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How to get unbanned from Tinder: 7 Steps (to get your account back)

You got banned on Tinder.

That sucks bigtime, I know. I’ve been there and I came back. Stronger than ever.

Today you’ll find out how to get unbanned from Tinder.

You’ll also learn why you got banned, so you can prevent it from happening again.

What you get:

  • 7 Steps to recover your account
  • Find out what Tinder thing people have been Googling 514% more often lately
  • 3 Screenshot examples of guys who got hit by the banhammer
  • Bonus: A free download with 10 copy pastable lines
  • How to get unbanned from Tinder (both Android and iPhone)
  • 7 Reasons why you can get banned (avoid these at all costs)
  • More…

Louis - The TextGod
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7 Most likely reasons why you got banned on Tinder


Read these 7 reasons first, so you never get banned again.

Some of the reasons might be quite unexpected.

It used to take quite extreme measures to get banned from Tinder.

But times change, my friend. And so do the Tinder rules.

It doesn’t take an IQ of 7000 to figure out that you won’t get banned on Tinder if you behave like a well mannered human being…

…but at the same time, you can get banned faster than you’d think.

Even if you think you ARE behaving according to social norms.

One of the reasons is that Tinder makes their users law enforcers. Anyone can report anyone. And if you get reported one too many times… you’re out.

And Tinder is swinging the might banhammer around more freely than ever. Just look at this screenshot:

The keywords ‘banned from Tinder’ went up by a staggering 326% lately.

People wondering “how to get unbanned from Tinder” increased by 514%.

Coincidentally that’s the same amount of swag increase my students see after applying my TextGod Toolkit.

(Not going to lie, applying my system of texting also does increase your chance at getting banned if you use it carelessly. But for most men this will be a huge benefit, as they finally get EMOTIONAL conversations that lead to dates, instead of BORING convos that lead to nothing.)

So, let’s see why people are getting banned left and right.

1: Offensive language

Surprise surprise, you’re not allowed to insult people.

No matter what kind of profanity you’re throwing at your matches, it’s punishable.

If you the other person reports you and Tinder agrees that your behavior is untolerable, you’re going to get a warning.

Since the start of my Tinder journey, when the app was still brand new, I’ve collected some of these.

They usually came after testing all sorts of things for articles, YouTube videos, or online courses.

I then ticked off the box “I understand. It won’t happen again”, and continued my journey.

Until one day, I didn’t have to promise anything anymore, and got my account deleted by Tinder.

When you get banned, no one tells you why exactly you got banned.

I’ve heard many other sites saying you just have to wait a few days and then kindly and diplomatically ask for forgiveness. And then after waiting for a week or two… *poof* the ban will disappear, and you are free to enjoy Tinder again.

Sounds nice. But it’s not true.

I have tried appealing bans on multiple accounts, banned for different reasons. On my own Tinder a coach’s Tinder, my girlfriend’s Tinder, and so on…

The dating app is getting more and more strict. And less and less forgiving by the day.

As you can see, Tinder is coming down hard on jokesters. Although I find the toilet paper line awful in terms of seduction, it is clearly a joke. And hardly banworthy.

But the app just can’t afford its biotope getting polluted. There’s too much at stake.

Long story short: If you get banned in this day and age, the ban is most likely irreversible and trying to fight Tinder’s decision seems like wasted energy.

Here’s the email my girlfriend received after one of our YouTube videos went south:

2: Catfishing

Catfishing is a term that is part of the new online dating lingo.

No, you’re not allowed to pretend to be someone you’re not.

There’s plenty of fake accounts floating around Tinder.

(and I’ve always tried to report all of them, contributing to a better dating app)

Some guys and girls pretend to be really attractive people they are not. Some do it to get attention from people they otherwise wouldn’t get. Others have more malicious intentions such as blackmail.

And even if you just want to have a laugh by creating a fictional profile, you can get banned from Tinder.

This girl reported getting banned from Tinder because of her Loch Ness profile.

(And she then used a friend’s phone number to create a new one and have another laugh.)

As you can see, she’s rocking Tinder Plus. So nope, paying for the app doesn’t grant you immunity.

3: Racism

This seems pretty obvious.

Racism in any kind or form isn’t tolerated.

Ignore this rule and get you’ll get swung at by the banhammer.

After experimenting with just texting song lyrics, that included the word ‘nigga’ in a way that didn’t seem offensive, I received a warning from Tinder.

