Is Tinder Plus Worth It? All 10 Features Reviewed By Tinder Expert

Is Tinder Plus worth it?

Will it get you more matches?

Are the rumors true that using Tinder for free will only get you limited results? In this Tinder plus review, you’ll find out everything you need to know.

In this article you get:

  • All 10 Tinder Plus features and benefits reviewed and rated
  • Why Smart Photos is probably ruining your matches
  • My trick that saves you Superlikes and dollars
  • What Tinder plus does to your ELO score
  • 3 Reasons why you should buy Tinder Plus if you travel a lot
  • One feature that people love using but doesn’t do ANYTHING
  • The benefit of Tinder Plus in 2019 to protect your privacy
  • Much more…

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Tinder Plus Prices

It’s all about the money, money, money.
– Meja

What will this account upgrade cost you?

Because let’s ask the million-dollar question, well… the -/+ 10 dollar question…

Is Tinder Plus worth your hard-earned cash?

If you are currently using Vanilla Tinder (the free version), then chances are you’ve seen Tinder try to lure you over with banners like:

So how much exactly does Tinder Plus cost you?

It depends… on your age!

If you’re under 30, then chances are big you’ll pay around 10 dollar or euro for one month.

If you’re over 30, it’ll be around 20 $/€ for one month.

If you’re looking to commit for six month or even a year, then you’ll get a discount.

On the screenshot below you see the prices for my 27 year old coach who lives in Amsterdam.

Prices don’t only vary depending on your age, but also location.

If you want to know the exact pricing for you, then you should open your Tinder and you’ll know the exact cost.

Tinder Plus Benefits

The best way to find out if Tinder plus is worth it, is to go over all its features.

And then discover if these features actually bring benefits to your online dating life.

So let’s see what superpowers you will be getting if you decide to go Plus…

…and keep an eye out for possible drawbacks and negative effects.

All Tinder Plus Features Reviewed

To get a clear overview of how valuable each feature is, I’ll give it a score.

The lowest possible score is 0.

The highest possible score is 5.

You’ll see that some features sound cool, but won’t be of much use to you.

While some others can have a BIG positive impact, if you use them correctly…

1 – Unlimited Swipes

Probably the most worthless feature EVER…

…if you’re a hot girl.

But for guys, swiping is your bread and butter on Tinder.

A couple years back you hardly ever used the word ‘swiping’. And now you can’t use it often enough.

A standard Tinder account has about 100 right swipes.

Have you ever said “Goddamn, I’m out of swipes…”

Only to wait until the next day… and then shortly after be out of swipes AGAIN?

If that’s the case, you’ll be more than pleased with Unlimited Swipes.

The usefulness of this feature depends on several things:

  • The quality of your profile
  • How much time you spend on Tinder
  • Whether or not you have Tinder Gold
  • How picky you are
  • Your swiping tactic
  • Where you live
  • The timeframe in which you desire your next Tinder date

Here’s why:

The more attractive your profile, the more of your right swipes will convert to matches.

You’ll be less likely to run out of likes. Unless if you spend 5 hours a day on the app just hoarding matches. Without ever talking to them.

If you’re really picky, then you’ll be less likely to swipe someone right. And so it’ll take longer before you’ve done 100 right swipes.

Honestly, the only way to burn through your 100 likes quickly is by employing the wrong swipe tactic AKA swiping everyone right. Doing this will ruin your ELO score and make life on Tinder miserable.

Last but not least, if you have a Tinder Gold account, then it’ll be very hard to run out of likes.

Tinder Gold allows you to see everyone who has liked you. All those profiles will be compiled into one nice stack. You could go about Tinder without swiping much and pick your matches out of this pile. Making you swipe less than ever.

I give this feature 2.5 out of 5.



2 – Passport function

If you travel for work or pleasure, then this will be extremely valuable for you!

Because when you go on a city trip, you probably found yourself racing against the clock, trying to set up last minute romantic meetups.

It’s more frustrating than fun.

The Tinder Passport function can help.

The more you are away from home, the more insane this feature is.

Hence why it’s probably my favorite Tinder Plus feature. BUT…

…Even if you hardly ever leave your city, this feature can be hella fun.

