No Matches on Tinder (as a Guy) — 33 Reasons

You’re swiping profile after profile and still:

You’re getting no matches on Tinder!

No worries, we can fix this.

Apply as many tips from this article and you WILL get matches.

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#1: Delete Tinder and then re-install

This is a harsh measure.

And it’s not for everyone.

Have you been on Tinder for a long time?

Then you might just need to delete your account, and your app.

Only to reinstall it again.

This way you’ll get rid of all the mistakes you have made along the line.

Because you might have forgotten them, but Tinder hasn’t.

So now you’re somewhere at the bottom of the endless pile of male profiles.

A fresh start on Tinder might be just what you need.

BUT… restarting your journey won’t do you much good if you profile stays the same.

So read the rest of this article first.

And THEN restart your Tinder with an upgraded profile.


Don’t reset your Tinder account too often.

Tinder does NOT like it when people abuse this reset and they will punish you.

If you overuse the free Tinder reset, you will get shadowbanned.

#2: Don’t use selfies

Selfies are easy to shoot and allow you to pick your best angle.

Hence why many men have them on their dating profiles.

Little do they know that they’re sabotaging their match rates.

In a recent study, it turned out that 82% of the participants felt that fewer selfies should be posted on social media.

In yet another study, it was shown that selfie-makers are viewed as:

  • Less attractive
  • Less friendly
  • More narcissistic

Whilst the maker of the selfie believes he actually looks BETTER in the photo.

Not exactly the impression you want to make on the ladies.

As if this is not bad enough, a survey from Zoosk showed that profiles with a selfie get 8% fewer messages.

So know where your selfie belongs.

Good riddance.

#3: Don’t use group photos

Group photos often cause less matches.

This point was proven by research where scientists viewed the brains of women who were judging Tinder photos.

The researchers discovered that a photo on Tinder should be processed as easily as possible by our brain.

Guess what women don’t feel like doing when they’re swiping?

Figuring out which guy in the picture is you.

And even when it’s abundantly clear who you are in your Tinder profile, a picture with just you in it is by far the most effective.

This is especially true for your first picture.

A group photo can definitely add to your profile, but it should NEVER be the first picture.

More about group photos later.

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#4: Keep your photos simple

This tip is much more subtle, which is why so many people are messing up their profile this way.

Your photo becomes harder to process if it has people in the background.

In fact, it becomes harder to process if it has anything at all in the background.

For example, the left photo gets more likes on Tinder than the right photo.

Just because there is no annoying bird sticker in the background.

“The devil is in the details”

In a seemingly innocent flock of birds in this case.

#5: Make use of ‘Signaling’

Speaking of backgrounds…

On your first picture, you don’t want any unnecessary distraction.

But in other pictures, you can make the background work in your favor.

Rest assured that girls will notice everything there is to be noticed. They will have seen every pixel of your picture.

And if those pixels coincidentally convey that you’re a boss, she will not only see that, she will feel it.

A study proved that men who were photographed in a high-end luxury apartment, were found more attractive than men who were photographed in a ‘standard’ apartment.

As you can see in the graph below, our dear friend in the yellow shirt was found more attractive in the high-end apartment.

We tested this for ourselves as the true nerds that we are.

Here is TextGod cofounder Dan, (poorly) photoshopped into two different apartments:

The results in Dan’s experiment were similar to the ones from the other study.

Dan was found more attractive in the high-end apartment.

Fun fact: Men found women to be a little more attractive in the standard apartment.

Fun fact #2: The same goes for cars. If you’re being photographed in, let’s say, a kickass Lamborghini, you will be perceived as high status, and therefore more attractive. Make sure though, that you’re behind the wheel or doing something very naturally in the back of the car.

Someone who’s simply posing against or next to the car will be seen as someone who is trying to impress.

In other words: a filthy try-hard.

If you don’t own a luxurious apartment or a fancy car, you want to make sure that the whole vibe of your picture conveys value. The theory of ‘signaling’ tells us that everything in your picture has to contribute to a positive impression.

A picture of you slouching in your chair, gently cupping a glass of beer doesn’t say much positive about your life.

Rather casually place a trophy in the background that you won during swimming classes when you were 10.

#6: Go shoot outside

What if you don’t have a luxury apartment, Lamborghini, or a swimming trophy?