Again, it’s not because you say stuff you don’t find offensive, that you can say it. If the other person takes offense, then they can report you.

And if you get reported one too many times, you’ll be kicked out. More on that later.

Let’s say you made certain jokes to Sarah and she found them super funny.

If you say the same things to Taylor and she’s a conservative prude more sensitive person, then she can still report you.

4: Image violation (careful what photos you pick)

There are some photos that no one wants to see.

These images are therefor getting you banned on Tinder.

If you ever doubted whether posting naked or violent photos would make you popular…

…the answer is no. It gets you banned from the app.

99.999% of women are not pleased with unasked dïckpïcks.

And normal people aren’t looking forward to seeing violent photos.

Speaking about violent photos…

Some people have uploaded photos where they proudly pose next to a dead animal.

Here’s what Tinder said:

Posing next to a king of the jungle doesn’t make you one. It’s time for the tiger selfies to go. More often than not, these photos take advantage of beautiful creatures that have been torn from their natural environment.

Loud and clear.

5: Being underage

Here’s a statement from Tinder in 2016:

On a platform that has facilitated over 11 billion connections, we have the responsibility of constantly assessing our different user experiences. Consistent with this responsibility, we have decided to discontinue service for under 18 users.


Even just joking about being underage is bannable.

I put this to the test for you in this video:

6: Spamming

No one likes their inbox spammed.

And Tinder doesn’t like their servers flooded or their customers annoyed.

One type of spamming you should be careful for, is copying one line, and pasting it in all your chats.

No bueno, compadre.

And there’s another type of spamming that Tinder doesn’t tolerate:

7: Promoting

Whether you’re promoting a business, a campaign, or your arty-farty hipster blog, or shamelessly spamming people to follow you on Instagram…

…Tinder is not the place for it.

Unless you want to get payed ads featured in between profiles.

So if you get caught promoting anything but yourself as a dte worthy person, you’ll get banned from Tinder.

Getting reported multiple times

Last but not least. WHATEVER you do that makes people report you, can result in a ban.

Whether you’re posing with dead elephants, throwing racial slurs around, or just annoying people in any way possible…

…if you get reported too many times, Tinder will rid you from it’s dating pool.

But just like you saw at the start of this article, you will get a warning first.

You then have to promise not to misbehave again.

If you keep your promise, you’re in the clear.

If you don’t, it’s game over for you.

So what if it actually is game over?

Are you done with Tinder forever?

Can you get a second chance?

Can you get unbanned from Tinder?

You’ll find out right now.

How to get unbanned from Tinder

Alright buddy, let’s get you unbanned.

There’s multiple ways to go about it and all of them vary per device. Android vs iPhone, web client vs phone, etc.

But before we get to the details, let’s go over the reasoning behind the process.

First, you have to ask yourself:

“What does Tinder know about me?”

Because if you create a new account with information linked to your old account, Tinder’s army of robots will recognize you and…

CRUSH your profile with its banhammer.

So what info could potentially link your new account to your banned account?

  • Your phone number
  • Your IP address
  • Your Google account/Apple ID
  • Your photos
  • Your social media (Spotify, Facebook, Instagram)
  • And if you bought anything, your credit card or paypal information

What does that mean?

You need to replace all the above items.

Let’s explain how, step by step.

Step #1: Delete Tinder

Open Tinder and go to settings.

Scroll all the way down and hit ‘Delete Account’.

Confirm by clicking the greyed-out button at the bottom.

Your account is now GONE-ZO.

Finally delete the app from your phone.

Step #2: Clear the Zuck

Open the Facebook account linked to your profile.

Click the downward-facing arrow and go to ‘Settings’.

Sift through the menu on the left and click on ‘Apps and websites’.

Search for the Tinder icon, check the box at the far right and press ‘Remove’.

Confirm the action.

Step #3: SIM

Buy a new SIM card.

Ideally, your phone has two SIM slots.

If not, no worries.

You only need the new sim card to receive a code from Tinder that activates your account.

So once you’ve activated your account, you can replace the new SIM card with your usual card.

But be careful NOT to lose your Tinder SIM card.

Eventually, Tinder will ask you to re-authenticate your Tinder with a new code.

So keep your new SIM somewhere safe.

Step #4: Create a new Google account or Apple ID

This step is pretty self-explanatory.

If you need help, simply Google your question.

Plenty of people have probably answered your question in detail.

Step #5: Download Tinder again

Only download Tinder through your Google account or Apple ID IF…

You have a different IP address.

