Here’s How You Actually Get More Likes on Tinder – 10 Tips

Uploaded pictures? Check.

Wrote a personal bio? Check.

Lots of Tinder likes? *holds back tears*

It’s okay, champ.

In this article you’ll learn exactly how to get more Tinder likes.

Read on and you’ll get:

  • The #1 method of making your first photo irresistible
  • The inside scoop on why ladies don’t like you on Tinder
  • An easy way to get more Tinder likes
  • The truth about which photos are killing your online dating career
  • The photo your mom loves, but your Tinder dream girl hates
  • Breakdown: Deep analysis of 3 profiles from TextGod followers
  • Which type of photos make her attracted to you
  • A free gift that rates how desirable your profile is (in 5 minutes)
  • 4 Tinder bio examples that collect hella likes
  • And much more

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In that case there are three things you can do.

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Because they both have many other benefits that I’ve covered extensively.

In case you want others to like you more on Tinder, then read on for my 10 best tips!

#1: How to get more likes by making Tinder your friend

Tinder is keeping a closer eye on you than the NSA.

Well… perhaps not closer than the NSA.

*sticks extra tape over laptop camera lens*

But Tinder knows every good and bad dating deed you’ve ever done.

Have you ever thought about who your profile is shown to and why?

I have, so let me save you that headache.

Tinder matches you with ladies who have a similar ELO rating.

This behind the scenes score determines your sexy levels. The sexier your profile, the higher you appear in her Tinder queue and the less she needs to swipe to see you.

So how do you get your ELO score?

Tinder’s data collecting starts from the moment you create your account.

From the shadows, the dating app keeps track of everything you do: your photos, your bio, degree of use, swiping habits, popularity, and so on.

After roughly 24 hours, Tinder treats you like a piece of cattle and burns a rating into your digital flesh.

If you’ve been rated a 6, you regularly get shown to 5s, 6s and 7s. Rarely to 8s and higher or 4s and lower.

Have you been busy on Tinder for a while without getting many likes? Chances are you’re a sinner! And Tinder doesn’t take kindly to evil doers.

Armed with a pitchfork and a bad attitude, Tinder has doomed you to spend the rest of your dating life in ELO hell.

Forever will you burn in the eternal fires of 1s and 0s.

But don’t worry, bro. The fiery dating app and I go way back.

Ever since Tinder’s creation have I been guiding sinful guys into dating paradise.

The first step into the promised land starts with purification.

Open up your Tinder app, tap the top-left icon and go into settings. Now scroll all the way down and hit ‘Delete Account’.

Purging your profile is the only way Tinder will forget about your crimes. And it’s the best way, combined with the rest of the tips of this article, to get more Tinder likes.

#2: Why nobody likes you on Tinder

The following tip lays the foundation of your Tinder dating life.

Once you get it, you’ll never be starving for likes again.

If Tinder likes are few, hot ladies sparse and matches rare, you probably violated Tinder’s rules and got sent to the doghouse.

Just like a mutt who dropped a deuce in his owner’s favorite shoes, you’re being punished.

But don’t fret, dawg. I’ll toss you a bone and explain what’s happening.

Tinder kicked the Elo out of your profile to protect its most valuable users: the hotties.

You see, above all, the dating app cares about keeping desirable women active and happy.

Beautiful women attract men, and men pay money to have a better shot at the ladies.

Put simply:

No hot chicks = no men.

No men = broke Tinder.

So if you harass or upset the ladies, Tinder smashes your rating and drags your profile all the way down to the bottom of her swiping stack.

And because women have a far better swipe to match ratio than men, the average woman won’t ever get close to finding your buried profile.

After all, if she gets 5 high potential matches within every 30 swipes, she has no need to swipe any further.

And if you’re at the bottom of her 500+ swiping stack, you might as well be invisible.

If you want to be liked, you need to climb up her Tinder queue with a higher Elo!

