How to Keep the Tinder Conversation Going: 15 Screenshot Examples

I know how frustrating it is when you’re texting someone you like and then the conversation just slowly dies out.

And you have no idea why. But don’t worry, this article is just what you’ve been looking for. 

Because it will tell you how to keep a Tinder conversation going so that your match can’t get enough of you. Including 15 Tinder conversation examples.

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Why do conversations die so quickly on dating apps?

Often times I hear new TextGod followers say things like: ‘My matches are just boring and they don’t invest in the conversation at all.’

Let me start off with a famous quote by Jim Rohn: Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.

I see time and time again that people can have success at Tinder, even if they’re not the best-looking. So what goes wrong? Why are your matches barely replying?

If you know the TextGod Formula I teach all my clients, you’re aware that a good conversation leads to Attraction, Trust, and a balance in Investment. And if your conversations die quickly, this is usually because you’re not creating attraction or you’re investing too much.

The TextGod Formula

Most people think that if they chat long enough and get to know their match, find some commonalities, the other person will spontaneously start to like them.

So they keep asking boring questions, trying to make conversation, showing interest, and complimenting their match.

However, this doesn’t make your match FEEL anything. The only way to get your match attracted to you is by making them feel a whole range of emotions.

And if you don’t do that, your match will get bored and won’t feel attracted.

And maybe even worse: it’ll shows your match that you’re not a challenge. You come across as needy. Like your match already won you over.

And so the conversation dies.

How to keep your Tinder conversation going: The Pendulum Effect

So how do you create attraction? And how do you get your match to invest?

It’s by applying what I call the Pendulum Effect: switching continuously between showing interest and being a challenge. This is the right and healthy way of flirting.

The Pendulum Effect of Flirting

Remember what Tinder is all about: making someone excited to meet you. And the best way to do that is by showing off your personality in a fun way.

If your match isn’t feeling anything, your conversation will get boring quickly. So you keep your Tinder conversation going by making ‘having fun’ your main goal, instead of just exchanging info.

And having fun means teasing, flirting, and joking around. One side of the pendulum. And only then you can switch to the other side of the pendulum every now and then: showing genuine interest, which builds trust.

Because of this, your match will start investing more as well. Because the conversation is fun and flirty, instead of a boring exchange of facts.

In the rest of this article, you’ll get practical tips on how to keep your conversation going on Tinder.

Or if you prefer watching video’s, check out this video I made for you with the 5 best ways to keep your conversation going:

1. Use a good conversation starter to keep your conversation going

The line you use to start your conversation sets the tone for the rest of your convo.

Your match saw your profile and is at least somewhat interested. But your first message shows her if you’re worth her time.

A good conversation starter is original, fun, and preferably flirty.

The perfect opener

You want your match to smile right away and feel like you’re an interesting challenge.

And the good thing about conversation starters is that you can use them anywhere in your online dating convo’s to give them a boost again.

Check out this article for some amazing Tinder openers:

2. Try to find out if your match has a great personality

One of the biggest reasons why guys don’t know what to say on Tinder is this: They are already attracted to her pictures, so they don’t let her work for their acceptance.

All they can think of is, “What should I say to make her like me?” And that leads them to say and ask stuff that they don’t care about:

Do you have siblings?


Do you do any sports?


Are you going to unmatch me if I keep asking yes/no questions?


A friend of mine let me look at her Tinder and I found one of these poor guys in her inbox.

That’s why the first step to keeping a conversation should always start with… finding out if she has a great personality as well!

Just because she looks pretty in a tank top doesn’t mean you need her attention. If you’re following my guides and tips, you should have plenty of cute girls in tank tops to chat with anyway!

So from now on, ask yourself this:

  1. Would I like to hang out with her if I could never touch her delicates?
  2. If not, what would I need to know about her to change my mind?

By being curious about her and being critical, you won’t feel the need to ask and say dull things that put the conversation to rest.

3. Use open-ended questions

A lot of conversations die out quickly because you’re not giving her room to invest. She might want to tell you more. But if you don’t give her the opportunity, many women won’t.

So if you ask your Tinder match:

Burgers or pizza?

You shouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t put a lot of effort into her answer.

So what do you do?

You make it easy for her to put effort into the conversation.

And an easy way to do that is by asking open-ended questions.

Preferably of the fun variety.

  • What would you do if you didn’t have to work tomorrow?
  • Out of all the people on earth (living or dead), who would you like to hang out with?
  • What’s something that you’d like to do more of if you had the time?

