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From: Louis Farfields a.k.a. The TextGod

In a minute I’m going to explain to you how you too can date more and hotter women than you’ve ever imagined.

I’m going to share with you a crazy unexpected method I discovered that I call the pendulum-effect.

But first, let me tell you who I am and why you should listen to me.

Hi, my name is Louis.

Today I'm world’s #1 online dating coach with over 6 million annual readers.

TextGod Followers all over the world are using my strategies to date the hottest women.

But I wasn’t always successful with women.

I wasted all of my teenage years playing World of Warcraft.

Others were hitting the clubs, I was hitting orcs. Proudly defending my ‘Merciless Gladiator’ title.

Massively insecure about my body (I hit puberty just before my 20th birthday) I had tonnes of excuses not to talk to girls.

Me at age 15. Being the only guy in school that
didn’t hit puberty, I was a massive outcast.

Depressed with low self-worth I only felt happy when gaming or completely drunk.

I started to work a dead-end retail job.

And Finally kissed a girl when I was almost 22.

Believe it or not, I was 22 years and 5 months old here.
100% Virgin.

Yes, there was this one girl I had known for years.

I had a huge crush on her.

And occasionally we hang out. 

In my head I was going over the entire evening. How it would go. And how we would fall in love and have an amazing time together.

But it never worked out that way.

One day I brought one of my best buddies and we hang out with the three of us.

The next day I gave him a call, to ask him if he thinks she likes me.

But before I got the change, he started:

‘Bro, after we left yesterday, I went back to her place. And we had s*x.’

My heard skipped a beat. Something inside of me snapped.

This hit me harder than a cannonball…

I broke down in tears. And I felt seriously depressed for months.

But then I made a decision. This would never happen to me again.

I decided to master this dating thing with the same dedication I had for gaming.

I followed courses on anything even REMOTELY related. 

Storytelling. Screenwriting. Comedy. 

I spent thousands of dollars on training and even befriended some of the world’s most famous dating coaches.

Through constant testing, analysis and the search for newer and better conversation-techniques, I became 'pretty’ good to say the least.

And then it finally hit me:

I cracked the code.

There is one thing that no-one gets… That is not taught anywhere… That makes all the difference.

One thing that right away sets you apart from all the other guys she’s dating.

That makes all those other guys obsolete and make her completely focus on you from the second she sees your profile and talks to you…

The one thing nobody is talking about and only some guys do by accident without understanding why they are getting results.

I started dating girls that even my most social and attractive friends were jealous of.

I call it the pendulum-effect.

Most guys have no clue how to arouse something inside of her. How to make her think ‘hey, this guy is different’... And they bore her with the same old boring conversations.

They’re not making her emotional pendulum move.

That’s where my method comes in.

You’re going so over the top in a coördinated way, that you’re making her pendulum swing to the far end.

But that’s not all. If you’re making her feel just one intense emotion, she will see you as that one extreme guy. But that won’t do it.

That’s when you’re giving her a completely different emotion and make the pendulum swing to the other extreme.

And this doesn’t just start in your conversations…

This already unfolds in your dating profile, making sure you’re the best thing she saw and read all day.

And the results are shocking. The more I made the pendulum swing, the more girls loved me.

Here, have a look at this regular conversation:

By setting the right frame and using keywords that trigger emotions of arousal, I set it all up...

The next day we met up in real life. There she is in the blue jacket.

We didn't even say hi.

Instead, we instantly made out.

Yes, I admit it, it's over the top.

And no, you don't need to go this crazy.

After I perfected my method, and saw my results absolutely explode…

It was basicly a ‘instant-dates at the push of a button’ system for me now...

And that was all great.

But there was just one thing on my mind…

Am I going to keep this to myself? Or am I going to share it with other guys who need this badly.

Now I know a great love life is awesome…

But actually achieving something in the world… sharing my powers with other bro’s that deserve some luck in their love lives and enjoying this adrenaline rush together… That’s worth way more.

That’s when I decided to share my system in a one-time secret workshop in front of a hundred lucky guys.

It was sold out in 2 days, but lucky for you: I recorded the whole thing.

And now for a limited time I’m offering you exclusive access to my method and the recordings of this unique workshop!

After watching this mindblowing workshop you’ll know exactly how to use the power of the pendulum effect.

You’ll know exactly: to pimp your profile text and pictures to have a continuous flow of crazy hot matches coming in. Even if you’re not good looking at all.

Some guys complain that they are just not good lucking enough. They barely get matches. 

