7 Tips to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text

You like someone and want to get to know them better.

Only that person doesn’t know your intentions.

And while you know you should speak up, you don’t know what to say.

No problem.

Because you’re about to get 7 tips to tell someone you like them through text.

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Should you tell someone you like them?

It all depends on the context.

If you know or have a strong feeling that they like you back, it’s perfectly safe to tell you like them. But do you barely know the other person?

Then sharing your feelings tends to come across as low-value or even a little creepy.


Because you’re falling for a stranger! The other person has done little to nothing to make you like them and yet you do. What does that say about you? That you’re easily impressed and have low standards.

Not particularly attractive.

Two texts to send to the girl you like

When you REA-HEA-HEALLY like a girl, you tend to overthink every text you send her.

And that often makes your messages really meh.

Never again, because I’m about to reveal to you two simple and effective texts that make her like you! Just click play on the video below.

1. Don’t make a big stink ouf of it

Even if you think she likes you, there’s always a chance you’ll get rejected. So how do you go about telling someone you like them?

Keep it subtle.

We’ve all seen marriage proposals gone wrong. A guy in the middle of a crowded shopping mall walking with his girl, suddenly drops to one knee.

He looks up and sees his future wife has already sprinted halfway down the parking lot.

These public declarations of love may seem like #goals, but are super stressful for the person being proposed to.

The only right time for big gestures of romance is when you’ve been actively dating for a few months. And even then, you probably don’t want to make a public spectacle out of it.

Instead, keep it light and occasionally compliment the cool and fun things she says and does.

2. Recognize when she’s not interested

Here’s some tough news: she may not be into you. Harsh but it might be true.

These are the 5 most common signals that she’s not into you.

  1. She’s a slow texter. No matter how busy she is, if a girl likes you she will find time to reply to your texts on time.
  2. She’s not investing. Replies are not enough to prove she’s into you. Look at the ratio. You should both be investing an equal amount in the conversation.
  3. She only texts when she’s bored. A girl who’s into you will text you throughout the day, not just at times when she’s got nothing to do. She will reply even when she’s supposed to be doing other things.
  4. She doesn’t show much emotion. A girl who likes you is excited by you. So she’ll be laughing a lot, using butt loads of emojis and long quick bursts of texts.
  5. She does not drop hints that she wants to meet up. If you never get texts like, Your home cooking looks delicious! I’d really like to try some one day :)” then she’s probably not into you.

Do you recognize some of the above signs? Then it’s not smart to tell her how you feel. Instead, you need to make her like you first.

Learn all about it in the next tip. Or read this article:

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3. Know when she’s into you

If she shows you a mix of these 7 signs, she’ll be happy to hear that you like her.

Let’s check them out.

  1. She’s impressed BY you. She may really admire your work ethic, how you deal with adversity, or your dope ass Pokémon collection.
  2. She replies quickly. She gets back to you fast and at all hours of the day.
  3. She sends you photos of herself. It might be a selfie, a photo of her legs at the beach, or something in between huehue.
  4. She talks in volumes. She doesn’t just send you a couple of texts, but a wall of texts.
  5. She talks to you about he day. A great sign, as long as she’s flirting with you. Otheriwse, you may already be in the dasterdly friendzone.
  6. She thinks that you’re funny. If you make her laugh all the time, she’s probably into you.
  7. She asks you questions. Girls typically don’t show interest in your life unless she plans on keeping you around.

Does your crush give you several of the above signs? She’s probably into you, dude. Better send her a Whatsapp, iMessage, or DM to show that you like her.

Can’t you tell if she likes you yet? Check out the next article:

4. Be a challenge

This is why so many girls you like grow distant: you’re giving her too much attention.

Now the investment ratio is all askew.

You’re constantly signaling to her that you’re interested even though she’s not doing much to earn your interest.

That’s fine, if she’s already into you.

But if she’s still on the fence about you, it’s a bit of a turnoff. After all, she’s barely invested any time in you and she already feels like she won you over. That’s like winning a trophy for a race you didn’t even compete in.

That doesn’t feel right.

That’s why you want to be more of a challenge. The part for unconditional loving will come later, Romeo.

Invest in her as much as she invests in you.

  • Match her speed of texting
  • Match her text output
  • Match her curiosity

By going tit for tat, you’re slowly becoming closer to each other without seeming desperate. Now you’re equally interested.

IMPORTANT: Being a challenge doesn’t mean being a douche. Always stay warm and positive. Just make sure to invest as much into your blooming relationship as her.

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5. Get her to chase you with these 3 texts

This one little thing is one of the most important components of attraction. Yet, almost no one is aware of it:

Women like men that have standards.


Because it means that if they do end up with the guy, he chose her because she matched or even exceeded his expectations.

In other words, she was special to him. And EVERY girl wants to feel special.

Most guys, however, have only one criteria: is she gettable?

Fair enough. But if that’s the energy you give her, then she believes the odds that she can have you are…

*shakes magic eight ball*

“Without a doubt.”

And if she hasn’t done anything to earn that lovely reward, she figures that she’s replaceable. After all, you haven’t shown that you care about her. So instead of special, she now feels icky.

So how do you make her chase you? By showing you care about what type of women you spend your time with!

A bit abstract. So let me give you 3 texts that do the trick.

Starting with the first example:



Geeeez are you always this uninspiredy? It’s your turn to entertain me 😘

This shows that you like to be around people who put in some effort.

Hey, what else is cool about you besides being able to (look sexy while eating a slice of  pizza)

This shows that you care about more than just looks.

Random generic question

None of your goddamn business


(gives answer)

And the above text sequence shows that you like be around people who can take a joke.

6. How to tell someone you like them over text

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…how to show tell your crush you like her over text.

Definitely not like this.

Louise, over the last few weeks I’ve been developing feelings for you. And… I like you. A lot. And I think we should go out… sometime?

Even if she likes you, you’ve put her into a tough spot, she either has to yes to the date or reject you entirely. There’s little wiggle room for if she’s not quite ready yet.

That’s why you want to tell her you like her in a subtle way. Now the whole ordeal doesn’t feel like a huge proposal. It feels more like a playful hint.

What’s the best way to do that over text?

Well, there’s many. And all of them involve creating some level of sexual tension.

But this next technique will have her fantasizing about you.

I call it…


You probably tend to talk in your conversations about “you” and “me”. Which emphasizes you’re not together.

You’re just two individuals talking.

But if you talk about “us” and “we”, you’re creating the idea of togetherness.

About being friends who go on adventures. Or a married couple who are about to break up.

Just like what happened to coach Jay:


*holds back tear*

Seriously though, creating fun scenarios together is a super powerful way to show interest.

Heck, even pretend texts like this:

I’ve never told this to anyone but…

I love pineapple pizza

That’s it. We’re getting a divorce

My lawyer is sending you the papers as we speak

If she runs with it, you know she’s interested too.

That’s most of what you need to know about how to tell someone you like them over text.

Whether it’s via iMessage, DM, Whatsapp or Snapchat.

It all works the same.

Which means that you can use my highest response rate line to get her to reply across all platforms.

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