Does that sound too technical?

Relax, it’s easy.

Simply walk up to your router and unplug it.

Now wait 30 to 60 seconds and plug the cable back in.

Presto, you have a new IP address.

Step #6: Setup your new Tinder account

Don’t think you’re already in the clear!

If you’re not careful, all your hard work will have been for nothing.

What am I talking about?

Your photos and social media!

You CANNOT reuse any of your old photos or your old social media.

Planning on buying Super Likes or other premium features?

Use a different payment method!

Did you step over all the landmines?


You just successfully reset your Tinder.

Enjoy your newbie boost while it lasts, my friend.

Holy Tip:

Perhaps the reset sounds too difficult for you.

Or maybe you simply can’t wait to start swiping and meet new people.

Well, there is another way to get around the Tinder ban.

My top 10 Tinder Alternatives, which could potentially get you much better results.

Or… Instagram!

Click here to find my guide on getting girls on Instagram.

Btw, if you want to be able to sexualize conversations WITHOUT getting banned… just use the copy pastable lines from my TextGod Toolkit. I’m giving them to you for free together with a profile checklist and my #1 best-tested opener.

Now that you know what to do to roam Tinderland freely once more, let’s mock some people that also got banned from Tinder:

3 Accounts that are going to get banned from Tinder

Let’s have a quick laugh.

First profile:

View this post on Instagram

Wow. Can’t stop vomiting

A post shared by Unspirational (@tindernightmares) on

It’s quite explicitly sexual straight from the start.

Looks like a good one to collect reports.

How about this account?

View this post on Instagram

Would. But won’t get to

A post shared by Unspirational (@tindernightmares) on

Woopsie, I can already hear the banhammer coming.

Last try?

View this post on Instagram

Take a giant step back, amigo

A post shared by Unspirational (@tindernightmares) on

This one got a giggle from me first time I heard it. Unfortunately, most women will find it gross and insulting rather than funny.

Luckily for these guys, they can always find this article and get themselves a second chance.

If you have any more questions or didn’t manage to get unbanned, feel free to drop a comment down below and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Louis Farfields

PS: don’t forget to pick up your copy of the TextGod Toolkit, right below ⬇️

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  • Carlah says:

    Please unban me from tinder , Life without tinder is not good, please 🙏

  • Flourish says:

    My tinder account as be ban please what is the reason ,I because I told u someone is trying to kill me you block my account why, why did,t you block the persons account please open my account

  • Victoria says:

    I really am very confused. Just went to open tinder for it to say I have been banned. I am baffled I have no done anything wrong at all. Please unban my account.

  • Mark Lawry says:

    I am very sorry for what I did that made myself get banned in from tinder. I honestly do not know what I did wrong……

  • Arnav says:

    Pls open my account

  • Nucihu says:

    Someone banned my account

  • margaret ryan says:

    Dear Tinder,
    I do realise why I got banned from tinder ,I thought the person who was texting me was a fake profile( the same message to everyone and I was in a bit of a giddy mood and just without engaging my brain wrote hi could you forward me some money ,it really was a joke and if my profile is checked it will be obvious that i have never joked like this before ,having been on tinder for approximately 4 years on and off,so please could you unban me ,i meant it as a joke but realise it was stupid thing to say but it was a very obvious request and very transparent as a joke.

  • Sari says:

    I’ve been banned from tinder from no reason. I have no idea why. I’m never rude or explicit in what I say.
    Can you unbanned me please

  • Jefg says:

    No reason and banned, we need alternative to tinder.
    They have the most incompetent customer service team.
    They are as good as fart in the wind.

  • Yajna says:

    Got banned twice for no reason I’m so upset

  • Raymond says:

    I got band for no reason on tinder

  • Ndenwenego Anica says:

    I was just banned &dont know why

  • Sharon says:

    Got banned today after tinder it self logged me out so I got to log in back to request a code but it was delaying, I kept tapping on resend but couldn’t get the code, that’s when I got banned 😭😭

  • jake says:

    i deleted my acc simply to start fresh..then made a new 1 with nice photos and all my bio said was… “lets chat” next minute banned…

  • Nanah says:

    I don’t know what happened
    I found myself benned

  • Davi says:

    I got banned almost immediately by using Android emulator or browser’s multi session extensions

  • Deborah says:

    I have been banned since 4 months I don’t know why

  • J says:

    I got banned for nothing; no warning either. But I used a friends number and use it on my pc I’ll just buy a cell phone & use that instead; I removed the tinder app from my face book & I’m having trouble deleting my tinder itself. The reason I got banned is most likely because a lot of people in my city are conspiring against me & want to stop me from getting a woman or any action they’ve gone pretty far with creating false rumors about me & I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they just report me for nothing as soon as they saw me on there. I go by my middle name though so next time I’ll just use my 1st name & Take some more subtle pictures that I won’t use on face book.

