How to Send Pictures on Tinder in 2021?

Can You Send Pictures On Tinder?

You might want to share some dank memes.

Or you may want to make her jealous with your cinnamon roll frappuccino.

But there’s a problem.

You don’t know how to send pictures via Tinder.

Can you even send pictures on Tinder?

The short answer, no. But…

You can do something ALMOST as good. And I’m not just talking about GIFs.

You get:

  • The best way to send your Tinder match photos from your camera roll
  • 3+ stealable lines and pictures that’s sure to raise attraction and get a reply
  • An exciting way to ‘send’ your match photos via Tinder
  • One of my favorite lines to create sexual tension (DON’T MISS IT)
  • How to send her custommade memes

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#1: How to send her photos from your camera roll

Being able to send a girl photos of your daily shenanigans is GREAT for raising attraction.


An issue dating apps suffer from is that it’s so easy to treat people as characters in a video game.

Did the conversation with your cute Tinder match get a little stale?

Then it’s almost standard procedure to ignore them.

Which feels fine when you’re doing the ignoring. But HURTS when you’re the one being ignored.

How do you keep her too interested to leave you on read?

By humanizing yourself through sending photos.

Sharing photos makes you more human.

A person instead of a match.

Let me show you how to do exactly that.

First, take a photo of something that’s guaranteed to make her a bit jealous.

I’m a big fan of food (although I will shank you if you call me a ‘foodie’). So I’ll probably snap a pic of something I’m eating.

Voila. A burger.

Next, you want to open your internet browser of choice (on your phone, DUH) and follow these instructions:

  1. Enter this URL:
  2. Once you’re on the website, ignore everything besides for a big blue button that reads, “Browse images”
  3. Hit the button and you’ll be asked to open your photo library
  4. Select your burger (or whatever photo you want to share) and be sure to confirm by hitting ‘Choose’
  5. You’ll be brought back to the website, where you’ll see something like this:

  1. Tap the link to confirm it’s the photo you want. (It ought to be.) And copy the link
  2. Next, open the convo of your special Tinder friend, paste that sucker into the chat and hit send


She can see your delicious cholesterol-raising snack and go green with envy. Or you know, she’ll get interested in your life and send you more texts.

Holy Tip:

The above method is not the only way you can create links for your photos.

You can also share your camera roll by uploading content to iCloud, Google Drive, Facebook, or Instagram.

Each of these platforms lets you generate links for your photos.

So go with whichever platform or method you enjoy most.

IMPORTANT: Don’t just send her a link out the blue. She has no idea what you’re sending her and why she should click the link.

For all she knows, you could be sending her some kind of nasty virus.

So be sure to lead in your link a little.

Using my burger example, I’d probably go:

Hnnngg. Eating the best burger ever. Almost sexual

Check how yummy it looks


Using this kind of set-up, I’ve never had a girl refuse to open my link.

#2: The silliest photo that your Tinder match can’t resist

The next photo is so silly that it shouldn’t work. And yet it ALWAYS does.

Let me manage your expectations a little so your imagination doesn’t go overboard.

The photo won’t instantly make your Tinder match want to meet up with you, but the person on the other end will DEFINITELY enjoy it.

Perhaps it’s best if I just show you the photo.

Whenever you’re outside having a coffee with friends, or when you’re at home watching a movie, take a photo of the empty seat next to you.

Before you send it to your TInder match, lead it in with:

I just saw the strangest thing

I made a photo, let me show you

Next, send her the link.

She’ll probably go:

It’s a couch?

Yeh, mine actually

I saved it for you. Where are you??

Now, of course you know they can’t show up. She knows too.

That’s not the point.

The photo is designed to be silly and get laughs while also hinting at the date.

And it always does.

Anyway, now it’s time for a slightly more dangerous but exciting way to share photos on Tinder.

#3: How to “send” pictures on Tinder

If you’re familiar with snapchat, you know it’s an excellent app for sharing your most embarrassing or ‘titillating’ moments with others.

What makes Snapchat so good for sensitive pictures?

The pictures are only available for a SHORT time.

What I’m about to share with you about Tinder is similar but slightly different.

Different how?

Unlike Snapchat, you have to remove the photos manually.

Let me explain so you know exactly what I mean.

Head to your profile and click ‘ADD MEDIA’.

Added the big circle in case you had cataracts.

From here, upload the photo you want to send your Tinder match.

I know what you’re thinking, “But won’t everybody be able to see the photo now?”


That’s why you want to take it down right after your match sees it.

In fact, you don’t even want to upload the photo WITHOUT first having an engaging conversation with your special Tinder match.

If you’re not having a continuous chat, there’s no point in uploading your photo. Sure, you can send her a text saying, “I have a special picture for you in my Tinder profile.”

But she may not see that for hours. And if you uploaded a dank meme, your match count may take a beating.

