No Matches on Tinder — 4 Easy Fixes

It’s incredibly disheartening to have no matches on Tinder. Especially when you hear so many success stories.

Luckily, there is always a reason for your lack of attention.

We’re going to find out together what’s keeping you from getting Tinder matches and how to fix it. By applying all the tips from this article, I guarantee you’ll be able to get several good matches per day.

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Why you’re getting no matches

Your lack of Tinder matches isn’t just a result of your photos. Although appearance does play a role, your success on Tinder is decided by your desirability.

If Tinder thinks you’re not desirable, it places you way down the swiping stack so that almost no one will find you.

Your goal is to design a profile that Tinder wants to display near the top of the swiping stack. The more people that see you, the more swipes and matches you will get.

How does Tinder rate how in demand you are? The algorithm pays attention to the following factors:

  • Your compliance with the rules. Tinder has a clear guide of conduct that you must follow, or else your profile gets a penalty.
  • How many people swipe you right. The more times your profile gets swiped right, the more desirable you are.
  • Who swipes you right. Getting a like from a popular person gets you more points than a like from someone unpopular.
  • Your swiping habits. If you only like high-value profiles, the algorithm is more likely to see you as high-value too. And vice versa.
  • Your chat interactions. If your matches send you a lot of messages, then Tinder imagines you’re giving them a good time. And that’s what the dating app likes to reward with a higher desirability score.

If we turn these criteria into actionable steps to get more matches on Tinder, you get:

  • Keep the Tinder algorithm happy.
  • Motivate more people to swipe you right.
  • Build a profile that attracts popular Tinder users.
  • Adopt high-value swiping habits.
  • Be a good conversationalist.

I’m going to give you tips to reach each of these goals.

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Fix your ‘no matches on Tinder’ problem in 4 steps

Step 1. Make the Tinder algorithm happy

Swipe selectively

Tinder pays close attention to the amount of profiles you swipe right. Why? It suggests what kind of standards you have.

Do you like everything, including the least desirable profiles that have one or two photos and an empty bio? Then you’re either a bot who doesn’t know any better or someone with low standards.

Tinder doesn’t like either.

To be safe, only swipe Tinder profiles that you’re genuinely interested in.

Complete your profile

Tinder thrives on data. The more, the better.

Not getting any matches? Then it’s important to fill in every section of your profile. Such as your ‘About Me’, your Spotify, and your Instagram account.

By giving more information, you’re making the swiping experience better for everyone. That’s why Tinder rewards complete profiles with extra visibility.

Super Like your favorites

When you Super Like someone, Tinder’s robots push your profile to the top of that user’s swipe stack. Greatly increasing your chances to be liked back.

Reset your profile sparingly

By deleting and remaking your account, your profile needs to be given a new desirability score. That means the Tinder algorithm will show you to lots of people to see how desirable you are.

Thanks to that boost, it’s tempting to keep resetting your profile over and over. But if you do it more than once a month, you risk getting penalized. Perhaps even banned.

So reset sparingly.

Try the latest Tinder features

Tinder rewards people who play around with its latest features and games.

Stay active

An active Tinder user is more likely to make their matches happy. And when everyone is happy, so is Tinder.

That also means that you want to message your matches. The Tinder algorithm isn’t a fan of match collectors

Be online at the right time

If two people are online at the same time, Tinder will place you both higher in each other’s swipe stacks to make a match more likely.

This counts doubly so if you’re close to each other. Because Tinder knows that proximity will make it easier for you to meet up.

So use Tinder during busy times, such as between 6PM – 8 PM.

Get a premium membership

This isn’t a sponsored message. I don’t get a dime to promote Tinder, but becoming a paid member gets more eyeballs on your profile.

Especially if you go for Tinder Platinum.

Why? Let me tell you.

  • Messaging before matching. Done right, being able to grab her attention before she even swipes right, skyrockets your chances of her matching you.
  • Prioritized likes. When your likes take priority over non-Platinum members, your profile will show up higher in her swipe stack. Giving you a better chance of catching her eye! Unless there’s a sudden mass migration to Platinum memberships, of course.

If you want to learn more about how these features can supercharge your potential matches, check out this article:

Step 2. Have an irresistible collection of photos

Use portrait shots only for your leading photo

Multiple tests have clearly shown that first photos perform best when only showing the top third of your body.

From just under your chest to just above your head.


Researchers from Switzerland found that a nice smile can compensate for relative unattractiveness. In other words, happiness is attractive.

So be sure to have a good time in at least two of your Tinder photos.

Go easy on the selfies

Selfies are one of the quickest ways to sabotage your success on Tinder.

A study showed that selfie-makers are viewed as less attractive, less friendly, and more narcissistic.

Plus, selfies do very little besides highlight your looks. If it’s already clear what you look like, it’s better to use photos that show off your personality.

Don’t obscure your face

Sunglasses, hats, helmets, and anything else that isn’t your face just make you look less appealing. As if you have something to hide.

Always strive to use photos that make it easy for your potential Tinder matches to see what you look like.

