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From: Louis Farfields
AKA "The TextGod"

Hey man, it’s Louis,

Over the last few years I’ve radically transformed the lives of hundreds of men, by getting them ridiculously good at online dating.

I’m talking about guys who went from struggling to get matches and dates on now having options with the most beautiful women in their cities, going on wild adventures, and waking up naked next to girls they’ve only just met...

Not just once, or occasionally...but almost every weekend.

And even though this is “normal” for many of my students now...I’ll be the first to admit: online dating can be difficult.

In fact, it’s never been harder than it is today

Why is online dating so difficult?

If you’ve tried apps like Tinder, you know that getting results with high-value, desirable women does not come easy…

Because attractive women are getting TONS of attention from guys every day, and their inboxes get flooded with messages.

On one side the vast majority of these messages are terribly boring and generic

…but the fact she receives so much attention, makes it very difficult for you to stand out.

It’s also highly likely that you’re coming across very similar to other guys…without even realising it…

…which makes you seem very predictable in her eyes…and turns her off.

In order to get success, you have to learn how to trigger a girl’s interest…and arouse her emotions.

You’ll need to pass her tests… and lead the interaction towards a date, all while overcoming the potential obstacles along the way...

It might sound complicated, and I’m only scratching the surface here, but it all comes down to developing a skillset.

Without this skillset, online dating actually is extremely difficult.

For some, online dating success can seem almost impossible…

On the other hand, if you know what to do, what to say, and how to handle yourself – it all becomes simple, easy and almost automatic.

More importantly: it will be the most fun you’ll ever have.

If you want real success with online dating, you have to understand something very essential:

Most guys are much worse at communicating and presenting themselves online than they actually realize.

And because guys aren’t aware of their mistakes…they just keep repeating them.

Have you ever experienced this:

If any of that sounds familiar, don’t worry. It can all be a thing of the past.

As long as you’re able to objectively look at your own results, and admit there could be some fixing to do…

Because if you’re anything like most guys: you’re not getting the results you could be getting.

What will your future look like?

Ask yourself this: what do you actually want your dating life to look like?

...Do you want a girlfriend?

...Do you want a different woman every weekend?

...Do you want fun dates, deep connections, and passionate sex with many different gorgeous women?

Whatever it is, it’s totally up to you.

Because in the end, all of those goals are equally realistic, and possible through mastering your online dating.

The opportunity of online dating

Today, apps like Tinder have become totally socially acceptable, and mainstream.

They are fast becoming the number one way to make new connections.

Chances are, if she’s single - she has a Tinder account.

This means the opportunities with online dating have never been greater than they are now.

…but it also means your dating, sex and love life might hugely suffer if you ignore your need to get this fixed.

Ignoring this window of opportunity is something you might always regret.

So all that matters, is getting started. And getting this thing handled once and for all...Before it’s too late.

Right now, you still have a head start

As you’re reading this, most guys still completely suck at online dating…which leaves an opportunity for guys like you and me, to jump in and take advantage.

And once you get good at this, online dating is a complete goldmine for sex, fun, adventure, and even long term relationships.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Thanks to online dating, I’m living the sex life and love life most guys can only dream about. 

But even though these kinds of results are completely normal to me now, it wasn’t always like this...

The foundation of my success is built on years of pain and struggle.

I have a uniquely embarrassing story

I am one of the rare guys that hit puberty extremely late. In fact, I didn’t hit puberty until I was about 20 years old. That’s almost 10 years later than the average guy.

I’ll spare you the awkward details, but it really means I had the body and sex-appeal of an 11-year-old boy, all throughout High School and the first two years of University.

Me at age 15. Being the only guy in school that
didn't hit puberty, I was a massive outcast.

Here's a picture of me at age 20.
It might shock you, but I was in University here.

Needless to say, this ate away at my confidence for years.

I didn’t kiss a girl until I was 21, and didn’t lose my virginity until I was almost 23 years old.

Talking to girls online saved me

The only way I could actually get girls to respond to me was online.

While most guys my age were partying, socialising, or having sex, I was locked up in my room, playing video games, and talking to girls online…

I would find girls on dating forums and dating apps...and chat with them deep into the night...

While spending hours behind my screen, I slowly started to get good at this stuff.

