80+ Compliments To Send A Girl Over Text

You want to impress her with a compliment over text. But you’re not sure how to do it without seeming weird or needy.

And is it true that some compliments lead you to the friendzone?

Today, you’ll find out exactly how to give girls compliments over text that make her like you.

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How to tell a girl she looks beautiful over text without being creepy

Many guys want to know how to compliment a girl’s smile or body over text. It can be done. But whenever you want to praise her looks, you need to be VERY careful.

Because if you do it poorly, your compliment won’t warm her heart, it’ll just make you look like a fool or a creep.


Most stunning women hear such compliments all the time. After hearing the same praise over and over, the pleasure of the words has evaporated. Now it just feels cheesy and overplayed.

And it’s going to go unappreciated.

How to call a girl pretty over text demands creativity and the right context. Or else it’ll likely do more harm than good.

So unless you’re dating, in a relationship, or friends, it’s rarely a good idea to compliment a girl’s looks. If you’re still new to each other, it’s better to compliment her on something else.

The right way to compliment a girl’s looks over text

Many of the next text messages are related to seeing her in real life or on her latest social media upload.

  • [When she looks good in the early morning] “Can you try to look a little worse at this time of day? I’m pretty sure this is breaking the laws of physics.”
  • “I love how you throw your head back when you laugh. You hold nothing back 👌👌👌.”
  • “I’m glad that we’re not together right now because your outfit is trrrrouble.”
  • “Damn girl, your outfit is fiiiire.”
  • “You’re really pulling off this look.”
  • “That dress has you looking crazy sexy.”
  • “I don’t know what you’ve been eating, but your skin was glowing today.”
  • “You had some Wonder Woman vibes going on today. I bet you’re out catching bad guys right now.”
  • “I forgot to compliment you on your new hair! It looked great!”
  • “I can still smell you on my clothes. Yummm.”
  • “You’re looking hot. At least 6000 Scoville units. 🌶️”

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Warning: Avoid the next compliments at all costs

If you want to see her again, you don’t ever want to give her compliments that I’ve dubbed…

Brock compliments.

If you’ve ever watched the first season of Pokémon, you should instantly know what I’m talking about:

If that squinty-eyed man is a total mystery to you, let me explain a little about Brock.

Whenever Brock bumped into a cute lady, he instantly fell head over heels.

How did he try to woo her?

By showering her with mushy and insanely desperate compliments.

Compliments, like I’m about to show you (which I got from another online dating coach’s website LMAO). Do not send her these!

  • “I’m new in town and I’m free for dinner tonight.”
  • “I know you’ve heard this before, but I just can’t get over how cute you are.”
  • “You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever talked to.”
  • “I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Best way to compliment a girl over text on ANYTHING

The next compliments roughly fit into three categories:

There may be some overlap between the groups. But what I want you to remember is this:

Don’t compliment a girl you barely know as if she’s your girlfriend. Although you may sometimes luck out and get a good response, usually you’ll come across as a little desperate.

So keep it chill with girls you barely know.

Girls you’ve just met (online or offline)

If you just met her and are vibing, send her one of these to test the waters:

  • [When she said something cool] “Can you please stop being impressive? You’re making me look bad.”
  • “I haven’t had this much fun talking to someone on Instagram in a while.”
  • “Still laughing about our conversation earlier. Quit being so charming damnit!”
  • [When she uses expensive words] “Remind me to never play Scrabble with you.”
  • “You’re my favorite Tinder crush ever. You better not ruin that for me.”
  • “I really appreciate how open you’re being with me.”
  • “I don’t know if this is weird to say, but you really carry yourself with confidence.”
  • “You and I are the same kind of strange. Stop copying me.”
  • “I think you’re cuter than any cat picture. Not counting my own little Meatball, of course.”
  • [When she knows a lot] “Dude, we need to sign up for trivia night. We’d beat everyone with your awesome geeky brain.”
  • “Can you stop being so pretty for a second? You’re making me lose my cool.”
  • “You’re such a nerd. I love nerds.”
  • “Hey, I just picked some flowers for my favorite sushi lover. 🌹🌼”

Holy Tip:

Sometimes it’s not the right time for compliments.

Like when she’s not replying, or she just sent you a text that you have no idea how to answer.

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 Girls you regularly speak to, or are dating

Is she climbing up the ranks and sneaking her way into your circle of close friends? Send her one of the next zingers.

