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77 Texts That Actually Work To Make a Girl Blush

You have a girl in your life who you like.

And you want to make her weak in the knees with your masculine mojo.


Because you’re about to get 77 texts that actually work to make a girl blush.

To make it easy on you, I’ve separated the texts into 4 different categories:

  • Match from Tinder (or any other dating platform)
  • Girl you know from real life
  • Girl you’re dating
  • Girlfriend

NOTE: Some text examples won’t make her blush as much as they will make her smile or feel special. So still high quality stuff that’ll make her like you.

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

20 Texts that will make your online crush blush


If you’re stuck in a boring conversation, use the next line.

I love it when you talk math to me

Obviously replace ‘math’ with any topic she’s currently talking about.


Can be both used as an opener or halfway through the conversation.

You know why I swiped you right?


Because you’ve got great taste in men


There’s a Mewtwo at my house. You better come catch it


Hey, I got some flowers for you

(flower emoji)


When the vibe is good and you want to ask her out.

You. Me. Pizza. Tonight


A flirty text for when she clearly likes you. If that’s difficult for you to recognize, check out my article with 19 signs that tell if a girl likes you over text.

Be honest. You’ve been waiting for my text all day


When she says something that can be interpreted in a naughty way, but you’re not sure if she’s ready to hear it.

I have an an inappropriate reply to your text but I’m too shy


When she said something awesome.

Fucking steal my oversized hoodies already


When she said something awesome part 2.

Sleep over and touch me with your cold feet already


If you feel a spark and you want to go for it in a cocky way.

I got some room in my schedule next Thursday. You think you can handle seeing me IRL?

Here are two bonus lines to text a girl you REALLY like:


If she blows you away with a cool answer and you want to offer her a nice home cooked meal.

That settles it. You’re coming over to try my (INSERT MEAL)

You can cheer me on and top up our wine glasses


Did she say something cool but you don’t think she’s ready to see you?

Try this text.

Marry me


A playful date suggestion.

Let’s do drinks next week. As long as you promise not to get too handsy


An easy to use flirty text.

Just finished my workout and you’re so not ready for my my hot bod


Standard push pull.

I was doubting whether I should speak my mind and say you’re cute

But then I remembered I’m European and I’m already impressed if a girl shaves her armpits

You can obviously replace ‘European’ with something else that better fits you.

Maybe ‘country bumpkin’, ‘math geek’ or ‘e-gamer’.

Get creative.


Playful date suggestion.

If you’re hungry I can cook you anything you like as long as it’s pasta


Playful and flirty text you can use any time.

I don’t want to go too far too fast

But I’m using the last 2% of my battery to text you back

Just sayin


When you just had an amazing meal and want to make your convo more sexual.

Hnnnngg. Just had the best burgers ever. Almost arousing


Only use the next lines if you’re quickly texting back and forth.

One sex

Oops. Meant one sec

Autocorrect is clearly reading my mind


A playful tease which will make you 69 times cooler than the average guy.

You’re trying to go vegan? Wow that’s so rare for cute girls on Tinder 😘

Girl from real life (how to escape the friendzone)

Not sure if you’re in the friendzone?

Check this video to make sure:


Great tease for when you’re ‘just’ friends and want to be more.

I have a feeling our friendship isn’t going to work out


Ever since I made platinum in league of legends I became out of your league


A playful challenge for when she suggests hanging out.

Only if you behave yourself


Another playful challenge that will make her see you as boyfriend material.

Like before, use it when she invites you to meet up IRL.

Okay. As long as you honor my strict no-touching policy.

Haha okay

Promise? I’m looking pretty yummy thanks to my 10 push ups a month routine

Hahaa yes!!


Another line that makes her view you as a potential boyfriend but that also leads to a date.

I just got a new fragrance. Want to smell and rate it for me?


Cool. Just don’t fall in love with me when you find out how amazing I smell now


When she says something you disagree with or is just really fun to disagree with.

I’m pretty sure this is a crime against humanity

The image is actually a GIF which you can find by typing in ‘disgusted’ in a GIF library.


When she says something that can be misinterpreted for something x-rated.

I do garden but not as often as I’d like

Are we sure we’re still talking about gardening?

Obviously replace ‘gardening’ with whatever makes sense for the convo.


Use this any time she talks about something BIG.

Or anything size related really.

Size does matter???



A fun challenge that may lead to a date.

Be honest, do you think you can beat me at a video or board game?

Yes actually

omfg. Bring it on, Donkey Kong!!