I learned how to get girls’ attention and bond with them online. I got them to share intimate secrets with me, and to my surprise even send nude pictures of themselves…

I was young, but my online chatting skills were becoming legendarily good. I started to get noticed...

I started making friends with two “natural alpha guys” that took me under their wing, in exchange for showing them how to get results online.

While I helped them with online dating, these guys taught me about “real life” dating skills, and pushed me far beyond my comfort zone.

They mentored me into becoming the man I am today…and helped me develop the “alpha mindsets” and “God-like confidence” that I now also teach in my programs.

Even though I’ve been learning non-stop ever since, it was during those initial years of texting, that I built the foundations for the skillset I have today.

It also taught me the value of mentorship…

Today, I know what success feels like…but I also know what adversity feels like.

The results from online dating has positively impacted my life more than I could have ever imagined

I’ve made my wildest dreams come true…and these skills have raised my entire social life to new levels. 

…Helping other guys transform, and achieve similar (or even higher) levels of dating success means everything to me.

How to get good at online dating

Look, I don’t know you yet, but purely statistically, it’s almost certain that

you’re not getting the online dating results you could be getting.

Sure, you can try and get these results by yourself...Yes, that is technically possible.

And I am the last person that will tell you that you cannot achieve something...

But looking at this practically: Why lose weeks, months, or even years (not to mention possible connections…) by suffering through all the typical mistakes…?

and why risk not achieving your dream life at all…?

…if you can get the results in weeks or even days?

For example this guy.
He didn't even finish the program yet and he's
already got 5 dates lined up with beautiful women.

So let me ask you this:

What if you had the worlds #1 online dating expert as your personal wingman…?

What if he could tell you what to do…and what to say…every step of the way?

What if he would give you a proven system that’s worked for hundreds, if not thousands of guys…while installing his skillset into your brainpermanently?

What if he would keep you accountable as you master this – so you actually succeed in this obstacle-filled journey?

What if you could get infected by his fun vibe…the thing that makes women addicted to him...and make that uniquely yours?,

…and what if you could get years of wisdom and experience in only a few weeks?

Because THAT is what I’m offering you:

My Mentoring Program

The TextGod Mentoring Program is the most fun, effective, and all-encompassing Online Dating transformation program the world has ever seen.

It’s a 12-weeks program, in which you will be taken under my wing...and learn everything I know about getting the hottest women on Tinder.

It doesn’t just help you to overcome the blind-spots and self-defeating tendencies that are holding you back from achieving your dream life…

…but also helps you engrain new attractive habits like confidence, playfulness, and depth to your personality.

You can only get those things through focussed external help, not just by buying a product or course…

The true value of my mentoring program lies within you being able to learn in ‘real time’ by reflecting on your unique specific issues.

The program is the only thing you need to get this Tinder thing handled, and get the skills no other guy can compete with…

My Mentoring Program is so damn effective, I guarantee results.

Is my Mentoring Program right for you?

My mentees are from all walks of life.

Some of my most successful mentees look like male models, have fancy cars and high paying jobs...

While other equally successful mentees are self-proclaimed “ugly guys” that work as clerks…dishwashers...or working part-time while studying.

It simply makes no difference in their results.

No, I’m not claiming you will get every girl to respond to you… That’s just not how it works.

But I am saying that if you follow my system, roughly the same amount of hot women will want to meet up with you, regardless of your looks, or how much money you have…

...As long as you do everything I teach you, and stick to the success principles.

And it will be more women than you could possibly handle, rest assured.

Fact: The TextGod Mentoring Program is NOT for everyone

Despite my Mentoring Program delivering virtually guaranteed results for everyone that applies my system, it is not for everyone.

In order to qualify for the program, you have to want it. And I don’t just mean wanting success, but I mean you have to be willing to do the work.

You will need to do things you’ve never done before, and say things that might feel counterintuitive at first.

If you’re not willing to make the necessary changes, or do what needs to be done, then this program is just not for you.

But if you’re willing to put in the work. I can help you. And I look forward to welcoming you to the program.

Most likely it won’t even take you 12 weeks to see results... You’ll start getting killer results in the first week already, as you’ll implement my proven lines and tactics right away.

The big results will start showing during the course of the program.

…You can then use the remaining time to fully master your skillset, have fun with all your new dates, and make your new lifestyle permanent.

What do you get in my Mentoring Program?