But first we need to address why Tinder dressed you up in the cone of shame.

Wait too long to text your match? Tinder slashes your Elo.

Have no personal boundaries and swipe everyone right? Bye-bye Elo.

Offensive bio, pictures and/or chat messages? Straight to Elo hell you go.

The last misdeed especially leads to a black and blue Tinder rating.

Depending on the severity of your blunder, Tinder cracks you across the face with its banhammer.

WHAMMO! Suddenly you get zero matches.

The most common way to be smashed into Tinder’s matchless reality?

Abusing the account reset.

You see, resetting your account leads to a free newbie boost. For 24 hours your profile rests at the top of the swiping stack.

Which obviously leads to much more likes and matches than usual.

But once people knew about the reset and its accompanying newbie boost, people kept starting over, and over, and over.

To protect its female users from potential rude and gross spam resetters, Tinder got out its ban hammer.

Reset one time too many and your Elo is as flat as a pancake.

The most messed up part about being banned?

Not knowing you’re banned in the first place.

For whatever reason, Tinder doesn’t always mention the murdering of your Elo.

If you think your Elo is sleeping with the fishes, check out my article on how to get unbanned from Tinder.

And if you want to know how to get more Tinder likes, I made a special bonus for you.

Bonus: TextGod breakdown of 3 profiles

You wouldn’t say no to more likes on Tinder, correct?

Good news for you then, amigo.

I am going to dissect the profiles of 3 TextGod followers for you.

Look at their pictures and their bio and point out what is done WELL, and what is done POORLY.

Thanks to these 3 gentle sirs, you can improve your profile and get more likes on Tinder!

Because many of these lessons will apply to you as well.

Blessings for a better Tinder profile:

Now let’s continue our journey.

Because did you know there exist some secret Tinder rules to follow?

#3: Get more Tinder likes by following Tinder’s house rules

The next tip is one of the most overlooked, even though it costs little time to do and greatly improves your Tinder results.

And being a guy on the sausage fest called Tinder, I love improving my odds of being liked.

A study done by data company Ogury actually shows the male to female ratio in California is as high as 8:2. That’s 4 swinging dicks for every Californian lady!

Having an abundance of choice, women on Tinder don’t act anything like the men.

The biggest difference in behaviour? Women are far more picky.

A report by ASONAM found that 3 out of 10 guys swipe almost every profile they come across, whereas women only like profiles they’re genuinely attracted to.

Because women are fussy and have more choice than they can handle, you need all the Tinder advice you can get.

So how do you get more Tinder likes?

By being a good little boy.

You see, papa Tinder is grooming its users to be upstanding citizens, because good and honorable people don’t scare off the ladies.

And old man Tinder treats his ladies better than mister Playboy Hefner himself. To make sure you act right too, an algorithm watches your every step.

When you slip up, like by being offensive, the algorithm makes sure your Elo takes a nosedive too.

But if you make the ladies happy, the system rewards you by upping your score and places you inside a stack with prettier girls!

The most common way to feed the females a spoonful of joy is twofold:

Firstly, have an attractive profile (more on that later).

Secondly, message girls as soon as you match them. Most duderinos keep the ladies waiting too long, which makes her feel bad about liking you.

While papa Tinder loves to take care of its female audience, it also cares for its wallet.

And nothing fills the dating app’s wallet as much as selling your data.

Now, calm down. No reason to worry.

Your photos, bio and text messages are kept secret. Nobody but Tinder knows you like to wear her panties under your jeans.

If you want more likes, give Tinder all the info you can.

  • Verify your email
  • Connect your Facebook
  • Link your Instagram
  • Flaunt your anthem via Spotify
  • Upload a minimum of 3 photos
  • Write a bio

The prize for all your data?

A boost in your ELO-rating that launches you closer to the top of her Tinder stack. And so increases your odds of more Tinder likes.

Because even if she doesn’t swipe a lot, like the average woman, the chances of her bumping into you now are much bigger than before.

