy when you text her.

Want her to see you as a sexy mature man?

Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And remove those dirty, disgusting emojis. And please use capital letters too.

Girls legit love it. I’m not kidding.

This lady was extremely happy she found someone with correct spelling and punctuation for a change.

Do you mess up things like “your” and “you’re”? Do you write “Beautiful” with two L’s instead of the correct version with one ‘’L’’? Do you put your e’s before your i’s?

You don’t have say anything extra smart or witty. By simply watching HOW you type, you immediately become a whole lot more attractive.

12. Show that you listen

Look, it’s simple. Women love a man that pays attention. It makes her feel special.

So do her that favor!

When she tells you a detail that you don’t want to forget, write it down.

I don’t care how you do it. Write it down in her contact sheet, send yourself an email, or create a Google spreadsheet.


Just write down all the important stuff. The more detailed and personal, the better. And definitely pay attention to inside jokes and her birthday.

If you don’t have her on Facebook and you don’t get a reminder about her birthday, she’ll be absolutely stunned when you wish her a happy birthday.

Holy Tip:

Recently a dude told me that he thought making notes was “lame”. He called it cheating and “if you really appreciate someone, you know these things by heart”.

When I asked him if he knew the birthdays of all his family members and friends by heart, or maybe sneakily has a birthday calendar in his kitchen, he got a little quiet…

Cheating or being efficient, call it how you please.

I know that it works.

13. Edit your account status

Here’s an easy way to girls to text YOU first.

Change your account status.

It’s normally used to show what you’re doing at the moment. But it can also be used a secret weapon of seduction to make her respond quicker and with more enthusiasm.

So remove all that ‘’Busy’’ or ‘’At the gym’’ crap.

And write something clickbaity that’ll make her want to text you right away.

I’ll give you an example:

‘’Whatever you heard about me last night, it’s not true.’’

People will feel the uncontrollable urge to know what happened last night. Here, check out these screens.

When someone asks you what happened last night, there are many fun ways to respond. I’ll give you an example in screen below

One of my most copied statuses is the following… It will make you seem schooled in the Latin language, while potentially increasing your chances of getting nudes.

What this funny status is?

The profound Latin phrase: sapnu puas.

For those of you who never studied the classic languages… this isn’t actual Latin. Go ahead, type it into your phone. Now turn your phone around.

What does it spell?

Sneaky, isn’t it?

As you can see below, there are some curious girls who respond well to the romantic ‘Latin’ language.

Let’s be honest… Not exactly the nude I was hoping for. But she did revive the conversation after 3 months of radio silence.

The next screen is from a chat with a girl to whom I gave my number on Tinder.

As she has to add me, and girls are very curious creatures, she checked out my status and said the following.

Notice how after the joke about the status, she’s immediately down for hooking up to get a few beers together.


14. Create WhatsApp stories

My favorite way to get girls on WhatsApp to reach out to me. And it barely costs me anything.

WhatsApp Story.

It’s very similar to Instagram Story. You post a video or photo that will be visible for 24 hours.

When you’re in your chat overview and one of your contacts posts a story, a little white circle will appear next to the ‘status’ overview.

So if you post a story, all of your contacts will see the same in their chat overview. If they click on your status, they’ll see your story super easily since nobody uses it. Seriously. I got hundreds and hundreds of contacts, and I see no more than a handful of people use it.

To give you an idea what kind of stuff to post on your story, check out this lovestruck lady in the picture below. Or see more examples in my OTTG Workskhop.

15. Remind her of the connection

You’ve got a new girl’s number, and she’s expecting you to WhatsApp her.

Great! But what’s the best way to handle this?

Stay away from a generic polite message. It’s not terrible. But it doesn’t exactly make her like you any better either does it?

That’s why I always tell my clients to remind her of their special connection. You know, the same vibe that was fun enough to gain her digits.

100% random scenario:

You met a girl and got pretty deep into art. Specifically, Monet. (She’s at art school.)

