10 Tips to Tinder During the Corona Lockdown

[Update 2023: Although the Corona pandemy is mostly over, I will keep this article online for future reference. We never know what the future brings ;)]

An epidemic is sweeping the country.

And you’re forced to self-isolate.

Does that mark the end of the dating?

Not if you know this article’s tips and tricks.

By the end of today’s guide, you’ll know how to Tinder during Corona.

Read on and get:

  • How you can get more dates via Tinder than ever before
  • 2 Techniques to get nudes during your quarantine
  • The most common mistake during Corona that is scaring away your matches
  • 6 COVID-19 specific openers that get a response
  • 4 Corona-safe date ideas
  • More…

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#1: Are people still on Tinder? And can you set up dates?

I’m going to hit you with some shocking news.

From the day states across America declared a state of emergency, Bumble saw an increase in sent messages in Seattle, New York City and San Francisco by roughly 25%.

With schools closing and large gatherings banned, people flocked to Bumble and other dating apps.

Hardly strange.

The only safe way to find cute strangers and romance is online.

So to answer your question…

YES! There are more people on Tinder than ever.

And they’re ready to date.

Although not always in the way you know. We’ll discuss how to date safely later.

Buckle up, we’re about to head down a potentially life-threatening path.

So keep your arms inside at all times and listen closely to your TextGod.

Holy Tip:

The measures against COVID-19 are constantly changing.

Sometimes for the better, other times for the worse.

So take responsibility and listen to the real experts.

The advice of your local government always tops the opinions of an online dating coach.

We’re about to turn you into a Corona-dodging matador.

Starting with your first tip…

#2: What you absolutely must NOT do

Corona is scaring everyone across the globe, so you absolutely don’t want to…

Be insensitive.

COVID is absolutely no joke.

Even if your Tinder crush is young and potentially safe, she may still be scared of passing the disease onto her family and friends.

I doubt I’m saying anything new.

Most of the mentees from my Mentoring Program are also fully aware of the dangers of COVID.

But despite their awareness, most my mentees made the mistake I want to warn you against.

Here’s what I would regularly see:

  • My mentee gets a match
  • The two vibe and have a back and forth
  • Emotions and body parts rise
  • My mentee’s hormones run amok and he tries to set up a date
  • She declines to stay safe and…

He keeps pushing for the date.

I have a cupboard full of toilet rolls to keep us safe


We’ll meet in the park and talk through walkie talkies


But ultimately insensitive.

Don’t let your thirst for strange push your buttons.

By trying to get her out of the house, you’ll only scare her off.

So what should you do?

Show respect for her loyalty to the rules. And continue to playfully banter.

That way she’ll notice you’re understanding and fun.

And more importantly, she’ll want to meet up after the quarantine passes.

#3: The best opener for dating during Corona

I’m about to contradict myself.

Although Corona is deadly serious, now is the best time to be crack jokes.

Think about it.

Most people are bathing themselves in a stream of bad news.

To some, it seems like the world is going from bad to worse.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give these people some joy?

Tell the right joke and you could be the highlight of her day.

But here comes the tricky part.

Tell the wrong joke, and you earn yourself a trip to the wonderful island of Unmatched.

Luckily, I have a method to keep your wisecracks from offending anyone.

Well… most people. Because let’s be honest, some people are just easily butthurt.

So how do you keep your jokes from ruining her day?

By joking about the situation, not the disease.

What do I mean by that?

Joke about the consequences of Corona.

The most obvious is how everybody is stacking up on toilet paper like it’s the pill for immortality.

Here’s a funny opener that’s given me a lot of success:

That said, the toilet paper jokes are slowly getting old.

So abuse it while you still can.

Does toilet paper humor no longer work?

No worries.

You now know exactly how to write a funny line without offending her.

Holy Tip:

Do you know those moments when you run out of things to say on Tinder?

Overthinking your next message…

And then you send something boring and don’t get a text back!

It’s best to have some witty lines at your disposal during these moments.

So you have some inspiration, or to blatantly copy-paste them into your chat.

Boy, do I have some great for you…

Download the 10 Texts That Always Work here for free.

#4: COVID lines that work

Even when deadly viruses aren’t roaming the earth, you can’t be boring while dating.

Lines like:

Hey, how are you?


I didn’t think we’d match! 🙂


What’s up?

Don’t work!

To raise attraction, you obviously need to trigger her emotions.

Which is precisely what pick-up lines do.

Most lines are funny, complimentary and flirty.

But because men treat pick-up lines as a magic trick, most lines become overused and lose their power.

“Aren’t you tired? You’ve been running through my dreams all night.”

Once funny and effective. Now cheesy and awkward.

More importantly, the above classic is generic.

It tells nothing about you and it doesn’t describe her.

The line simply shows interest.

If you have a new match and you want to break the ice, you want a more personal opener.