What if none of the rooms in your house is of value to your pictures?

Well, then you are in the same situation as almost every guy out there.

But don’t panic.

According to dating site Zoosk, the average ‘outdoors picture’ will generate 19% more messages than the average ‘indoors picture’.

#7: Show off your dog

The infamous dog photo WORKS.

But there are rules.

Is the dog yours or at least part of your life?

Good, go ahead and make use of how loved he is.

No girl can resist this little fella.

A study shows that men with a dog look:

  • Happier
  • More friendly
  • More relaxed

Especially men who want to score in the relationship department will want to take a picture with a doggo.

It takes responsibility and nurturing skills to raise a dog.

Women can almost feel their uterus pulsate when they see you with a dog in the picture.


In my coaching programs I have clearly noticed a trend.

Guys that force a dog photo into their profile, get punished.

Girls know, that you know, that girls like dog photos.

And they’re aware that many men will borrow someone else’s dog just to get more matches.

Good luck trying to talk your way out of that one when she confronts you.

Having said that, in the video below you see me put together a nice profile for a friend…

…where we shamelessly borrowed someone else’s dog.

For science of course.

In the above video you’ll see us apply 10+ of the tips in this article so you learn how to do it as well!

#8: Wear red

A study showed that if you want your picture to pop, you have to wear red.

Another study showed that both men and women found each other more attractive when they were wearing something red.

Not only do you look more sexy, but you also stand out more from the horde of men wearing dull neutral colors.

Not convinced yet?

Tinder analysed 12.000 pictures and concluded that as many as 72% of all men wear neutral colors in their profile pictures.

Still need more convincing?

Guys that wear red are also perceived as having higher social status.

So throw your grey sweater back in the closet, bro.

Time for red.

#9: Show only your torso and face

Tests have clearly shown that first photos perform best when only showing the top third of your body.

From just under your chest to just above your head.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

The neurological research of Dutch ST&T also showed us how important this is.

#10: Smile

This is a controversial topic…

Not everybody is on the same page when talking about the smile.

OkCupid came up with this chart:

This chart shows that a man is most successful when looking away from the camera while not smiling.

But a recent study from PhotoFeeler says you’re best off to smile while looking at the camera.

When you’re looking away from the lens, it doesn’t matter too much whether you’re smiling or not.

So, if you’re looking into the lens, then you should smile… But which smile is the best?

That too has been researched by PhotoFeeler. If you go for a big smile with your teeth showing, you look more:

  • Competent
  • Friendly
  • Influential

So a healthy smile that shows your teeth is better than smiling with your lips pursed.

A forced smile never comes across well. Make sure your smile looks natural.

If necessary, ask your photographer to make you laugh.

Oh and by the way… do you think you’re not the best looking of the bunch? Maybe this will cheer you up: researchers from Switzerland found that a happy expression can even compensate for relative unattractiveness. And last but not least: A British study showed that you look more healthy when you have beautifully white teeth.

This is your sign to edit your teeth to a whiter tone.

This is also a reminder to brush your teeth and regularly visit a dentist.

#11: Take up a lot of space

Research shows that postures that make you big, eg arms and legs wide open, make you more attractive to others.

And like Harvard’s social psychologist Amy Cuddy explains:

high power, big-making poses” exude power and confidence, while “low power” poses do the opposite.

#12: Accentuate your jawline

In this tip I’ll show you how you can improve your jawline in seconds.

The jawline is a very attractive symbol of masculinity.

Every woman loves it and every man wants one.

But maybe you’re not in the best shape of your life right now…

And maybe you don’t have a jawline that has the ability to slice through coconuts?

If that’s the case, then you are in the same boat as this fellow:

So, what did this guy do?

He followed the advice of legendary portrait photographer Peter Hurley:

“I want everybody to imagine that there’s a hook in the top of your head, and it’s pulling you up to the ceiling. When you’re up there, I want you to increase the distance between your earlobes and your shoulder blades. Now I want you to jam your forehead forward a little bit.”
Peter Hurley

In 3 easy steps:

  • Keep your head as high as possible, like there’s a hook pulling your head up.
  • Shoulders down
  • Push your forehead forward a little.

The result?

From a double chin to a jawline in 1,2,3.