  • Ashley says:

    I was banned without a warning. Pretty sure I did nothing noticeably wrong besides refuse guys as nicely as possible. Tinder is very unethical and ridiculous.

  • Miracle oluchi says:

    I was banned on tinder for no reason I don’t know why.
    Pls am sorry if I did anything wrong thanks pls acknowledge .

  • Jade says:

    Ive been banned on tinder….i most of been slaying to many women and the robots got jelly 🤣 or my toxic ex has reported me .i dont know

  • Pearl says:

    Please all I need is to
    Get unbanned

  • Stacey says:

    I got banned for no reasons. My pictures and conversations gone one day just like that. I been on tinder for many years now and never had issues in the past.

  • Roger says:

    Tinder has banned me for no reason which I don’t know why

  • Wade Falana says:

    Hi i’ve got banned from tinder today After matching with a female and after the female send me a message I didn’t reply I just decided to Unmatch For no particular reason I just decided to change my mind and then when I looked back on Tinder I was blocked for some reason I don’t know why

  • Susan Robinson says:

    Help I was banned and don’t know why.

  • Ivy kwamboka says:

    Every time I login my tinder account they tell me am banned why

  • gaurav vimal says:

    I got banned 3-4 times, last time i banned just after paying 6 month subscription. I havent did anything and even asked the tinder kust let me knw what i did.

  • Chuck says:

    I feel like I must have been hacked in order for any action from my account to legitimately be banned. Do they consider using the same G-Rated pickup line on multiple girls (because I am not that creative) a violation of Terms of Service? If so, that is absolutely unfair BS. Honestly, I am using it mostly in an Eastern European country and I suspect there are a bunch of fake female accounts operated by one or a couple of guys. These fake accounts maybe fabricated some complaint and they all complained about my account so the guy(s) would have less competition with their own real accounts with the real girls. Wish Tinder gave some kind of explanation because the way they do it without any explanation makes people lose faith in their entire system.

  • W Keith Sharp says:

    I sent a compliment to an older asian lady. Complimenting her eyes. She shot back, I am ugly, i am old. ” I wrote back saying she was being too negative on her looks and age. She then writes back “you are too young”. She admitted she was 3 years older than her profile. I said i was only a year younger than her so called actual age. She still got snippy with me. I go to sleep. I wake up to almost 3o messages from her. Saying i am like guy in Auckland who is scammer. I wrote back what scamming, i complimented her, lol. An hour later i am Banned by Tinder, no explanation, to chance to give my side of the story. Our chats are recorded, there is my proof of innocence. Nope. THey say i am done. NO EXPLANATION WILL BE PROVIDED. Unreal. Sigh.

  • Mytika says:

    I don’t know why I got banned I was on it for like 3 day not even a week smh took my money and still no txt or email on way they banned me

  • Isaiah says:

    I had tinder 2 days and was banned. Put 4 pictures of myself and me with my pets, that’s all. Swiped for a bit then put it down. Day 2 had notification of some matches, clicked on it and it said tinder account banned.

  • Heidi says:

    I got banned from tinder and I’m not even sure why

  • ChelsieCormier says:

    I don’t think I should be band I didn’t do a thing wringy

  • Tosin Alfred says:

    My thunder account has been banned since 2 weeks ..Nd I didn’t do anything..pls can u help me recover it

  • Jackie says:

    Well, I did none of the mentioned things. The only thing I can imagine is that I deleted and recreated my account too often, but honestly… at least warn me or something??? Because I didn‘t get a warning. Texting the support resulted in them not even telling me the reason for the ban. I have to say I‘m actually a bit pissed. Like why the heck does tinder ban my account for literally no reason and doesn’t even tell you???

  • Olivia zhu says:

    My tinder account has been banned. Could you please help me to unbanned?

