Guys, This Is Why She REALLY Ignores Your Texts

You texted her hours ago.

Perhaps days.

And all you’re thinking is, “What do you do when someone ignores your text?

That and more is answered in this article.

Read on and get:

  • 7 Reasons why your texts turn her off and get you ignored
  • 3+ Real life behaviors that made her ignore you
  • The secret between sending texts she hates and texts she loves
  • How a team TextGod coach got back into bed with his ex
  • Plenty text message examples
  • 3 Dos to make her want to go out with you on a second date
  • More…

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#1: The road to nowhere

Make the next hugely common mistake and you won’t ever get her on the date.

Most guys picking up women are like dogs chasing a car.

They don’t know what to do with a girl if they have her attention.

In seduction, the goal is clear: meet up.

But few dudes know how to set up the date.

So they keep the conversation going in the hopes that a miracle happens.

But today, an angel is finally watching over your shoulder.

No, wait. That’s just dirt.

Go ahead and brush it off.

Next, read a prime example of leading the conversation nowhere.

(It’s an actual conversation one of my students showed me on his first day.)



Cute photos


Good, you?

Bad people are always doing good


So tell me, what does a cute girl like you do?

Study, see friends, volleyball, work and watch series


Cool. I love girls with passions

It definitely looks like you have the body of a fit girl. I do *your job here*

I wouldn’t call myself a fit girl. But I think sports is cool

Sports IS cool!


Where the conversation is headed.

Now for the next reason why she’s ignoring your texts.

#2: Your texts are a turnoff

You may be cute, but if you text like an uggo, she isn’t interested.

What does it mean to text like an ugly person?

To put it simply:

When you text like a child.

(Straight) women are obviously only attracted to men.

Have you ever heard a woman say, “I just think of you as a friend”?

Then you probably acted too childish or feminine around her.

If you don’t want to be her ghey best friend, you want to turn up your man-dial to beastmode.

Before you turn into Chad Thundercock, let’s show you what not to do.

  1. Immature language. Keep away from internet slang, unless it’s clear you’re making a joke.

That’s so kewl


C u l8err

  • 1. Pore spellink.
    If grammar and spelling isn’t your strong suit, educate yourself.
    A bad grasp of English is a big turnoff.

  • 2. Never-ending sentences.
    Coming across a sentence that never comes to an end is just plain frustrating because I can never catch my breath and it’s like I’m almost about to pass out.

  • 3. Non-stop emojis.
    Don’t use them unless your message is impossible to understand without one.

Emojis are so fun lol 🤣

But when I put them behind every sentence 😆

I seem like a 9-year-old girl who just finished a box of poptarts 🥴

If you start your sentences with capital letters and don’t make the above mistakes, you’re good to go.

Onto the third reason why she’s ignoring your texts.

#3: You trigger the wrong emotions

If you don’t know how to make jokes without an emoji or ‘haha’, you’re in trouble.

At the store haha

Doing the dishes haha

I can’t stop myself from ending every sentence with ‘haha’, please I need help haha

You don’t have to text like this.

If she asks you:

What’s up?

And you reply:

I just came back from the gym haha

The ‘haha’ is not adding to the conversation.

Here’s a golden piece of advice:

Adding ‘haha’ or an emoji to every sentence does NOT magically make your text funny.

It gets even worse.

A student and avid ‘haha’-user told me he felt the laugh made him seem more chill.

But to the TextGod team and me, the ‘haha’ just makes you seem anxious.

As if you’re laughing away your insecurity.

What she thinks you look like.

So rather than making her laugh, your emojis and haha show your own doubt.

A pussy drying combo.

So how do your texts seem attractive and wet her panties?

Learn from the deadpan comics.

Show no emotion and trigger lots of emotions.

So no emojis or ‘haha’.

That’s simply beefing up your weak jokes with a laugh track: “This is where you’re supposed to laugh.”

As for triggering emotion, that’s a bit more complex and beyond the scope of this article.

So check out my other article called How To Text A Girl For The First Time (with examples).

Onto the fourth reason on why she ignores your texts.

#4: Your dick is steering the conversation

Most guys know they shouldn’t move too fast, but few dudes know what that actually means.