Holy Tip:

Me and my team created a Tinder Profile Checklist.

It includes all the important pointers that make or break a Tinder profile.

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#13: Squinch to show more confidence

One of those golden nuggets that will increase your chances of getting laid through Tinder.

(Or find a dream girl.)

This secret is so cool that when I first discovered it, I immediately ran to the mirror to see if I already knew how to ‘squinch’.

Because it’s one of those subtle things that make you look more masculine.

Have you ever stood before a camera?

Tell me, were you at ease?

Chances are you weren’t completely relaxed but rather self-conscious.

And it shows in the picture.

Most people open their eyes widely when being photographed.

Little do they know, this conveys FEAR and INSECURITY.

The trick to prevent this is squinching.

You’re going to reduce the distance between your upper and lower eyelids. Mainly by raising your lower eyelid.

It sounds more complicated than it is.

This guy is showing you:

On the left, he does what every man does who is not an experienced model: he opens his eyes.

On the right, he does what photographer Peter Hurley tells him to do: he squinches.

If you want to learn how you do this with ease and would like to see some examples, Hurley explains it quite nicely for you here:

I must say, this is effective, but be cautious.

Holy Tip:

Don’t overdo the squinch.

Because according to this study you will appear less suited as a long-term partner.

Unless of course, that’s your goal, you dirty dog.

And for all the Rick and Morty fans reading this, please don’t confuse squinching with squanching.

#14: Make use of ‘leftward bias’

A lot of men and women think that they have a ‘good side’.

If you’re someone whose right side for some reason looks way more attractive than your left side…

…then you can take pictures of the right side of the face. If not, you’re better off taking pictures of the left side.

Researchers discovered that people have a high preference for pictures that show the left side of someone’s face as opposed to the right side.

A clever dude I coached came up with the idea of mirroring pictures of his right side in Photoshop, to make himself look more attractive.

Good idea, but sadly this doesn’t work.

A theory says that the right side of your brain controls regulation of your emotions whilst also controlling the muscles in the left side of your body. That’s why your left jaw is more expressive.

Making it impossible to cheat and mirroring pictures of your right side.


If you want more matches on Tinder, take pictures of the left side of your face.

Portrait of Louis Betts by William Merritt Chase

Fun fact: to impress your date or be the smartass at a party: This ‘leftward bias’ has been around for hundreds of years. Painted portraits throughout history show the left side way more often than the right side.

#15: Watch your posture

Want an easy boost in confidence?

Take care of your posture.

Research has shown time and again that good posture displays high self-confidence.

In tip 11 I already spoke about manspreading and high power poses. These Power Poses can’t occur without a straight back.

But tall guys, be careful!

…I’ve coached plenty of tall men. Their length is a blessing when it comes to dating…

…but sometimes also a curse.

Tall men often tower above the photographer, which gives their pictures a frog perspective.

And in group photos, they stand out a lot from the rest of the pack.

So they often hunch to fit in more.

Example of a frog perspective portrait

If you’re really tall, Peter Hurley advises you to spread your legs instead of arching your back.

This technique is super helpful when you’re taking a picture of only your torso and head… AKA the best first Tinder photo.

#16: Apply these rules to your group photos

Reasearch at the Royal Holloway University of London, states that you will automatically be found more attractive when you take a picture with less attractive people.

This phenomenon was given the sad name “Ugly Friend Effect”.

Behavioral economist and professor at Duke University, Dan Ariely, wanted to check if this was indeed the case.

He conducted an online experiment and noticed that when you add an equivalent person, who is slightly less attractive to the picture, your perceived attractiveness rises.

This may all sound confusing, so let me make it clear for you:

Prof. Ariely showed women two CGI pictures (computer-generated images). One was Tom and the other was Jerry.

When the women saw only these two pictures, they voted both men to be equally attractive.

When a third person was added to the picture: an ‘ugly’ version of Jerry, then suddenly the women voted the ‘normal’ Jerry to be more attractive than Tom. When ‘ugly’ Jerry was replaced by ‘ugly’ Tom, then ‘normal’ Tom was suddenly seen as the most attractive of the three.

A third study, conducted by researchers of California University, found that people are more attractive in a group picture than when they are in the picture alone.

