How To Get More Likes On Tinder: 9 Tips For More Matches

Uploaded pictures? Check.

Wrote a personal bio? Check.

Lots of Tinder likes? *holds back tears*

It’s okay, champ.

In this article I’ll give you my very best tips on how to get more Tinder likes and matches.

In this article:More...

What are the main reasons you have so few likes on Tinder?

Before we dive into the details, first things first. Let’s have a quick look at all the possible reasons you get so little likes from potential matches.

  1. Your online dating profile is not attractive enough.
  2. The Tinder algorithm dislikes you based on how you use the dating app.
  3. There are too few people within your range and location.
  4. You’re too critical of who you swipe right.

Now your profile is usually the most important reason. However, the Tinder algorithm and the other factors can also have a huge effect on the amount of matches you get.

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1. Make sure you’re on top of the swipe stack

Just pimping your Tinder profile is not enough to get you more likes.

It’s important to understand how Tinder works and how Tinder determines when to show your profile to others.

People rarely go through all the possible profiles in their range. If they swipe and get a couple of matches, they usually stop swiping and try out their matches first.

You don’t want to be on the bottom of the stack.

In the past, Tinder had a so-called ELO-Score. A score that was mostly based on your attractiveness. Basically the less attractive you are, the lower you were on someone’s swipe-stack.

However, they changed their algorithm quite a bit and got rid of the ELO-score.

How the current algorithm works is not 100% clear. However, they fine-tuned it quite a bit. It’s more focused now on showing you to people who are like you. Both in attractiveness and in interests and location.

The following things influence your place in the swipe stack:

  • How many people swipe you right.
  • Who swipes you right.
  • Your interests and other similarities.
  • Your swiping habits: A report by ASONAM found that 3 out of 10 guys swipe almost every profile. Tinder doesn’t like this.
  • Your overall Tinder behavior: Are you active regularly? Do you send your matches a message ASAP? Tinder likes active people.
  • Give Tinder your data. Adding your Instagram, Spotify, and bio description shows effort, and Tinder likes users who do their best.

What I want you to take away from this is:

Making sure people swipe you right is only one part of the puzzle. You also want to make sure you’re at the top of the swipe pile.

2. Have a great first photo

And there’s one thing I want you to remember: 99% of women only swipe profiles they’re genuinely interested in. So only the most attractive profiles get her like.

And while she bases much of her swiping decisions on your photo collection and bio, the first picture determines whether you get a shot at being liked!

If she doesn’t find you attractive or mysterious within a glance, your chances of being liked are small.

So let’s create the perfect first profile photo! In creating the perfect picture, your appearance obviously plays a part. But far more important than full lips and a chiseled jawline is FRAMING.

When we study the photos of Tinder’s most successful men, we notice a pattern: Simplicity.

The best-rated male profiles almost always start with a “chest up” pose.

Take note of the contrast between the figure and the background.

The background is noticeable, but because the backdrop isn’t exciting, it doesn’t pull your attention. Your eyes naturally focus on the face and the eyes.

To increase the contrast between you and the background, use an image editor like Photoshop.

Which reminds me: don’t hide your eyes behind a pair of sunglasses!

Should you look away or at the camera?

I’ve spent far too much time studying this subject. Deep diving into scientific studies. Comparing thousands of first photos. And asking the hottest girls for their advice.

And the answer I’ve come to is this: Whichever you can pull off best.

If you look comfortable and cool looking into the camera, go for it. Do you look better by pointing your gaze away? Do that.

For more tips, check out the article below.

3. Do not use selfies, unless they show off your adventures

Even though they’re everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and even LinkedIn, have you ever considered if selfies are good?

Let me help you answer the question: Selfies are usually NOT helping you at all.

Because they don’t demonstrate anything interesting about you or your life. And the quality is usually poor.

Jesse Carbino, who was once on Tinder’s payroll as the chief sociologist, says staying away from selfies is the simplest way of getting more likes. And a study does say 82% of participants want to see fewer selfies on social media.

So, guys, please no more bathroom selfies. Also, indoor selfies are famous for having bad lighting. Which makes you look less attractive than you actually are.

Another study by the psychology department of the University of Toronto says selfies make you look: unattractive, nasty, and narcissistic.

Which makes sense. In a world full of miracles, a selfie-maker only thinks of photographing himself and he doesn’t even have a friend to help him.

So if you want more Tinder likes, stop using selfies.

The exception: when selfies are okay

Some selfies actually increase likes. Like when you are doing something so epic, you have no choice but to take the picture yourself.

It’s because you actually demonstrate something cool about yourself and your life. You’re showing off an adventure.

Like skydiving.

Or DJing.

For more on selfies and which ones work and don’t work, check out this article:

4. Be radically authentic in your pictures

Most guys go the extra mile to look attractive and important on online dating, but end up looking foolish.

But you don’t need to be Fabio or push over the tower of Pisa to get likes.

In fact, guys who show off their bodies often chase off more women than they attract. Women love muscular and wealthy guys, but they hate show-offs.