Happy Tindering.

#4: The most important photo is your first

This tip will make your Tinder profile too attractive for her to ignore.

But before we give your first photo a facelift, we’re going to dive into the female Tindering mind.

As women Tinder, they don’t swipe right as casually as men. Only the most attractive profiles get her like.

And while she bases much of her swiping decisions on your photo collection and bio, the first picture decides whether you get a shot at being liked!

And considering the Tinder economy has an abundance of sausage and a scarcity of pussy, the time she spends looking at your first photo is short.

If she doesn’t find you attractive or mysterious within a glance, your chances of being liked are tiny.

So let’s create the perfect first profile photo!

In creating the perfect picture, your appearance obviously plays a part. But far more important than full lips and a chiseled chin is FRAMING.

By upgrading the pose of your existing Tinder portfolio, we can double your likes in an instant.

When we study the photos of Tinder’s most successful men, we notice a pattern: simplicity.

The type of picture most ladykillers use on Tinder is the “chest up” pose. Rarely do we see studs use their first picture to show off anything beneath their man tits.

Take note of the contrast between the figure and the background.

The background is noticeable, but because the backdrop isn’t exciting, it doesn’t pull your attention. Your eyes naturally focus on the face and the eyes.

Which reminds me: don’t hide your eyeballs behind a pair of sunglasses! That’s just asking to be rejected.

Holy Tip:

To increase the contrast between you and the background, use an image editor like Photoshop.

Now for the ancient question first asked by Socrates: look away or at the camera?

Your parents probably taught you to look someone in the face when spoken to. Which might lead you to think a camera should be looked at too.


While looking into a camera lens isn’t necessarily bad, looking away from the camera has one large advantage: an increase in sexy levels. And being sexy is exactly what you want to be.

What’s more, averting your eyes adds mystery. And mystery makes her interested.

Not only is she curious about what you’re looking at, but it also makes you cool and nonchalant. Giving her the impression that you don’t take Tinder too seriously.

Which instantly separates you from the hordes of desperate Tinderers.

The observant muchachos among you have noticed my words are in contrast with my photo example.

While one guy is happily looking away from the camera, the other is seriously looking into the camera.

So what’s the deal?

Let me tell you.

Smiling is friendly and can be very attractive. But to a woman nothing is more attractive than a driven and motivated man. A man on a mission.

By staring off into the distance, you communicate you’re on that mission.

And by smiling you’re merely showing you’re cuddly and lovable. But women have no shortage of cuddly men.

Which is exactly why you want to show her the look she craves. The look that set her lady parts on fire.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, let me help you.

  • Slightly close your eyelids
  • Raise your eyebrows to create a crown
  • Lightly bite down on your teeth

If your expression is similar to the next photo, you’re good.

In a study done by OkCupid (one of the biggest online dating sites), this look is found the most attractive.

On to the next tip, where I’ll show you one disgusting thing you’re doing that puts off tons of girls

#5: The dirt on the shaky selfie

Chances are you’re doing something so disgusting, she isn’t even slightly interested in texting you on Tinder.

Harsh, but true.

You see, even though they’re everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, even LinkedIn, have you ever considered if selfies are good?

Let me help you answer the question.


Almost all selfies are garbo and make people want to hurl.

Well… selfies perhaps don’t make people throw up their lunch. But a study does say 82% of participants want to see less selfies on social media.

Almost the same, amirite?

Jesse Carbino, who was once on Tinder’s payroll as the chief sociologist, says staying away from selfies is the simplest way of getting more likes

So, guys, please no more bathroom selfies. Nobody wants to see your nasty cum stained mirror.

Besides not being interested in the room where you clean your balls, indoor selfies are famous for having bad lighting. Pimples look redder, eyebags bigger and your skin deader.

Nobody wants to date a corpse.

