77 Compliments To Send A Girl Over Text

You want to impress her with a compliment over text.

But you’re not sure how to do it without seeming weird or try-hard.

And is it true that some compliments lead you to the friendzone?

Today, you’ll find out exactly how to give girls compliments over text that make her like you.

Read on and get:

  • 77 Compliments for your crush, girlfriend and Tinder match
  • How to compliment a girl on her looks (ALL MEN SHOULD KNOW THIS!)
  • The difference between a weird compliment and one she LOVES
  • The best time to compliment a girl over text
  • Why your genuine compliments can scare her off
  • A category of compliments that make you seem try-hard or creepy
  • And much more…

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Is it weird to compliment a girl over text?

The short answer…


The longer answer…

It depends.

Look, women love compliments as much as you.

But there is one thing women, and almost every person on earth, don’t like:


Let me show you the distaste for try-hards with an example.

Imagine a colleague is trying super hard to win you over.  He laughs at all your jokes, compliments your entire wardrobe, and even calls you a role model. Then he casually asks the question:

“By the way, can you lend me 50 bucks?”

How does that make you feel about the compliments you got?


You realize that all the praise you got was a con by your co-worker to lend him 50 bucks.

Your co-worker had an ulterior motive.

He never meant to give you a genuine compliment, he only wanted to take your money.

Many guys who compliment women play a similar twisted game.

These swindlers don’t want to give girls a heart-felt compliment, they simply want to run off with her validation and, ultimately, her most sensual gift.

No wonder complimenting girls can sometimes backfire. They’ve been burnt before.

In contrast, suppose your colleague tapped you on your shoulder and said, “Love the work you did on the last project. Keep up the good work,” and walked off.

How do you feel now?


What does the above mean for you?

Compliment girls without a hidden agenda and she’ll love your praise.

Actually, that’s not entirely true.

She’ll love your praise as long as you know…

How to give a heart-warming compliment

If you ever gave a woman a genuine compliment and got close to no response, here’s why.

Your compliment had NO DEPTH.

Many of my clients suffered from the same issue.

Whether it was online or offline, my clients used to hand out superficial comments.

You look nice

Then I’d check her online profile to see what she looked like, and I’d sometimes see a photo like this:

Yeah, bro. She really looks ‘nice’. #sarcasm

She looks drop-dead gorgeous! And trust me, she knows exactly how good she looks.

What do you reckon she thought when my client complimented her with, “You look nice”?

I can’t read your mind, but hopefully you said something along the lines of:

  • “Duh.”
  • “This guy clearly doesn’t hang out with girls.”
  • “I have no time for this.”

Because my client gave her a superficial compliment, his odds of meeting were minus 5.

In fact, she didn’t even reply.


Most cute girls are compliment-saturated and won’t respond unless you come up with a zinger.

So how do you hand out compliments that get replies and raise her interest in you?

By going completely over the top:

O M G. Your kitchen tiles are dy-na-mite!

And I guess your gym pants aren’t bad either

Or by stealing the next 77 compliments.

And we have compliments for each scenario:

  • A crush from real life
  • Girls who friendzoned you
  • Women on Tinder
  • Girlfriends
  • And more…

Let’s start with the first 10.

#1-10: Subtle but appreciated compliments for girls you know

The next 10 compliments are best for girls you’ve spent a fair amount of time with..

Does she often make you laugh? Let her know.

You’re hilarious!

Did she just change her profile picture and you like what you see?

Throw her a harmless but flirty meme.

I don’t know many photos it took before you got it right, but

When she gives you useful life advice, but you don’t want to call her a genius:

I’m glad to have smart people like you in my life

Does talking with her always feel comfortable?

Talking with you is as easy as this pie

Then send her this photo:

Coincidentally, this pie is also exactly how sweet I am

Did she just say something that made her a little bit cooler?

Just when I think I know you, you surprise me

Do you just want to make her know you like her as a person? Try this:

I kinda sort of more or less appreciate you a lot

Did something she said blow you away?

Okay, you just officially earned yourself a special sound for your text notifications

Holy Tip:

Sometimes it’s not the right time for compliments.

Like when she’s not replying, or she just sent you a text that you have no idea how to answer.

Instead of scratching your head, steal one of my lines.

Better yet, grab The 10 Texts That Always Work.

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Armed with those 10 Texts, you’ll always know what to say.

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When she always knows what to say:

You really have a knack for saying the right thing

When she knows the weirdest facts:

You need to join me for trivia night, we’d kill every game!

When she uses expensive words:

Remind me to never play scrabble with you

Warning: Avoid the next compliments at all costs

If you want to see her again, you don’t ever want to give her compliments that I’ve dubbed…

Brock compliments.