Let’s set the tone with what guys think is good seduction.

It made me laugh, but it made her throw up.

And just like that he kills his chances of meeting up with this girl.


He started off so well (albeit boring).

You’re probably thinking to yourself:

“I never send sexual texts like that.”

First off, congratulations. You’re not a creep.

Earth needs more people like you.

But I’ll bet my entire Little Pony collection that some of your conversations still move too fast.

Sure, you won’t ask her for the difference between jam and jelly.

Then ignore her answer and say:

The real difference is that I can’t jelly my dick in your ass

And you probably won’t reply to her “Hey” with:

Hi. I want to smear you in green paint and spank you like a disobedient avocado

But I’m 69% sure you’ve escalated on a no.

What does ‘escalating on a no’ mean?

Trying to take the relationship to the next level, even though she’s not ready.

What does that look like in practice?

That you tried to go for the date, even though she wasn’t into the conversation.

Are you adventurous?

Not really

O, well I was thinking of starting a drugs cartel


Maybe you can help me

No thx

Okay, how about the two of us get drinks instead?


Do you sense how she’s barely interested in the conversation?

She never speaks in more than two words.

Seduction 101 reads:

“Never escalate on a no, only on a yes.”

If you want to know what Yes looks like, check out my article How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text.

Now for the next reason why she’s ignoring your text messages.

#5: Your texts don’t contribute to the conversation

You may be sabotaging the conversation without even knowing it.

Just because the conversation is moving forward doesn’t mean it’s going well.

(Although an answer is always better than no answer.)

Let me show you a textbook example of bad chats.

To add some context:

  • The guy is a student of mine
  • He got a girl’s phone number from real life

Let’s get into it:

Heeeey it’s Jane!

You say I’m asian and you do maths 😂

I do business

Oh loooool thought you said you did maths 😂

How’s uni life?

Yeah I love it, a lot of work though 😅 You?

I’m starting an apprenticeship

Ooh I see, doing what?

Sales or marketing

Ah that’s interesting!


Even though my buddy is replying, he’s barely helping the conversation forward.

See how she has to do all the work?

She’s the one spicing up the conversation with emotion. Just look at the emojis and ‘looool’s.

And then she gets bored of putting in the effort.

Can you tell when she grows tired?


After he says he’s starting an apprenticeship and she stops using emojis.

She tries to carry the burden of the conversation one last time with:

Ah that’s interesting!

But when he answers in an emoji of his own, she’s done.

Do you know how my student could have saved this conversation?

By staying away from standard interview talk and moving to funny talk.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be hilarious.

Heck, you don’t even need to create the jokes yourself.

Simply use other people’s funny content.

Memes, videos, tweets. Whatever.

Anything that makes you laugh can be used as fuel to drive the conversation closer to the date.

Onto the next reason why someone may ignore your text message.

#6: The emotional momentum died down

What she means when she says, “I don’t know what it is. But I’m just not FEELING it.”

When women “don’t FEEL it”, the cause could be a million things.

Spoiler: women are complicated creatures.

But if we dig real dip and get to the root of the feel-issue, the answer is simple.

The emotions she once felt are gone, lost, beamed up by aliens.

And for some girls, losing feelings is identical to having no memory of them.

You made her laugh? She doesn’t remember.

Your texts were more fun than talking to her friends? Forgotten.

Your texts got her so excited that she had to take a break from work and play a Clitar solo in the bathroom? That clearly never happened because she’s a lady.

I kid. But only a little.

The truth remains that if she doesn’t feel what she once felt, she may blow you off.

And I’m not talking about a blowjob.

So how do you get a permanent spot in her heart?

You keep texting. WITHOUT blowing up her inbox.

Let me explain.

When you just meet and hit it off, her feels go sky high.

Your next job is to keep her feels from taking a nosedive.

And the only way to do that, is to keep spiking her emotions on a regular basis.

How often is regular?


If you just met, send her a joke every 1 to 2 days until you meet up in person.

If you know her longer, a little less.

On the subject of knowing girls longer.

What about girlfriends?


#7: Why your girlfriend ignores your texts

There’s a fine line between sending your girlfriend texts she loves and texts she hates.