  • JimmyQ says:

    This happened to me a few years ago now. One day I tried to log in to Tinder and found out I was banned. No clue why, because I never said even so much as an inappropriate joke. All my convos were boring af: “hey”, “hi”, “what kind of (fill in the blank) are you into?”, etc… I understand why they simply do not let you back onto the service, because It’d be easy to get a guy/girl’s phone number and harass them there. Then when Tinder investigates the case they don’t see anything problematic and let creeps back onto the service. However, they should provide information as to why your account was banned so that people have an idea about whether they really did offend someone or do something off putting. To this day I wonder if maybe I did behave strangely on a date or say something that upset someone, and I don’t like that feeling.

  • Meme says:

    I got banned today for no reason this the 2nd time tinder doing this. I don’t know how can I remove my banned. Can you tell me how I can remove please. I want my old account.

  • Tasha says:

    I was banned for no reason but I apologise if I did any offence it won’t happen again

  • Dylan says:

    Things are resolved between Tinder and I now 🙂

  • Josephine says:

    I was so upset that I got banned for no reason on Tinder, and now I am wondering who could have hated me so much to report me, am literally have only been using the app for about a month. Then I came here and read some of your comments and I can’t stop laughing, yoo some of you expressed my darkest thoughts lool

  • Dylan says:

    Tinder just banned me with no explanation so I sent a long email to support staff. I have not been breaking any rules on the app or off the app. I am a longtime paying member and have so many quality conversations and matches that I don’t want to and shouldn’t lose.

  • Novi says:

    I have been used tinder since 3 years ago and always bough tinder plus. But I was very shocking last night my tinder account got banned. I have email tinder support and they can not answer the reason and the details. I thought tinder only want money from members. I have try create new account with new phone number and new email but still cant login until now. Very bad services. In this pandemic time no more tinder. So sad.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I got permanent ban hours after purchasing Tinder ++ and Tinder Gold. I’m really conservative in my dressing, and respectful in my talking. Hence the shocker when I woke up to the ban. And my money, down the drain! I pray Tinder collapses so they can learn humility. I pray another app overtakes them. NKT!

  • Sirilak says:

    I was banned without explanation last 4 days. I try to create a new account it doesn’t work and the message show me my account been banned

    Could you help me to recover or have another account on tinder again ?

    Thank you very much

  • Kevin says:

    I tried to sign up the other day, but it immediately said I was banned. I’ve NEVER had a Tinder account. My phone is issued by my company, so I figured maybe the person who last had the number was the reason… But I’ve had this number for about six months. Oh well, if I’ve gone this long without Tinder, I’m sure I can make it the rest of my life without it.

  • Jena says:

    Gotta love technocracy!

  • Princess says:

    It’s been almost a month I got banned from tinder for no reason worse part I had it for 3 days if not 5 days then boom I got banned without explanation or warning ,,,I tried so hard to try different methods of unbanning it but could not succeeded

  • Michale says:

    I got banned today for no reason I have not done anything wrong this is stupid man I just signed up yesterday what kind of site is this wow these people need to get a life

  • Lisa says:

    I was banned because some one stole my pictures and some man was upset and didn’t believe it, kept insisting we talked under different profile. He wouldn’t give me anything info on the other profile so I told him time report both, I can prove my identity. Woke up with a permanent ban the next day. Sent a copy of my state ID, they wouldn’t even respond. They won’t tell me if other profile has Berna removed. Guess I should have Reported him first….

  • Jay says:

    Same thing here !
    I have been suspended with no explanation in the middle of a conversation with a match and we were going on really well.
    Above all, I still have 22 days of Tinder plus subscription to go !
    Never have I been disrespectful or had any offensive pictures, and tinder support doesn’t even answer.
    Use Bumble, spread the word, it’s about time we act proactively and make them pay.

  • Hassaam says:

    I got banned today. I don’t know how can I remove my banned. Can you tell me how can I remove please. I want my old account.

  • Jeny says:

    Please each time i open tinder they we keep saying am banned i cant even login why please help me

  • SF says:

    Mine got banned today, uploaded a picture and i changed my bio(dont remember what i said but i try to be creative and funny so definitely not that), only spoke to 2 women 1 of which im super cool with and the other i left on read… absolute bs and theres no appeal process either.

  • Christoph Van der Linde says:

    I made a Carole Baskin account, and now I’m banned. LOL

  • Chloe says:

    My tinder account has been banned for no reason??? Any way I can get it unbanned ?

  • Jenni says:

    Woke up this morning to find I had been banned. All my photos are of me, I’m polite, I have nothing sexual in my profile.
    I had just purchased 10 Swipe surges last night.. And was going through one Swipe surge. I was rapidly swiping left for awhile (going by quick gut instinct) last night… I added a picture with my new haircut that was me from just below the collarbone area up while wearing a bra? But not sexual..