This is called the ‘Cheerleader Effect’.

The woman on the left was voted more attractive in the group picture, than when she was shown alone.

Holy Tip:

A group photo should never be the first picture on your dating profile.

In addition, a group photo can cost you matches when done wrong.

For more tips ‘n tricks, check out my Tinder Profile Tips article.

#17: Always show your eyes

In your first picture, you always want to show your eyes.

A study by Photofeeler teaches us that people judge your personality differently when your eyes are covered.

And not in a good way.

People who wear sunglasses appear less friendly.

People whose eyes are covered by their hair appear less competent and less influential.

So your eyes must be visible.

He who covers his eyes may have other secrets… and is therefore not to be trusted.

By the way, that’s also why humans have white in their eyes, to make it clear where we are looking, and thus WHERE our interest goes to.

According to Tinder, it’s best to look straight into the camera. This should get you 20% more swipes.

Jordan Peterson said this about the matter:

“Eye contact indicates interest and it also indicates, at least in principle, possibility of approach”

Two other statistics by Tinder related to covering part of your head:

  • If you wear a hat, you can count on 15% fewer matches
  • If you wear (sun)glasses, you could get 12% fewer swipes

In conclusion: No facial obstruction.

#18: Increase trustworthiness

Everyone knows you have to look good in your pictures.

But you don’t hear anything about looking trustworthy…

Well, ask any woman how she feels about online dating and her safety.

Women invest a crazy amount of time in elaborate escape plans and safety measures to keep themselves safe.


Women who date online worry about their safety.

They even do so when their date looks like a friendly and trustworthy guy.

If your profile looks less reliable or even aggressive… then I wish you a lot of luck breaking through all those extra barriers.

By the way, are you looking for a serious relationship?

Women who are looking for a long-term relationship will more easily swipe right on guys who look trustworthy.

The easiest way to increase your profile’s trustworthiness?


A second trick for looking more trustworthy is by enlarging your pupils.

Researchers discovered that people with dilated pupils were seen as more trustworthy than people with more constricted pupils.

And if you’re now thinking: “How can I enlarge my pupils just before I take a picture?”

Here’s a quick tip:

Buy a decent amount of coke, and ram it down your nose Henry the Hoover style.

On a more serious note:

Research shows that just thinking about a dark shape, or even imagining you’re in a dark room, can be enough to dilate your pupils.

Or maybe when you were a kid you played that game where you keep your eyes closed for a while and then opened them. Your friends could see how big your pupils were and how they would shrink down by the sudden cast of light.

Don’t feel like doing fancy psychological tricks or children’s games? Then you can always edit your pictures.

And if you’re choosing to alter your photo, put in some effort to edit the ‘limbal ring’ as well.

The ‘limbal ring’ is the outer ring of your iris. A study by The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology showed that people were found more attractive when this line is thicker.

#19: Never take a picture with flash

Short and simple.
Don’t use flash when you’re taking pictures for your dating profile

Artificial light, especially that of flash photography, makes for:

  • Heavy shading
  • More visible wrinkles
  • Red eyes.

In addition, it makes you look up to 7 years older according to this study.

So unless you want to look a whole lot older to become someone’s online sugar daddy… no flash.

Are you working with a photographer who has mad skills and who knows how to take good pictures with all kinds of light?

By all means, let him do his thing.

#20: Make photos during ‘Golden Hour’

The flash will fuck up your face more often than not.

So what kind of light should you use for your photos?

Natural light will often give the best images.

And according to OKCupid, pictures that were taken during ‘The Golden Hour’ are the most attractive.

‘’The golden hour, also referred to as the magical hour, is a term in photography, marking the short period after sunrise or before sunset, where there is more indirect sunlight, making the light a redder, softer tone. Because the sun is at the horizon, the light travels over a longer distance through the atmosphere. The blue light is scattered, allowing more red light to be present.”

The blue line indicates how attractive a picture is.

The black/yellow circles display the position of the sun.

During the golden hour, there are two peaks of maximum attractiveness.

Holy Tip:

This site shows you exactly when the golden hour is where you are located right now.

Now, let’s get REAL masculine…

#21: Show your balls

All exhibitionists and other creepers can put their balls back in their pants.

Or leave ‘em hanging for all I care.

