She Didn’t Text Back… How Long Should I Wait? – 10 Tips

You’re texting back and forth.

You feel like it’s going well.

But then… NO REPLY…

And now you’re stuck wondering, “she didn’t text back, how long should I wait?”

This is what you get:

  • 3 Texts you don’t want to send in your situation
  • What you want to do first if she doesn’t text back
  • A formula for sending messages that get a response
  • 4 Reasons why she is ignoring you
  • My trick to know if she’s not interested in you or just busy
  • How you’re cockblocking yourself RIGHT NOW (without knowing it)
  • How to revive a dying convo using Disney Princesses
  • And much more…

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#1: What should you do if she doesn’t text back?

This tip teaches you the real reason why she’s ignoring you. And how to keep it from happening.

Imagine you just woke up.

You grab your phone and see a notification from your crush.

Happy days!

Before rolling out of bed, you send her a reply.

You then drain the sea monster, finish the rest of your morning routine and start your day.

By now it’s lunchtime.

You were so busy, this is your first time checking your phone.

But still no message from your crush.

And it gets even worse.

She’s left you on read!

Your stomach ties itself into a knot.

“What did I do wrong?!”, you think to yourself.

But for now, it doesn’t matter if you did something wrong.

The #1 thing that’s going to sabotage your Tinder conversation is not your earlier text.

It’s your burning desire to get a reply.

Because if you crave her response, you’re very likely to make one of three texting mistakes.

Mistakes that may blow your chances of seeing her:

1.   You’re going to lash out for being ignored

Loverboy didn’t get a reply, so he took back his compliment.

2.   You’re going to play the butthurt victim

Downer Dave is hoping to get a pity date.

3.   You’re going to be an excited puppy when she does text back

Looking only at the grey text bubbles, you’d think Thomas is a girl.

Can you see how desiring her reply leads to super cringy texts?

These responses keep women so far away, that you have to slide your Tinder distance settings to 100 km/mi.

So what do you do when you’re ignored?

You might not like it.

But at TextGod we give you the advice that you need to hear, not the advice you want to hear.

So here’s the answer:

Put your phone away and distract yourself.

Call a friend, get your sweat on, rewatch The Wire.

Stuck at school or work? Put in your earplugs and put on 8 hours of whale sounds.

Does waiting get her to reply?


Although she might.

The reason I’m inviting you to distract yourself, is to keep you from cockblocking yourself.

Because if you shoot her a text from a position of neediness, you’re going to screw nobody but yourself.

So wait for your neediness to die off and continue to phase two.

You see, this is only the first step of a long process.

Read on, buddy.

The answer for getting her to reply is waiting.

#2: How long should you wait before you text back?

Finish this tip and you’ll never worry about how long you need to wait until you shoot her a text.

When you’ve been bitten by the neediness bug.

The pain of being ignored becomes unbearable and you NEED to send know more.

But if you want to avoid killing all your hard-earned attraction, you better hold out.

For how long?

It depends.

On what?


Did you meet her in person, did you match on Tinder or is she your girlfriend?

Each scenario has a different answer.

But before we crack into the first scenario, know that every waiting period is a rule of thumb.

Which means the rules can be broken.

More on that in a later tip.

Let’s get into the waiting period for a woman who you met in person.

When a girl from real life ignores you

If a girl you just met is keeping you hanging, you want to wait 24 to 72 hours.

Why so much wiggle room?

Because how long you want to wait depends on the level of trust.

Are you still a total stranger who may be a stalker?

Or did you already share so many personal stories with her, that you’re friends?

If she’s still deciding if you’re a creep, give her plenty of space.

Creeps are too crazy and selfish to have any empathy. All that’s on a creep’s mind is, “How much longer before I can sleep with her???”.

Giving a needy nut job her number is a girl’s worst nightmare.

Which is why I want you to lay back and show her you don’t need her to reply.

Make her feel comfortable by giving her space.

In short, see waiting as part of earning her trust.

More on this later.

What if your Tinder match keeps you waiting?

Similar to the girl from real life, wait about 24 to 72 hours.

