From: Louis Farfields
A.k.a. The TextGod

Does this sound familiar to you? 

You’ve finally got a cute girl in your phone.

Needless to say, you don’t want to mess this up.

You spend minutes overthinking, writing and editing a good opening text. 

And she texted back... Although her reply is uninterested and doesn’t give you much to work with.

So in order to get the conversation going you ask her some questions...

Her answers stay indifferent and short. And for some reason she never asks many questions back...

...soon enough she responds with one word replies.

You know that something is missing here, but you’re uncertain what.

Irrational assumptions start to creep in. You start thinking it’s about your looks or status. 

Soon you find yourself hopelessly staring at your screen again, asking yourself “what the hell should I text next?!”

That needy feeling inside you takes over. You play it safe and say something boring.

Every ten minutes you check to see if she reacted yet.

But she left you on read.

She stopped responding.

She completely ghosts you.

Another lost opportunity for a cool connection. Another sweet girl who probably ends up with some douchebag instead of you.

If you're a man with a phone, then you are probably losing opportunities with women.

For most men, the average texting conversation is no more than asking her all kinds of questions.

For example, they ask:

They interview like they are an ancient news anchor, but they notice she is slipping away from them… 

And they desperately try to figure out how to keep her from leaving...

...and if your conversations are boring, then prepare yourself for this misery...

If one of these things has ever happened to you, I'm sure you'll agree there's nothing more depressing than...

...that gnawing feeling when you don't know what to say.

Staring at your screen without a clue what to write next.

Desperately putting together some words and then deleting them again...

Not having the slightest idea of what to say.

Feeling powerless...

Or even worse...

Getting ghosted or unmatched by a woman you would be perfect for, but you failed to communicate it.

If you've ever been through one of those things, then pay close attention.

Because in a few sentences, you'll get a crash course in fun conversations and never be left on read again.

I’ve been there…

Hi, my name is Louis.

Today I've got the world’s #1 site for online dating advice with over 6 million annual readers.

TextGod Followers all over the world are using my strategies to date the hottest women.

It used to be quite different...

I wasted three long summers playing World of Warcraft at home.

Others were hitting the clubs, I was hitting orcs. Proudly defending my ‘Merciless Gladiator’ title.

Massively insecure about my body (I hit puberty just before my 20th birthday) I had tonnes of excuses not to talk to girls.

Me at age 15. Being the only guy in school that
didn’t hit puberty, I was a massive outcast.

Depressed with low self-worth I only felt happy when gaming or completely drunk.

I started to work a dead-end retail job.

Finally kissing a girl when I was 21, just before I turned 22.

Believe it or not, I was 22 years and 5 months old here.
100% Virgin.

One day my best friend hooked up with the girl I had a crush on for years…

Something inside of me snapped.

I decided to master this dating thing with the same dedication I had for gaming.

I followed courses on anything even REMOTELY related. 

Storytelling. Screenwriting. Copywriting. 

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on training and even befriended some of the world’s most famous dating coaches.

Through constant analysis and the search for conversation-techniques, I became 'pretty’ good to say the least.

And then it finally hit me:

I cracked the code.

More and more people started to ask me for advice...

And I started dating girls that even my most social and attractive friends were jealous of.

I call it the pendulum-effect.

Swinging your behavior to the other side of the spectrum.

Guys keep doing the same but expect different results.

So if your current actions bring you undesired results... then opposite actions will bring you desired results.

That’s why I stopped playing it safe. I stopped asking boring questions. I stopped acting overly friendly…

And the results were shocking.

The more over-the-top I became, the more girls loved me.

I’ve perfected my method, and now it’s time to share this with you.

That’s why I created the Over-The-Top-Game method.

An over-the-top method to get over-the-top results.

Designed to counter all your mistakes and be the most interesting guy in her inbox. Even if you’re not good looking.

Every text you send will be refreshing…

I’ll give you an over-the-top example to illustrate the power of my method.