If you’ve ever watched the first season of Pokémon, you should instantly know what I’m talking about:

If that squinty-eyed man is a total mystery to you, let me explain a little about Brock.

Whenever Brock bumped into a cute lady, he instantly fell head over heels.

How did he try to woo her?

By showering her with mushy and insanely desperate compliments.

#11-14: Brock compliments

Again, avoid the next compliments at all costs:

I’m new in town and I’m free for dinner tonight

Please tell me your name so I may place it upon my heart

Why don’t you and I start a friendship right now?

A beautiful woman shouldn’t have too much to be sad about

It won’t surprise you that Brock never got lucky with the ladies.

If you want to compliment her appearance successfully, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Find out what things in the next tip.

#15-24: How to compliment her looks like a stud

In under 3 minutes, you’ll know exactly how to blow her away with a compliment on her looks.

Whenever you want to praise her looks, you need to be VERY careful.

Because if you do it poorly, your compliment won’t warm her heart, it’ll just make you look like a tool.


If you’re not already dating, some genuine compliments men give women give her third degree cringe.

Your smile is so pretty.

Or the slightly better:

Your jeans really fit you well.

Unless you and her are on friendly terms, it’s best to stay away from such compliments, because instead of your actual words she hears:

“I would totes sleep with you!”

Hardly flattering.

Besides, most stunning women hear such compliments all the time. After hearing the same praise over and over, the kindness of the words have faded away..

So even if she doesn’t interpret your words like you want to doink her, it doesn’t exactly make her feel good.

Complimenting women the right way boils down to creativity.

Let’s imagine she has a smile that could bring back the dead.

What could we say that’s more creative than, “Your smile is so pretty”?

How about…

Your smile made my day

The small dash of creativity made your compliment infinitely more appealing.

Let’s continue our trip through the land of imagination.

Now we bump into a girl with an amazing booty and you want to give her a compliment.

What do you say?

It better not be about the wagon she’s draggin’, because that’s too obvious! Not to mention crass. And we want to be creative.

Here’s a compliment that sets you apart from the rest:

You’ve got the most feminine energy

That said, the above compliment works best if you’ve seen her in person.

Any talk about energy doesn’t work as well if you only know her from a photo.

Here are 8 more appreciated compliments based on her looks.

IMPORTANT: Don’t hand out compliments if it’s not authentic.

I love the way you matched your nails with your shoes

Do you know her from school and are you impressed by her fashion sense?

The way you show up at school every morning is nothing short of amazing

Did you just meet the woman of your dreams? Go for:

You look absolutely gorgeous and I have a hunch that’s the least interesting thing about you

Does she walk around like she owns the place?

I just realized It doesn’t matter what clothes you put on, because you’re always wearing confidence

Does she dress like she runs her own fashion line?

I don’t know how you do it, but anything you put on looks like it’s worth a million bucks

Did you notice she got her hair cut, or do you see she has different hairstyles in her online photos?

I love what you did with your hair

Almost all women would love to receive one of the above compliments, if the timing was right.

Which brings us to…

When should you compliment her through text?

Unless you understand what makes movies exciting, you’ll often send your compliments at the WRONG time.

What do movies and compliments have to do with each other?

Let me explain, my friend.

Picture the beginnings of a movie and the introduction of the plot and the characters.

Usually, films start with a tense and exciting scene. Characters are in trouble.

But this movie isn’t anything like the ones you know.

Everything is peaceful, and everyone is happy.

And that continues throughout the entire first act, the second act, up until the credits.

The entire film has zero obstacles and hard times.

It’s the ultimate feel-good movie.

Or is it?

Of course not, it’d put you to sleep.


Because from start to finish, the film shows just ONE emotion.

So it’s utterly predictable.

You know what else puts people to sleep, especially women?

Predictable text conversations.

Which is exactly what you end up with if Peasant Paul steers the conversation.

What does Peasant Paul text when he likes a girl?

He showers her in compliments and sugar sweet positivity.

Which turns her off, because it turns you into a nice guy.

If you want your compliments to be appreciated, you want to only add a dash of praise into the conversation.

Does that mean you want to be a douche the rest of the time?


The trick is to keep your conversations emotionally varied.

Are you constantly nice?

Throw in a couple of teases. Perhaps give her a funny and innocent nickname.

That changes everything, pop tart

Challenge her a little.

Now I’m not sure if I want to be seen with you in public

Lead the conversation.

This is when you tell me your most most exciting holiday story

Does the compliment add to the emotional variety?

Then it’s the right time to tell her.

Do you want help adding new emotional flavors to your convos?

Check out my free 10 Texts That Always Work, used by me and team TextGod.

