12 Easy (But Effective) Ways to Make Her Miss You Over Text

You’re into someone. Perhaps even crushing on them.

But the person you like isn’t giving you the attention you want.

So you want to know how to make a girl miss you over text.

You’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what you’re about to get.

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The biggest reason why she doesn’t already miss you

Making someone miss you isn’t as simple as replacing a broken lightbulb. To miss you, she first has to already be attracted to you. After all, if you’re important to her, she will long for you.

If she’s pulling back, it means one of two things:

  • She was never into you, she was just being friendly. (There is no remedy for a lack of attraction, your only option is to move on.)
  • You did something that turned her off.

If the latter is the case, your first job is to reignite the attraction she once felt for you.

How do you do that? By following the advice in the rest of the article.

Not sure if you have a chance with her? Go over your text convo and look for signs of interest.

1. Be the prize

Curious about what women look for in a man? Let me tell you.

Every woman wants to feel like she’s dating a man that other girls want too.


Because that man has options. And if he chooses to be with her, she’ll feel like one out of thousands. Almost like she’s won a prize.

But if she senses that the guy who’s hollering at her has zero luck with women, she won’t be into it. She’ll feel like he’s just a starving man who will eat anything he can get his hands on.

What does this mean for you?

Communicate with her as if you have other women interested in you. (Ideally, you will have attention from other girls.)

What does that look like? At its most basic: non-neediness.

Don’t chase mega hard, don’t shower her with compliments, don’t text her 24/7, and be prepared to walk away if she doesn’t fit your standards.

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2. Give her less attention

Here comes a tip that’s going to make you wildly more attractive to women.

Most men who regularly have girl troubles have a neurotic brain that’s constantly going:

“Why hasn’t she texted me back? Why isn’t she paying attention to me? Does she still like me?”

Questions that motivate you to send her over-eager texts that will slay all the attraction you built.

Drop all that.

The key to making someone miss you over text lies inside the next mantra: mystery enhances attraction.

This little nugget is so powerful that it can even enhance a long-term relationship. But that’s a subject for another time.

For now, understand that the strongest tool to make her miss you over text is her imagination. Whenever she doesn’t know what you’re up to, she has no choice but to dream up an answer.

And since she can’t ever be sure, she’ll keep thinking about you.

So take away some of your attention so she has the space to wonder about you.

3. Have an exciting social media presence

When the typical guy likes a girl, he makes one huge mistake. He makes her the center of his universe.

Suddenly, he doesn’t care about all the other stuff he has going on in his life. Only her.

That’s a huge turn-off for women.


Because with all the attention you’re giving her, she feels that she already has you. And unless you’re already a couple, she’ll probably be a little turned off.

After all, there’s no challenge left.

That’s why it’s important to keep all your plates spinning. Don’t just focus on her as the source of your entertainment.

Look for fun in everything you do. Hanging out with friends, improving your career, working on your fitness, getting better at your hobbies, seeing the world, and so on.

Suddenly, you don’t need to be occupied with her all the time. You’re out having fun without her too.

Once a woman sees you’re living an exciting life through your socials, she wants to be part of it.

Her making plans to get your attention.

4. Play a little hard to get

The next topic is greatly misunderstood and is usually doing more harm than good.

Playing hard to get.

We’ve all heard that playing hard to get is a powerful way to raise attraction. But almost nobody does it well. In fact, most people get it WRONG.

They’ll reply to texts super late. They’ll shorten their messages. They’ll be less interested and stop asking questions.

What’s wrong with that behavior?

It makes you seem cold. Perhaps even a bit of an a-hole.

Which, truth be told, can work. But I generally recommend against being an ass.

The most successful way to play hard to get is to be aloof but warm.

In other words: you make her wait a little for your attention and answers, but once you give her your attention, you do it in a playful and positive way.

Let me give you a concrete example.

Suppose she sent you a text in the early morning. Don’t answer her right away. Don’t even answer her 3 hours later.

Make her wait until the evening and finally send her:

I’ve had such a busy and fun day. Hope you did too

Anway, I’m going to bed because I can’t human anymore. Night night

If she’s used to getting replies on the regular, this is GREAT for making her miss you.

Not only are you making her wait for almost an entire day…

…once you do send her a text, you instantly end the conversation by saying you’re going to bed.

What all this does is say, “I’m living my life and you’re nothing but one of my many fun distractions.”

Trust me, dude. You’ll be one of the last thoughts she has before she goes off to dreamland.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to give her a good mix of fast and slow replies. If you only reply slowly, you’re acting like a douche.

5. Make yourself unpredictable

What makes a girl miss you over text is the same as what makes the first 6 months of a relationship so addictive.

Exciting novelty.

When you’re a new couple, everything is a new and thrilling experience. Even something as basic as getting to know each other feels like uncovering a treasure.

You want to create the same experience over text.