Even if you manage not to look like something that crawled out of a grave, a study by the psychology department of the University of Toronto says selfies make you look: unattractive, nasty and narcissistic.

Which makes sense.

In a world full of miracles, a selfie-maker only thinks of photographing himself and he doesn’t even have a friend to help him.

Hardly boyfriend material.

In short: using selfies is like giving your Tinder profile a death sentence.

Holy Tip:

What’s a rule without an exception?

Some selfies actually increase likes. Like when you are doing something so epic, you have no choice but to take the picture yourself.

Like skydiving.

The instructor actually took this photo, but I’m keeping it anyway!

Or DJing.

Get rid of your selfie collection and watch your Tinder likes rise.

#6: Tinder is not Facebook

Confused why your most liked Facebook photos don’t get a positive response on Tinder?

Let me explain.

Maybe you have an epic Facebook profile filled with all sorts of photos.

Photos with grandpa, shots of your puppy or snaps of you at the Taj Mahal.

And occasionally one of your pictures gets a ton of likes and comments.

So you think to yourself, “This photo is perfect for my Tinder profile!”

Slow the fudge down.

Just because your mom and BFF love your photos doesn’t mean the ladies on Tinder will.


For starters, the women on Tinder don’t know you. She doesn’t know your friends, your passions or your humor.

So when you post a picture of yourself with man buns, she might think you’re a rebellious and sensitive guy. But actually you’re just making fun of all the chai latte drinking, Marcel Proust reading hipsters.

Context is everything.

So what works on Facebook doesn’t work on Tinder.

The best example?

Busy and crowded pictures.

Your Facebook pals are more than willing to sift through your messy photos to see how you’re doing and what you’re up to.

Women on Tinder are not.

Your potential Tinder matches visit your profile to figure out if you’re dateworthy. And they don’t have much time.

All she’s thinking is, “What does he look like and are we a fit?”

And if your photos slow down her inspection of your profile, like by posing with all your friends, you’re killing your chances of being liked.

Even posing in front of a wall with a distracting bird wallpaper frustrates her and pushes her to swipe you left.

In defence of the ladies, women aren’t evil, they simply have an abundance of choice. And if one guy shows the slightest sign of a bad profile, she can swipe left knowing she has thousands of other profiles to go through.

So what does this mean for you?

If you want more likes, don’t give her a reason to swipe you left.

Keep your photos free of distractions and make it clear who you are.

#7: Looks and money aren’t everything

The next tip is going to turn you from laughing stock into loverboy.

You see, most guys go the extra mile to look attractive and important, but end up looking foolish.

But you don’t need to be Fabio or push over the tower of Pisa to get likes.

This doesn’t have to be you.

While traveling the world or having a chin that can stop a train dead in its tracks doesn’t hurt, you can get likes and matches without it.

In fact, guys who show off their rock hard 12-pack often chase off more women than they attract.

If I just threw your brain for a loop, let me explain.

Women love muscular and wealthy guys, but they also hate show offs.

Posting your gym pics is the same as bragging about your Rolex. Both make you seem like a pompous douche and make her cringe.

Look, here’s the secret of what women are doing on your Tinder profile:

They’re figuring out what it’s like to be with you.

And if your profile is full of bling bling, bicep flexes and rides on Dumbo the elephant, you come across as selfish and boring.

After all, you have no other hobbies than showing off your status as a boss playa.

A much more powerful way to increase your likes, is to be more relatable.

Let me clarify.

90% of bios are about coffee, travel, music and pets.

So instead of typing it out in your profile, show your love for your passion through pictures.

Dogs especially make for great props.

A study by the Ruppin Academic Center claims dog owners look happier, friendlier and more relaxed.

Particularly women who are looking for a relationship think men with dogs make for good boyfriends.

After all, having a dog shows responsibility and a knack for nurturing. Not to mention a type of sensitivity.

Love animals, but don’t have a pet? Borrow a 4-legged beastie from a friend or visit the pound.