Sure, these aren’t hilarious questions.

But they’re pretty fun to answer because they let her imagine a brighter future.

4. Stay away from what everyone says

Sometimes a conversation on Tinder starts off so strong that everything seems to flow effortlessly towards the date. Wouldn’t it be nice if that could happen with every conversation?

Sadly, I can’t guarantee you smooth convos every time. But this tip will make them MUCH more frequent.

Understand her point of view.

Let me explain with an example. A friend of mine is called ‘Yane.’ And she’s on Tinder.

You’ll be amazed at how many of her matches come up with the same icebreaker.

She gets these terrible Tarzan texts. All. The. Time. How can you use this to your advantage? By understanding what she’s going through!

A good first text might be:

Hey Yane, how many guys have made lame Tarzan and Yane jokes already?

But if I’m honest with you, many guys have already adapted to this level of thinking.

So a much better first impression would be:

Boy, if I could see your reaction

I’d totally make a Tarzan and Yane joke just to see the look of disappointment on your face

But I suppose there’ll be plenty of time for that when you take me out for drinks

The teasy and cocky elements make this icebreaker 169x better.

When you have a brilliant idea for a text, think for a second if you are not acting like the rest of the world.

5. Limit the nice guy vibes

Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with being nice. So please don’t start acting like an asshole because you think it’ll help you get into a girl’s pants.

What you want to avoid is being TOO NICE. What’s the big problem here?

Once she sees you as a sexless cuddly toy, she’ll probably lose interest in texting you.

After all, she’s on Tinder to date a man. So if you want to keep the Tinder conversation going, stop adding emojis and hahas to your every text.

It makes you seem too childish haha. 🙂 There are much better ways to keep a Tinder conversation going. Just take a look at this conversation of mine:

Notice how ‘girly’ her way of texting is? That’s because she’s constantly laughing and using emojis.

Read the conversation again and look at the contrast between the blue and grey text bubbles. Do it right now if you haven’t done it.

Spamming laughter and emojis isn’t attractive for guys.

6. Go against the flow

I’m about to get a little graphic here. But I have a question for you:

What do you think the average guy does when a girl that he really likes says something that he doesn’t agree with?

That’s right. The average guy swallows his words and nods like a smiley bobblehead.

What’s wrong with this behavior? You’re being untrustworthy!

If you never have a contrasting thought, she’ll know you’re not speaking your mind. And women find that incredibly offputting.

That’s why I want you to PLAYFULLY show that you don’t always agree with her.

An example:

This girl is posing with the American flag in her first picture on Tinder.

Immediately after she apologizes for it in her Tinder bio. Which I find a little sad.

Both the opener and the texts show a manly attitude that goes against the flow.

7. Ask her out when the time’s right

A big mistake most guys make is the following. They once had a good thing going on, but are now feeling her pull away and growing distant.

So in a last effort to keep her from slipping away entirely, they ask her out.

The problem? They’re asking her out on an emotional low. She’s not excited about talking to you right now. Otherwise, the conversation wouldn’t be dying out, right?

So although you definitely want to do something to save the conversation, asking her out isn’t going to bring the convo back to life! If anything, it’s the death blow.

Next time you sense the Tinder conversation is dying, do this instead:

Use the personality slice.

Omfg just had the most amazing tacos!

I’m glad this place is far away from where I live or I’d be looking like the Michelin Man

What’s the last time you had good takeaway?

If this doesn’t make sense to you now, no worries.

I explain EVERYTHING about the ‘personality slice’ in my seminar recording.

You can watch it by clicking the gold button at the end of the article.

8. Find common interests

If you want her to like you, you have to find interests you have in common right?

True. I do have one important warning though: you need to know WHEN is the right time for common interests.

Just talking about common interests doesn’t attract someone. It’s tempting to go back to being all enthusiastic about your hobbies and share your passions.

This, however, is how you build friendships. Not how you build attraction.

So if you find commonalities early in your conversation, tease your match about it. Play with it. Use it as a running joke throughout your Tinder conversation.

It’s cool that she knows you have something in common. But only go into rants about your commonalities when she is clearly attracted to you.

And even then, tease her occasionally.

Common interests are important and make it easier to talk, but keep in mind you have to build attraction first before building friendships.

9. Keep your texts short and snappy

Here’s something you need to carve into your brain.

Strangers don’t have time to respond to walls of text.

Why? Two-fold.

Firstly, you’re putting her on the spot. If you send her a long text, it almost becomes rude for her to send you something short.

Secondly, most guys send walls of text to impress her.

