Raya Dating App Review [How To Get On It in 2023?]

You want to date someone influential or famous.

Maybe you’re looking for an ideal partner with high standards.

Whatever the case, you’ve heard the hype and now you want to know…

What is Raya?

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need.

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#1: What is Raya?

Raya is an ultra-exclusive and curated dating app.

With A-listers like Ben Affleck and Nikki Glaser on Raya, the quality of matches is ridiculous.

Hence Raya’s popular nicknames include…

“Illuminati tinder” and “the celebrity dating app”.

But dating isn’t all you can do on Raya.

Networking, friendship, and romance are all available to you.

In fact, Raya founder Dan Gendelman put it this way.

everybody else thinks of us as a dating app, we think of ourselves as a community.

But regardless of your intentions with Raya, the potential benefits are huge.

Especially if you live in California where the app started just years two after Tinder.

Talking about Cali, here’s the best Tinder guide for success in LA:

#2: For who is Raya?

You’re most likely asking yourself this question:

Do I need to be rich or famous to join Raya?

To which the good news is… NO!

Don’t let Raya’s celebrity dating app nickname scare you away.

Regular folks along with actresses and CEO’s have all been spotted on the app.

So what’s the deal?

How do normies get Raya accounts?

One word:


Sounds a bit elite. And it totally is.

To get invited to Raya, you have to be a special snowflake.

  • Have a cool and unique job
  • Do super creative stuff
  • Be a notable influencer
  • Surround yourself with awesome people
  • Be seriously active in your community

Is that you and would you like to be around other people like that?

Then Raya is for you.

IMPORTANT: Showing off your wealth doesn’t guarantee you entry. In fact, it will likely get you rejected. Raya doesn’t like bloated egos

Although the app does like confidence!

Watch this video to find out how you can show confidence over text:

#3: How do you join?

If you don’t want to sit on Raya’s 100,000+ waitlist for months, read this carefully.

Here’s the first thing you need to know…

Joining Raya is like getting into a highly exclusive VIP party:

  • Either your specialness gets you noticed at the door, or
  • You know someone inside the party and they invite you in.

Currently those are the only two ways to get past Raya’s velvet rope.

Now here’s how it works.

First, you fill an application with stuff about your life. Like your dating preferences, goals, career and more.

Then Raya figures out if you really are special enough to be let in.

Then, an algorithm goes over your application, who looks for any obvious red flags. Raya doesn’t allow any douchebaggery.

Does the algorithm give you the green light?

Then your application gets passed onto a group of 500 anonymous humans.

They will look at your application more closely.

Do the 500 eyeballs agree that you’re a good fit?

Then you’re in!

But not so fast.

The decision to let you into Raya can take a while.

Some people have been awaiting approval for months or longer.

So don’t plan on applying today and matching with Emma Watson tomorrow.

Best to check out other dating apps while you wait, like:

Holy Tip:

As you wait for Raya to approve your application, don’t just sit on your ass.

Fix the weaknesses in your profile so it becomes irresistible.

That way you’ll get quality matches the moment you get in.

How do you build an irresistible profile?

By following the advice from my dating profile checklist.

Grab it here for free.

#4: How does Raya work?

Here’s the inside scoop.

Raya isn’t your typical dating app and its unusual features prove this.

First off…

You can give your muscular thumb a rest.

Because there’s no swiping here.

Raya uses a more intimate slideshow-style view that includes music.

Pretty fun actually!

You can also use filters to find exactly your type of person

Found someone you like?

Express your interest with a simple tap on the check mark under their photo.

If she taps your check mark too, it’s a match.

And you can start messaging your unique snowflake immediately.

But remember Raya isn’t just for dating.

The app lets you choose between two modes.

Are you looking for friendship or romance?

Then you’d select the social mode.

And if networking and improving your career is your goal.

Then you want to pick work mode.

Raya also gives you a local and global map view of who’s in the community.

Which is great for setting up dates or meetings.

Plus there’s a community directory to look up someone specific.

#5: Is Raya free?

Yes and no.

Free to get in.

But you need to pay to stay.

So once Raya approves your application, prepare to take out your wallet.

But fear not…

You don’t need to be Bill Gates to afford it.

The monthly membership fee starts at just $9.99.

Which is surprisingly little to be a part of a community of unique and influential people..

And if you plan on staying on the app for a year then you’ll get a fat discount.

Dropping your monthly fee down to $4-something.

Don’t want to spend a dime on dating apps? No problem.

I recommend Hinge. It’s probably my favorite dating app right now.

Here’s my review, so you can see why:

#6: Most commonly asked questions.

What Raya alternatives are out there?


Inner Circle.


The League.

Is there a way to fast track the waitlist?

Currently Raya has no shortcuts to skip the waitlist.

Except one…

Getting a current Raya member to invite you.

This can speed things up a lot.

How long does Raya take to approve your application?

This varies from person to person.

Some users have been accepted in a week.

Others have been waiting for six months or longer.

It really depends on you and your lifestyle.

And, of course, if someone on Raya invites you.

Is Raya available on desktops or Macs?


Currently Raya is only on iPhones.

Sorry my Android lovers and laptop jockeys.

There you go!

Now you know if Raya is worth it for you.

Good luck bro. I’ll see you in the next article.

Louis Farfields

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