Is Tinder Plus Worth It in 2023? All 6 Features Reviewed

Is Tinder Plus worth it?

Will it get you more matches?

Are the rumors true that using Tinder for free will only get you limited results? In this Tinder Plus review, you’ll find out everything you need to know.

And if Tinder Plus is right for you.

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Is Tinder Plus worth it?

To start off, I recommend watching the following video.

In this video I break down if Tinder Plus is worth your money. And if you’re in a rush, you can skip right to the conclusion at the end.

How much does Tinder Plus cost?

The price of Tinder Plus depends on your age, region, and type of subscription.

If you’re under 30, then chances are big you’ll pay around 5 dollars for one month. If you’re over 30, it’ll be around 10 bucks per month.

Commit for six months or a year and the monthly fees will be less.

If you want to know the exact cost, just fire up your Tinder app and see what it says.

What are the Tinder Plus features?

Here’s a quick overview of all the Tinder Plus features.

  1. Unlimited likes. Free Tinder only lets you swipe 100 or so profiles right per day.
  2. Passport function. Set your location anywhere in the world and match with the locals.
  3. Unlimited rewinds.
  4. No ads.
  5. Incognito mode. Only show your profile to people you’ve liked.
  6. Limited visibility: hide your age and distance.

Below I’ll give you an in-depth explanation of each feature.

All Tinder Plus Features Reviewed

I’m going to give every feature a rating of 0 – 5.

You’ll see that some features sound cool, but won’t be of much use to you.

While some others can have a BIG positive impact… if you use them correctly.

Feature 1:  Unlimited Swipes

A standard Tinder account has about 100 right swipes per 24 hours.

The usefulness of this feature is largely determined by the quality of your profile.

The more attractive your profile, the more of your right swipes will convert to matches.

That means you don’t need lots of swipes unless you like to hoard matches without talking to them.

Honestly, the only way to burn through your 100 likes quickly is by employing the wrong swipe tactic. AKA swiping everyone right. Doing this will ruin your ELO score.

That said, there is one time that you’ll be swiping excessively: When you BADLY want a date and can’t play the long seduction game.

If your goal is to find a woman who wants to see you tonight, it helps to get 50+ matches quickly.

That’s why I’m going to give this feature a score of 2 out of 5.



Feature 2: Passport function

If you travel for work or pleasure, then this will be extremely valuable for you!

After all, when I find myself going on a short business trip or holiday, time is against me.

Before Tinder Plus, I often found myself racing against the clock, trying to set up last-minute romantic meetups.

It’s more frustrating than fun. That’s when Tinder Passport is your best friend. It’s actually my favorite Tinder Plus feature.

Why? Because if I know I’m going to be traveling to Barcelona in two weeks, I can use Tinder Passport to match and chat up Spanish girls from halfway across the globe.

Just tell them you’ll be visiting soon. Or you can hide your distance (a feature we’ll talk about later) and tell them you’re already there but too busy to meet up right now.

Once you visit Barcelona, all that’s left to do is dump your luggage in your hostel, airbnb, or hotel, and you can enjoy a fun date the same night.

It’s pretty damn convenient.

That’s why I’m giving this feature the full 5. The highest score possible in this Tinder Plus review.



Feature 3: Rewind

Imagine… you “bump” into your dream girl on Tinder.

You check out her photos enthusiastically. But your fingers have just seen the inside of a bag of Doritos. They fatally slip, and accidentally dislike her profile.

Now she’s gone forever.

Does this happen to you a little too often? Then you’ll really like the Rewind function.

Ever watched a YouTube video when you wanted to rewatch the last couple of seconds? You can just double-tap the left side of the screen and you’ll go back 10 seconds. It’s super convenient if your focus wanders for a bit.

Tinder Rewind works in a similar way.

Did a lapse of concentration make you swipe one of the good ones left?

Hit ‘Rewind’ (bottom left of your screen) to see them again.

Holy Tip:

Another HUGE benefit of the Rewind is this:

You can save yourself a Superlike.

