Matching Someone You Know on Tinder or Bumble? Do This

You just matched with someone you know on Tinder or another app.

Whether it’s an acquaintance, a friend, or your crush…

…in this article you’ll find out what your best move is.

This is what you get:

  • How to find out WHY someone you know matched you
  • Your best first move after matching them (it’s not texting them…)
  • The 3 best copy paste texts to use when you know someone already
  • 5 signs to find out if your match secretly likes you
  • How to spot if your match wants to friendzone you
  • 3 questions you can ask to get the convo going
  • 7 screenshot examples

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Matching with someone you know on a dating app can be fun. But it can also throw a spanner in the works and ruin your relationship. In this article you’ll get the best steps to find out what the other person wants with you.

First things first…

This is the most important part of the article, read it so the rest makes sense.

Who did you match?

I’m not expecting an answer right now. I’m just bright enough to realize my blank page doesn’t speak back to me.

So I’ll have a guess.

The person you matched with is your ex, crush, best friend, long-lost love, neighbor, class-mate, co-worker, or even your sister!

Like this guy, who literally matched his sister on Tinder:

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

The reason I say this, is because the context matters a lot here.

Let’s look at different possibilities in the next tip.

What does it mean when you match someone you know on Tinder

The first thing to do when matching with an acquaintance on Tinder…

…is defining the reason WHY you matched.

Think of the example we just saw.

A guy matching his sister.

Does he have a thing for incest and does his sister too?

Likely not.

This guy swiped everyone right until he ran out of his 100 free likes.

And his sister swiped him right to see if he’s crazy enough to match his own sister.

If you allow me to pull a quick estimate out of my ass, then I’d say about 69% of Tinder matches with someone you know, are out of curiosity.

Just like when you come across a past crush, an old FWB, or your ex.

“Would she have liked me?”

The only way for you to find out, is to like her and see what happens.

You want to know if she still likes you. You don’t necessarily want her back.

But the same goes for her.

She’s curious too. It’s uncertain if she still wants you.

Other than the curiosity thing, there are 3 more reasons why people swipe right on people they know:

  • You just think it’s funny. Without much thinking, you swipe right.
  • You think it’s rude not to swipe right on them***
  • You like the other person

(***I once had coworkers coming up to me to tell me that our direct superior was angry at me for not liking her back on a dating app.)

So how do you find out his or her true intentions?

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DON’T text the other person, do this instead

This is where most men blunder right away.

They text her instantly and set the mood.

When you match with someone on Tinder you know, don’t text him/her.

Instead just WAIT.

Wait for as much as 30 hours if needed.

Do this to see what they will do.

This way, you get information you’d otherwise never acquire.

Depending on what the other person opens you with, you can get a better idea of what they want.

Let’s look at an example.

This week I matched a female friend. I know her because she’s a friend of a friend. We run into each other at parties quite often.

I swipe right on her and we match. So I wait.

(Not that I could text her first either way, as it’s a Bumble match)

Boom! hahaha

A text that could mean many different things.

Imagine your match texts you something like:


Just a cute smiley.

That would, in most cases, imply she wants to talk to you, but is shy and doesn’t want to take the lead.

A good sign.

If she goes with:

Haha I just liked you for fun 😉

And afterward texts back eagerly, then she’s probably interested as well.

Remember, someone who isn’t interested would probably:

  • Unmatch after matching (after finding out you liked her back)
  • Say nothing

But even when they say nothing, it doesn’t mean there’s no interest.

It does mean that you have to make the first move.

Let’s see what that move should be:

What to say when you match someone you know on Tinder

I’m going to give you 3 openers you can use, depending on your situation.

Before serving you those openers on a silver platter…

…please note that the peasant openers are a big no go. They’re not good here, just like they are not good in ANY other situation.

This opener is never a good idea.

Another opener to steer clear from, is this one:

We matched 🙈

And this:

I didn’t expect you here 🙊

Or any other lame, surprised text.

When you are facing your colleague, your ex, or someone who friendzoned you, then be EXTRA careful.

Here are some openers:

Just so you know, I take Tinder matches very seriously. So there’s only one option now… A long awkward/romantic meet up with an ample supply of red wine

What you’re doing with this line, is suggesting romantic interest but in a playful/wacky way.

If she doesn’t see you that way at all, she can write it off as silly.

But if she does have some interest, she can easily flirt back a little.

Next one!

Well, at least when we get married, we don’t have to say we met on Tinder

You know those bios that go like this, right?

Can we lie about how we met?


Let’s tell everyone we know we met in a bar

You’re going to use the fact that you already know each other from real life to your benefit.

While showing interest with the marriage thing.

And now my favorite opener:

My Clickbait Opener works on people you know and people you don’t know.