Just look at this screenshot from one of my clients. Things were going well until he realized they had a shared interest.

Then he chose (perhaps unconsciously) to convince her how special and good they are for each other.

Her reaction?

Although text from my client is about diving and stuff, he’s actually saying: “OMG. I’m so glad this girl also dives. I’ll go ahead and tell her half of my life story. I hope we get married soon. <3″

So here’s the rule of thumb I want you to keep in mind from now on:

Whenever you have something in common, take a breath, and have fun with it.

Here’s a playful reaction to her last text, where she writes:

I did some dives in greece and indonesia

Wow I didn’t know I was talking to a pro

We should dive together some time

I’m only used to diving in kiddy pools, so there might be a lot of screaming and crying involved

10. Switch up your response time

Should you ‘punish’ a girl who’s a slow texter by being slow to reply yourself?

Absolutely not. And that’s great! Because now you can finally start doing it right.

Because what happens if you also choose to reply slowly? You suck all the flow out of the Tinder conversation so that she’ll lose interest.

My strategy? Forget all formulas and revenge plans. Text back when you can. This means that if you get a text and can answer right away, you actually do that.

WARNING: Are you always available because you have nothing going on? Then this will obviously make you seem unattractive. You’re just too available.

So create a fun life for yourself so that you’re not always glued to your phone! Once you’re doing cool stuff with your life, you’ll automatically be a little unpredictable with your response time.

11. Ask her fun questions

The other day, I was on a Tinder date, and the girl was complaining about all the guys on the dating app. How every guy was asking her “If she’s done something fun lately or is planning to.”

She described this as generic and vague. Or in her own words:

“What do you MEAN? Do you think I don’t do fun stuff? AND how bored are you to ask me such a senseless question?”

As she left my place the next day, I texted her:

Have you done anything fun lately?

She thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, this all means that the best questions to ask her are original and relevant to her and the conversation!

If you’re talking about food, it’s kinda weird to suddenly ask her about how many siblings she has. If you actually are talking about food, it’d be better to ask:

I’ve got in my fridge: hummus, red pepper, pure chocolate, and mozzarella. What would you make for me, chef?

See how playful this is?

Anyway, here are a bunch more creative and playful questions that you can use at the right time:

  • What’s your next holiday destination and when are we going?
  • I see you’re a [profession]. Would you still pick that if you could be anything?
  • Would you rather date Chandler or Ross?
  • You seem very outgoing. Were you already like that in high school?
  • What would you do if you could be a man for a day?
  • What’s your most played Spotify song of this year?
  • It seems like you have a lot of hobbies. What’s something that you’d like to do more of if you had the time?

Holy Tip:

I keep my 10 best lines to keep the convo going for my most loyal fans.

Click here to see if you’re worthy.

For more great Tinder questions to ask, check out this article:

12. Send GIFs

If you time your animated GIF’s right, they are a great way of having fun and arousing emotions.

They make your Tinder conversation more interesting and make your match laugh.

Text is very one-dimensional. So you have to be quite the writer to craft messages that really make her laugh.

However, GIFs are an easy way to show more personality.

Check out this article where I explain exactly how to use GIFs:

13. Fix your mistakes

Look, it’s awesome to match a girl and meet up with her hours later. But it’s also not the most realistic.

Sometimes meeting up with women will go fast, but much more often than not it’ll go slow. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

As long as you’re being chill and playful, she’ll HIGHLY likely get excited to meet you!

Go too fast, however, and you’ll mess everything up.

Here’s an example of someone who I’ll call, Mr. Robot. You can see how he tries to keep the text conversation going in the example below:

And what he’s consistently doing, is not understanding where she’s at.

He keeps pushing for a meet-up even though she’s CLEARLY not into it yet.

  • Even after she says she’s a ‘good girl,’ he’s fishing for a get-together in the early hours of the morning.
  • He then promises to drive her home like a gentleman after ‘hanging out.’
  • Finally, he hits the last nail in the conversational coffin with his marriage comment. He has so many of them lined up he doesn’t know when he can plan their marriage.

But despite all his mistakes, he could have probably recovered if he followed my techniques from the Over The Top Textgame workshop.

Just like my client does in this Tinder screenshot:

Now, you don’t just have to be a paying customer to enjoy the benefits of my wisdom.

I’ve also created a FREE giftbox that will make it easy for you to continue your Tinder conversations.

You can find it down below and use my tips and lines to ask her out on a date this week!

Enjoy, my friend.

Louis Farfields

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