Posting your gym pics is the same as flashing your Rolex in her face. It makes you look try-hard and arrogant.

The best way to increase your likes is to be radically authentic: Show off your fun and unique personality.

That means staying away from mentioning your love for coffee, travel, music, and pets.

What sets you apart from other people?

That’s what you want to show!

5. Be careful with group photos

Sometimes your best pics are pics of you in a group at a party or event.

However, think twice before using them.

Your potential match doesn’t want to scan a group photo wondering who or where you are.

The good thing about group photos, however, is that they give a sneak peek into your amazing life.

So if you decide to add a group photo:

  • Make sure to NOT use it as your first photo.
  • Make sure it’s very clear who you are in the picture.

And the bottom line: only add a group photo if it gives off awesome vibes. Don’t do it because you just looked good in it.

6. Make your Tinder bio fun and stimulating

A bio’s only purpose is to make you stand out from the competition.

Unfortunately, most guys write the same boring bios:

  • Short words that describe your life and personality.
  • Played out inspirational quotes.
  • And other boring facts.

Women want a man who stimulates their emotions. And a boring factual bio doesn’t do the job.

So write a challenging and funny Tinder bio.

  • Don’t make spelling errors. Most women find language mistakes a huge turn off. Run a spellcheck before make your bio public.
  • Drop the inspirational quotes. It’s overdone and it’s not something you came up with.
  • Focus on your personality. It’s not a resumé. She doesn’t care about what you like, she cares about how you make her feel.
  • Show, don’t tell. She doesn’t believe you when your bio says you’re outgoing, sporty, or funny. She’s had men lie to her more times than you can imagine.
  • Keep it emotional. Perhaps something that playfully rubs her the wrong way.

Let me give you an example of a great bio that would do better if it were shorter.

This guy has combined and exaggerated all the clichés women use on their Tinder profiles into one bio.

Clever and funny. Just a little too long if you ask me.

How about another? A bio that rides the fine line between cocky and douchey.


For more on writing the perfect Tinder bio, check out this article:

7. Look more trustworthy

How do you get more quality likes? This tip works whether you’re looking for a girlfriend or just hook-ups:

Look less sexy in your pictures.

While being sexy definitely helps to get likes, few ladies want to start a relationship with someone who looks like a womanizer or a meathead.

Also, girls don’t want to hook up with a guy they don’t trust. Because no matter how much a girl wants to get lucky on Tinder, a woman’s number one priority is always: getting home safely.

She needs to trust you. It’s online dating and there’s a distance. She can’t see you and look you in the eyes.

If you’re a dedicated TextGod follower, you’re familiar with the TextGod Formula. Which explains you need Trust as much as you need Attraction.

So how do you look more trustworthy?

By showing your soft side. The easiest way? Smile.

If you want to reveal more about yourself, pose with a family pet. Show off your most relaxing hobbies: hiking, meditating, or cooking. And lastly, capture a play session with one of your younger relatives, perhaps a photo of you pushing your cousin on a swing.

All these activities make you seem less aggressive.

But be careful. If you show too much of your soft side, you come across as less masculine.

You see, every picture puts you somewhere on the spectrum of trustworthiness that begins at I’m-your-doormat-nice-guy and ends at I-drink-tiger-blood-crazy.

You want to avoid these two extremes and end up somewhere in the middle.

Is your Tinder portfolio too feminine? Inject it with a shot of testosterone.

To add more manliness to your profile, add photos of yourself not smiling. Pictures of your masculine man chest, adam’s apple, beard and jawline. And shots of you doing adrenaline pumping sports: motocross, climbing, boxing, skydiving, and so on.

You’ll know when you hit the ‘trust’ sweet spot when your likes go through the roof.

8. Use Tinder’s premium features

To give you more visibility, Tinder has some great premium features that you have to pay for.

  • Tinder Super likes. You can give someone a super like. This will put you higher in their swipe stack. Also, they will see that you gave them a super like (you’re marked with a blue star on your online dating profile).
  • Tinder Boost. When you activate your boost, you will be somewhere on top of the swipe stack for everyone in your range for 30 minutes.
  • See who likes you. With this feature, you can actually see who likes you before you swipe them.
  • Message before matching. With this feature, you can add a message to your super likes. This way you can try to impress her before she has a chance to swipe you left.

Some of these features you can buy separately. Others are only unlocked with Tinder plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum.

Check out this Tinder article to find out how to get these features.

9. Switch locations or change your distance

Another reason you’re not getting likes on Tinder is that there aren’t many (interesting) women in your area.

If you’re in a small town or an area with few Tinder users, you’ll never get any likes.

There are two simple solutions:

The first is to change the maximum distance. Tinder looks for people within a certain range from where you are.

In the settings you can easily change this. However, if you set your range to 10 km, but a woman has set her range to 5km, she will still never ever see you.

The second option might be better: get Tinder Passport. It’s a premium feature that allows you to change your Tinder location.

You could for example set it to a nearby city. More people means more chances for great matches.

Video: 3 Case studies (Breakdown of 3 Tinder profiles)

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