  • [If she often makes you laugh] “You’re hilarious!”
  • “Seeing a text from you gives me slight butterflies. Either that or I’m drunk.”
  • “Why are you so fun to talk to? It’s ruining my focus 😿”
  • “I think it’s cute how you text me so early in the morning.”
  • “Whenever my phone vibrates, I hope you’re the reason for it.”
  • [When you like her as a person] “I really appreciate you.”
  • “Sleep over and touch me with your cold feet already.”
  • “Do you like bagels? Because you’re bae goals. ✨”
  • “How does your big brain fit inside that beautiful tiny head?”
  • [If she’s got a new sexy photo] “That photo is fire! Would really love to see your blooper reel though hihi.”
  • “Your enthusiasm for life is contagious.”
  • “I could talk with you for hours.”
  • “I’m starting to feel really comfortable around you.”
  • [When you have good chemistry] “I feel so energized after our talk! Or maybe that’s the coffee kicking in haha.”
  • “I feel like I can trust you. Don’t break my heart now. ;(“
  • “I love how you’re always so excited.”
  • [If she gave you useful life advice] “Thanks so much for helping me out.”
  • “I love the way your lips taste”
  • [When she blew your mind] “OK! You just officially earned yourself a special sound for your text notifications.”
  • “I want you to know that I am 100% committed to this fiery Tinder relationship”
  • “You have the most feminine way of dressing.”
  • “I love it how after we hang out at my place, my couch and clothes smell of you.”
  • [When she understands you] “You really have a knack for saying the right thing. 🙂 Could you please stop reading my horoscope.”
  • “I’ve been waking up smiling lately and I think it’s all your fault.”
  • “Stop looking so hot in the pictures you post. Killing me over here!”
  • “I think it’s great how much time you devote to your hobbies.”


Is she your favorite person in the world? Let her know with one of the sweetest compliments.

  • “Your voice is my favorite sound.”
  • “Thanks for being there when I need you.”
  • [When she’s being chill about something difficult] “Thanks for understanding.”
  • “My heart always skips a beat when I see you. Or maybe it’s all the donuts clogging up my arteries.”
  • “Missing you lots and can’t wait to see you tonight!”
  • “Forget the butterflies, I feel the whole zoo when I am with you! 🐻🐼🐨🐯”
  • “Are you sure you’ve never done this before? You’re killing it”
  • “You’re my favorite person to talk to. Well, not counting myself.”
  • “I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for you motivating me to be a better person.”
  • “I love how well you get along with my family.”
  • “Thanks for always seeing the glass half full. It really helps.”
  • “I admire how you’re always so <insert trait>”
  • “Don’t ever stop being you.”
  • “You’re the best friend and lover a man could wish for.”
  • “Being in shape is so easy with you because you’re a natural cheat day.”
  • “Thank you for always making me feel like a princess 💅💄👑👄”
  • “You’re the first person I want to tell when things go wrong and when they go right.”
  • “Good morning, sweet face. I feel like you are the reward for everything I’ve done right in my life.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you compliment a girl over text without being weird?

Here’s what will largely decide if she’ll appreciate your compliment or not: sincerity.

Even complimenting a stranger over text can be appreciated, as long as your message is honest and appropriate. Is your praise generic and overly flattering?

Then your compliment is more likely to come across as creepy or intrusive.


By overdoing it, you’re raising suspicion about your intentions. Your message doesn’t seem to be rooted in reality. So now she’s probably doubting your motives.

Especially if you’re a guy. Women have been burnt before by men who sent fake compliments over text just to try and win her over.

If you want to compliment a girl over text without being weird, be genuine and respectful. Then she’ll love your praise.

How do you create compliments that women love to get?

If you ever gave a woman a genuine compliment and got a bad response, here’s why.

  1. Your compliment had no depth.
  2. Your compliment was about a subject she doesn’t care about.

Let me explain.

Even though a woman might look stunning, gorgeous, or amazing, that doesn’t mean that she wants to be praised for her looks. Part of her might like such a cliché compliment. But thanks to its superficial nature, it’ll only make her feel good for a moment.

If you want to make her day, you need to come up with a specific zinger! Plus, it needs to hold some meaning for her.

Let’s take my next Tinder match as an example. She’s wildly attractive. But I’m not going to tell a girl I’ve never spoken to that she looks beautiful over text.

Instead, I’m going to compliment her on something specific that I know women care about.

Like so.

“O M G. Your gym pants are awesome.” It has pocketsssss! Now I don’t need to worry about being used as your pack mule.”

In short:

  • The more specific your compliment, the more flattered she’ll feel. For instance. Instead of saying, “Nice dress” it’s far better to say, “Seeing you in that dress gives me more joy than my morning coffee.”
  • Compliment her on something that matters to her. Usually, something that she’s put effort into. Such as her style, her humor, her views, her skills, her honesty, her courage, and so on.

Create a specific compliment about a personal achievement of hers and you’ll melt her heart.

When should you compliment her through text?

Repeatedly telling her she’s fun and looks pretty will fall on deaf ears. It’s too much.

If you want your compliments to be appreciated, you want to add only a dash of praise to the conversation.

Does that mean you want to be a douche the rest of the time?


The trick is to keep your conversations emotionally varied.

Together with your compliments, throw in a couple of teases. Perhaps give her a funny and innocent nickname.

That changes everything, pop tart

Challenge her a little.

Now I’m not sure if I want to be seen with you in public

And lead the conversation.

This is when you tell me your most exciting holiday story

Does the compliment add to the emotional variety? That’s when you want to compliment her over text.

If you always send her genuine compliments over text, then that variety will almost certainly happen naturally. So don’t overthink it.

Compliments to send a girl – Conclusion

Like everyone, women like to receive compliments. But only if it’s about something that matters to her and she feels it’s genuine.

That said, you don’t want to be a kiss-ass. So showering her with the best compliments still won’t get you anywhere.

If you want to seduce her and make her yours, you need to have exciting and unpredictable conversations. Conversations filled with jokes, teases, challenges, interesting questions, personal anecdotes and flirty lines.

Does that sound like a tall order?

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