Is she ignoring you?

You’re probably sending the wrong texts.

And the issue may not be the content.

Did you know caring texts can actually be uncaring?

No, this is not a riddle from the bridgekeeper of Monty Python.

It’s a question of empathy.

Take a look at the next text.

It’s very common for partners to send each other:

Hey babe, what are you up to?

Sounds loving and understanding, right?

I totally agree.

But imagine getting this text 5 times a day.

Now it begins to sound a little nosy.

Perhaps even a bit creepy.

Imagine if she got even more ‘loving’ texts:

Hey sweetness, who are you with?

Hey hun, love you

Hey boo, knock knock

Your ‘love’ feels disturbingly like an inquisition.

Except women with needy boyfriends.

If you’re a needy-texter, dial it back.

Because your messages are freaking her out.

Figure out how to get your girlfriend to reply later.

First, a problem of a different magnitude.


#8: Texting may not be the problem

If your texts are fine and she’s still ignoring you, you may have a BIG problem.

Bad texts are pretty easy to solve.

Take your time, apply everything from this article and she won’t (likely) ignore you.

Unless the problem isn’t your texts, but how you acted in person.

And that’s tough to fix.

On a date, you have to respond to situations in an instant.

Respond poorly and POW!

You hurt her feelings and she loses interest.

Although she may play nice and stick around until the date is over. First impressions are in fact very accurate, and if you blow it by acting like an ass she will lose interest.

The worst part?

If you didn’t pick up on her subtle signals, you’ll have no idea she’s no longer interested in you.

Plus, you won’t understand why she’s ignoring your texts.

So let me shed some light on the matter.

The next tips explain different scenarios of how you killed your attraction by your real life actions.

#9: She ignores you after the date

Apply this tip’s wisdom and your chances of being ignored after the date shrink to a near-impossibility.

Let’s start with the bad.

Sometimes you can go out with a woman and be ignored after.

Being ignored sucks, but the truth is: you can’t be liked by everyone.

Now for the good.

When women ignore you after one date, it’s usually because of one of three reasons.

Warning: these three reasons may be confrontational. And slightly painful.

Why she ignores you after the date:

  1. You never had a conflicting opinion
  2. You never made a move (perhaps not even a brief touch of her arm)
  3. You played it safe. You said her dress was ‘nice’, rather than “Seeing your dress squeeze together your breasts makes me want to tear it off and throw you over this table.”

Let me quickly break down each of these three turn offs.

1. You never had a conflicting opinion

If you don’t dare share your own opposing views, you have little self-respect.

Not attractive.

Plus, violating your own thoughts says, “I’ll do whatever you want me to, as long as you stay with me.”

In other words, you only like her for superficial reasons. And women want to be liked for who they truly are.

2. You never made a move

Not touching her shows you’re afraid to reveal your interest.

Put simply, you’re afraid to be rejected. And that makes you seem like a wuss.

What’s more, if you can’t even touch a girl, how will you fuck her?

Probably really carefully and wimpy.

Major pussy dryer.

Psychology Today says that in the boudoir almost all women like it rough. Not polite.

“He’s so cautious and hesitant in the bedroom! It’s such a turnoff.”

3. You played it safe

Much like what I said above, women enjoy primal animal sex.

And that ties into how she likes to be complimented by a man she likes.

She doesn’t want to hear that she looks ‘nice’.

If the mood is right and she likes you, she won’t mind if you pull her close and whisper into her ear:

“[Name], you look fucking amazing. I can barely focus.”

Let’s play out another date scenario in the next tip.

#10: She ignores you after a Tinder date

She loved you on Tinder but ignores your texts after the date. Why?

Again, there’s many possible reasons.

But there’s one reason that towers out above the others:

You were not the same person in real life as you were on Tinder.

On Tinder you were funny, flirty and cocky.

But in person you were serious, dull and shy.

So to her, it was almost like she was dating a different person.

Can you really blame her for ignoring you?

It’s almost like she was catfished.

That’s why I preach fundamentals, not lines.

Every line that I give is only a set of training wheels, not scripture.

So please, make any jokes and lines your own.

Not because I want you to, but because your Tinder match wants to date the person who said the lines.

