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She Ghosted Me… Guys, This Is Why (10 Reasons)

You got a girl’s number.

Perhaps you even went on a date.

But then she didn’t reply and you realize:

“She ghosted me!”

This article explains why.

Read on and get:

  • 10 Reasons why she ghosted you
  • How you’re scaring women away by being polite
  • The insight every man should know
  • Common women-repelling mistakes that can EASILY be fixed
  • Why she ghosts you after a one night stand
  • How your sex drive could be cockblocking you
  • What to text her after she ghosts you (WARNING: not for the faint of heart)

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

#1: You were TOO MUCH

Discover if your sex drive is cockblocking your chances of getting lucky.

Many men steer the conversation with their donger.

And the male organ is not known for being a great compass.

Expect your stormcock to floor it and go from zero to “I want to wear your thighs like earmuffs till you cum so hard you waterboard me.”

A true statement.

But also women repellent.

I’m really jealous of your heart, because it’s pumping inside you right now and I’m not

When King Dong gets behind the conversational wheel.

Most men realize this is not the way to a woman’s heart.

Dial down the sex talk.

A smart move.

But rather than return to normal, many guys crank up the arrogance.

Hey. I call myself Jack, but you can call me tonight

Or the Fresh Prince classic:

Why don’t you hurry and give me your number before I don’t want it no more/

Just like the lines before, it does little but dry up her pünañi.

The problem with being overly cocky or sexual is that it moves the conversation TOO fast.

You’re forcing her to make a snap decision:

“Do I like him enough to continue or not?”

Because she barely knows you, her choice is based off almost nothing.

Which means the odds are at least 69% against you.

And I don’t like those numbers except in the bedroom.

So take the directness down a notch.

But be careful.

Because you can also get ghosted if…

#2: You were TOO LITTLE

If you want to stay out of the friendzone, this is for you.

By far, most guys stimulate women too little.

Rather than put their sex pickle behind the wheel, they toss their cocktapus out the window and into the gutter.

Friendzonees prefer to win a girl over with compliments and friendly chit-chat.

Hey 😚

How’s it going?

Hope you’ve been having a great week 🙂

So what are you studying?

Hey. I’m fine. I’m studying history

Ah that’s cool, I love history! So which parts of history in particular?

A moment of silence for our fallen friend.

Why doesn’t chatty get you laid?

Because when you take sex out of the conversation, she doesn’t feel your pulsing masculinity.

And while she might like talking to you, you won’t ever be more than friends.

Because as far as she knows, you have no penis.

To get laid or get a girlfriend, you must show there is a possibility of sex.

When she doesn’t feel any naughty vibes, she tosses you into the pits of the friendzone.

And if she has no need for a text buddy, she ghosts you.

#3: She ghosts you after the first date

A very important tip with insights every man should know.

A trilby is not a fedora.

The more you know.

Now onto less serious matters: dating. #Kidding

Sometimes you can have a pleasant date with a girl and get ghosted.

Getting ignored after a date happens to the best of us.

Sparks simply didn’t fly.

At least not for her.

Before you spend your savings on fireworks and prove her otherwise, listen up.

Tinder is a super casual way to meet and date women.

To hammer my point home, realize that women have dozens of matches at a time.

And are probably interested in only a handful.

So while you think you had a fun date that AT LEAST deserves a rejection text, she may not care.

She has hundreds of other guys who will sprint out of their man cave at a moment’s notice.

While I agree it’s rude to ghost after a date, she really doesn’t owe you anything.

So buck up, buddy.

Take this opportunity to improve your Tinder profile and get more matches.

Download my free Dating Profile Checklist to discover how.

Read on to find out what other texting mistakes get women to ghost you.

#4: Texting mistakes that make her want to ghost you

Almost all men have once scared off INTERESTED women with the next mistakes.

And if you want to get lucky, perk up your ears.

Because I assume that’s how reading works—with your ears.

Anyway, let’s get started on common texting mistakes.

1. Violating the English language

When she loves ass so much she uses it like perfume.

Grammar may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a major turn off for women.

And I bet you don’t have the hots for spelling mistakes either.

Imagine you’re getting ready to meet your date and she sends you the next text:

I will see you their

Knowing she doesn’t know the difference between ‘there’, ‘they’re’ and ‘their’ turns my doodle into a noodle.

2. You’re a bigger buzzkill than Lord Buzz Killington

If your icebreaker is ‘hey’, you’re a pussy killer.

Your texts have actually caused vaginas to commit harakiri.

If your go-to opener is ‘Hey’, that probably means your flirting skills are lacking.

And your odds of being ghosted are high.

If you want to keep her engaged, I’ve got just the thing:

The 10 Texts That Always Work.

Follow the link and send texts that get laughs, replies and dates.

Hint: me and my team use these texts too.

3. 10+ More mistakes

There are more texting mistakes that are needlessly ruining your love life.

Get 11 more mistakes in my article, Texting Mistakes.

Next up, a mistake that hurts but isn’t in your hands.

#5: Why she ghosts when you did everything right

If a cute girl who you KNOW liked you, ghosted you like Casper, here’s why.

She’s hilarious.

Marry this girl.

I kid.

If you did everything right and she STILL ghosts you, life probably got in the way.

  • She’s busy: stuck in the rat race, lost in her study books, or on a nudist holiday.
  • She’s emotionally troubled: lost her job, failing uni, or depressed about how lopsided her breasts are.
  • She has other priorities: family, career, or saving up for her boob job.

To put it simply, life got in the way of your cock.

And it has nothing to do with you.

My advice?

Give her the space she clearly wants and let her go.

Use her silence as a moment of reflection:

She’s too busy to think of you. So how can you become too busy to think of her?