Let me tell you, I tested hundreds of pictures for more than 80 guys. Until I finally found out about three little misunderstood concepts that make every below average looking guy get more matches than an underwear model.

I’m going to teach to exactly how to make the perfect picture and an irresitible profile. And the best thing: It doesn’t even have to cost much time!

... what the best opening lines are: How to stand out from all the others, get her full attention right from the bat and make her day.

If you ever asked a girl to check her Tinder (I for sure have), you know most guys are boring as f*ck with their openers.

Other guys are to straight forward or too sexual.

With my pendulum-openers you’ll be that other guy. The one that makes her think “wow, this guy is different”. to make her feel crazy attraction for you in just a few messages.

The Pendulum-effect really gets into full swing in your conversations.

You’ll learn exactly how to create the opposite of a boring one-in-a-dozen conversation: A conversation that simply gets her addicted to you. to make her beg you for a date.

After testing thousands of messages, I figured out a special formula for asking her out that works every time. It’s so different from any other message she ever got, that she’ll even ask YOU out.

I call it the irresistible date offer.

Oh, and by the way… What you’ll learn here works just as well on WhatsApp with girls or that one crush you’ve been chasing for years already.

Just look at this message I got from a guy joining the workshop:

Or this screenshot another guy send me from a girl he’s texting:

And if you were wondering...

Yes, YOU can do this too.

And to make sure you get the most out of this, I’m giving you:

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$97 $67
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And this is what you get
This is what others say about this course
And only now, I am adding 5 special bonusses

Bonus 1: Breaking through negativity

Tinder conversation where a girl gives 4 negative reactions. All moments where I could have given up (and most men would).

I thought this would be especially valuable for you because it all looks easy when her reactions are great, but the most valuable lessons come out when you overcome rejection.

Value: $97

Bonus 2: The WhatsApp breakdown

A WhatsApp conversation break-down. This is the follow-up of bonus 1, now that her rejections are overcome, she's ready to fall in love.

In this bonus we cover the #1 most important rule when moving a conversation from Tinder to another texting app.

Value: $97

Bonus 3: Q&A with Louis and TextGod coach Dan

Watching the workshop will leave you with tons of new insights, and probably some new questions.

200 men like you were in the room with me, and asked every question on their mind:

When is the right time to ask her out on a date without seeming needy?

How to balance being cool and overdoing it? (This will make sense once you've seen the workshop)

I can be funny on Tinder but during the date I'm scared of disappointing her. How do I deal with that?

And many more...

Get access to all questions and my answers.

Value: $147

Bonus 4: What I use when I don't know what to text

Over the years we collected tonnes of pics that always get a great reaction.

Here we’ll share some of the best ones. For those tough situations where you really don’t know what to text.

These images work great in the following situations:

  1. When she doesn’t text back
  2. When you want to sexualize the conversation
  3. When you took too long to reply (and you don’t want to be too apologetic)
  4. When the conversation goes well and you want to take it to the next level
  5. When you want to tell her you like her (without being needy)
Value: $67

Bonus 5: How to get spicy pics in one text

Coach Dan shares a case study where he gets a 'special' photo from his date. ;)

After following the principles from the OTTG workshop, he and his date start sexting.

In this bonus, you'll find out what copy pastable format to seal the deal.

Value: $47

And of course my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

It's impossible that this isn't the best decision you can make for your dating life right now.

But should you for some reason not get great reactions from girls after applying my teachings, then I don't even want your money and will repay your investment asap. Just email me and you'll get the full amount back. No worries.

So order the Over-The-Top-Textgame workshop at MY risk, not yours.

You really have nothing to lose.

So this is what you're getting:

Total value: $752

Don't text any girl until you've seen this course

Women these days get swarmed with text messages every day. Through their social circle, dating apps, and social media.

The fact is that if your texts don't stand out, she will be happy to ignore or reject you.

I don't want that to happen to you!

My goal is to share the SUCCESS formula that I've discovered… even if you've never been a big texter.

Because my techniques will make texting FUN, and they also improve your real life conversations.

Luckily for you, I've already done the hard work. I've got 7+ years of trial and error under the belt, and I know what works (and what doesn't).

So you've got two choices.

You can go through the whole struggle yourself. Testing different texts, discovering fun formats and techniques, plowing through the rejections…

Or you can take the easy way and use my system. So you'll always know the right thing to say.

Today you get access to my full conversations, best lines and copy-pastable techniques so you'll always have something fun to say.

Total value: $752
But only this week it's yours for
$97 $67
Yes, I want to join now!

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