Some dating gurus say to wait less, because a Tinder match is less personal than having her phone number.

But I disagree.

The same principles apply as in person.

Your match doesn’t know you except from your Tinder photos and bio.

You’re a stranger.

So you want to build trust by not blowing up her inbox.

More importantly, by putting lots of time between texts you’re being chill.

You’re communicating that you have more important things to do and that you don’t take Tinder that seriously

Do you know who else treats Tinder that way?

Most women.

Girls love meeting cool people via Tinder, but only if it doesn’t get in the way of real life commitments.

By showing your personal life is your top priority, you seem ‘normal’ to her and become more attractive.

When your girlfriend goes radio silent

You don’t want to wait as long with random girls, but you do want to be extra careful.

Because if you mess up, you may lose the woman you love.

So before you do anything, make sure she really is quiet for longer than normal.

Just because she isn’t texting as quickly as you’d like doesn’t mean she’s giving you the silent treatment.

So figure out what her usual pattern of replying is.

Does it normally take her minutes, hours or days to respond?

Once you know she’s been quiet for too long, ring her up.

But only if you’ve freed your mind of the next thoughts:

  • She’s playing games with me
  • What have I done to deserve this?
  • I’m going to make her pay for ignoring me!

Don’t go on a crusade against the woman you love and trust.

When you call her, you’re going to keep the conversation free of emotion and be straight to the point.

If my girlfriend didn’t text me back, I’d phone her up and say something along the lines of:

“Hey, everything OK? You usually never go without texting for so long. Just wanted to make sure you’re alright.

And whatever you do, you’re not going to attack her for not replying. And you’re not going to be butt hurt.

At most, you’re going to be disappointed.

Embrace your inner Dude.

#3: It’s not about timing

Almost all men scare off girls with the next mistake. Including the smoothest players.

Keep reading and find out how a natural ladies man blew it with his dream girl.

I’m confident you’ve texted girls before the 72 hour-mark and got a response.

What’s up?

Didn’t my previous tip say 24+ hours is the minimum period of waiting before sending a text?


While waiting for 1 – 3 days is definitely good advice. It’s not the only way to deal with an unresponsive lady.

More important than timing is the content of your text.

Say the right thing, and the conversation is back on track.

Say the wrong thing… and you might have killed your chances of ever seeing her again.

Here’s a story of an acquaintance of mine who blundered BIG TIME.

Let’s call him Joe.

Joe met two gorgeous women in the club.

He liked one in particular, let’s call her Anne.

And after a couple hours of flirting, he took Anne and her girlfriend to his hotel room and had an epic night.

He had a threesome.

Joe really hit it off with Anne and planned a date for the next day.

They agreed to meet up in the club.

So far so good.

After waking up some time in the afternoon, Joe sent his first message.

Yesterday was amazing. Looking forward to showing you my new moves in the club tonight. I’ve been practicing the worm and the lawnmower.

She doesn’t text back.

But Joe is a pretty laid back dude.

He didn’t crack.

He gave her plenty of space to reply and assumed she was going to show up tonight.

Fast forward to 00:30 AM. He’s been in the club for some time, and starts to get a bad feeling about the situation..

Yo, where are you? I’ve been worming all over the dance floor. People love it


Joe is starting to get flustered and sends another message 30 minutes later.

Are you okay? Let me know if something happened

5 minutes go by.

And then disaster strikes.

She leaves him on read!

Joe can’t believe his eyes and his fingers start typing out a text faster than he can think.

Are you going to reply now? Tell me what’s going on. Are you still coming?

She reads the message but doesn’t answer.

I don’t get it. We had an incredible night yesterday. And now you do this

He’s left on read again.

Why?? Why are you doing this. I’m speechless. I thought we had an amazing connection! Didn’t you have a good time?

Idon’t see the point in ignoring me. Are you enjoying this?!


This obviously isn’t the way to react to being ignored.

Joe got caught by the neediness-virus… BIG TIME.

But you can protect yourself from this attraction-killing virus, by having an archive of prepared texts to send her.

So if she ever does ignore you, you don’t send what your gut tells you.

But you choose a tried and tested message from your personal library.

