Getting a One Night Stand Over Text: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re here you’re probably in one of two camps:

You want advice on how to get a one night stand over text.

Or, you had a one night stand and want to know what to say to get another adult playdate.

Great. Because in this article you’ll get both.

In this article:More...

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The ingredients to getting a one night stand

Let me start by explaining what you need to achieve to get that one night stand. Since there are a lot of variables in play here.

Do you know our TextGod Formula? There are a couple of ingredients to get a woman on a date:

  • Attraction
    She needs to feel physically and mentally attracted to you.
  • Trust
    She needs to trust that you’re a normal dude with no bad intentions, that won’t hurt her.
  • Investment
    There should be a healthy balance in how much each of you invests into the conversation

Now, when we talk about a one night stand, there are some other things to consider:

First, she needs to feel very physically attracted to you.

But second, she shouldn’t like you as boyfriend material. Because if she does, she will try to move slower.

So you will have to walk the fine line between building trust and attraction and building too much of an emotional connection.

Let’s go on and explore how to do this.

How to get a one night stand on Tinder and other dating apps

Sometimes you meet someone in a bar, you’re vibing and get their number or Insta.

But what if you want to get a hookup on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, or another dating app? How do you go about it?

This is the crucial part:

Build an irresistible profile that attracts the right matches

Most guys know how to build an okay-ish Tinder profile that can get some matches.

But hardly any dude knows how to build a profile that leads to one night stands.

Many new members of my TextGod Mentoring Program come to me with this exact problem:

They get matches. Even dates. But these girls always seem to want a relationship.

Where is it going wrong?

Their profile communicates the wrong things.

If your profile shows you being mature, responsible, and caring, girls will want to date-date you instead of just hooking up.

To get girls who are open to one night stands, you need to show you’re adventurous and a bit rough around the edges.

But be careful.

Look too rough in your dating profile and you’ll seem untrustworthy. Perhaps even a bit scary.

For more tips on how to build a profile for one night stands, download my free dating profile checklist HERE.

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Start the convo right

Most guys ruin almost every match instantly by sending something plain like:

Hey what’s up?

Which is just AWFUL.


Stuff like ‘Hey’ and ‘How are you?’ are insanely uncreative and boring.

They don’t stimulate her emotions at all.

And that’s what your first line must do if you want her to reply.

In the following video I’ll give you 5 lines that create attraction right off the bat and work like magic:

If you want another opener that almost no woman can ignore, check out my clickbait opener:

You can download it here for free. Grab it now and you’ll get a video of me showing how to continue the convo when she replies.

Now on to having a sexy conversation that leads to a one night stand.

How to create a convo that leads to a one night stand

Remember the TextGod formula I talked about before?

There are basically 2 things you need to achieve:

  • A high level of attraction
  • Trust that you’re not weird or dangerous

Most guys fail on the second. They go way too hard on the sexual vibe, which scares her off.

Creating attraction is subtle. It’s flirting and teasing. And using suggestive language to indicate you’re a sexual being.

It shows social intelligence and respect.

And don’t shy away from some normal topics, just to build more trust. While keeping a flirty vibe.

So what DO you say if you want to make her excited about seeing you?

There are many ways. Check out this article to discover 5 ways to keep your conversation going:

As you’re using one of these 5 ways to keep the conversation ball rolling, you want to remember a crucial thing:

Don’t forget to flirt and tease!

That’s the fuel that keeps all convos going.

For the best way to tease a girl, I recommend checking out this article:

How to ask for a one night stand

So you’re chatting with someone you like. But how do you ask for a one night stand?

Here’s the answer:

You don’t directly ask for a one night stand.

Let me explain. A one night stand is supposed to be exciting. And it starts with the mystery leading up to it.

Literally agreeing to meet up for a wild night might actually take away the thrill.

There is however a more important reason to not ask directly:

Girls, in general, don’t like to feel like ‘sluts’. And they don’t like to feel like they’re being ‘used’.

Now this doesn’t mean they don’t want or don’t enjoy a one night stand. They would just rather have a feeling it happens spontaneously in the moment, instead of planned.

So the best way to ask for a one night stand is to heat up the conversation and ask indirectly. Go for a regular meet-up or date, but make sure there’s clear sexual tension in your conversation.

When is the right moment?

Don’t wait forever to ask her out. While keeping her waiting a little longer than usual builds suspense, waiting too long will make her grow bored of you.

So ask her out when the time is right! And sometimes that sooner rather than later.

How can you tell?

When you see all the signals:

  • She’s using a lot of emojis
  • She’s asking a lot of questions
  • She’s doom scrolling your Instagram feed and just liked a 3-year-old photo

These are just a few of the signs that a girl likes you. For more check out my next article:

If the signs are there, asking her out will be easy.

Examples of asking her out

My next YouTube video will tell you how to ask a girl out over text the cool way:

How to have a date that ends up as a one night stand

Just because you got her out on the date doesn’t mean you’ll get the one night stand.

If you did well, there’s already a flirty and sexual vibe between the two of you.

But still, she has to feel some sparks. Or at the very least feel relaxed and attracted to you.

How do you make that happen? By sticking to the next principle:

Keep the date dynamic.

If you’re going to meet and stay in one place, it will be very difficult to end the date the way you want.


  • Sitting still is boring
  • Sitting still increases nerves. You’re looking at each other for entertainment and if one of you fumbles then it feels awkward
  • Sitting still is forgettable. Even if you had a good time, her memories have nothing significant to latch onto so it’ll feel lackluster when she gets home (maybe not so big of a deal if you don’t care about seeing her again)

So keep the date dynamic!

An example.

  • Meet a 5-minute walk away from the cocktail bar you’re taking her to
  • Do one drink at the bar and leave
  • On your way to the ice cream shop, walk through the park
  • Buy ice cream and walk along the promenade as the sun sets
  • Say you want to show her an awesome show on Netflix and take her home

IMPORTANT: you don’t always have to have such a busy date.

If she’s super into you and all you want is a one-night stand, take her home right after you finish your cocktails!

But here’s the rub. She has to like you first. She has to feel attracted and feel some trust.

That’s why I want to give you a video where I explain the 10 signs that your date likes you:

Do you recognize the signs?

Invite her over to your place, stud.

How to make the one night stand a flying success

Just because she’s coming over to your place doesn’t mean it’s time to celebrate.

So how do you guarantee the one night stand once she’s coming over?

  • Make sure your house smells good. You can’t have your place smelling like a dead armadillo that’s been baking in the scorching summer heat. So empty your trash can, vacuum your carpets and rugs, and burn a few scented candles before the date (don’t leave them on when you leave the house)
  • Clean up the place. A dirty home is a huge turn-off for most women. In fact, a filthy bathroom is a special kind of nightmare fuel. Do you want to do the absolute minimum? Hide all your bedroom’s mess under the bed and throw on some fresh sheets
  • Have good lighting. Lights are a great mood setter. Anything bright and harsh is too reminiscent of an office, instead, opt for romantic soft lights. Anything with a dim light is usually good
  • Put on some chill music. Visiting the home of a stranger is always a little stressful. To help put her at ease, put on some tunes
  • Show her around. When I bring a stranger home, I always give them a little house tour. Not only does it make conversation easy (I already know what I’m going to talk about), it also makes her more comfortable with the situation because she has a better understanding of me and the house

Lastly, use protection.

Enjoy, my friend.

Louis Farfields

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