Here, look at this regular conversation:

By setting the right frame and using keywords that trigger emotions of arousal, I

set it all up...

The next day we met up in real life. There she is in the blue jacket.

We didn't even say hi.

Instead, we instantly made out.

Yes, I admit it, it's over the top.

And no, you don't need to go this crazy. But if you were wondering...

Yes, YOU can do this too.

Now you can finally get exclusive access to my method!

A while ago I decided to share all my secrets.

I gave a one-time seminar for a room full of guys where I told them exactly how

to become TextGods.

The event was sold out in less than 4 days.

But… I recorded the whole thing...

And now YOU can get online access to this exclusive seminar.

After watching these mind-blowing videos you’ll know exactly:

That's the beauty of my workshop.

Repeat my method, repeat my results.

I wouldn't make these bold statements without proof. 

That's why this course contains:

This course is not some shitty e-book written by a clueless keyboard warrior declaring himself a "dating coach". 

This is a video course made by the world's #1 Texting Expert.

And this is what you get
This is what others say about this course
And only now, I am adding 3 special bonusses

Bonus 1: Breaking through negativity

Tinder conversation where a girl gives 4 negative reactions. All moments where I could have given up (and most men would).

I thought this would be especially valuable for you because it all looks easy when her reactions are great, but the most valuable lessons come out when you overcome rejection.

Bonus 2: The WhatsApp breakdown

A WhatsApp conversation break-down. This is the follow-up of bonus 1, now that her rejections are overcome, she's ready to fall in love.

In this bonus we cover the #1 most important rule when moving a conversation from Tinder to another texting app.

Bonus 3: Q&A with Louis and TextGod coach Dan

Watching the workshop will leave you with tons of new insights, and probably some new questions.

200 men like you were in the room with me, and asked every question on their mind:

When is the right time to ask her out on a date without seeming needy?

How to balance being cool and overdoing it? (This will make sense once you've seen the workshop)

I can be funny on Tinder but during the date I'm scared of disappointing her. How do I deal with that?

And many more...

Get access to all questions and my answers.

Bonus 4: What I use when I don't know what to text

Over the years we collected tonnes of pics that always get a great reaction.

Here we’ll share some of the best ones. For those tough situations where you really don’t know what to text.

These images work great in the following situations:

  1. When she doesn’t text back
  2. When you want to sexualize the conversation
  3. When you took too long to reply (and you don’t want to be too apologetic)
  4. When the conversation goes well and you want to take it to the next level
  5. When you want to tell her you like her (without being needy)

Bonus 5: How to get spicy pics in one text

Coach Dan shares a case study where he gets a 'special' photo from his date. ;)

After following the principles from the OTTG workshop, he and his date start sexting.

In this bonus, you'll find out what copy pastable format to seal the deal.

And of course my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

It's impossible that this isn't the best decision you can make for your dating life right now.

But should you for some reason not get great reactions from girls after applying my teachings, then I don't even want your money and will repay your investment asap. Just email me and you'll get the full amount back. No worries.

So order the Over-The-Top-Textgame workshop at MY risk, not yours.

You really have nothing to lose.

Don't text any girl until you've seen this course

Women these days get swarmed with text messages every day. Through their social circle, dating apps, and social media.

The fact is that if your texts don't stand out, she will be happy to ignore or reject you.

I don't want that to happen to you!

My goal is to share the SUCCESS formula that I've discovered… even if you've never been a big texter.

Because my techniques will make texting FUN, and they also improve your real life conversations.

Luckily for you, I've already done the hard work. I've got 7+ years of trial and error under the belt, and I know what works (and what doesn't).

So you've got two choices.

You can go through the whole struggle yourself. Testing different texts, discovering fun formats and techniques, plowing through the rejections…

Or you can take the easy way and use my system. So you'll always know the right thing to say.

This course is yours for only:

$ 97.

Today you get access to my full conversations, best lines and copy-pastable techniques so you'll always have something fun to say.

Click on "Add to Cart" and change your dating life forever.

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