Don’t have a personal library with epicly effective texts?

No problem.

I’ve got 10 texts for you that always work.

And you can get them for the wonderful price of ZERO dollars.

Steal my lines from me, HERE.

#4: The 4 reasons for why she doesn’t text you back

Read this tip before texting your crush again.

Because if you don’t know why she’s ignoring you and you send her a text anyway, it might be the last text she ever reads before blocking you.

But if you know what’s she’s experiencing and send the text she so desires, her attraction for you goes through the roof.

Imagine you’ve matched with a girl on Tinder, exchanged a few messages and then…

Radio silence.

What’s going on?

Why is she ignoring you?

There are countless reasons! But I’ll go through the big ones. 

First reason: She’s busy

Swamped in work. Slaving on her thesis. Helping a friend move. A birthday party.

Whatever she’s distracted by, it’s asking for her full attention.

And she has no time to hit pause and shoot you a text.

I got 99 problems but a cute guy ain’t one.

Next, she could be dealing with the following.

Second reason: Personal issues

She’s fallen ill. Her friend is down in the dumps. A death in the family. Or she got into a fight with her hairdresser and is walking around with bird nest on her head.

So why didn’t she text you back?

Life got in the way.

When life trips her up.

And if life drags her down to rock bottom, she forgets all about you.

No matter how cute she thinks you are.

In the last two scenarios, you were free of blame.

Her disinterest was entirely out of your hands.

And there was nothing you could have done to get her to respond.

But in the next two examples, she gives you the cold shoulder because you messed up.

The third reason for her ignoring you, is…

Third reason: She’s not interested


You triggered the wrong emotions.

Or perhaps you didn’t trigger ANY emotions.

Even though she was attracted to you when you matched.

Your texts failed to make her feel a spark and now she longer wants to see you.

Getting her number from real life works in a similar way.

When you exchanged numbers she probably wanted to go out with you.

But when you shot her a message the next day, she was no longer in the mood.


Fourth reason: She doesn’t trust you

Of all four reasons of giving you the silent treatment, this one is probably the hardest to understand.

At least it is for my students.

Because you could have a great conversation with a woman:

The chat went back and forth, you gave each other nicknames, there was teasing, and even a little roleplay.

But suddenly the replies stop.

And it’s not because she didn’t like you.

The dozen text bubbles are proof she had a good time.

She’s ignoring you because she doesn’t trust you.

You’re a bit too crazy for him. A bit too unpredictable.

So even though she’s attracted to you, she doesn’t want to see you in fear of what might happen.

How she sees you when you cross the line.

Now you know what the reasons are behind her ghosting you.

Read on to discover if she’s interested in you.

#5: How to know if she’s interested in you

Does being ignored sometimes make you want to drive your fist through a wall?

After this tip you can easily spot if you scared her off or if she’s busy.

And that’s vital.

Because when she doesn’t reply, all you want to know is:

“Do I still have a shot with her?”

And since you can’t ask your match for advice, you need someone else to help you.

Hiya, buddy.

My name is Louis and go by the name TextGod, good to meet you.

That’s enough sarcasm from me.

Let me help you figure out if she’s busy or not interested in you.

So how do you know?

By skimming over your messages.

Do you see yourself:

  • Asking a lot of questions
  • Playing it safe
  • Not being playful?

Then it’s very likely that you cockblocked yourself by being boring.

And to keep a girl interested, you must make her feel anything but boredom.

Which makes sense.

You’re not going to watch films, play games or hang out with people who make you want to poke out your eyeballs, right?

If you know you bored her to death, your chances of getting her to reply to a new (witty) text are very slim.

Although not impossible.

With the bad out of the way, here comes the good.

If you reread your conversation and burst out laughing, you probably did a great job at being exciting and making her feel good.

In this case, it’s most likely that she read your message(s), got distracted and forgot to text you.

That means you still have a shot with her!

Shoot her another text that reminds her of how fun you are and you’ll probably get the reply you desire.

For details on what to send her, keep reading.

I’ve got the deets covered further down the article.

