7 Easy (But Effective) Ways to Make Her Miss You Over Text

You’re into someone.

Perhaps even crushing on them.

But the person you like isn’t giving you the attention you want.

So you want to know how to make a girl miss you over text.

You’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what you’re about to discover.

You get:

  • 7 Tips on how to make her miss you over text
  • The biggest reason why she doesn’t already miss you
  • An effective strategy for becoming the man she sexually desires
  • 8 Stealable text examples to make her miss you
  • A powerful seduction principle that you can use to attract any girl

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The biggest reason why she doesn’t already miss you

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how much you mean to your crush.

You’ve most likely been chatting with a girl, perhaps even dating, and you’ve hit a plateau.

She’s not giving you the signs that she likes you.

And you’re just not making any progress in this ‘relationship’.

So how do you make her miss you over text?

Not that fast.

For starters, you need to know why she lifted her foot off the gas: the attraction was killed.

Which could be due to things out of your influence. But usually it’s something you did or said.

So your first job is to reignite the attraction she once felt for you.

You have to be the man she wants. The man she desires sexually.

How do you do that?

Read about it in the next tip.

#1: How to be the man she desires so she misses you

Here comes a tip that’s going to make you wildly more attractive to women.

Most men who regularly have girl troubles have a neurotic brain that’s constantly going:

“Why hasn’t she texted me back? Why isn’t she paying attention to me? Does she still like me?”

Questions that motivate you to send her over-eager texts that will slay all the attraction you built.

So drop all that.

The key to making someone miss you over text lies inside the next mantra:

Mystery enhances attraction.

(We’ll be going over several ways to become more mysterious throughout the article.)

This little nugget is so powerful that it can even enhance a long-term relationship. But that’s a subject for another time.

For now, let’s concentrate on how to use mystery to raise attraction with any woman.

Which is…

Have a powerful reason to get up in the morning.

That may sound like motivational mumbo jumbo, but it’s not.

Once a woman sees you’re giving a passion project 90% of your attention, she wants to fight for that remaining 10%.

Her making plans to get your attention.


Because she’s suddenly not getting all the attention she’s used to. Not because you’re withholding your urge to text her all the time… but because you’ve actually got your purpose on your mind! And if she likes that attention, she’ll miss you and feel that you’re slipping away.

And she won’t let that happen. At least, if you’re someone who brightens her day.

Which you’ll easily do if you master the trick in the next tip.

#2: How to get her to think about you non-stop

The next topic is greatly misunderstood and is usually doing more harm than good.

Playing hard to get.

We’ve all heard that playing hard to get is a powerful way to raise attraction. But nobody really does it well.

In fact, most people play hard to get WRONG.

They’ll reply to texts super late. They’ll shorten their messages. They’ll be less interested and stop asking questions.

What’s wrong with that behavior?

It makes you seem cold. Perhaps even a bit of an a-hole.

Which, truth be told, can work. But I generally recommend against being an ass.

Generally, the most successful way to play hard to get is to be…

warm but mysterious.

In other words: you make her wait a little for your attention and answers, but once you give her your attention, you do it in a playful and positive way.

Let me give you a concrete example.

Suppose she sent you a text in the early morning.

Don’t answer her right away. Don’t even answer her 3 hours later.

Make her wait until the evening and finally send her:

I’ve had such a busy and fun day. Hope you did too

Anway, I’m going to bed because I can’t human anymore. Night night

If she’s used to getting replies on the regular, this is GREAT for making her miss you.

Not only are you making her wait for almost an entire day…

…once you do send her a text, you instantly end the conversation by saying you’re going to bed.

What all this does is say, “I’m living my life and you’re nothing but one of my many fun distractions.”

Trust me, dude. You’ll be one of the last thoughts she has before she goes off to dreamland.

But there is one thing you don’t want to get twisted…

#3: Be mysterious, not uninterested

Being mysterious is NOT a license to be unreliable or deceitful.

That’ll most likely ruin your odds of seeing her.

I write ‘most likely’ because some girls love men who are trouble.

But this is not the type of person you want to be building a relationship with, so let’s not go down that rabbithole.

If you want to make a woman miss you over text, creating distance and mystery really works.

As we saw in the previous tip, making her wait for a day can really make your attention feel much more valuable to her. Which in turn makes her more likely to chase you.

But, and this is a big BUT…

…you don’t always want to make her wait a long time for your texts. (If that’s the way you’re keeping the relationship fresh.)

Because then that becomes the new pattern of communication.

And once something is a pattern, it’s no longer mysterious.

If you’re no longer a mystery, you’re no longer as attractive.

What does this mean?

To make her miss you over text, you want to be strategically mysterious.

Which means switching up your communication style:

  • Replying on different hours of the day. For instance, if you usually reply at lunch, reply at dinner.
  • If you usually reply on a daily basis, make her wait for a day
  • If you normally send her texts, answer her with a voice message
  • If you always use GIFs, answer using nothing but word and your wit
  • If you always answer all her questions, skip them or don’t give away the answer so easily
  • And so on

If she doesn’t know what to expect, you’ll keep her on her toes.