Whether it’s fun, flirty or teasy texts, you’ll find it inside the 10 Texts That Always Work.

Next up the…

Best way to compliment a girl over text on ANYTHING

Regardless of topic, one of the worst ways to compliment a girl is by…

Being non-specific.

Imagine you’re an author who sunk hundreds of hours of his life into writing a novel.

Before you send it to the publisher, you give it to a dozen people for proofreading.

One of your proofreaders reaches out to you and gives you his verdict:

“It was good.”

A day later, you get feedback from someone else who says:

“I don’t know how you did it, but I couldn’t put the book down. ‘One more chapter’ I kept telling  myself, but before I knew it was 10 chapters further.”

Which compliment do you prefer?

Clearly the latter more specific one!

Women feel the same way.

The more specific your compliment, the more flattered she feels.

For instance, instead of:

Nice dress


Seeing you in that dress gives me more joy than my morning coffee

Did you meet her while going out?

Don’t say:

You’re a great dancer

Spruce it up and go for:

Although the club was pitch black, I could have sworn your moves lit up the place

If you’re having a little trouble getting the detail into your compliments, don’t worry.

I’m about to enrich your world with 44 compliments women love to hear.

Let’s start.

#24-68: 44 Compliments that make her heart skip a beat

Before we get into the 44 compliments, a quick tip on how to make your compliments the best they can be.

Although women love compliments, not all compliments are equal.

Instead of joy, some compliments make her eyes glaze over.

What am I talking about?

Many girls don’t particularly enjoy being complimented on qualities that she was born with, like looks.


Because she didn’t choose her genetic qualities.

In short, her genetics have little to do with who she really is.

All her favorite compliments are about who she is at her core, like:

  • Her personality
  • Her abilities
  • Her style
  • Her ‘sculpted’ physique (if she exercises)
  • Her unique views and opinions

She enjoys being complimented on those qualities, because she has control over them. Plus, she probably put a lot of effort into nurturing those personal aspects.

Find a compliment about her personal achievements, and you’ve got a winner.

The next 44 compliments roughly fit into three categories:

There may be some overlap between the groups. But what I want you to remember is this:

Don’t compliment a girl you barely know as if she’s your girlfriend.

Although you may sometimes luck out and get a good response, usually you come across as a little desperate.

So dial down your compliments with acquaintances.

#24-35: Girls you’ve just met (online or offline)

If you just met her, send her one of these to test the waters:

This may sound cheesy, but you are like a ray of positivity

I can’t put my finger on it, but you have a really mysterious and attractive vibe

I hope it’s not just the clothes, but you look really confident

Hanging out with you was surprisingly chill

I’m not sure if it’s an act, but you have an attractive mix of cute and dangerous

Your quick wit is on point

I really appreciate how open you’re being with me

I didn’t expect a cute girl like you to be this down to earth

You really carry yourself with confidence

You’re freakin’ hilarious

#36-63: Girls you regularly speak to, or are dating

Is she climbing up the ranks and sneaking her way into your circle of close friends? Send her one of the next zingers.

I really admire how much time you invest in (topic)

You’re a great listener

I love how I can be myself around you

I could talk with you for hours

I’m glad I met you

I love how you’re always so happy/playful/quickwitted (insert other quality)

I feel like I can trust you

I love the way your lips taste

It brightens my day when I open my phone and see your texts

Being with you charges me up

How does your big brain fit inside that beautiful tiny head?

You always know the right thing to say

Thanks for always being so understanding

Your enthusiasm for life is contagious

I love your eyes

You have the most feminine way of dressing

You have a talent for putting on the most stunning outfits

I love it how after our dates my bed and clothes smell of you

#63-77: Girlfriend

Is she your favorite person in the world? Let her know with one of the sweetest compliments.

No matter who’s in the room, I always find myself staring at you

I wish I could make you laugh like that more often. You’re always beautiful, but when I see you laugh like that, the whole world stops

Are you sure you’ve never done this before? You’re killing it

You’re my favorite person to talk to

Seeing you is always the highlight of my day

You inspire me to be the best person I can be

Thanks for always being there when I need you

I love how well you get along with my family

I can’t keep my eyes off you

I wouldn’t change anything about you

Thanks for always seeing the glass half full

I admire how you’re always so (insert trait)

Don’t ever stop being you

You’re the best friend and lover a man could wish for

That was compliment #77. The last of today’s article.

With so many compliments in your arsenal, you’ll spread more joy than Santaclaus on Christmas eve.


As long as you remember the all-important rule of thumb:

Only send compliments if your praise varies the emotional tone of the conversation.

You don’t want to be a kiss-ass.

For help on mixing up the emotional flavors, check out my Ten Texts That Always Work.

Just follow the link.

Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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