#6: What NOT to text her if you messed up

You’re about to learn a series of messages you definitely don’t want to send her, unless you enjoy monologues.

You matched on Tinder and you had a great chat.

She laughed at your jokes.

She went along with your roleplay.

She even asked you questions.

You are 1337% positive she enjoyed texting you.

Which makes being ignored by her extra confusing.

So you send her a message

Hey, how are you?

Or you send her some meaningless info about your day.

Having the most boring day. lol

I hate to break it to you, but every one of those texts is doing nothing but digging your grave.

Think about it.

What is she likely to respond in the best case scenario?

I’m good. You?



Welcome to Boresville. Next stop, You Ain’t Never Hitting That-town.

If she doesn’t respond, you never want to send the following types of texts:

  • Trivial facts about your life that put her to sleep
  • Common questions with predictable answers
  • A compliment to remind her how much you like her
  • Butt hurt cries for attention

Continue to read about what you should text her when she doesn’t reply.

#7: What you SHOULD text her if she doesn’t reply

You’re about to learn how to bring a dead conversation back to life.

No human sacrifices needed, just solid texting.

Say you’ve been texting to a girl for a couple days.

But now she isn’t responding, and you don’t know what to say without scaring her away.

Sit tight, buddy.

Here comes the answer you’re looking for.

The solution that can resurrect dead conversations from the grave.

Remind her of the connection.

If you’ve had a back and forth, I’m positive you’ve made her laugh.

And I’m confident there were times she sent more messages at once than usual.

Figure out what tickled her funny bone, or tugged on her heartstrings, and do more of it.

She loves Disney films?

Send her this.

The longer you look at it, the weirder it gets.

She loves nature?

You don’t think it is like it be, but it do.

What makes these texts great, is that:

  • You don’t come across as needy, you’re giving her a laugh via meme
  • You’re not asking for a reply
  • It’s not boring

To put this educational nugget into a nutshell:

Become a gift giver.

Whether it’s a meme, video, song, voice message or text, send her a present that will brighten her day.

And if your gift was a success, she will almost always message you back.

Just remember to lead in your meme with a text like, “This meme made me think of you haha.”

#8: How you’re cockblocking yourself RIGHT NOW

If you’ve ever made a joke via text and she didn’t get it or got mad, this is for you.

So you sent a joke that made you laugh and upset her.

Why does she react so differently?

Because of something called:

Tone of voice.

Tone of voice is how you interpret a series of words.

Let me give you an example of the importance of a properly placed comma.




That’s but one way to change the meaning of your message.

If someone uses a lot of emojis, you’re more likely to find their texts funny.

If someone uses capital letters, punctuation and correct grammar, you’re more likely to take their messages seriously.

The takeaway?

If you’re telling a joke, write less seriously and more silly.

Perhaps use a hashtag to increase the funny. #Justtinderthings

Are you being sincere? Write as though you’re taking a school exam.

Are you trying to be funny, but unsure if your text is hitting the mark?

Let a friend read it first.

#9 How to never be ignored again

Everything you did that made her stop texting back, can be prevented.

Instead of scaring her away with your interview questions:

  • You can send her exciting texts that she LOVES receiving. And loves replying to.
  • You can start conversations with a technique that generates so much intrigue, that she’ll respond before you can say “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”.

But if you’re still unsure of HOW to do these things, then allow me to help you.

Right below this article is my TextGod Toolkit that I am currently handing out for the fabulous price of $0,00.

It’s like you’re robbing me with my permission.

Get your hands on my Toolkit, and enjoy your newly gained texting powers of seduction,

Oh yeah, I also added my Dating Profile Checklist that will point out the weak spots in your Tinder profile… making it easy to improve, so you can score hotter dates.


Louis Farfields

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  • Max Moreno says:

    So I’m interested in this girl and we stopped talking after she ghosted me. I’m pretty sure I was boring. Didn’t feel like myself. So she ghosted me and I ghosted her. It’s been since February 12,2021 since I haven’t texted her. She views my stories on Instagram still. Every one of them. I’m confused. I feel loke muse again where I can bring some game and not be boring. I want to win her back. I want to beat the impossible.

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