No Matches On Hinge? Get More Likes In 8 Simple Steps

Maybe you’ve been on Hinge for a while.

Perhaps you just installed it for the first time.

And you have a problem:

You don’t get new matches on Hinge.

No worries.

Because you’re about to get 8 ways to get matches on Hinge.

In this article:More...

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Most common reasons why you’re not getting matches on Hinge

  • You’re using sub-par photos.
  • You’re too picky with your ‘dealbreakers’.
  • You’re raising red flags with your bio and/or prompts.
  • Your profile makes you seem like the average guy.
  • You live in a low-populated area.

The most likely reason you’re low on Hinge matches

If you used to get matches on Hinge before but struggle to get any now, here’s probably why.

Your newbie boost disappeared.

Hinge helps fresh accounts get attention by placing them at the top of the swipe stack of  every girl in your area. (The swipe stack is the pile of profiles that you get to see if you open Hinge.)

That almost guarantees at least a few matches. Even if you have mediocre photos.

But that boost eventually fades, which leaves your profile in a different spot in the swipe stack.

If your profile was desirable, the Hinge bots would have placed it somewhere near the top.

But if your profile was lackluster, your profile was probably put halfway down no man’s land.

And if girls need to go through many profiles to find you, they probably won’t ever reach you.

How do you solve all this?

By applying the tips you’re about to get, starting with…

1. Get a good leading photo

Almost everyone who does poorly on Hinge ignores the most important rule of online dating:

Putting your best-looking photo first.

Even if you look like Superman, no woman will care if she can’t tell.

That’s why you never want to have a first photo where you:

  • Look blurry.
  • Have on sunglasses.
  • Look mean or unfriendly.
  • Look away from the camera.

Because what do all the above bullets have in common?

They make you look less attractive.

NOTE: Attractive doesn’t just revolve around your looks, it also revolves around your vibes.

How do you get a good leading photo that leads to more matches?

By doing the opposite of what I just listed above.

Which should look something like this:

I may not have the best smirk, but the pink sweater helps by making me look much more approachable.

For more on how to create the most irresistible photo, here come 3 tips from my friend who works as a Playboy photographer:

Now you know how to be as sexy as you can be, it’s time to find out how to share your personality.

2. Show off your personality

It’s rare that a girl will be sold after seeing your first Hinge profile pic.

It’s much more likely that she’ll check your other photos before hitting that little heart icon.

And if those other photos don’t impress her, it’s sayonara.

So how do you impress her?

Firstly, by avoiding the biggest dating profile clichés:

  • Selfies.
  • Photos with the same ‘flattering’ angle and same background.
  • Fishing photos.
  • Snapchat filters.
  • Shirtless muscle poses.
  • Professional studio shots.
  • Posing with other girls (because she could be confused with being your girlfriend).

All these types of photos are female repellent.

To attract women, you want to have photos that show off your diverse personality.


  • Outdoor pics.
  • Cuddly pet photos.
  • Sporting shots.
  • Unique lifestyle pics.
  • And most important of all, smiley pics.

Basically, any photo that gives her a little window into your life.

So the more genuine, the better.

Also, it doesn’t have to be a professional-looking photo. A recent smartphone will more than likely give you the quality you need.

Especially if you slightly blur the background with a photo editing app, like so:

Holy Tip:

If you still find it difficult to know what makes for a good photo, grab my free Dating Profile Checklist.

It’ll show you exactly what to keep or fix.

Download it here.

Onto the next tip.

3. Link your Insta to Hinge

A big annoyance for many of my students from my Mentoring Program is the realization that lots of photos just aren’t right for Hinge.

But that doesn’t mean these photos are useless.

In fact, many can still be used to help you attract more matches.


By uploading those photos to your Instagram account and then linking Instagram to your Hinge.

Yes, Hinge demands that your photos are of a certain caliber.

But the bar is much lower for Instagram, even if you’re technically using it as an extension of your dating profile.

Because Insta is supposed to be more spontaneous and chill, she won’t mind that some photos are a bit blurry or that your kitchen counter is a bit cluttered. That just adds to the charm.

In fact, it makes it feel as though she’s getting a glimpse of your daily life. (The issue with dating profiles is that they’re usually too curated and fake.)

There’s just one thing you mustn’t forget:

Remove all Insta photos that put you in a negative light.

4. Pick photos that trigger conversations

Although similar, Hinge is different from Tinder in an important way.

Instead of just swiping faces, Hinge forces you to like a specific prompt or photo.

She can even like and leave a comment.

If you’ve used Hinge for a while, you’ll notice that some photos get more responses than others.

Those photos are special.

Because they trigger conversations.

Will a boring photo trigger a conversation?


In fact, the photo that gets the most likes and comments is always the most unique and emotionally stimulating.


  • A beautiful sight.
  • An adventurous activity.
  • A very interesting hobby.
  • An incredibly cute dog photo (dating app gold).

With the right photos you’ll get comments like:

That’s gorgeous!


You do so many outdoor activities!

You’ll be able to send her the most funny Hinge opener very soon.

5. Choose the right prompts

Hinge has 80+ prompts. But they’re not all equal.

In fact, some are worse than doo-doo.

To name a few:

  • Pet peeves… Too negative.
  • I’ll fall for you if… If you can summarize how you’d fall in love in a few hundred characters, you’re too easy.
  • Give me travel tips to… You’re on Hinge for a shot at love, not directions to the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.

So which prompts should you pick?

That question is enough to fill an entire new article. But here’s one reason:

To highlight a side of yourself that your photos don’t.

For more details, read this article:

6. Stop being factual

Most guys write Hinge prompts that are a bigger turn-off than hitting a light switch.

Sports, food, travel and music lover <3


German who recently arrived in Paris!

I love books, art and tennis.

And the worst of the worst:

Originally Spanish, but I’ve been living here for 3 years. I enjoy (bla bla bla until infinity)

If you want more matches on Hinge, you can’t be satisfied with lame factual Hinge prompts.

Prompts on Hinge are just too important to get wrong.

So how do you get it right?

If I could give you one easy-to-follow technique for good Hinge prompts, it’d be this:

  • Write answers that stimulate emotions

Think of playful language, painting a picture with words, and being personal and unique.

Does that feel a little too abstract?

Then can check out my Hinge prompts article for copy-pastable lines:

7. Set the right match preferences

Do you have an epic Hinge profile but still no matches?

Then it’s likely that you have one too many ‘dealbreakers’.

What are those?

A setting attached to your match filters.


If you call a filter criterion a dealbreaker, you’ll never see any profiles that don’t fit that description.

Which makes Hinge a great app. You never have to waste time getting to know a stranger you wouldn’t have liked in the first palace.

But dealbreakers can also lead to zero matches if you’re too picky or live in a relatively quiet area.

So be sure to check your preferences and dealbreakers.

Perhaps you aren’t getting any matches because you need to cast a wider net.

8. Get reviewed by a friend

When most people set up their dating profile, they do everything themselves.

Writing the bio, the prompts and choosing the photos.

The problem?

We are notoriously bad at choosing our most flattering pictures.

A study shows that we’re far more likely to pick photos where we don’t look our best.

This means you’ve probably made a less-than-stellar Hinge profile.

That’s why I recommend you ask a friend for a second opinion.

Preferably someone that belongs to the same gender you’re attracted to. And who isn’t a relative. (Sorry, Texans.)

An honest opinion from someone who’s your type is crazy valuable.

With their feedback, you’ll know exactly what the profile’s shortcomings are and what to change.

Now all that’s left is to tune your profile for success.

To make your Hinge transformation as easy as possible, grab my Dating Profile Checklist.

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