In the first text you’ll pique her interest like it’s never been piqued before.

She’ll respond and ask you what you’re talking about.

Then you follow it up with the second line of my Clickbait Opener.

Aaaaaand you’ve just successfully started the conversation.

Now I’m not going to be a complete asshole and just  pique your interest.

You can discover my what exactly to say RIGHT HERE.

You’ll get access to a secret video that tells you exactly how to use the world’s most efficient opener.

If you’ve matched on Tinder with someone you know, then her reaction to this opener will tell you a lot.

Read on, because in the next part I’m going to give you 5 signs to find out if she likes you.

Signs your Tinder match likes you

You’re about to get 5 texting signs that betray her true feelings for you.


Let’s start with a ground-rule.

Finding out if someone likes you over text is all about investment.

The more the other person invests, the more he/she likes you.

Most of the signs that someone likes you, are things that reveal investment.

The first screenshot example is VERY clear.

It doesn’t get much more obvious than this.

If a girl sends you these amounts of text, she’s into you.

Unless she’s explaining why her random guy X is an asshole.

Or if she’s telling you in grand detail why you’re an amazing friend, but nothing more.


Did I hear someone scream ‘Instagram’?

I get more and more questions about texting someone on Instagram.

But also if you have a match on Bumble (or Tinder, PoF, Hinge, yada yada…) with someone you know, this tip is helpful.

Does your match have Instagram?

Then try this out:

Like a photo, or maybe two.

Then you wait.

Do they like anything in return?

Great. You can now safely slide into her DMs (direct messages).

Don’t have any balls and want to be EXTRA sure she likes you?

Wait a couple hours and like something again.

Does she also like back a second round?

Then get sliding.

Here, use my line:

Liking pictures back and forth is like tagging your crush in primary school.

The next sign is one that is extra clear.


If you ever get this on your screen, then you could as well start undressing already:

“Hello, kind sir, mind if I come sit on top of you?”

If someone sends you a photo as a conversation starter, that’s a good sign.

If that photo shows themself…

…then you, my dear reader, are IN.

You didn’t ask for a photo, she just sent it.

A selfie shows even more interest than other photos.

Why, you ask?

Because the hidden meaning is this:

“This is me, I look pretty good, don’t I?”


“Just casually sending you this photo of myself so you get reminded that I exist and that I look good. Love me, please.”


Wait, we missed something in the last screenshot.

Let’s look at it again.


Did you notice that as well?

This text was sent past midnight.

At 00:48 to be exact.

I don’t know about you, but usually when it’s getting late and I’m in bed, I’m often thinking about someone I like.

Or, let’s be honest, someone I don’t necessarily LIKE like, but someone I’d go skinny dipping with.

In my bed.

Where there’s no pool.

The same goes for women.

If she decides to hit you up in the evening, then that’s a good sign.

If she hits you up at night…

…then she could also be drunk.

Which is a good sign, 90% of the time.


Let’s end this mini-list with a classic.

The double text.

A double text is when the person who last sent a text, didn’t get a reply (yet) and texts again.

“Does your schedule have a spot that is still open? Because I do.”

This girl texted:

Aw nice! Alps? Shreddin through some fresh powder eh haha

When my student didn’t text back for the rest of the day, she took initiative later:

Hey 🙂 how’s it going? What r up to tonight?

That right there, is a double text.

Double texts indicate interest in 99% of cases.

In this specific screenshot example, it DEFINITELY does.

There’s a couple extra indications that she is interested in my student.

Find the complete list of 19 signs she likes you right here.

Unfortunately, not all guys recognize these signs.

Especially our brothers who got banished to the friendzone.

To see if your match/friend/crush/colleague/mother has friendzoned you, check out the next bit.

Signs you’re in the friendzone

Enough reading, you nerd!

Watch this quick 3-minute video instead to find out if you’re getting friendzoned:

Best Tinder and Bumble questions

You now know what to do when matching someone you know.

You also know how to recognize if they like you, or want to friendzone you.

Either way, I’m not letting you go without a little parting gift.

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These questions will allow you to get the person better.

And on a deeper level.

And no matter if she already likes you, friendzoned you, or isn’t sure yet what to do with you…

…these questions can be used in all three situations.

If you could wake up tomorrow with one new quality or possibility, what would it be?

Whenever someone comes into your house, you start barking uncontrollably OR you wave at everyone you see?

What would you do if your absolute dream guy walked into the same venue as you? And how would you seduce him?

Bang bang!

That’s one question to get to know her better…

One question to create a fun vibe…

And one question to make things more flirty.

If you like these kinds of questions and want to know how to best use them…

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And best of luck with that Tinder match that you know, bro!

Louis Farfields

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