Create jokes your match likes, and you’ll have a match who won’t ignore you after the date.

And if she does ignore you, read on.

Because you’re about to find out how to get a response.

#11: What to say if she ignores you

There’s lots of reasons why a woman ignores you, but there’s always one answer.

And you can find it inside my article, She Didn’t Text Back How Long Should I Wait?

Want a break from reading?

No problemo.

Check out my youtube video on the same subject.

Now that you have some context to your situation, let’s dig into the specifics.

1. When your girlfriend ignores your texts for HOURS

It sucks to be ignored for 3 to 4 hours.

Especially if your girlfriend is an avid phone user.

So what do you do?

Well, you have two options:

  1. Whine about not getting the attention you crave (which will eventually make her break up with you).
  2. Let it go.

It’s only been a couple of hours.

Just because she hasn’t answered, doesn’t mean she dislikes you.

And if you do decide to bring it up (which honestly only hurts the relationship) don’t blame or attack her.

2. When your girlfriend ignores your texts for DAYS

If she hasn’t replied in days, something could be wrong.

Call her.

“Hey, you okay? I just want to make sure you’re doing alright.”

Didn’t she pick up?

Get in touch with one of her friends.

But don’t get too inquisitive.

Remember: it’s not about you being ignored, it’s about her well being.

So no matter what happens:

  • You won’t raise your voice
  • You won’t leave angry messages
  • You won’t go by her house

All you want to know is if she’s okay.

Once you know she’s fine, you let it go and give her space.

Which is by no means easy, but it’s the best option to save the relationship.

Did the relationship end?

Don’t make the next mistake.

#12: Ex girlfriend ignores my text

How to turn a breakup into a blessing.

You just broke up and you’re hurting.

So you shoot her a message.

But she doesn’t respond.

You’ve been through so much together, the least she can do is reply.


No, not right.


As sad as it seems, she doesn’t owe you anything.

She’s trying to move on and so should you.

Don’t reminisce about the past.

Don’t call her.

Don’t visit.

A tall order, but you have a secret weapon to help you:


It’s dark and overwhelming.

But you can use the power of heartache to fuel your ambitions.

Get swole.

Get promoted.

Finally stand up to your grandma when she fills up your empty plate.

By using heartbreak as rocket fuel, a coach from team TextGod got back in the sack with his ex.

After the relationship was over, he got up at 6 every day and hit the gym.

Next he took his work to the next level. And met up with all his friends he barely saw during the relationship.

Eight weeks later, he bumped into his ex.

First on the street, then in bed.

She later said, “I can’t believe this happened. But you just seemed so confident and full of life. I couldn’t help myself.”

Next for a very confusing situation.

#13: She ignores my texts, but flirts in person

She gives you the googly eyes in person, but the cold shoulder through text.

What’s going on?

One of three things:

  1. She isn’t flirting with you, she’s just polite
  2. She is flirting with you, but she does that with everyone
  3. She is flirting with you, but she’s unavailable

Let’s investigate both.

1. She isn’t flirting with you, she’s just polite

Perhaps you’re reading her signals wrong.

I remember a girlfriend of mine who threw a dude so deep into the friendzone, he ended up in Narnia.

The worst thing was that he didn’t realize it.

He saw everything she did as a sign she was into him.

  • A simple “How are you?”
  • A smile.
  • Even basic eye contact

But my friend had no interest. She was simply polite.

Be the bigger person and find another cute girl to seduce.

2. She is flirting with you, but she does that with everyone

Some women are simply very open and outgoing.

To them, flirting is like making small talk. It’s fun.

And she doesn’t flirt to confuse or hurt you.

She just enjoys raising the vibe.

And who can blame her?

It’s hella fun!

Feel free to continue flirting. Just understand that she truthfully may not want anything more.

3. She is flirting with you, but she’s unavailable

Perhaps you are reading her signals right:

She is attracted to you.

But maybe she’s not in a position to date.

It could be a boyfriend, or a guy she’s dating seriously.

My advice?

Stay in touch.

If she likes you and eventually wants to date, she’ll let you know.

That brings this article to a close.

You know the most important reasons why she may ignore your texts.

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  • When you don’t know what to say
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Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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