Perhaps brainstorm your costume for Halloween.

Here’s an idea:

Too soon?

Onto the most disrespectful way of ghosting.

#6: She ghosted me after sleeping with her

You had a night (and morning) of kickass sex and you never heard of her again.

And all you want to know is, “Why?”

It depends.

But two common reasons are:

1. You fell head over heels

If you took her to the bone-zone, she clearly liked you.

So scratch all ideas of ‘not being good enough’.

What’s more likely, is that you got too intimate too quickly.

In case you don’t know, sex is not necessarily intimate.

It can also be a sexual release.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And if she was looking for a casual hook-up, and you were looking for a relationship…

That’s a conflict of interest.

And your desire for romance may have been a deal-breaker.

If she doesn’t have the lady-balls to break your heart, she has no option but to ghost.

Tough break, bro.

2. You were too careful

Look, I get it.

We’re living in the era of the politically correct and difference is being eradicated.

But gender equality does not mean gender equivalence.

I didn’t mean to get fancy on you.

Let me rephrase:

Just because she demands respect, does not mean she wants to have polite sex.

“Was that too hard, babe? I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you by braiding your hair and whispering sweet nothings into your ear.”

Sex is a primal desire that comes from the oldest part in our brains, before we knew what respect was.

So sex is PRIMAL, not POLITE.

Perhaps you gave her respectful love-making, while she wanted earth-shattering monkey sex.

Without telling you what she wanted, or giving you a second chance, she ghosted.

#7: Your Tinder bros ruined your shot to get lucky

Sometimes getting ghosted isn’t your fault.

It’s the fault of your brothers on the dating apps.

These are some bad pick up lines women will receive:

The arrogant:

Have you ever dated a guy more attractive than yourself? If not, and you play your cards right, you just might

The rude:

Do you have pet insurance?


You should buy some soon, because I’m gonna destroy your pussy

The wacky:

Fecking legend.

This is only a snippet of all the texts women get on Tinder.

And for some, it can be too much.

So she deletes the app.

But that doesn’t delete her account.

Her account is still online for everyone to see, even though she can’t reply.

So she may not be ghosting you on purpose.

She’s just done with all your Tinder buddies.

#8: She ghosts you after knowing her for a long time

Friendship breakups are devastating. Here’s how to handle it.

Once you finish school, juggling work and family makes it hard to find new close friends.

So being abandoned by an old friend hits HARD.

You feel hurt and probably want to lash out.

Don’t. That’ll only make things worse.

You may not want to get in touch at all.

After all, you deserve to be treated right.

And if your friend can’t respect your wishes, it doesn’t make sense to reach out.

But if you do, be respectful and clear:

Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is well. It looks like you’re going in a different direction lately, and even though I’d like to be part of it, I wish you the best.

Holy Tip:

For a friendship to have meaning, it doesn’t have to last forever.

The time you spent together is meaningful enough. However long it lasted.

As for dealing with your heartbreak, focus your energy on what matters.

Who do you want to be?

Are you headed toward your goals?

If not, change your course.

Hint: numbing your emotions with bad food, Netflix and alcohol is not the course.

#9: She ghosted me and then came back

If she comes in and out of your life at will, you only have two options.

  • Find a new girl to take to the Harry Potter convention.
  • Or slither your basilisk into her chamber of secrets.

Jokes aside, you truly do have two options.

And which route you take depends on your relationship.

1. If she’s your fuckbuddy

When your fuckbuddy treats you like a light switch, let her press your button however she pleases.

She’s simply a pal who sometimes polishes your wand or rides your broomstick.


So let her cum and go as she pleases.

Do you want to be more than just fuckbuddies?

Continue to the next header.

2. If she’s your girl

And you can only visit her Restricted Section on her command, you may want to give her a sock and tell her she’s free.

For the people who don’t get my sick Harry Potter reference:

If your girl ghosts you, you may want to break up with her.

You deserve a woman who gives you what you want.

And if this particular girl you’re ‘with’ can’t deliver, end it.

Tough it up, bucko. You can do it.

Now you know why she ghosted, figure out if and what you should text.

#10: Should you text her after ghosting you

The best way of getting a reply from the girl that ghosted you.

Before we get into what to text, let’s clarify the word ‘ghosting’.

It’s the power to turn invisible.

Ghosting does NOT mean she kept you on read for three hours.

In my book, ghosting means she’s ignored you for 7+ days.

The time-frame is super important, because if you text too early, you may scare her off FOREVER.

9 out of 10 times a girl ghosts, because she wants space to think things through.

So IF you do text, you don’t want to interrupt her ‘me-time’.

Let’s suppose more than a week has passed since her last message.

What do you say?

As usual, it depends. Specifically on the level of intimacy with the girl.

In most cases, girls will only ghost a guy they don’t know very well.

When the relationship is young, you simply want to spike her emotions with a joke.

I personally like memes.

Here are a three memes that can breathe new life into a dead conversation:

Only use the next meme if she knows you swear like a sailor.

Is she still ghosting you?

Then we have to go nuclear.

Wait another seven days after you sent your meme, and drop the next bomb:

Hey, it’s OK if you lost interest in me. We can’t all get along. Anyway, I’m super into self-improvement and you look like a girl who isn’t afraid of being honest. Could you please tell me what turned you off? Be brutally honest, I won’t be offended

Sometimes the maturity of that text gives you another shot.

Other times it only gives you an answer on what to do differently next time.

Either way, win/win.

That almost concludes today’s article.

Before we call it quits, I got something to help you out.

If your crush ghosts you, it’s time to find another girl.

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The Clickbait Opener also includes screenshot examples, two follow-ups and commentary by yours truly.

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Enjoy, brochacho.

Louis Farfields

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