Something that’s current in at least some way.

Perhaps something like this?

As you can see, even current lines don’t work if Peasant Paul is sending them too.

Luckily for this peasant, he did his homework.

Although that ‘carnivorous’ line isn’t original either, she bought it because it was current and “new”.

While I prefer personal openers, I have a list of generic and topical pick-up lines for you that she probably hasn’t seen.


Cough here often?

Hey, girl. Can I ship you a drink?

Hey, are you super hot? Or is it just my fever and shortness of breath?

If she’s into metal:

Girl, are you down with the sickness? Because oh WAH AH AH AH

If she’s into bad boys:

I can tell you’re the type of girl who is into bad boys… Well, I just came home and only washed my hands for 19 seconds 😎😎

By far the best opener to copy-paste is the Clickbait Opener. I made a free guide + follow-up text on it here.

#5: Making your dating profile Corona-proof

Although the COVID situation is terrible, it does make for a GREAT opportunity.

Because now you can show off your quick wit.

With topical humor.

Just like the next hilarious ladies:

This fine woman is displaying her wonderfully big soft toilet paper rolls to everyone.

+1 for her commitment to the gag.

Next up, we have an expert in tomfoolery.

Despite that she has no plans to meet up during the epidemic.

Her enticing cleavage shot will definitely have men exploding her inbox with bad Tinder openers like:

With a body like that, I wouldn’t mind being quarantined with you 😉 GIGGITY

The next hilarious lass is a skilled self-deprecator.

This golden-haired babe won’t necessarily attract the horndogs. But she’ll probably have an army of nice guys gunning for her romantic deal.

I left the best Corona profile for last.

This girl does exactly what I want many of my mentees to do too.

She paints a picture. And what a whopper at that.

Thanks to her story, I almost want to be quarantined with her in Disneyworld.

What does the above mean for you?

Show how hilarious and fun you are with some dynamite jokes in your dating profile.

If you don’t have the creativity to come up with your own jokes.

Copy the bio from above. I’ll type it out for you here:

You and I get coronavirus. We go to Disneyworld and ride splash mountain. The park finds out and quarantines us on the coaster and we endlessly ride. We have kids and they grow up on the coaster. It’s all they know. This coaster is our home now. Life is beautiful.

#6: People are getting creative

Most people think corona put an end to dating, except for the next two clever clogs.

What I’m about to tell you is a true story.

And it’s a gooden.

A man was watching through his New York window and saw a cute neighbor across the street.

So he did what any man would do in that situation.

He wrote his number on a piece of paper, attached it to his drone, and flew the drone to his crush who was dancing on her rooftop.

She saved the number to her phone and sent a text to her Romeo.

Soon, the two set up a romantic long-distance date.

Which was all caught on Tik Tok.

The next day, Romeo got out onto his balcony with a delicious microwaved meal (lol) and a nice bottle of wine.

Sitting across from him?

No one.

So where was his crush?

Across the street on her rooftop, with a microwaved meal of her own (no lie). She even prepared a vase with flowers.

Instead of shouting across the street, the two Facetimed on their phones.

And had a great first date.

From what I can make out from their social media, the two are still dating.

And finding increasingly funny ways to stay in touch.

#6: Getting nudes in quarantine

Before I give you a technique to get boobies in your inbox, some advice on nudes.

Don’t ask.

Because even if she does give you what you want, you’re killing the chances of meeting up with her.


Because the photos make her feel pressured.

“If we meet up he’s probably expecting something more than talking. And I don’t want to feel forced into doing anything I may not want.”

Now, I hear you thinking:

“Louis, if we’re not supposed to ask for nudes. Why are you giving me a technique to get them?”

Well… because the quarantine may last a while.

So if you meet a girl who lives too far away to meet, you and her may as well get something out of it.

WARNING: Tinder (and other dating apps) are cracking down on sexual deviants. Asking for nudes definitely violates the rules of conduct and may get you banned.

So before you even get CLOSE to exchanging nudes, you want to be absolutely clear she won’t report you.

How can you be sure?

If you can tick the next two boxes:

  • She trusts you (you’ve already shared personal stories)
  • She’s attracted to you

Holy Tip:

Scared of Tinder’s banhammer?

Don’t even mention the word ‘nude’ until you have her digits.

That way you can text her on your local text app (like Whatsapp if you live in Europe).

Once you have another way to reach out, unmatch her on Tinder so she can’t report you.

That way you won’t risk getting banned.

You’re welcome.

Whenever you have the slightest doubt about whether she likes you…

Don’t. Mention. Nudes.

Unless you want to get BLOCKED and/or BANNED.

So how do you get photos of her in her birthday suit?

The advanced method: days of playful and flirty banter into sex talk.

The noobie method: shoot and pray.

A relatively innocent method that won’t likely get you banned.

Use at your own discretion.

#7: Date idea game night

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun date.