Let me give you some examples:

  • Vary the flavor of your texts. Go back and forth between funny, flirty, teasy, challenging, chill, and interesting.
  • Replying at different hours of the day. For instance, if you usually reply at lunch, reply at dinner.
  • If you usually reply a few times per day, respond only once.
  • If you normally send her texts, answer her with a voice message.
  • Send her the occasional photo of a personal highlight.
  • If you always answer all her questions, skip them or don’t give away the answer so easily
  • And so on.

Because you’re keeping things fresh, she’ll never know what to expect, and always be looking forward to your next text.

6. Don’t always play along

I get it, dude. If you’re crushing on her, every fiber in your body wants to give her what she wants.

Why would you play coy if she asks you a question? Or why would you play hard to get if she suggests meeting up?

Simple. It’s fun!

Playfully rejecting her questions or date suggestions is exciting to her.

That’s what we dating coaches call, teasing or flirting. An activity that studies show almost all humans enjoy.

Let me give you a common texting example.

Suppose she asks you what you do for work.

What do you for a living?

Don’t tell the truth right away. Have fun with it!

You know that line at weddings: speak now or forever hold your peace?

I get hired to speak up

Here’s another playful answer you can use:


There may be a prize in it for you 🏆

If she enjoys the way you make her feel over text, she’ll want and miss you.

7. Mirror her level of investment

One of the most common reasons a guy loses a woman’s interest is attention.

He simply gives her too much of it. And that makes him feel cheap.

So unless she’s your girlfriend, you want to mirror what she’s giving you.

Is she giving you 30% of what you’d like to get? Then you want to match that, no matter how much you like her. Which may be tough, especially if you’re crushing on her.

But giving her space is what allows her to invest in you. What makes that so important?

People tend to value what they’ve worked hard to earn.

Once she sees that she only gets from you what she gives back, she’ll be motivated to text more.

For more tips on how

8. Have a healthy amount of standards

Here’s my favorite way to make a girl miss me over text: having a healthy amount of standards.

In case you didn’t know, human attraction has LOTS to do with respect and boundary setting.

Take someone with unrealistic standards. They’re high maintenance and impossible to satisfy. No thanks.

Someone with no standards is also unattractive. They’re easy. You can impress that person just by existing. Another dealbreaker.

But someone with the right amount of confidence and self-love who doesn’t let anyone cross that line…?

That’s sexy and challenges people to rise and meet those standards.

After all, being approved by someone who has high standards is a huge compliment.

Here are some example texts to inspire you:

  • [When she says a dirty word] “Hey, no cursing! My mother reads my messages”.
  • [When they ask you what you’re into] “I think honesty is sexy AF”.
  • [When she says makes you laugh] “Haha that joke was fire”.

9. Leave on a high note

When it comes to making someone miss you over text, it’s all about leaving a lasting impression.

And what’s more lasting than ending a text exchange on a positive?

When you leave the convo rest on a highlight, the special feelings will linger long after.

So if you feel like you’ve already reached the the height of the conversation, end it there for the day. Then you’ll leave them wanting more. Making them eager for the next time.

10. Show her you care

Being interested and paying attention is one of the most powerful ways to make someone feel seen.

And that’s one of her greatest desires.

So be curious about what she’s up to in her life and then check in about the important stuff. Like how her last trip to Bordeaux was or how she’s feeling about her new apartment.

You’ll be one of the few who’s so involved in her life. And if you ever pull that interest away a little, your absence will be greatly felt.

11. Create inside jokes

Another great way to make her miss you over text is by emphasizing your special connection.

You probably can’t make yourself the most important in her life. But you can create a unique bond that she doesn’t share with anyone else.


By creating one or several inside jokes. It doesn’t even have to be complicated. Just pay attention to what she’s into. Like a TV show, hobby, or favorite animal.

Is Breaking Bad her favorite series? Then reply to her texts with fitting reaction GIFs from Walter White.

Does she love dogs? Then make a little video of a cute pupper whenever you see one outside and send it to her.

These things will make her feel like the two of you have something special.

12. Text her at bedtime

One trick to getting a girl to miss you is to make sure you’re the last person she talks to that day.

Your conversation doesn’t even need to be that special. Heck, it can even be an exchange of a handful of texts. Or a brief phone call if you like.

By being on her mind right before she goes to bed, the odds are big that she’ll be thinking of you as she falls asleep.

Plus, she’ll most likely be available because she’s getting ready to end the day. That way she can give you her undivided attention.

Easy ways to make her miss you over text – Summary

The best way to make a girl miss you over text is by making yourself a valuable and attractive person to her.

How do you do that? Some quick pointers:

  • Have a fun life outside of her.
  • Be curious but willing to walk away if she doesn’t have what you’re after.
  • Limit the time you spend with each other.
  • Give her a fun and flirty time whenever you interact.
  • Interact with other girls to keep yourself from acting desperate.

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