Some of my students have even managed some cross country action with the passport function. Where they had girls fly to their city to meet them.

Anyway, there’s an obvious reason to use this feature.

Imagine we’re going to Barcelona. As soon as we have picked our travel dates, we activate our Tinder Passport in the Spanish city of dreams. We swipe, match, and text some local cuties. Or adventurous tourists, those are fun too.

You can then either tell them you are not there yet, but will be shortly, and set up a date that way.

Or you can hide your distance (a feature we’ll talk about later) and tell them you’re already there but too busy to meet up right now.

You set up a couple of dates and then you wait.

Until you actually fly to Barcelona. You dump your luggage in your hostel, airbnb, hotel, whatever… and you can instantly enjoy a fun date the same night.

If you’ve played your cards right, you can have dates set up on multiple days.

Pretty damn convenient, isn’t it?

It surely beats waiting to swipe until you have settled in your local room. To then race against the clock, finding matches that are willing to go on a last minute date.

I’m giving this feature the full 5 hang loose. The highest score possible in this Tinder plus review.



Is Tinder plus worth it? It’s starting to look like it…

3 – Smart Photos

Probably the feature that created most discussion.

Some people like it, others detest it.

And in 2 minutes you’ll have my unfiltered opinion about Smart Photos.

Here’s what Tinder says it does:

Smart Photos alternates the photo first seen by others when you’re shown on Tinder, notes each response as others swipe on you, and reorders your photos to show your best ones first. In testing, users saw up to a 12% increase in matches. […] Tinder’s Smart Photos continuously tests your profile photos for their success, so that you’re always leading with the photos most likely to be swiped right. Think of us as your own personal data research team.”

Sounds more than great to me.

But is it really that magical?

Many issues have been brought up, here’s the biggest one:

Most men don’t have a bulletproof Tinder setup. Hell, most men have an AWFUL Tinder setup. The most common profiles consist of a soporific bio and some below-average photos. So imagine a profile like that activating Smart Photos.

The harsh reality is that your average male profile gets swiped left most of the time. Well, not just ‘most of the time’. Almost every single time. The Smart Photos algorithm doesn’t collect data from these left swipes. Only right swipes tell the algorithm what works…

So two things can happen:

  1. Since you’re not getting a ton of right swipes, the feature lacks sufficient data to produce a solid decision on which photo is best.
  2. Tinder doesn’t collect data fast enough, and your Smart Photos results take ages. Which you don’t want happening. Here’s why:

As long as Smart Photos is running, you are losing out on potential Tinder matches.

Here’s some dude who used Smart Photos and had his cat come out on top.

Look, while Tinder is looking for your best photo, it is also showing versions of your profile that lead with worse photos. Some of those people will swipe you left because… well they get to see one of your worst photos. Maybe one of those girls would have been a great Tinder date for you.

That’s why I’d advise you to test your photos yourself, instead of using Smart Photos.

How you do that? With Photofeeler.

If you travel around a lot and you have a solid set of photos, collecting a big amount of likes…

…then testing them with Smart Photos wouldn’t hurt you too much and might give you a quick result.

Is Tinder Plus worth it? Maybe because of Passport, but it won’t be because of Smart Photos.

I’m giving it 1 hang loose.



Let’s look at a feature that is useful for ANYONE.

Holy Tip:

A sure way to increase your number of matches is by running the Profile Checklist on your profile. I created a free list that will give you the most attractive and surprising things you can do to get a ton more likes. Download it for free here.

4 – Tinder Plus Boost

This function is your fast track ticket to more and hotter matches.

But before you press ‘purchase’, be careful.

There could be some serious drawbacks…

You were wondering “is Tinder Plus worth it?”. This feature might be one of the best reasons.

Here’s how Tinder Boost works:

For 30 minutes, your profile will rise to the top of all profiles in your area.

If you image all profiles as one big deck of cards, then your card will be somewhere at the top.

The result is that women swiping in your area, will quickly see you. Tinder says you’ll be seen up to 10 times more. If you have an attractive profile, that’s A LOT of opportunities.