Found someone you want to Superlike? Don’t give it to them yet.

Instead, swipe them right the old-fashioned way and see if it’s a match.

Not a match after all? Hit rewind and send her a Superlike to improve your odds of matching.

Overall, Rewind is a convenient tool that is ideal for anyone with a bad case of FOMO. On top of that, it can save you a Superlike or two. But it’s by no means a must-have.

I’m giving it a score of 3.5.



Holy Tip:

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Feature 4: Incognito Mode

This feature is for you if you’re:

  • A teacher, police officer, or another civil servant.
  • Someone famous.
  • A sneaky sneaky sneaky cheater!!!

Tinder’s Incognito Mode let’s you hide your profile from everyone BUT the people you’ve liked.


So you should be safe.

Holy Tip:

If Incognito Mode is switched on, women can never like you first. After all, she can’t see you until you swipe her right.

This means that the moment you match with a woman, she’s staring at your profile RIGHT NOW.

So if you enable Tinder notifications, you can quickly strike up a conversation with the girl that liked you.

You’ll catch them when they still have their phone in hand. And chat with someone who is fully ready to talk and have fun.

I personally don’t care for this feature. But I can see its value even though there are other ways to browse Tinder anonymously.

I’m giving it a score of 2.5.



Also check out this article if you’re interested in browsing Tinder anonymously:

Feature 5: Hide advertisements

Are you super annoyed by yet another ad?

Then you should pay for Tinder Plus (or Gold) and you’ll never see them again.

Do you not care about ads that much?

Well, then you’re like most people, and then this feature isn’t of THAT much benefit to you.

No ads is worth a score of 1 if you ask me.



Feature 6: Limited visibility (hide your age and distance)

Are you not at ease knowing that people can see your age and distance?

Then you’ll want to use Tinder Plus’ Limited visibility features.

I already told you why you’d want to hide your distance when using the Passport function.

But we haven’t discussed hiding your age.

Personally, I have never hidden my age. Even though I’m growing a bit older every day.

I see it as a good thing, whereas most guys are ashamed of it.

Anyway, that’s a discussion for another time.

Whether you use a fake age, hide your age, and man up and tell your true age is up to you.

A downside of hiding your age and distance, is that you seem very sketchy. Or even fake.

Most women would rather pass up on you, rather than try to figure out if you’re a catfish or not.

Overall, I still give this feature a score of 2.5. The Passport + distance hiding combo is one I like to use a lot.



Is Tinder Plus worth it?

Here’s my final verdict, with all the pros and cons:


  • Unlimited swipes is handy when you live in a very busy area with lots of people and you run out of likes.
  • Tinder Passport function is amazing if you travel often.
  • Anyone with a job that requires them to be cautious with the info they share, will like the improved privacy settings.


  • Upgrading to Tinder Plus does not get you more matches.
  • If you’re not a frequent traveler Tinder Plus’ biggest benefit doesn’t serve you. Although it can still be fun to virtually meet people from all over the world.

I’ve given you all you need to know about Tinder Plus.

Only you can decide whether you want to spend your money on the app.

For me, it’s most definitely worth buying.

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  • John says:

    I am currently in Colombia during a COVID lockdown. I am not interested in a relationship with a woman. I’m looking for prostitutes. I loaded Tinder and signed up for a free account. Why do you say Tinder is used by prostitutes? I signed up and did a search. I entered my correct age of 66. I found only women of my age group and they were mostly unattractive. If they are actually prostitutes, I guess Colombia is not the place for me!

    Obviously, you are selling something and you are not being honest

  • Raffaele says:

    Hi, I have a question. If I hide my age, will I be seen by girls who have set a lower age range than mine? Or will I still be seen only by the girls who have set my age range? I have just made tinder plus because Im 41 and ai think that the reason why Im not getting matches despite being good looking, is because young girls do no have their age range set up to my age and I thought that by hiding it I would appear on their range but now I have doubts and cannot find the answer anywhere. Thanks

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