What I mean by ‘’showing your balls’’ is that it pays to show that you have balls, as a figure of speech.

Women are naturally more attracted to men who do not fear a challenge.

A few good examples of some ballsy activities for your pictures:

  • Rock climbing
  • Bungee jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Surfing
  • BMX, Skateboarding, snowboarding, and so on…

Holy Tip:

The risk that you’re taking, should be a necessary risk. No unnecessary risks or crazy stuff that you did when you got up on the roof of a building site while you were drunk out of your skull.

Risks that link back to the good old primitive era where men were hunters and gatherers, work like a charm. That’s the way to signal that you’ve got balls of steel.

Oh and remember when I told you that a picture of yourself behind the wheel of a luxurious ride can also work really well?

Make sure to wear a seatbelt, because apparently something small like that can make you look less attractive.
Unnecessary risk, bro.

Holy Tip:

You can make your first picture even more impressive by doing something extreme in that picture, but it should still live up to the basic rules of a good first picture. Otherwise, you put this picture in spot 2, 3, or 4.

The next tip will give you insight into what type of shave is best for you.

Because it matters, especially with the type of woman you want to attract.

This is even more important when you want to attract a woman through Tinder to get married.

#22: Trim your beard to heavy stubble

Are your friends inviting you to participate in this year’s ‘no shave November’?

Very politely tell them to fuck off.

Your beard is a very powerful tool to lure the ladies with, and sometimes even keep them.

According to research, a stubble beard is the most attractive type of beard.

It beats the clean shaved look, the light stubble and the caveman beard.

A good scruffy look beat the shaven look with a solid 20%.

Researchers assume that facial hair exudes maturity and masculinity.

Add a little dominance and aggression and you have an incredibly attractive combination.

The long beard scored lowest on attractiveness, it scored best in the health and parenting department.

So if you are planning to start a family, try a bit more beard.

Holy Tip:

If a beard really doesn’t suit you, or your beard looks like the pubic bone of a 13-year old boy going through his first month of puberty, you’re better off shaving.

Looking well-groomed is always more important.

Are you not completely sure if you’re better off with or without beard?

In a minute I will show you a bulletproof way to find out.

#23: Show muscle

People love complaining about their looks and their genetic misfortune.

Coincidentally, it’s often these complainers that look like they don’t take care of themselves.

Researchers have already proven that muscular men are more successful when it comes to short-term relationships.

Interestingly, muscular men don’t only have more sexual partners, they also have more partners who are already together with someone.

Males with an average build are deemed most attractive.

Are you someone who doesn’t go to the gym or doesn’t work out at all? Then I advise you, from the bottom of my heart, to start right now.

The benefits go far beyond just getting women.

Oh and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please listen to this lady who says what most women think:

The shirtless mirror selfie is one of the worst scoring pictures ever.

#24: Don’t show alcoholic drinks

This one seems pretty clear. And yet, this mistake is made over and over again.

People holding an alcoholic beverage are seen as less intelligent.

Some men think others are impressed by their drinking skills

The Journal of Consumer Psychology’ dubbed this the ‘imbibing idiot’ effect.

#25: Have a drink BEFORE taking your picture

Are you full-time sober? Props to you and your discipline!

Do you drink sometimes? Perfect, I’ve got a fun trick for you.

Research has shown that a ‘’slightly intoxicated’’ person is voted to be more attractive than someone who is sober. People who drank more were deemed less attractive in the picture.

#26: Approach a girl before your shoot

Aaaaah, here it is.

The tip that might be the hardest of them all.

All the more reason to do it.

David Ian Perrett, professor and researcher at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, says that men look more attractive in pictures taken within 5 minutes of talking to a friendly woman.

If you have a nice chat with a woman, you look way happier in your picture.  In addition, you are seen as a more attractive option for long-term relationships.

Conclusion: Before your shoot, approach a woman for a friendly chat.

Is your photographer a woman, have a little chat with her.

#27: Adjust your bio

Men with a bio get 4 times more matches than men without a bio.

If you apply my photo tips, then your bio isn’t THAT important.

Pictures, and mainly your first picture, are the key to Tinder success.

But when a woman isn’t entirely convinced by your photos, she will check your bio.

This is your last chance to convince her.