And that’s attractive. Because that’s what the man of her dreams also does.

The spontaneous phone call is another great weapon in your arsenal. Check out this article for a 60-second phone script that’ll have her thinking of you.

#4: Don’t always play along

I get it, dude. If you’re crushing on her, every fibre in your body wants to give her what she wants.

Why would you play coy if she asks you a question? Or why would you play hard to get if she suggests meeting up?


It’s fun!

Playfully rejecting her questions or date suggestions is exciting to her.

And is better known as teasing or flirting. An activity that studies show almost all humans enjoy.

And an activity that most guys get wrong.

Here’s a scenario I often see:

Guy tells girl he’s doing something fun.

My friends and I just set off and are sailing over a gorgeous lake

She answers enthusiastically.

That sounds great!

He suggests a date.

We could go boating next week if you like

Terrible. That’s way too eager.

Don’t go for the date right away. Enjoy texting for a bit.

Suppose she asks you what you do for a living.

What do you for a living?

Be silly:

You know that line at weddings: speak now or forever hold your peace?

I get hired to speak up

Here’s another playful answer you can use :


There may be a prize in it for you 🏆

Now she’ll most likely want to know what the prize is, so have an answer at the ready.

Anyway, I hope you feel that these answers are fun to read.

The lady you’re interested in will feel the same.

And of she enjoys the way you make her feel over text, she’ll definitely miss you.

#5: Why she doesn’t miss you right now

All the above advice is worthless if you don’t solve the issue that made her lose interest in the first place.

Although it’s possible she lost interest because of things outside of your influence. Like her being overwhelmed by real life stuff.

It’s most likely that you did something wrong.

Otherwise she’d miss you and eventually get back to you over text.

But if that hasn’t happened, you probably caused her to lose interest.

So what did you do?

Although I can’t say for sure, 9/10 times a guy pushes a woman away it has to do with this.


He’s just giving her too much of his time and attention.

Which makes him seem cheap. Not unlike a doormat.

So unless she’s your girlfriend, you want to mirror what she’s giving you.

Is she giving you 30%? Then you want to match that, no matter how much you like her.

Which may be tough, especially if you’re crushing on her.

So here’s some advice that’ll make it easier to decrease your attention:

If you truly like this girl and want to get into a long-lasting relationship with her, you MUST give her the opportunity to give back by giving less.

Because a relationship that only has one person trying to make it work is not a relationship.

Not one that you want to be a part of anyway.

Which brings me to the next tip.

#6: How to become the most attractive man you can be

Some snacks have this crazy property that no matter how many you eat, you won’t get full. You just can’t get enough.

An attractive man is just like that.

And here’s how you become like him.

First, a little more about those heavenly snacks.

The reason they’re so amazing is that they’ve reached the bliss point:

The perfect combination between sweet and salt.

Human attraction also has a bliss point.

And you reach it by striking the right balance between…

…impossible standards and no standards.

Someone who’s impossible to satisfy is too high maintenance. Maybe even aggressive. No thanks.

Someone with no standards is easy. You didn’t need to do anything to impress that person. Huge turn off.

But someone with the right amount of confidence and self-love who doesn’t let anyone cross that line…?

That’s sexy and challenges people to rise up and meet those standards.

After all, being approved by someone who has high standards is a huge compliment.

So the first step to becoming attractive enough to make her miss you, is to have standards.

And the next step is to show them.

How to do that you’ll see in the next tip.

#7:  How to make her want more and miss you over text

Telling a woman you barely know about what you want in a partner is a recipe for disaster.

It’ll make you seem like a huge grump.

But never hinting at what you’re looking for in a partner is also a bad look.

So the key to showing your standards is dropping hints about them.

That way you won’t come across as overly demanding or a harmless glob of goo that she can do with as she pleases.

So how do you drop these mysterious hints?

At times where SHE tries to escalate the conversation and get flirty with you.

So, texts like this.

So when are you going to ask me out for drinks?

If you’ve been applying the tricks and techniques from the above tips, you’ll be getting plenty of those types of texts.

Now, how do you reply in those flirty situations and subtly show her your standards?

Using the above example, something like this.

I’d love to

But I’m a lady and you should ask me out ✨✨✨

By not pouncing on the first opportunity, you’re creating all this beautiful tension. These sparks and fireworks.

Plus, she sees that you don’t go out with just anyone. Which makes her feel special. Even if you’re just being playful rather than serious.

Most importantly, you’re showing her the door she can walk through, only if she has what it takes.

And that’s powerful stuff which makes her want you.

If she can’t have you, it’ll make her miss you.

That was almost everything you need to know how to make someone miss you over text.

There’s just one important thing I left out.

You can’t win ‘em all.

I know it stings, but sometimes she’s just not right for you.

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