    I’m very confused and surprised. Are alot of people being banned immediately after giving tinder money?

  • Ciara says:

    I haven’t been on Tinder since March 25th 2020. I just went to go long on. That’s what I found out that I was banned. I don’t understand why. I didn’t get any notifications. Also I didn’t break any rules. So what do I need to do to log back on.

  • Stu says:

    I have a similar experience to everyone else. I had nothing inappropriate on my bio, I was always respectful to anyone I chatted with. Thought I got along with everyone. I was never vulgar, didn’t use profanity, never said or did anything even remotely inappropriate online, or offline. Bam, out of the blue “Banned for Life”. Got the same stupid form response that basically tells you they simply don’t care. No appeal process, no one even bothers to investigate.

  • Becky says:

    What is really wrong with tinder eating peoples money and banning them is unfair likewise me I was blocked this morning that is making it three times this year is I subscribed for gold two times is tinder being a thief caUse am really angry now 😡😡😡😡🧐

  • Alex says:

    just received the sms telling me that am banned from using Whatsapp , without any reason, please can you unbanned me

  • Angie says:

    @Tracy How did you manage to make a new account?

  • jiayi says:

    seems that I am not the only one who got bannedfor no reason, I was really angry about this, I don’t even have a chance to delete my info. on that stupid app

  • Ben Quinn says:

    Hey there.
    I’ve not been banned but can’t get a code for phone verification. Any idea what that’s about? I also try and log in with my email but then they want me to verify my number with a code.
    There got me going round in circles trying to log in.
    It’s not a good feeling having your account for everyone to see when you can’t even look at it.
    I emailed them and they told me to check my phone provider, my provider is fine.
    Is this usual for tinder?

  • Jade Hartley says:

    This morning out of the complete blue I was banned from tinder. I received no warning or anything, and it’s frustrating because I legitimately did nothing wrong. I don’t understand how people are suppose to meet if they randomly get banned from a dating app

  • Tracy says:

    I think there are people who report profiles out of spite if they feel you have rejected them. I’ve had my account banned twice in two years. I usually only have one headshot and a single sentence bio, never anything vulgar. I liked the simplicity of the app but the quality of men was disappointing. Time to start hoarding cats!

  • AdamH says:

    Woke up this morning. BANNED! No rhyme or reason. *shrug*

  • Justin says:

    They banned me for no reason today. I barely use it, never had any bad pictures or said any bad words. And boom today I went back on after weeks and banned for no reason!

  • BATMAN says:

    Register Tinder on your phone with a different sim. Borrow it from a friend! Leave the app. Put your sim in it and here we go!

  • Larry says:

    I woke up this morning to find myself banned for absolutely no reason. I wrote to ask for an explanation and was refused one. I had just paid for a month of Tinder Gold so now I have to dispute the charge with my credit card bank. I can’t believe they will give me no explanation. I did absolutely nothing wrong and had been on Tinder for a year. This is insane.

  • Mychal says:

    I had a tinder 3 years ago and only talked to my friend that I knew from school, I got banned out of the blue and got no warnings. I sent alot of emais to tinder and just now did I get a email back saying that I can get unbanned and they still didnt tell me what I did wrong…

  • Chris says:

    Tinder banned me after 5 days without cause. I had paid for gold. There was nothing offense in my profile, nor did I do anything like send nude pics. Seems rather arbitrary, worse yet, they do not refund your purchase

    I think a class action may be necessary for paying members banned without cause

  • Rob says:

    Banned because I swiped right for an 45mn non stop . I have tinder gold

  • Lili says:

    Somehow I couldn’t log in Tinder for a few days. There was no codes sent to my phone. But i was patient keeping trying to log in again and again for a few days then I was successful!

  • Mini says:

    I wanted to resume my Tinder after a month of being paused. As soon as I logged in, I got a message stating that my account had been banned. I wonder what my stupid, hibernating arse did to piss Tinder off.!? Sigh.

  • LRE says:

    Same here. No warnings no nothing just an alert message saying my profile was banned. My profile was straight forward and most of my pics didn’t even have any filters. Assuming that enough Trump supporters perhaps reported my “No Trumpers” preference. But I still don’t see how that violates any of the community agreements. So odd. Probably a blessing in disguise. I’ll stick to the more curated Hinge app.