Use group photos intelligently

People don’t like to think while swiping. If you have a group photo that’s more difficult to solve than a game of Where’s Waldo?, then it has no place being part of your profile.

Only use group photos when (1) it’s easy to recognize you and (2) you look the best out of everyone.

Research from the Royal Holloway University of London, concluded that you look more attractive when you take a picture with less attractive people. This phenomenon was given the sad name “Ugly Friend Effect”.

Keep your photos simple

The busier the background of your photo, the harder it is for someone to process.

For example, the left photo gets more likes on Tinder than the right photo. Just because there is no annoying bird sticker in the background.

Use the background to your advantage

People are simple creatures. So when you’re standing in front of an attractive background, that will automatically make you seem more attractive too.

Here’s an example of TextGod cofounder Dan, (poorly) photoshopped into two different apartments:

Doesn’t he look much better in the first photo?

This is also why you don’t want to have alcoholic drinks in your photos. It’ll make you look less intelligent. The Journal of Consumer Psychology calls this the ‘imbibing idiot’ effect.

Holy Tip: according to dating site Zoosk, the average ‘outdoors picture’ will generate 19% more messages than the average ‘indoors picture’.

Use your pets

The infamous dog photo WORKS.

A study shows that men with a dog look more chill, happy, and friendly than the average guy.

But there are rules.

Is the dog yours or at least a big part of your life? Then you have the green light to upload the cute pupper to your Tinder profile.

After all, it’s important to stay true to yourself.

Show off your personality

Having 6 LinkedIn-style portrait photos of yourself is overkill. People will know what you look like after two clear shots of your face.

That’s why it’s important to give someone a peek of your personality with the rest of your photos.

What are some activities that play a big role in your life? If it’s important for you to skate, read, snowboard, and cook, then it’s important to show on your profile.

Don’t pick your own pictures

Let strangers help you pick your best photos.


This scientific research explains it well. Basically, you’ve seen your face too many times that you’re paying attention to the wrong things. So you may shy away from pictures that highlight your ‘bad’ side, that most other people barely care about.

In short: we don’t see the same things that other people see.  if you select pictures of yourself, you don’t choose the pictures that others find most attractive.

Complete strangers judge better.

Use paid photo evaluators

Below is a picture of yours unruly.

I was interviewing girls about their first kiss in Barcelona for a YouTube video.

When I saw this picture, my initial reaction was: “Nice!”

My hair looks good, I have a nice tan from the Spanish Sun, I managed to sneak in a little bicep flex, and I’m  rocking a mysterious gaze James Bond himself would have been jealous of.”

I thought this photo would get me lots more Tinder matches.

But then I had this picture judged by random women on and I didn’t look as good as I thought. According to the results, I looked dumb, untrustworthy, and only moderately attractive.


After crying in the fetal position for a while, I continued my search for the ultimate photo.

I experimented with a bunch of other photos until the ladies made it obvious which one was the best. And I never would have guessed it. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of the winning shot.

By my own judgment, I was more attractive in other pictures. But the voters had spoken!

Bang bang!


Halleluja. What a little bit of research can do for you!

Step 3. Have a strong Tinder bio

When a woman isn’t entirely convinced by your photos, she will check your bio. And if you do your job well, your bio will motivate her to swipe you right.

Let me give you an idea of what a dynamite ‘About Me’ looks like.

Honest to a fault. Been listening to the same 200 songs since high school. Can’t keep my white clothes clean to save my life. And I hate olives.

Doesn’t this bio make you want to talk with this person ASAP? It sure does for me. It’s just so personal and playful!

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Step 4. Be a good conversationalist

Send a message right after matching

If you’re tired of getting no matches, it pays to send the few matches you do get a message as quickly as possible. At least within 24 hours.

Tinder rewards good behavior. And there’s nothing more good to Tinder than a user who’s happy with their chats.

Not sure what to send?

Have no fear, I have the ultimate icebreaker for you. Hardly anyone can resist. Click here to get my opener and 2 easy and effective ways to continue the conversation.

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Keep the conversation going

Once you get the conversational ball rolling, it’s important to show interest in your match while staying a bit of a challenge.

You can do that by avoiding boring questions, playfully teasing and flirting, and voicing your honest opinion.

I’ve got a ton of articles that can help you get better at all these things. I recommend you start here:

No Matches on Tinder – Summary

If you want more matches on Tinder, you can follow 4 steps to success.

  1. Make the Tinder algorithm happy. Swipe selectively, complete your profile, Super Like favorites, reset your profile sparingly, try the latest Tinder features, stay active, and be online during busy times.
  2. Have an irresistible collection of photos. Use portrait shots for your leading photo, smile in your pictures, avoid excessive selfies, show your face clearly, keep photos simple, use attractive backgrounds, include pictures with friends strategically, and showcase your personality.
  3. Have a strong Tinder bio. Craft a compelling ‘About Me’ section that is personal and playful.
  4. Be a good conversationalist. Send a message promptly after matching to engage your matches.

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