When going on a solo date feels too scary, suggest a big get together.

(Communal friend) and me are going out for drinks this Friday. You should come too. Invite some friends if you like


When she says something silly or that you disagree with (the more insignificant the better):

You know, sometimes I wonder why we’re not an item

And then you say something like that and it all makes sense

For more on how to make her your girlfriend, check out this article:

Making the girl you’re dating blush and feel special


When she’s going through a rough week.

If you’re reading this message, nothing can stop you from having an incredible day


When she’s doing something difficult.

Good luck defending your thesis today! xoxo


If you had to get up early and want to say hi.

I’m not sure what I’m doing up this early, but I refuse to suffer through this alone. Morning, buddy

For more morning texts, check out this article:


When you want to make her understand the sacrifice.

I actually let myself die in league of legends so I could answer your text

Cupid could learn a thing or 2 from me


Do you want to know a secret?


You smell absolutely amazing

I can still smell you on my clothes


When she’s having a bit of a row with her boss.

Before you leave your house, remember: there’s always a chance your boss will be carried off by a pack of hungry wolves

You can replace ‘boss’ with colleague or whatever else applies to her situation.


Some self deprecating humor.

I just heard a song from my Spotify on shuffle and it describes your affection for me perfectly

What song?

Shut Up by Cal Scruby



A chill date invitation.

The new season of Rick and Morty just dropped and I just ordered Dominoes

You in?


If you want to flirt.

I just imagined you without clothes on

And there’s nothing you can do about it 😉


Make her feel wanted.

I’m having a rough day and I need a virtual huggggg


If she can use some motivation.

I hereby give you the power to kick some ass today, and karate chop the shit out of anyone who slows down your train of awesome – sensei Louis


Not gonna lie

Seeing a notification from you is like taking a little shot of espresso


Just hopped out of the shower without drying off to text you back #commitment


I can’t concentrate at work because I can smell your perfume on me 😩


Setting her up for something naughty.

Seeing your notification on my phone is like finding an extra chicken nugget in my Happy Meal

But where’s my toy? 😉


Just got a new fragrance but I’m afraid to wear it tonight


Because I don’t want you to fall in love with me and get clingy

Haha you wish


I’m going to grab some sushi after work tonight. You down?


Okay, so I casually mentioned you to my friends

And every dude (and 1 gal) wants to steal you from me when I screw things up #truefriendship


When she said or did something you like.

Haha brilliant

That earned you a kiss. You can have it anywhere you like, but your prize expires in 3 days


If you come by my apartment tonight, I’ll make it worth the trip


Hit her with some juicy clickbait.

I feel a bit embarrassed to tell it to you, but I had a dream about you last night


When she blows you away with her affection.

If you happen to see me right now, I’m not blushing

My cheeks are just red from ehh… exhaustion after beating up 10 bad guys


You know what I like most about you?


How far you go out of your way to help your friends. That’s really rare and sweet 🙂


I’m a bit embarrassed to say, but every time my phone buzzes I hope it’s you


Making your girlfriend blush and feel special


Be the Bella to my Edward. I want to get high and eat you

In a good way 😉


Come over. I can’t even smell you on my bed sheets anymore


I’m playing league and hiding in the brush to text you back

If that’s not romantic I don’t know what is


You know, when we met all I wanted was to date a cute chick. But now you’re making me feel all these feelings!


They say making out burns calories and I’m in need of a workout


I’m ordering food later. You in?


I want to wrap us up in a blanket like a love burrito


I miss you


It was so good seeing you today


I don’t have any pads for my coffee machine. Could you please tell me something nice to get me through the day?


Hey, sexy


Just discovered a new way to make you dripping wet

What? 🥴

Go outside. It’s like stepping into a fucking waterfall


I just offered an old lady my bus seat and she gave me a hard candy

When is the last time you thanked me with food? #knowyourworth


My life has become so much better over the years

And I couldn’t have done it without you


I’m really glad that you’re part of my life


Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, girl

Your latest Instagram pic 🥴🥴


If I could turn back time, I’d only fix one mistake

That I didn’t find you sooner


If she sent you a photo of herself.

I love it when you send me pictures of yourself


I know our love isn’t like a rom com, but it’s still my favorite love story


I love the way you taste


I wanna tie you up and have my way with you


I have a surprise for you

And you’re going to have to wait to see what it is


I can’t focus and I blame you!

These were the 77 texts that actually work to make a girl blush.

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You can grab them here for free.


Louis Farfields

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