Experience taught me that your visibility will go up rather 8-9 times, rather than 10. Which is still a solid multiplier.

If you have Tinder Plus, you get one of these boosts every month.

Whereas people using vanilla Tinder, will have to pay for these.

But that’s not all… here’s a little secret about Tinder boost:

You have a certain ELO score. This score decides the quality of women you get to see on Tinder.

What I noticed is the following:

Because I have Tinder Gold, I can see everyone who likes me compiled into one list.

I have a good idea of the quality of women I usually come across on the app.

Now when I activate a Tinder Boost, I notice two things:

  1. The list of girls that likes me grows way faster than usual. Proving that Tinder boost is effective.
  2. The quality of women liking me is slightly different than usual. There might be a woman from a ‘higher level’ every now and then. But it will mostly be girls with a lower ELO score, than those I usually meet.

This would mean that Tinder is making the boost seem extra effective by providing you with bigger numbers of potential matches, while the quality of those matches isn’t always up to par.

When you think about it, it makes sense. You spend all that dollar dollar on your Tinder Plus account. So when you use one of its prime features… and you have almost NOTHING to show for it… will it make you extend your subscription?

So Tinder will do its very best in delivering you some matches, regardless of the quality.

Want to know another little secret?

Some tests have been run to test the effects of boosts on your ELO score.

Now there’s guys rumoring the following:

Tinder boost could potentially DECREASE the amount of matches you get, once the boost is over.

This could make sense from a business perspective.

If Tinder gives you a juicy dopamine shot with a boost, throwing more matches at you then usual… and then leaves you with less matches than ever…

You’re inner dopamine junkie is going to want MORE.

And when you don’t seem to get more… not even after being patient for a good while…

You’ll be very tempted to buy another Boost.

Leaving Tinder with a few extra bucks, and yourself with that sweet sweet dopamine shot…

Until you are craving some fresh matches again…

…and the cycle continues.

Now before you start quivering and crying, shouting “MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE!”…

…This hasn’t been proven yet.

Once I can update you about this with certainty, I will post it on the front page of

For now, let’s keep finding out if Tinder is worth it for you, with the next Tinder Plus benefit.

Right now, Tinder Boost still gets 5 hang loose from me.



5 – Tinder Plus Superlikes

Warning: the following promising statement may not be true.

“You’re three times more likely to get a match if you superlike someone.

And your conversations will last 70% longer.”

That’s what Tinder claims.

Or well… that’s what Tinder claimed when Superlikes were still new.

Imagine you’re a girl that’s never seen Superlikes before and you’re just casually swiping.

Suddenly you see this profile with a magical blue glow around the edges. On the bottom it says: “Ramses has superliked you”.

Yeah, curiosity might kill her ‘cat’.

And it will keep making an impact until you’ve seen it one too many times.

Now I’m not saying Superlikes have lost their magic… let’s see what other benefits they have for you. Because there’s more.

If you superlike someone, your profile will go up in their swipe-pile. You’ll be much closer to the top.

Go ahead and try it for yourself: when someone superlikes you, close your Tinder app and then reopen it. Chances are you’ll only see a couple profiles before running into the person who superliked you again.

So using a Superlike does increase your visibility towards that specific person.

But does it make girls more likely to swipe you right?

That highly depends on the person you’ve used it on.

Some girls will find it charming.

Some will find it desperate.

Keep in mind that women will see a lot of needy guys throwing Superlikes at them.

If you have a stronger profile, that doesn’t come across as desperate, needy, or tryhard… then your superlike can be a breeze of fresh air.

But then again, if you compare your odds of getting a match using a normal like versus a Superlike… then the Superlike still has a higher success rate.

And since you are wondering if Tinder plus is worth it…

…it does give you 5 of these Superlikes per day. Without Plus, you only get 1.

And regardless what theories people spit, test results don’t lie.

And Superlikes do increase your chances at getting matches.

In my YouTube video, I gave this feature 4.5 hang loose.

But, I have since experimented with Superlikes some more, and decreased it’s worth to 3.5. The effectiveness of Superlikes varies too much depending on your profile’s strength.