What do you reckon makes for a better first text?

Louis here. So nice to meet you! 🙂


Hey Sarah, I usually charge for teaching art classes. But because I really enjoyed talking to you, I’m not going to ask you for any Monet.

Always try to recreate the feelings that made her like you in the first place.

16. Keep your conversation focused on fun

Here’s something that most guys don’t realise.

Texting over WhatsApp is to spark emotions and lead towards the date.

Sure, you can get to know each other better with deep questions. But isn’t that much better to do in person?

She’ll like talking to you most if your convos are fun and easy to have.

Do you notice that she’s into ‘deep’ topics while texting like atoms, faraway galaxies, or philosophy… Then definitely talk a little about them. Just don’t randomly insert these topics into the convo. It

If you want to ask questions, then stick with light topics like movies, music, and memes. Know her a little bit better? Then talk about stuff that you both enjoy. Perhaps cooking.

17. Never stop flirting with your girlfriend

Read the next sentence and never forget it:

Texting with your girlfriend should NOT be much different from texting girls you still have to seduce.

The same fundamentals apply.

You’re still going to be funny, playful, light, teasing, sexual, leading …

The big mistake many boyfriends make is stopping the flirtation once they’re a couple. Both in real life and over text. These guys often get surprised when everything gets boring and the relationship fizzles out.

The only thing that should change once you’ve got a girlfriend, is an added layer. One extra level of epicness that consists of:

  • Honesty and vulnerability. The more you and your girlfriend get to know each other, the further you can take this.
  • Support. When you’ve got a girlfriend, the two of you become a fucking TEAM. (I used the f-word to emphasize the companionship, but you’re also quite literally a ‘fucking team’ hehe.)

18. Texting your girlfriend on WhatsApp (+Screenshots)

Let’s look at some of the things I text my girlfriend.

It’s a little technique that makes sending playful texts easy as pie.

What you do is the following:

Any cute photo or video you come across that you know your girlfriend would like… you forward to her with a relatable caption.

My girlfriend, just like most girls, is a HUUUUUUGE sucker for cute little baby animals. Whether it’s a dog, cat, otter, hamster, or a panda… So why not put in 0.69 seconds of your time and make her day a little brighter?

In this Instagram conversation, I forward her a video of an adorable puppy getting a checkup at the vet.

Guess who had a doctor’s appointment the day after? That’s right, m’lady.

So I followed up the video with the text:

You at the doc tomorrow

She likes both texts and will shoot similar texts back to me when she gets the chance.

The video by itself will make her smile. Saying that she is that adorable little puppy will make her smile some more.

A text like this takes minimal effort, and makes your girl’s heart glow a bit more.

100% worth it.

19. Impress a girl on WhatsApp by not trying

In just a minute or two, you’ll know how to best impress a girl.

It’s a tale as old as life on earth: males and females try to impress the ones they care about.

Cliché images come to mind.

A gorilla pounding his chest. A peacock spreading its colorful feathers.  And a gym enthusiast wearing a tight short-sleeved shirt to show off his guns.

It’s all done for the same reason: impressing a potential mate.

The funny thing?

The best way to impress a girl over text is by not trying to impress her.

That’s right. By not even trying, you show her that you’re worthy of her just by being yourself.

What does that look like?

  • You share your achievements in a casual manner, like when she asks you what you did last weekend.
  • You can laugh about yourself and make self-deprecating jokes like so.


After I bought and tried one of those face masks, I looked like an absolute moron. It’s not the sort of photo you’d usually send to a girl you like.

“She’ll think I’m ugly!”

That’s why it’s called the counter-intuitive approach.

Send this kind of nonsense to her. Ask her if you’re looking pretty. By showing her you can tease yourself, you show her confidence.

And THAT’S sexy.

20. Get her addicted to your texts

I left my most powerful flirting technique for last.

It’s called, The Personality Slice.

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