  • Gene says:

    Same here. Tinder should be sued.

  • Chef says:

    I’ve been banned for no reason just like mostly of the comments here.

  • Cassidy says:

    I just woke up to being banned as well for no reason I never got a warning or anything it was working for a hour at 6am then stopped lol I am a 23 year old girl this ridiculous I am very pissed as I was a paying customer

  • Bruce says:

    Hi all,

    I got banned as well for mo reason that i am aware of and the customer service does not answer or reply back.

    A question for you all – how can i get the account then deleted and my data and number deleted on it ?

  • chris says:

    what’s another Tinder like site that anyone would recommend

  • Robot says:

    I got banned from tinder too , I put my hands up I’m guilty 😊 nothing too bad !!!

  • Lewis Playford says:

    My tinder account has been band for some reason it won’t let me in my account.

  • 123meme says:

    Happened to me. ee and almost all phone providers sent you SIM cards for free within 48hrs. uninstall then re download tinder on your usual phone. Get a free PAYG simcard from your provider, put it in an old phone, use it just to get the code to activate tinder. after that you can disgard the free sim and log in on your usual phone

  • Jared says:

    I’ve been banned. I have no idea why. I’m never rude or explicit in what I say. There’s no reason for me to be reported. I think tinder is crashing hard.

  • TH says:

    I got banned as well …, all my info and pictures are mine. No inappropriate talk. I think it is disgusting that Tinder can ban someone with no reason or a chance at rebuttal…. what if it is an angry ex boyfriend who jealousy reported me to deny me meeting new men. I don’t think this happened but hate not knowing.

  • J says:

    From what I have been hearing recently, Tinder is going to be taken down soon for various infractions, violations and lawsuits.
    This will be interesting to watch unfold over the next few months.

  • imad says:

    hi how are you i acutally been banned from tinder from no reason can you unbanned me

  • Gregory says:

    Have you seen the new Facebook group for people unfairly banned from Tinder (‘Unfairly Banned from Tinder’)?

  • Erik says:

    New phone, new SIM card, new Facebook account…
    Still banned by Tinder?!??

    Well, I guess they don’t want my money. Sigh.

  • jaydune says:

    Well, outside of getting a new phone, it’s impossible. I’ve tried many different theories. I guess I wasn’t tinder material.

  • Charlotte Tolbert says:

    I got no warning about anything that I may are may not had done. I feel I was unfairly banned for no reason.

  • tamara says:

    are you able to put your old sim back into your phone after you set up the account? i don’t want to lose my number.

  • Joeski says:

    I was recently banned and I have no idea why, I wasnt getting matches lately and all my old conversations were boring and started with a simple hey there. Normal pictures from Facebook family sees and updated bio to say being an electrician let’s see if there are sparks that was the last thing I did before I was banned. Any idea.

  • Kate jackson says:

    I believe I have been banned for saying I’m not going to lie..this is a common saying I’m England and when chatting to a person you don’t know it’s nerve racking.what are you allowed to say..I feel like I’m some sort of a wrong person

  • Eka says:

    Just today i got banned for no reason, still confused. Have my information completely correct only thing i did is modified the information removed the dates of my trip and tried up upload a new picture ( picture was of me from a magazine) that didnt work so i just bailed on it.
    Have a few conversations and went to sleep. No idea what jist happened.

  • LT says:

    I was banned over a month ago, and absolutely no idea why. My profile was very ethical as well as pictures. I’m a mom, good job, go everything. I emailed Tinder and received the generic reply. 25 yrs banned! What I noticed is they are affiliated with March, POF, and Ok Cupid. So I was banned from those sites too. I appealed to all the sites and received the same response. They can’t tell me and sent me their policy, to which I didn’t violate. I don’t want to change my SIM card to get a new account. But for someone like me who lives in an area where Tinder is really how we meet potential dates, it’s alarming they can take your dating options away like this with zero explanation. I’m considering starting a class action against them because they took my money and are not providing a service and I’ve received zero explanation as to why I was banned. I appreciate Bumble for being ethical!

  • Kumaranaveen says:

    My account banned please help me…..

  • Mathew says:

    Yep, got banned too. I don’t know if it was because I was using a website to change my urls to make them tiny or because so foreign person logged onto my account which triggered something. Got a foreign email from tinder, that is why I guessed as such.