You can go about writing your bio in different ways, but that’s a whole different ball game, which I will not be discussing here.

If you want, you can open my Tinder Profile Tips article in a different tab and read it when you’re finished with this article. There you’ll find everything you need to write a bio that attracts women like a light attracts moths.

In any case: write a bio.

And if you write one, might as well get it right the first time.

#28: Tinder Boost

For a couple bucks you can activate Tinder Boost.

You activate it by clicking on the purple lightning bolt in the bottom right corner.

Do you see it? Or are you still checking out the twins?

According to Tinder, your profile will be on top of the swipe stack in your area for 30 minutes. Women opening Tinder will almost immediately see your profile. You should get 10 times more profile views than usual.

Once you have applied the tips from this article, and you’re not against spending a bit of money, you can immediately test the strength of your new profile.

Or test your profile’s strength for free here, with the free Tinder Profile Checklist.

If you have Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum, then you already get one free boost each month.

Women you have matched thanks to your Tinder Boost, will get the purple boost-lightning-bolt-icon next to their name.

#29: Fill out all your profile info

Tinder takes into account thousand-and-one different variables to calculate how eligible you are.

Filling in your entire profile can make you more attractive to Tinder’s algorithm.

Personally, I don’t find it super interesting to tell everybody to which school I went and what job title I have at company X.

If you went to some Ivy League school such as Harvard, you can put this in your bio. Do you have a profession or title every woman thinks of while she’s aiming the showerhead between her legs? Then yeah, add this to your profile.

Do you have an Instagram that’s attractive to women? Link your Instagram to your Tinder profile.

#30: Use Tinder more often and in the right place

There are two ‘timing things’ you can do to get more matches on Tinder.

  1. Make sure you use the app frequently enough. Tinder wants to keep its ladies happy. And ladies are not happy when their matches don’t feed them attention
  2. Be online at the right times. Tinder will be more inclined to show the profile of men who were online recently and nearby.So use Tinder during busy times in popular places.

#31: Send a message right after matching

Yep, you read it right.

If you want to be any good at Tinder, I challenge you to send your new matches a message right away.

There’s two reasons to do so:

The first reason has to do with your hidden profile score.

Tinder rewards active behavior and gives you a little boost if you take action.

The second reason has to do with your journey from dating apprentice to experienced, attractive man.

There’s not a lot of guys that can open a conversation in an original way.

Not on Tinder and not in the club. Not at the bar and not in the streets.

If you make a habit of starting every conversation yourself instead of hoping your match will send the first text

…then you’re not only twice as manly, you’ll also get rewarded by Tinder.

And I’m not talking about copy-pasting some opener!

I’m talking about personalized, ridiculously effective, self-made openers.

Want to know how to do that?

Download my free Clickbait Opener here.

#32: Swipe selectively (ELO score!)

Peasant Paul’s swiping strategy:

Swipe everything right at the speed of light.

The correct swiping strategy:

Only like women that you have a sincere interest in.

Here’s what Tinder thinks of you if you swipe everything right:

  • You’re a bot
  • Extremely desperate
  • Or you’d shove your shlong up an exhaust pipe if nobody would see

So what does Tinder do? They punish you.

And as a result you’re being shown to less ladies.

#33: Don’t pick your own best photos (HUGE!)

Here we are.

After 69 tons of pure value… we have reached the final tip of this article.

One I have been holding back with pleasure, because I wanted to finish strong and make sure you don’t forget this one.

And that tip is:

Don’t pick your own photos. Let strangers pick them for you.


Scientific research explains it really well:

“However, contrary to predictions based on people’s general expertise in self-presentation, other-selected images conferred more favorable impressions than self-selected images. We conclude that people make suboptimal choices when selecting their own profile pictures, such that self-perception places important limits on facial first impressions formed by others.”

Translated for you to human language:

If you select pictures of yourself, you don’t choose the pictures that others find most attractive.

You have seen your own face so many times that you’re overlooking certain things. Also, you have certain uncertainties that will direct your focus to things that may be less important to others.

The same applies when you ask for advice from people you already know.

Complete strangers judge better.

They will — just like women on Tinder — form an idea of ​​who you are within a second. Not only are they getting information from the background, your clothing, and posture. Even the smallest forms of expression on your face add to the impression you’re giving. All these things combined, give her an idea of your personality.