Either way, your Superlikes are limited, so in the next Tinder plus feature, I’m going to give you a benefit to save Superlikes.

Holy Tip:

I NEVER superlike profiles of the “big booty babe” type.

You know… the girls with a lot of cleavage in their bathing suit / yoga pants. They already receive plenty of Superlikes, and it will not have much effect.

So instead, I superlike cute girls (obviously), but cute girls that DON’T have the most outrageously sexy photos. They will receive less Superlikes and will be more flattered with them.

Now let’s go to one pretty great function…

6 – Rewind

Imagine… you “bump” into your dream girl on Tinder.

She has a cute face, great interests, and a 10/10 body.

Enthusiastically, you check out her photos. But your fingers have just seen the inside of a bag of Doritos. They fatally slip, and accidentally dislike her profile.

Situations like this will happen from time to time.
Or you just change your mind about her.

Then this Tinder Rewind feature might become your best buddy.

Ever watched a YouTube video when you wanted to rewatch the last couple seconds? You can just double tap the left side of the screen and you’ll go back 10 seconds. It’s super convenient if your focus wanders for a bit.

It’s the same on Tinder.

Sometimes you swiped just a tad too fast. Before you know it you left-swiped a girl you definitely wanted to swipe right.

With ‘Rewind’ (bottom left of your screen), you can see the last profile you swiped again.

You can then change your left swipe into a right swipe. Or the other way around.

The only thing you can’t undo, is a match. Unless if you decide to unmatch the person in the messages screen.

One super convenient thing about Tinder Rewind, is that it can save your some precious Superlikes. Here’s how that works:

Whenever you feel like superliking someone, you don’t. Instead you give them a regular like to make sure they haven’t liked you already. Then you hit the rewind button and THEN you superlike them.

This way you prevent getting an instant match with a Superlike. Which wouldn’t only waste a Superlike, it also lets you start off on the back foot. Your match has invested just a tiny bit by throwing a like at you. You, who has just made it very clear you really like them by using one of your magical Superlikes.

Holy Tip:

Never just superlike someone.

Always like them first, then rewind, and then superlike.

Overall, Rewind is a convenient tool that is ideal for anyone with a bad case of FOMO. On top of that in can save you a Superlike or two. But it’s by no means a must-have.

I’m giving it 3.5 hang loose.



Now, let’s look at one of the Tinder plus benefits for people who value their privacy.

Holy Tip:

Once you DO have a match with her… it’s nice to send her something that will likely make her respond. It’s actually the #1 goal of your first message, getting the conversation going. A perfect way to do this, is with the power of clickbait. Luckily for you, I forged this power into the perfect opener. It’s not for everyone, so only people who join my daily motivational newsletter receive it as a welcome gift.

7 – Control who sees you: Only People I’ve liked

This feature is for you if:

  • You’re a teacher
  • A politician
  • A police officer
  • Any other job that shouldn’t publicly be on Tinder
  • You’re famous
  • A sneaky sneaky sneaky cheater

If you are one of the above, then this feature is for you.

ONLY people you’ve liked can come across your profile. Anyone else can’t.

So you should be safe. As long as they shut their mouth and don’t make posters of your screenshotted profile.

Holy Tip:

If only people you’ve liked can see you, then women can never like you first.

This also means that whenever you get a match, that girl is currently online.

So if you enable Tinder notifications, you can quickly open any girl that liked you. You’ll catch them when they still have their phone in hand. And potentially get a fluent start of the conversation.

Besides this, I don’t really see any use for this feature for regular Tinder users.

I’m giving it 1 hang loose.

But for some it is more valuable, it’s the best way to use Tinder in private.

(Read this article for 2 more methods to browse Tinder anonymously.)

The ‘Control Who Sees You’ function actually comes with a second part… let’s see what that’s about:

8 – Control who sees you: Recently Active

Did you know you might be wasting swipes on inactive profiles?

You’re throwing likes at cute ladies that might log in once every several days.

Meanwhile you are logging in every couple hours to see if they turned into matches.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could only see people who were recently active?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you only saw people who JUST CHECKED THE APP ONE MINUTE AGO?