Sure, you can Zoom call your Tinder match.

But that’ll eventually grow stale.

After all, nobody has a fun answer to “So what’s new?” now that the world is on fire.

Want to add some excitement to your dates?

Try out Houseparty.

A video chat app for iOs and Android that also lets you play games.

The app works as follows.

You host or join a house party (aka video chat) with up to eight people.

Private lobbies exist too. Just double-tap the padlock icon on your screen. Or hit the smiley face on your home screen and click on the cog button to open settings.

Once she has the app too, you can invite her to a video call and play one of four games.

  • Heads Up. Where one player has to act out a word or activity and the other has to guess the activity.
  • Quick Draw. A virtual version of Pictionary
  • Trivia
  • Chips and Guac. Which is essentially Cards Against Humanity

Super fun.

And especially useful when you quickly run out of things to say.

#8: Candlelight dinner

The most cheesy real date makes for a great social distance date.

A traditional candlelight dinner usually makes for an awful first date.

Let me explain why:

  • Once you sit down and place your order, you’re stuck for two hours
  • You have little entertainment besides the two of you, adding extra tension
  • You’re probably sitting across from each other, staring each other in the face #uncomfortable

The digital dinner date doesn’t have any of these flaws.

  • You can stop the video call at any time
  • You’re probably Facetiming at home, where you feel comfortable
  • You can point the camera anywhere you look, so you don’t have to feel like a caged zoo animal

Holy Tip:

I don’t know the exact restrictions your country puts on your freedom, but some governments allow you to see strangers IF…

You don’t form groups of 3 or more people.

Luckily, you only need 2 to tango.

My point?

If your government allows meeting up, and your crush is down to party, take her on a real date.

In that case, use the following date ideas as inspiration.

And do the real-life version. (Except for dinner. Instead, do a drink at two different cafés.)

So how do you set up the date?

Firstly, you plant the dinner idea with gusto. Because a Facetime date may sound a little weird.

Sold her on the date?

Be sure to have all your ingredients ready on date-day.

It’d be a shame if her food gets cold because she has to wait for you. Or vice versa.

So text her to sync up your cooking schedule.

Are you a great chef, and do you have a beautiful kitchen?

Take short breaks between chopping and cooking to snap photos of your magnificent work.

Now you don’t only impress her with your cooking skills, but you deepen the connection. Because although you’re miles apart, you’re doing the same activity.

Which creates a feeling of being together.

Is the food ready?

Set the table and make it romantic.

A large wine glass. A napkin folded in the shape of a swan (simple). And a lit candle.

The cheesier, the better.

Finally, put your phone or laptop across from you. (Use Zoom for your laptop and WhatsApp Calling for your phone).

Is she also ready?

Then the fun can begin.

By the way, now is the perfect time to make jokes like:

“Hmmm … Your spaghetti smells really good.”


“Woah, that salad looks good. Can I have a bite?”

(Bonus points if you move your fork close to your camera, stab a cherry tomato behind the camera, and eat it.)

#9: Netflix & Quarantine

Sounds obvious, but Quarantine adds an important twist.

Have you ever wanted to watch a series or film with someone remotely?

Then you probably ran into the following problem.

Syncing up.

Starting at the same time is easy.

With your date on the line, you just go: “Ready? On 3. 1… 2… 3! ”

But what if you have to go to the toilet, discuss something with your date, or open the door for the UPS delivery man?

Then you can start syncing all over again.


Fortunately, I have a solution for such interruptions.

A Chrome extension called Netflix Party.

Super simple.

You download the extension here.


Open Netflix via Chrome.

Now you should see the following icon in the top right of your screen:

Click on it and a URL will appear, which you can send to your date.

Of course, that person must also have the extension.

The beauty of Netflix Party?

Your film or series runs simultaneously.

Because if one of you presses pause, Netflix pauses for both of you!

How do you keep in touch while watching?

That’s up to you.

  • You can make a call (in case your camera is broken, or you’re in the dark)
  • Facetime/ Zoom
  • Send texts through the Netflix Party chat

Regardless of your choice, don’t forget to make occasional comments like:

“Omg! This is so exciting!”


“I hate him!”

#10: Be a tourist in your own city

Despite all the trouble, Corona (in my humble opinion) does have one big advantage…

The normally busy city squares and monuments are completely DESERTED.

So no cues!

Now’s the time to explore your city while holding your date in the hand.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe because it’s…


Treat this distance date like any other.

Do drinks. See all the sights. Hit the playground swings. And kiss each other goodbye.

(Super fun if you end the date by pressing your lips on your camera.)

Don’t forget about other jokes like:

“Hey. Why don’t you say something about my nice perfume? Don’t you like it?”  While you press your camera into your neck.

That marks the end of our ‘Dating during the COVID-19’ guide.

Be safe brother.

Team TextGod

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