This immediate form of judgment based on someone’s appearance is called ’thin slicing’. And it happens every time someone looks at you. On Tinder but also in real life.

I myself have a photo that I always thought could only have this effect:

I would have bet money that this photo would do well on dating sites.

But when I had the photo judged by random women from all over the world, the average reaction appeared to be a little different:

But don’t panic! I have something for you so you will never make this mistake.

How you are chasing away women RIGHT NOW

What happened with my picture is not a unique event.

Everywhere online, men are unknowingly sending the wrong signals.

Apparently, I looked very aggressive in my picture while I thought I was exuding a healthy dose of mystery.

In science, I found the answers to my questions:

We use different parts of our brain when looking at pictures of ourselves than when we’re looking at pictures of others.

We literally don’t see the same thing other people see.

You and I know about ourselves that we’re not creepy or evil dudes. When we see a picture of ourselves, these possibilities do not even come to mind.

But the women you meet on Tinder have ZERO information about you beforehand. They can therefore quickly be scared off by an expression that appears to them as ‘suspicious’ or ‘judgmental’.

And this is exactly what had happened with my photo.

It is also the reason why I make sure all my mentees smile in their pictures.

Pictures without a smile can easily be interpreted in a lot of different ways.

This is the body language translation of a smile:

I am harmless, everything is okay!’’

When that smile is missing, your picture can easily be interpreted the wrong way.

Details such as lighting, posture, and eye contact can just as easily influence the viewer’s judgment.

My best picture, and how you discover yours

Okay, enough chit-chat.

Time to put my money where my mouth is.

Let’s see if I’m full of shit or might actually hold some knowledge.

Below you see a picture of yours unruly.

I was interviewing girls about their first kiss in Barcelona for a YouTube video

When I saw this picture, my initial reaction was: “Nice!”.

My thoughts: I’m looking good, my hair looks good, I have a nice tan from the Spanish Sun, I managed to sneak in a little bicep flex, my face is fully visible, etc.

To add to that, I’m doing my thing with the interview and I’m rocking a mysterious gaze James Bond himself would have been jealous of.

I figured this picture will score me some extra matches on Tinder.


When I had this picture judged by random women on photofeeler (and that is exactly what I want you to do), it turned out I didn’t come across so well.

According to the results I came across as:

  • Dumb
  • Untrustworthy
  • Moderately attractive

For someone with an IQ of 169, a cheat count of 0, and looks you would never hear me complain about, these were not the best results.

In comparison to other men my age, I came across as smarter than 30%, more trustworthy than 19%, and more attractive than 73%.

In other words:

  • 27% looked more attractive
  • 70% looked more intelligent
  • And a whopping 81% looked more trustworthy

Ouch, not the best results.

The competitive monster in me got a wake-up call.

And armed with about 69 scientific studies about attractiveness, I was gonna give these numbers a serious boost.

Together with a friend who’s a photographer, we went out for a night of serious shot-snapping.

The picture that I eventually put on Tinder is the one you see below.

I wasn’t too big a fan of this picture. By my own judgment I was more attractive in other pictures.

But as you have just learned, you never pick your own picture.

He who wants the best results, let’s other people rate multiple photos.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Bang bang!

By applying the tips from this article we instantly went from:

From smarter than 30% to smarter than 91%

From more trustworthy than 19% to more trustworthy than 90%

From more attractive than 73% to more attractive than 100%

Bro, that’s a growth of:

  • 203%
  • 374%
  • 37%

Halleluja. What a little bit of research can do for you!

Now I know it’s not so easy to find a good camera and a good photographer, applying these tips and going home with an amazing picture.

But that in itself is actually good news.

Because for many, this will be too much effort!

Which makes you stand out even more if you DO take action.

So… I wish you lots of fun shooting and even more success on Tinder.

PS: Here you have an overview of all the photo tips you can apply to your future Tinder pictures. Maybe you’ve noticed that one of the tips in this chart has NOT been covered in this article. However, the contrast tip is one of the factors that weigh the most. But don’t panic, you can read everything about it in my article about Tinder Profile Picture Tips.

*Photofeeler score is the average of Smart, Trustworthy, and Attractiveness.

Louis Farfields

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