Online Dating Coach: Is it Worth it? 14 Reasons Why

You’re not happy with your love life.

And you’re becoming increasingly frustrated with your situation.

Whether that’s getting dates, keeping a girl interested in you, dealing with crippling self-doubt, or even ringing Mrs. Right 💍.

So now you’re wondering, “Is it worth hiring an online dating coach?”

Well, it’s not for everyone.

By the end of this article, you’ll know if getting an online dating coach is the right move for you.

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Now it’s time to discuss if hiring an online dating coach will get you what you want.

What is an online dating coach?

An online dating coach does not whisper lines to you through an earpiece. A good coach does far more than that.

He or she figures out what you want, identifies your self-sabotaging beliefs, manages your anxieties and fears related to dating, and teaches you how to be more attractive.

Of course, they can’t perform magic and make anyone fall in love with you. An online dating coach simply gives you the tools you need to present your authentic self in the most attractive way.

1. Find out what you’re looking for

Please don’t make this mistake.

Many guys (and gals) don’t know what they’re looking for. Not just in dating, but often in other parts of life as well.

But if you don’t have a vision, it’s difficult to work toward the man you want to become.

So, what are you looking for? A girlfriend? Casual relationships?

Also, what do you think is holding you back? Getting this cleared out is CRUCIAL to your success.

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2. Reach your goals faster (avoid common mistakes)

Most things in life can be learned on one’s own. But it’s often painfully slow compared to when you have a helping hand.

However, remember that dating coaches are not magicians. They will not be able to make everyone fall head over heels for you.

A lot of what coaches do is focus on how you can grow into the man who women will fall in love with.

That being said, there are a few techniques you may learn…

3. Get a leg up on your competition

Here’s how to get women hooked on you.

Coaches will give you techniques to get ahead of the pack fast.

Those guys consistently getting the hottest girls? They often had help.

You can, too.

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4. Improve your conversational and flirting skills

Wanna know how to flirt and converse so women instantly feel attracted to you?

Hire a dating coach.

Trust me, I used to be a huge nerd with zero social skills.

And it took me years of self-learning to get success with women. But I’ve seen countless individuals in my Mentoring Program get the hottest girls in a matter of months.

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5. Understand what attraction is

Most people get ‘attraction’ all wrong.

It’s really not about lines and tactics. It’s about the principles behind the lines and tactics. And it’s not until you fully grasp those principles that you can become someone who women naturally gravitate towards.


Because everyone is different. Not every line that you see online will fit your personality.

Although they do get results in the short term, they’ll likely stop working in the long term. Because that’s when she’ll recognize that you’re not being yourself.

6. Learn how to interpret her texts

It’s honestly mind-boggling how few men can understand a woman’s texts.

Every day I get emails and screenshots from fans who can’t tell if she’s into him. Even though the signs are obvious.

I’ve come to understand that interpreting a woman’s text is a skill that takes time to develop. Hiring a coach will make that time much shorter.

7. Figure out what your deal breakers are

This is a mistake many men make.

They meet a woman. There are red flags, but the guy is still thinking…

This isn’t that surprising. It seems that men are biologically driven to seek as many mates as possible.

The trouble with letting your penis make your dating decisions?

You end up seeing women who are completely wrong for you. And you push away lots of women because they can recognize you only care about their looks.

A coach can help you figure out what you truly do and don’t want.

8. Identify what’s holding you back

Many men assume it’s a lack of conversational skills and flirting which is sabotaging their success with women. Which is often true.

But the bigger problem is usually a collection of negative psychological and behavioral patterns they can’t break out of.

A lack of self-love. Anxieties surrounding women. Limiting beliefs. And so on.

Working on these things by yourself is incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

9. Increase your confidence and find self-love

You don’t need to be a great flirt to be attractive to women. Do you know what the best way is to attract women?

Being confident and happy with your life.

Think about it, if you keep seeing her your lives will get more and more intertwined. And if she sees that she’s the highlight of your life, she’ll drop you like a bag of hot potatoes.

After all, you have nothing else going on. Your whole sense of happiness seems to revolve around her.

That’s why you want to have a fun and exciting life without her.

A coach can help you build that life.

10. Create an irresistible online dating profile

First impressions are important. DOUBLY important when you’re a complete stranger.

A good online profile can make her incredibly excited to chat with you.

How do you make something like that?

Most guys don’t know, or else I’d probably be out of a job.

So what do you do? You could ask me or one of my coaches to help you out. Or you could download my dating profile checklist below.

11. Learn effective dating strategies that make her want to see you again

If you take ANYTHING away from this article, make sure it’s this.

There are many good-looking, successful men out there who suck with women. Rarely getting more than 3 dates with the same person.

You can remedy this by becoming a man who women want in their lives. Confident. Flirty. Fun. Understanding. Mature.

Dating coaches will teach you the strategies to make women go from mildly attracted to you, to wildly attracted to you..

12. Stay on track when you get demotivated

This can be the difference between success and failure.

Life often gets a little crazy and rugged.

It can be easy to get demotivated when your life gets thrown off course. You can get discouraged in your work, gym routine, and obviously your dating life.

A dating coach is like a personal trainer. But for your dating life.

Too many rejections getting you down? That’s where having a helping hand can be the difference between going back to the old you. Or continue to be the man of your dreams.

Your choice.

13. Understand what makes for a good partner

This is where dating is always headed, yet it’s also often overlooked.

Relationships, they’re symbiotic. (Yes, I know smart science words)

Honesty, trust, respect, love, compromise, and commitment. These are all words that are often used to describe the best relationships.

And they’re good words. But to truly last, you need compatibility. Commitment, chemistry, and love aren’t enough.

What if you want to see her every day, but she’s fine with three days out of the week? What if you’re the outdoorsy type, but she only likes to get on her bicycle to get from A to B?

These are serious issues that can end a relationship.

A coach can help you navigate these choppy waters.

14. Should you hire an online dating coach?

Depends. Are you looking for tips, tricks, and hacks that get you instant success? Then no. That’s not what an online dating coach does.

A coach helps you become a better and more attractive version of yourself. Once you reach that evolved stage, you naturally do all the right ‘tips, tricks, and hacks’.

Put simply: an online dating coach guides you into becoming the most attractive version of yourself.

And that isn’t an overnight process. Although it’s well worth it.

So when should you not hire an online dating coach?

  • You’re happy with your life as is
  • You don’t want better women in your life
  • You have the time to figure it all out on your own

And when should you hire an online dating coach?

  • You’re serious about your love life and value your time
  • You’re ready to make an investment in yourself
  • You’re ready to be the man other men look up to, and women want to be around.

The choice is always yours.

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