How to Send Pictures on Tinder in 2024?

You may want to make her jealous with your cinnamon roll frappuccino. Or you might want to share your favorite dank memes.

But there’s a problem. Can you even send pictures on Tinder?

The short answer, no. But… there are workarounds if you’re creative enough! I’ll give you my three favorite methods to send pictures to your Tinder match.

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How to send pictures on Tinder

The dating app doesn’t let you send images via chat like you can send a GIF or an emoji.

But there are alternative methods:

  1. Show them on Instagram.
  2. Add the photo to your Tinder profile.
  3. Exchange info and send the image via another messaging platform.
  4. Send them a link of your image.
  5. Upload your image to Tinder’s GIF library.

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1. Switch to Instagram

Probably my favorite method if I want to share an image right away.

Share your Instagram handle and send it via DM.

Here’s how I might suggest switching over to Instagram.

I just found something that you have to see. Add me on Insta and I’ll show you.

And no, it’s nothing rude, you silly goose.

2. Add the image to your profile

Head to your profile and click ‘ADD MEDIA’. I added the big circle in case you had cataracts.

Yep, by adding the image to your Tinder profile, everyone will be able to see it.

That’s why you want to follow these steps for maximum effect:

  1. Make sure they’re on their phone. Be sure to have a back-and-forth with the Tinder match you want to send the picture. Otherwise they may not see it for hours, and your match count may take a beating.
  2. Mention the image. Tell your Tinder match to check your photos for a surprise.
  3. Remove the image. Delete once she sees it.

Depending on the vibe and topic of the convo, I’d probably inform your Tinder match like this:

I hid a surprise for you in my Tinder profile. Check the last photo

But be quick, it’ll be gone forever in 60 seconds hihi

That sense of urgency will ensure she checks it out. Plus, it’ll add a lot of excitement to the convo.

After all, I’m confident she’s never had a guy show her a picture like that.

So be her first.

3. Send the image via a different messaging platform

A great method for when you’re already getting along.

First, let the other person know that you have something fun to show them.

You’ve been so fun I want to reward you with a meme that made me think of you

Give me your number so I can send it to you on WhatsApp

If they agree, it’s easy to send them a picture.

Are they uncomfortable giving out their digits? Then suggest using Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram.

4. Send them a link of your image

It’s easy to create links for your images.

Just check your camera roll for your picture and upload it to iCloud, Google Drive, Facebook, Imgur or Instagram.

Each of these platforms lets you generate links for your photos.

So go with whichever platform or method you enjoy most and feels the safest.

I like to stick to Instagram. It feels less weird than dropping one of the other links into the chat.

5. Create your own GIFs

It’s the most work out of them all. But it’s still pretty simple.

Tinder’s GIF button is connected to Giphy’s search engine. That means that the GIFs you upload to Giphy end up on Tinder.

How does it work?

  1. Download and launch the Giphy app.
  2. Select ‘Upload From Camera Roll’.
  3. Add specific tags so you can find it on Tinder.
  4. Tap ‘Upload to Giphy’.

Now you can open Tinder and send every match your own original GIF!

Why sending her pictures on Tinder will help you get more dates

Being able to send a girl photos of your daily shenanigans is GREAT for raising attraction.


An issue dating apps suffer from is that it’s so easy to treat people as lifeless characters from a dating sim, rather than humans with feelings.

Did the conversation with your cute Tinder match get a little stale? Then it’s almost standard procedure for someone to ignore you.

Which feels fine when you’re doing the ignoring. But HURTS when you’re the one being ignored.

How do you keep her too interested to leave you on read?

By humanizing yourself through sending photos. Now you’re a person instead of just a match.

The best photos to send to your Tinder match

  • Highlights of your day. Perhaps a nice homecooked meal, a trip to the beach, or a pair of horses going at it in a field.
  • Date ideas. Perhaps an empty seat on a terrace with the caption “I saved it for you. Where are you???”
  • Custom memes. Meme-ify her photos.

Here’s an example of how a student from my Mentoring Program made a meme for one of his Bumble matches.

How to Send Pictures on Tinder – Conclusion

Sending photos via Tinder is just one of the many ways to seduce your online matches. The more ways you have to flirt, the more excited they’ll be to meet you.

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