Here are the 3 steps to send a picture to someone on Tinder:

  1. Be sure to have a back and forth with the Tinder match you want to send the picture.
  2. Tell your Tinder match to check your photos for a surprise.
  3. Delete once she sees it.

Depending on the vibe and topic of the convo, I’d probably inform her with a text like this:

I hid a surprise for you in my Tinder profile. Check the last photo

But be quick, it’ll be gone forever in 60 seconds

That sense of urgency will ensure she checks it out. Plus, it’ll add a lot of excitement to the convo.

After all, I’m confident she’s never had a guy show her a picture like that.

So be her first.

#4: The best way to make your Tinder match laugh over text

Let’s be real. No TextGod article is done without a tip on flirting over text.

So here’s a quick tip on how to create some sexual tension.

You know what, scratch that. I’m not going to give you tips and directions, I’ll give you a copy-pastable text that I know raises attraction AND a video to make your Tinder match laugh over text.

Here’s one of my favorite texts when I’ve already seen her in real life at least once:

Man… there’s this one thing about you that’s kinda annoying

To which she’ll most likely go:


And from here you can get a little creative. But here’s a good one that you can use the day after the date.

I can still smell your intoxicating perfume and it’s making it impossible to focus on my work

It’s super playful and flirty.

If you use this setup, let me know if you come up with any good alternatives.

Anyway, sexual tension is only one half of seduction. The other is making people laugh.

Holy Tip:

A GREAT way to make someone laugh over text is with custom memes.

One of my students of the  TextGod Mentoring Program does this regularly with amazing results.

What’s his secret?

He uses HER photos and meme-ifies them!

Here’s an example of how he made one of his Bumble matches her day.

Not familiar with Bumble?

Check out my 2020 Bumble review.

That’s why I made this 7 minutes video which will give you a trick that makes being funny over text EASY.

Use my techniques wisely, young padawan.

#5: Spruce up the convo with GIFs

It should go without saying, but so many people fail to use them…


GIFs can easily breathe new life into a boring Tinder conversation.

Plus, moving images are also a super easy way to break the ice and skip early convo awkwardness.

Holy Tip:

Talking about awkwardness.

Ever hate those moments early in the conversation where you’re still feeling each other out, and don’t really know what to say?

I used to have them a lot in my early Tinder days.

But as I got better and did lots of experimenting, I discovered a bunch of lines that ALWAYS got good replies.

Lines that I’m now giving to you for FREE, because everybody deserves a fun time on Tinder.

Grab my 10 Texts That Always Work by clicking HERE.

GIFs are so stupidly good at breaking the ice, that I sometimes would open the GIF search bar.

Type in gibberish, “dadfdfkj”.

And press send.

The beautiful thing?

I’d still get replies!

Now, I don’t recommend you use the gibberish GIF strategy as your standard opener.

You’ll have far better luck with other openers. Such as the 17 lines that you can find in this article.

My long-winded point is simply this:

Use GIFs sparingly to keep your Tinder conversations fresh and playful.

One of my favorite and most-used ways to send GIFs is during moments where I just sent a series of ‘teasy’ texts that could be interpreted as an insult.

In that case, I follow up my teases with a GIF to guarantee that she understands my playful intention.

IMPORTANT: Don’t just open the Tinder’s GIF library and search at random.

Either have a clear image in mind that you want to send her, like, “dancing cat.” Or look for a GIF that best fits the emotion you’re trying to express, like “sarcasm.”

My experienced Tinder readers be like:

Now for the last tip on sending pictures on Tinder.

#6: Embrace your inner child and send Bitmojis

I’m not gonna lie, I HATE bitmojis and everything that has to do with Snapchat.

Which probably hurts my outreach on the internet in some way, but so be it.

Anyway, why do I mention Bitmojis to you if I wouldn’t be caught dead using them?

Because the childish Bitmoji does work. Young adults in their early 20s especially seem to enjoy the occasional Bitmoji.

So, just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be either.

Although you young readers out there will know all about Bitmojis, my older audience may not.

So let me explain.

A Bitmoji is basically a cartoon version of you that you’re completely free to design via Snapchat.

Once your Bitmoji is finished, you have a huge archive of ‘sticker’s of your Bitmoji that you can send to your Tinder match.

Here’s a collection of stickers from some random lady. Which essentially work like memes.

As you can see, it’s not as bad as I made it out to be. I’m just past 30 and slowly becoming a grumpy old man.

So how do you use Bitmojis on Tinder?

You open a Tinder chat window and hit the green icon next to GIF.

Next, a window will pop up asking you to “Connect To Snapchat.” Type in your login details and you’re set.

Afraid your matches will know your Snapchat?

Don’t be. Tinder keeps your handle a secret.

Okay, bud, I have one last gift for you.

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You can find them AND a video of me going over the opener by hitting the big gold button down below. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay a dime.

Enjoy, m’bro.

Louis Farfields

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