Landing you instant active matches?

You right now:

Hell yeah it would.


When I was recording my Tinder Plus Review video, I said I was just now testing this feature.

And I did test it alright.

After swiping approximately 1337+666+69 times, I bring you the sad news that…

…I kept seeing the same profiles.

The order might be changed up a bit. But it seems like it doesn’t really do much.

This Tinder feature summarized into one gif:

It hereby gets, just like in my video review, 1 lonely hang loose.



9 – No ads

Would you rather die than watch an ad?

Rather jump out of an airplane without parachute than swiping an ad away?

Then you should pay for Tinder Plus (or Gold) and you’ll never see them again.

Do you not obsess about ads that much?

Well then you are like most people and then this feature isn’t of THAT much benefit to you.

Because let’s be honest…

…do you pay for your p0rn sites just to get rid of the ads?

I doubt you do, you horny devil.

No ads is worth 1 hang loose if you’d ask me.



10 – Limited visibility (hide your age & distance)

Are you paranoid you’re sharing too much data?

Are you not at ease knowing that people can see you age and distance?

Then you’ll want to use Tinder Plus’ Limited visibility features.

Two handy tools for people who are either very careful with their info…

…or people who are sneaky snakes.

I already told you why you’d want to hide your distance when using the Passport function.

But we haven’t discussed hiding your age.

Personally I have never hidden my age. Even though I’m growing a bit older every day.

I see it as a good thing, whereas most guys are ashamed about it.

Anyway, that’s a discussion for another time.

What I have seen some people do, is a sneaky Tinder trick:

Holy Tip:

If you set a lower age on Facebook, and then hide your age on Tinder, you can talk to girls who wouldn’t usually come across your profile.

It’s sneaky, but it works.

Whether you then tell them a fake age, or man up and tell your true age, is up to you.

A downside of hiding your age and distance, is that you seem very sketchy. Or even fake.

  • Who would you rather trust on Tinder?
    A profile with a couple photos that has her age showing and is 5 miles away from you?
  • Or a profile with a couple photos with no age or distance showing?

Especially if your profile is looking solid, people will pass up on you rather than figuring out if you’re a catfish or not.

Overall, I still give this feature 2.5 hang loose. The combination between hiding your distance and Tinder Passport, is one I’m fond of using.



Review: Is Tinder Plus 2019 worth it?

Here’s my final verdict, with all the pros and cons:

  • Unlimited swipes is handy when you live in a very busy area with lots of people and you run out of likes.
  • Tinder Passport function is amazing if you travel often.
  • Anyone with a job that requires them to be cautious with the info they share, will like the improved privacy settings.
  • One boost a month and 5 Superlikes per day can come in handy.
  • Upgrading to Tinder Gold does not increase your ELO. Neither does it magically fix your profile and matches.
  • If you are not traveling a lot, then Tinder Plus’ biggest benefit doesn’t serve you. Although it can still be fun to virtually meet people from other cities.

Based on the pros and cons, it is up to you to decide whether you want to spend your money on the app.

For me it’s most definitly worth buying. If you like to know more about the 2 extra features Tinder Gold grants you, then check out that article.

Should you have any more questions about Tinder Plus benefits, feel free to dump them in the comments here or on YouTube and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Louis Farfields

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  • John says:

    I am currently in Colombia during a COVID lockdown. I am not interested in a relationship with a woman. I’m looking for prostitutes. I loaded Tinder and signed up for a free account. Why do you say Tinder is used by prostitutes? I signed up and did a search. I entered my correct age of 66. I found only women of my age group and they were mostly unattractive. If they are actually prostitutes, I guess Colombia is not the place for me!

    Obviously, you are selling something and you are not being honest

  • Raffaele says:

    Hi, I have a question. If I hide my age, will I be seen by girls who have set a lower age range than mine? Or will I still be seen only by the girls who have set my age range? I have just made tinder plus because Im 41 and ai think that the reason why Im not getting matches despite being good looking, is because young girls do no have their age range set up to my age and I thought that by hiding it I would appear on their range but now I have doubts and cannot find the answer anywhere. Thanks

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