There’s just one catch:

Don’t pose with animals just to get more likes. Fakery hurts her as much as it does you.

#8: Get more Tinder likes with a tool from the 1930s

A surefire way to boost your likes from the US army. Oorah!

In the 1930s, Boeing invented the most advanced airplane yet that was going to revolutionize the US military.

To help sell the plane to the Air Force, Boeing set up an airshow.

On the day of the demonstration, the military bigwigs excitedly watched from their seats as the aircraft drove down the runway.

After driving several hundred meters, the Boeing took off and began to climb.

But within moments the plane slowed down until it came to a stop and took a nosedive. The aircraft crashed head first into the fields below, killing both pilots.

The kicker?

The accident was totally avoidable. Even though it was a simple action, the pilots had forgotten to follow procedure and release the gust locks.

In short, the Boeing was so advanced that the tasks to guarantee a safe lift were too much to remember.

To prevent new planes from falling out of the sky, Boeing made a pre-flight checklist to confirm all necessary steps were made before take off.

And for years, the state of the art plane flew without incident.

The checklist proved so important, it’s now used by surgeons, architects, programmers, psychologists, and so on.

Lists help us stay focused even when we’re distracted. Which is why we created a checklist for you!

By answering more than 35 questions about your Tinder account, you can figure out exactly how desirable your profile is.

We should ask money for this, but we don’t.

Download the free and amazingly valuable Tinder checklist HERE.

#9: Why your bio is ruining your online dating career

*puts on Jerry Seinfeld voice*

What’s the deal with Tinder bios?

Should it be hilarious or mysterious?

Does she have the hots for Krusty the Clown or the Lochness Monster?

Great questions, Jerry. Let me help you.

Firstly, a bio’s only purpose is to make you stand out from the competition.

And what do most dudes do?

They’re busy qualifying for the championship of the world’s most boring man.

I don’t know what your bio looks like, but if it’s made up of:

  • Short words that describe your life and personality
  • Played out inspirational quotes
  • And other soul sucking facts

You have a good shot at making it to the finals. Congratulations, you’re more bland than oatmeal.

But it’s a shame that your victory repels more women than seeing Steve Buscemi in his birthday suit.

Women don’t want to date boring and predictable men. They want a man who stimulates her emotions.

And how do you show her you’re the stimulation king?

By writing a challenging and funny Tinder bio.

Which isn’t as hard as it sounds, because all the other guys are trying their best to be a Valium.

Let’s start by going over the Tinder bio don’ts.

Don’t make spelling errors.

Most women find language mistakes a huge turn off. Run a spellcheck before make your bio public.

Inspirational quotes aren’t sexy.

I bump into a motivational quote every 3 to 5 swipes. It’s overdone and nobody likes it. Stop.

It’s not a resumé.

Ladies aren’t interested in knowing what you’ve done. She wants to know it’s like to hang out with you. What’s more, revealing too much about yourself kills attraction.

Women like a little mystery.

Show, don’t tell.

She doesn’t believe you when your bio says you’re outgoing, sporty or funny. She’s had men lie to her more times than you can imagine. #It’slikeabaguette.

It’s much more powerful to show you’re hilarious through your photos, bio and texts.

A woman wants to experience you, not read a book about you.

#10: What a successful Tinder bio looks like

I’m going to show you a bunch of examples of great Tinder bios.

The parody

This dude has combined and exaggerated all the clichés women use on their Tinder profiles into one bio.

Not only is he hilariously poking fun at all the uncreative ladies on Tinder (women can be just as boring as men), he’s showing he gets it.

What is he getting?

That the majority of people on Tinder are lame and don’t know how to give others a good time. In other words, he’s in the loop. Switched on. Sees the matrix.

Her reaction.

What’s more, his bio says he’s funny without spelling out the word ‘f-u-n-n-y’.

The swiping game

Show women your playful side.