  • Tim says:

    I didn’t do anything wrong to get banned

  • Matt says:

    I was just banned out of the blue, no idea why.
    I’d also just signed up for a 1 yr subscription like 3 days ago- wtf?
    I didn’t violate their policies and I didn’t get any warning, I did have a “no Trump supporters” line, so I wonder if that’s a thing now that people report you out of spite?

  • Ivonka says:

    Maybe Tinder got hacked? Well, i got banned after i reported to them that I got several messages with exactly the same text asking met for a whatsapp nr, with a different names. I think it’s scam going also on facebook (i don’t use another platforms). Men present themselves as a military, maritime officer or engineer, even as a scientist, but their English is very bad. Lately the use google translate for the language of the “target”
    I usually remove the match and report my suspicions, but the devil in me made me reply to one of those just letting him know i know it’s a scam. Next time i tried to enter the app (in like half an hour later) i got deleted.
    Here I think my romance with tinder stopps. No warning, no reason, after maybe four days of being active. Their computer goes too far.

  • Dear sir my WhatsApp account has been banned so please unbanned my WhatsApp number 7814162675
    Thank you,sir

  • DK says:

    I got banned because a woman I went on a date with complained about me. We had consensual sex, and all was fine, but I decided I didn’t want to see her again because she pressured me to drink when I’d didnt want to and asked me for money at the end of the date. The next day I told her I wasn’t comfortable seeing her again, then she told Tinder I was a sexual predator (she explained this to me later) and they banned me for violating their terms of service. But their terms of service DO NOT prohibit deciding you aren’t comfortable with someone and no seeing them again. However, Tinder seems not to Carr and it’s policy allows banning to be easily WEAPONIZED in this way.

  • Sam says:

    I got banned without warning as well.. no idea what went wrong.. my language was fine (just maybe a few swear words but wasnt on it long enough to piss people off with this), dont think I was catfishing, wasnt racist, no violent images, I’m well over age, and wasnt either spamming or promoting anything…
    Not only that I dont think I was really that rude or anything so…
    And I do not want to buy a new sim just to get tinder back..

  • Ashu says:

    Hey so I got banned last year and I’m assuming people from my city were spitefully reporting me for being underage (I was 18, now 19). Do I really need to completely change my phone number just to make a new tinder account? Is it not at possible to be like “hey they falsely accused me” name ashu…1 I’d number 3066019110 .mobile number 8208588227

  • Aleksia says:

    My Tinder account just got banned! I see no reason why (and have no-one to ask) ? There was no warning and no explanations

    It worked perfectly for a 10 days while I was abroad for a holiday…but now it got banned after 2-3 hours of use ( during which Tinder was constantly lagging and crashed for about 6-7 times)?

    Very strange and unprofessional. I hope to see some alternative apps

  • Devanand Kumar says:

    Mara like ide band ho gya h

  • RD says:

    I was banned without explanation – someone on bumble told me that there was an account that was all my pics saying I was trans that he had seen, so I think someone was trying to get me banned for rejecting them.

    I’ve been using bumble and hinge

  • barrie says:

    I was banned for no reason, But can only work out that I used tinder when I was abroad in another country and activated phone location on my phone and within an hour I was banned. Tinder worked until I activated location. Now back in my country I cannot get back onto Tinder or allow me to get unbanned even though over 6 months ago. Tried emails to the reason but no answer expect the standard message of you have broke our terms etc, But they don’t explain which part.

  • Greg says:

    Is there a way to get unbanned on Tinder when you have no idea why they banned you to begin with? I signed up for Tinder and a few hours later received notification that I had been banned, received absolutely no explanation why it happened, and hadn’t even used the account for anything other that swiping right for profiles I liked. I don’t want to buy a new SIM card just to sign up for Tinder again, didn’t buy a subscription and barely used it and then BAM!!! Got banned. It’s frustrating because I have no idea what, if anything, I did wrong.

    • Louis Farfields says:

      Hey Greg, that’s strange. Maybe some of your photos were not in line with Tinder’s rules?
      You can always email them, explaining your situation, but in my experience the chances of success are very small.

  • Yeah says:

    Same honestly going to try Hinge or something else fuck Tinder.

  • Haylee says:

    Hey so I got banned last year and I’m assuming people from my city were spitefully reporting me for being underage (I was 18, now 19). Do I really need to completely change my phone number just to make a new tinder account? Is it not at possible to be like “hey they falsely accused me” ?

  • Sincerity says:

    Did everything explained above but Tinder still recognizes and Shadow bans me

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