From: Louis Farfields a.k.a. The TextGod

You know what’s the biggest online mistake that almost all men make with dating?

You have a match or a number, and now you need to get her interested enough for a date. How do you do that? By sending her a bunch of clever texts of course!



I don’t blame you. It’s a rookie mistake.

With chatting you create what I call Active Attraction.

It’s a lot of work, it takes years to master, and just one mistake can completely kill the vibe.

But Active Attraction is only one side of the coin. And it’s the weaker type of attraction.

The other way is more secure, more effective, and easier to apply.

Imagine this:

What if you’re a famous yet average looking moviestar. And a random cute girl matches you on Tinder. Do you think it would be hard to get her excited for a date?

Of course not. Girls will be standing in line to go on a date with you. Even though you never even talked to them.

The secret shortcut is the superior type of attraction: Passive Attraction.

Guys who use this right basically only have to ask her out for a date, while their Passive Attraction does the heavy lifting.

Because girls are exposed to you all the time, they’ve seen how awesome you are and how people respect you. That’s why girls will just jump in bed with a singer or actor, while another guy has to take her out on seven dates, if he even gets the chance.

One guy has to fight for the attraction (active) while the other can lean back and relax (passive).

Now I won’t make the claim that they’ll line up for you like groupies at a rock concert. But hear this:

It’s super easy to make her feel attracted, safe, intrigued, AND aroused by applying the power of Passive Attraction.

Instead of having to invest and prove yourself, she will be the one chasing you.

In simple words: she’ll be A LOT more invested in you and won’t flake when you ask her out, all while you’re not even texting her.

This is what you have to understand:

The only reason you’re chatting with a girl is to establish that you’re interesting, fun, and have an attractive life.

She doesn’t know you yet, and she needs to figure these things out.

But if you’re showing your value MOSTLY or ONLY through text then you’re fighting a losing battle.

It’s just words on a screen that have to convey how awesome it is to be with you.

So what if there is another way of conveying who you are and how fun it is to be with you?

A shortcut to create attraction without even talking to her? And without having to pursue a career in acting first ;)

That’s where social media comes in. And especially Instagram.

And I am not talking about showing off your looks or yacht. Nor posting your meals in your stories. And I’m definitely not talking about pics of you pretending to be on the phone (those are the worst!)

Your Instagram profile lets a normal guy like you or me use the power of mass media.

Even if you set your profile to private, it still allows you to reach every single girl you ever talked to constantly, at the same time.

And if you’re smart and know what you are doing: it’s a well-crafted piece of art that shows off how much fun it could be to be with you.

One peek and she knows whether you’re boring as f*ck or if she’ll have a great time being around you.

She’ll instantly know if she’s dating up or dating down. And that’s what her initial attraction is based on.

If you’re not using the power of passive attraction, your words and actions need to do all the heavy lifting.

And that’s a risky endeavor. You’re making it unnecessarily hard for yourself.

However, to craft your perfect instagram profile that sparks passive attraction, you need to know what you’re doing.

If you mess up, you might actually create passive repulsion. Making it nearly impossible to get her interested.

There’s a fine line between showing off a great personality and looking like a try-hard.

That’s why I created:

It’s my field-tested method to craft the perfect Instagram-profile that magnetically pulls girls in and leaves them begging for a date with you.

Even if your life is really not that interesting, you don’t have good photos of yourself, and without having to show-off thousands of followers.

It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

My method definitely wasn’t an overnight success. It took me years to figure out the secrets to this Passive Attraction method. Not only did I test tons of different photo and story tactics, I also called up dozens of people.

The power of InstaGod comes from combining my 10 years of setting up dates for TextGod mentees, paired with probing the brains of the most popular girls.

This course was built together with every type of hot girl you can imagine.

From the cute nerdy girl, to the charming girl next door, to the sexy party girl, to the gorgeous lingerie model that has more followers than all your friends combined. I used every connection I made over the years for this course.

(And yep, you can see the recording of my intense convos with them inside InstaGod)

My Passive Attraction system in full effect.
Once Passive Attraction takes a hold, it’s game over.

Why it works?

Because you’ll learn how to convey the 6 characteristics of a high value man:

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The dating game isn't the same as it was 10 years ago.

Any girl you ever meet will ask for your Instagram.

(Wake up, guys! Girls don’t care about phone numbers anymore!)

Now with social media, women don't have to depend on texts anymore.

They can research you and check out your socials. 




And if you're not conveying the right things (or not showing anything at all), you've lost before you even got in the ring.

You do the same by the way. If you don't find her attractive in her pictures, she's out.

Game over. Bye-bye.

So without knowing it, you're making things more difficult for yourself than they have to be.

If you don't fix your Instagram right now, you're ruining every future match and every potential date you could have had.

The sooner you fix this, the more body your Instagram gets. And the more you're going to profit.

So choose wisely:

Are you going to risk losing girls because they see your Instagram (or the lack there of?)

Or are you going to embrace the power of Passive Attraction NOW, and make your dating life so easy it will feel unfair.

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Total value: $3529
Now for a one-time investment of only
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