5 Best Responses to a “Let’s Just Be Friends” Text

You just went on a date with someone.

Or perhaps you finally voiced your feelings to your crush.

And she told you she “just wants to be friends”.

Major ouch.

To help you out, you’ll get the 5 best responses to the ‘Let’s just be friends’ text.

(Plus a bonus text! My personal favorite!)

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What it means when someone just wants to be friends

Firstly, it means you’ve found yourself in the dreaded friendzone.

That’s a place you REALLY don’t want to be if you’re attracted to the person that put you there.

The thing to remember is this:

Just because you’re in the friendzone doesn’t mean it’s game over.

But it does mean something has to change.

When someone starts to see you as a friend, it most likely means you’re behaving in a platonic way.

  • You’ve taken on the role of her counselor
  • You’re acting like you’re one of the girls
  • You treat her like a sister (If you’re from Alabama then just look at the first two points)

Point is, you’re probably not acting as a flirty and sexual being around her.

And if you want to be with her romantically, that’s precisely what you have to do.

So as you see her in the next few days or weeks, be sure to show that flirty sexy side of yourself.

If you do it right, she’ll start seeing you as a sexual option and slowly match your flirty behavior.

Then all that’s left is to ask her out.

#1: Best way to respond if you’ve gone out only once

If the first date went really well, it can be really confusing to get the friendzone text.

Hey, I had a great time with you last night. But I think it’s best if we stop seeing each other romantically and instead stay friends

Which feels devastating if you’ve been crushing on her for a while.

But otherwise feels like a slap in the face. Stings a little, but nothing you can’t handle.

So what do you reply?

First of all, nothing butthurt.

Don’t start a discussion and try to argue why you’re a fit for each other, or say how she’s jumping to conclusions.

It’s strong to come to terms that her decision to stay friends is totally valid.

If you were a fit, she wouldn’t be feeling the way she is.

(I’ll break down what to do if you believe you’re right for each other later!)

Because her response is valid, you want to reply in an understanding way.

Like so:

That took a lot of guts to say. Thanks for being so honest with me. All the best

#2-5: Best way to respond if you’ve gone out multiple times

Being tossed into the friendzone after 3+ dates can be quite shocking.

Especially if you’ve already locked lips or even shared a night under the sheets.

Receiving the ‘let’s be friends text’ at that stage is just so unexpected.

So what do you do after you receive a text like this?

Hey, because I respect you I’m going to be honest

I think you’re a great guy and I don’t want to lead you on because that’s not fair. But I don’t think we should continue seeing each other romantically. I just don’t see it working out. Maybe we can remain friends, but I understand if you don’t want to

That shit hits hard.

If you had a good time with this girl, you’re probably at a loss for words right now.

Should you even reply?

And if so, what do you say?

Firstly, you do want to reply because she’s giving you a real reason for why she doesn’t want to see you romantically.

That’s a classy move that demands your answer. After all, she could have just as easily ghosted you.

I’d recommend you go with one of the next 4 text messages.

Choose whichever most closely matches your feelings.

Hearing that stings a little, but I really appreciate you for being straight with me. Take care!

That came as a surprise to me but I’ll manage. Anyway, thanks for laying it on the line. Have a good one!

Rejection doesn’t feel good, but I prefer this a 1,000 times to being ghosted. Thanks for the honesty. Take it easy

I was looking forward to seeing you again, but you can’t win ‘em all. Thanks for being so direct though, it makes it much easier to deal with. Be well

Bonus: Best response if you’re into personal growth

Here at TextGod, online dating and personal development go hand in hand.

When you receive a “let’s just be friends” text, it might feel like you can fix it with a witty reply.

But this is part of the TextGod gospel:

Don’t look for an online solution to an offline problem.

That’s why this might be a great opportunity to learn!

Unaware you might have made a mistake during the date.

So if you got the cojones, then use this format:

Hey that’s fine and I respect you for telling me the truth. As I’m a big fan of always developing myself feel free to tell me why or what turned you off. I’d appreciate that! Thanks and have a great day!

I’ve got to be honest:

Not everyone will give you a reaction.

Sometimes it’s just that she didn’t feel a connection.

But every once in a while you’ll get a valuable reply!

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Best way to get out of the friendzone

Being in the friendzone with someone you’re romantically interested in isn’t game over.

You can get out. If…

…you follow the next two steps.

The first thing you must do is stop being her helper.

Sure, you’ll get closer to her by helping her out with chores, listening to her dating woes, and braiding her hair.

But you’re getting closer to her in the wrong way.

So instead of being a good friend, you want to slowly become her romantic interest.

The best way to do that is to change your friendly conversation to flirty conversation.

Friendly language: “You look nice tonight.”

Flirty language: “You look hot tonight.”

Once you stop helping her out and she starts hearing your flirty language, she’ll understand that you like her differently and slowly change her perception of you.

“I don’t really know why, but he somehow seems cooler than when we used to hang out”.

Now for the second step: make yourself irresistible by making yourself unavailable.

Once you see her again and have had a slightly flirty conversation, use this winning line:

“You know, I’m glad we’re friends. Because we would be trouble for each other.”

Why do you want to say that?

Because people always want what they can’t have.

For a way more thorough guide on escaping the dreaded friendzone, click here.

How do you bust out of the friendzone if you don’t want to risk losing her?

I’m a big supporter of baby steps.

Make small changes in your behavior, not large.

Be a little more tactile with her than you’d be normally.

Tease her a little more.

Make slightly more flattering and flirty remarks.

If you value the friendship, you don’t have to risk losing it all in one event.

It’s possible to inch forward and see how she responds.

If she inches forward too, great.

If not, you want to drop your hopes of one day getting together as a romantic couple.

Anyway, these were the best 5 responses to the ‘Let’s just be friends’ text and the most important steps to escape the friendzone.

One word of advice, however:

Start meeting other people.

Being fixated on a girl who just wants to be friends is a guaranteed way to unhappiness.

So make sure to meet people through online dating apps.

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