The TextGod Mentoring Program consists of three individual pillars:

  1. The TextGod System - An exclusive training program with more than 45 videos, 5 solid PDF’s, and over 8 hours of applied theory, and examples of everything you possibly need to know to completely master your online dating.
  2. The Mentoring Calls: 4 Video Calls per week, for 12+ weeks. Get guided by the TextGod himself, through a complete dating transformation.
  3. The TextGod Mastermind Group - A secret, private group of likeminded brothers to support you through this journey. An additional place to get daily and instant feedback on posts from our coaches.

Here’s a fully detailed explanation of everything included in the Mentoring Program:

PART 1: The Mentoring Calls

You’ll get direct, personal access to me (Louis Farfields) with 4 Live Video Calls per week... for at least 12 weeks.

Being part of this mentoring program will make sure you’re always up-to-date with what works in the fast changing space of online dating. You will be guided through a complete dating transformation.

PART 2: The TextGod System

You will have access to an exclusive video product called The TextGod System.

This includes more than 45 information-dense videos, each packed with high value information. It’s over 8 hours of practical theory and lines to copy-paste. It’s everything needed to master your online dating.

The TextGod System is divided in 6 different steps:

STEP 1: Create a killer profile (how to advertise yourself) and attract the hottest girls

STEP 2: Irresistible openers

STEP 3: Drive any girl mad with desire
(with 4 secret ingredients):





Step 4: Secret storytelling techniques

Step 5: Get the date

Step 6: Unstoppable Confidence and Success Habits

PART 3: The TextGod Mastermind Group

You’ll get access to a secret, private group of likeminded brothers.

This is a highly active group of Mentoring Program mentees. This is an additional place to get daily and instant feedback on your questions from our coaches.

And only now you're getting these temporary bonuses

Bonus 1: The TextGod Profile Guide

Bonus 2: From dating app to phone call in ONE text

Bonus 3: Interview with a dating coach for women

Matt is my favourite dating coach for women.

He and I sat together for a 35-minute talk on seducing women.

With thousands of ladies in his Facebook group, he knows exactly what women want.

So we sat down for a chat on his sofa, and revealed:

Bonus 4: Irresistible Voice Messages

Voice messages are the #1 overlooked texting weapon that, when done right, make you the guy she is dying to meet.

Bonus 5: From Match to Nightly Date in 30 Minutes

If you want to meet the girl you’re talking to, you’ll need to set up a date…

...and that’s when you’ll run into those pesky date objections.

Whether she:

You’ll have to deal with those objections if you want to meet her.

And in this video, you’ll discover how you can crush almost any objection with one simple trick…

...and turn them into a lovely:

Bonus 6: How To Sexualize Without Embarrassing Yourself

Sexualization might be the most powerful seduction tool when done right.

But when done wrong, it can instantly destroy your conversations.

So in this bonus you get:

Bonus 7: Your Profile Needs More Vibes

After doing hundreds of coaching calls, one thing became crystal clear.

Every. Single. Guy that comes into the Mentoring Program, makes the same profile mistake.

So we created a new bonus that gives you:

Bonus 8: 10 Photo Templates That Work

Our most coveted profile building video ever.

Examples of both Louis’ and students’ best scoring photos.

No deep principles or complicated psychological lessons.

Just 10 ready-to-use photo templates for your profiles!

Copy these exact templates and get laid. End of discussion.

Bonus 9: The Best TextGod Profile Transformations

You’re already getting photo templates to steal.

You’re getting bio examples to copy.

And now you’ll also see EXACTLY what the best mentee profiles look like.

You’ll see what they entered the program with…

…and what they finished with.

See 5 profiles from guys just like you that now have more girls interested than they have time for!

If this sounds like something you want, you can schedule a free coaching call with me personally

During this call I'll give you all the details of the program and how it works exactly.

We'll see if it's a good fit for you, and if you're motivated enough to take the Mentoring Program seriously.

Since I'm going to spend my precious time helping you, I only want truly motivated guys in this program.

Schedule your free coaching call

Join today without risk: The Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident I can get you the results you want, that I am giving you my 30-day, Money Back Guarantee.

The only thing I ask, is that you apply my Profile Guide and show up for at least 6 calls to ask a question so you actually tried.

If you're that one crazy exception that can't get results, or isn’t absolutely blown away by the immense value you’re getting, I'm more than happy to give you your money back.

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