When you’re creative, photos and bios can be combined to create a unique Tinder experience.

Every lady swiping on Tinder is simply planning to check out some photos, not play a game. So this duderino’s bio is like a breath of fresh air.

Plus, the guy rigged his mini game so he can’t lose! He almost wants her to swipe left.

And a guy who doesn’t care about being rejected is weirdly enough, super attractive. Because while everybody is trying so hard to be liked, HDGAF!

Making him a special snowflake.

The cocky bio

How to be confident without being a douche.

What a rollercoaster ride!

First he comes across as such a gentleman: he picks women based on their intellect, not appearance.

But then he threw all my expectations out the window.

He doesn’t want smart girls at all, he wants bimbos!

What a boss.

This bio is good for two reasons.

One, he’s bold enough to admit he dates dumb and sexy girls, even if his confession makes him seem superficial. That fearless attitude is attractive.

Especially when you consider most guys look for an easy lay, but are too afraid to make it known.

Two, his bio implies he gets lucky with the ladies. And if other women like him enough to sleep with him, he must have a certain je ne sais quoi. Swag. Mojo.

And girls are all about the mojo.

The review bio

I’ll be honest, the review bio is not the most original.

But it’s still unique enough to separate you from the herd. Especially when you give it your own special twist.

Mister mustachio decided to make himself seem bigger than Oprah. Even Spiderman can’t match his epicness.

But you can also have the reviewers be your ex-girlfriends to give women an idea of what it’s like to date you.

Some ideas for quotes:

Rachel says, “[Your Name] is awesome. I don’t even know why we broke up.”

Jane says, “[Your name] was such a gentlemen. He always put down the seat for me.”

Mary says, “I’m not writing a review for you, are you crazy?!”

Adding a negative review is a particularly good way of improving your bio.

It shows you’re confident enough to use self deprecating humor.

Bonus Tip: How to land yourself a girlfriend

There’s a trick to attracting a girlfriend on Tinder that doesn’t involve doing a single ab crunch or dumbbell curl.

It’s far easier. And as an added bonus, you’ll also scare away all the bimbos and only attract the sweethearts.

Curious? Here it comes: look less sexy in your pictures.


While being sexy definitely helps getting likes, no lady wants to start a relationship with someone who looks like a womanizer, or a meathead who might throw her head through a wall in a roid induced fit.

To be boyfriend material, she needs to trust you.

And for all my pussy slaying muchachos, you too can benefit from being more trustworthy.


Because no matter how much a girl wants to get lucky on Tinder, a woman’s number one priority is always: getting home safely.

And if you look like a liar, or straight up psycho, she’s not going to like you, let alone go out with you.

So how do you look more trustworthy?

By showing your soft side.

The easiest way? Smile.

If you want to reveal more about yourself, pose with a family pet. Show off your most relaxing hobbies: hiking, meditating, cooking. And lastly, capture a play session with one of your younger relatives, perhaps a photo of you pushing your cousin on a swing.

All these activities make you seem less aggressive. Less dead inside.

But be careful.

If you show too much of your mushy insides, you come across as a spineless hippy. Perhaps even a little bit ghey.

You see, every picture places you somewhere on the spectrum of trustworthiness that begins at I’m-your-doormat-nice guy and ends at I-drink-tiger-blood-crazy.

You want to avoid these two extremes and end somewhere in the middle.

Is your Tinder portfolio too feminine? Inject it with a shot of testosterone.

To add more manliness to your profile, add photos of yourself not smiling. Pictures of your masculine man chest, adam’s apple, beard and jawline. And shots of you doing adrenaline pumping sports: motocross, climbing, boxing, skydiving and so on.

You’ll know when you hit the trust sweetspot when your likes go through the roof.

If you apply all 11 tips, you’re guaranteed to increase your Tinder likes.

Open up Tinder and get going, buddy! I can’t wait to hear how successful you’ll be.

Louis Farfields

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