Guys, This Is Why She REALLY Ignores Your Texts

You texted her hours ago. Perhaps days.

And all you’re thinking is, “What do you do when someone ignores your text?

I’m about to tell you what’s going on. And if it’s best to message her or leave her alone.

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How do you know if a girl is ignoring you over text?

It might sound a little silly, but it’s not always obvious if a girl is ignoring your messages. Even when you can verify that she’s seen your last texts.

Let me explain.

It’s possible she opened up your conversation right as something else grabbed her attention. And without a notification to remind her to respond, she forgot.

The best way to know if a girl is brushing off your texts is when enough time has passed.

The more time passes, the more likely that she’s ignoring you. Either that or you’re not a priority to her and she doesn’t think about you.

Why is she ignoring your texts?

There could be countless reasons why she’s not answering your messages.

  • She read your text and got distracted before she could reply.
  • She’s going through some personal stuff.
  • She’s into someone else.
  • She’s not interested.
  • You turned her off.

If she liked you at one point and she’s snubbing your texts, then it’s likely that you made some mistakes.

Let’s go over those now, so you can prevent scaring her off in the future.

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6 Texting habits that make her dismiss your messages

1. You’re not leading the conversation

Probably the most common reason why she ignores your messages.

Your convo isn’t going anywhere.

Most guys picking up women are like dogs chasing a car. They don’t know what to do once they get what they want.

So once they have her attention, they keep the conversation going in the hopes that a miracle happens. But that moment rarely comes, because most women will wait for you to make a move.

In seduction, the goal is clear: meet up.

And if you keep talking to her like that’s not on your mind, she’ll eventually give her attention to another guy.

2. You text like a child

Few women can overlook the next issue, even if she thinks you’re attractive.

You text like a 5th grader.

Can you imagine why she’s turned off by that? (Straight) women are attracted to MEN. So you better text like one.

That’s why you want to avoid these next texting habits.

  • Immature language. Keep away from internet slang, unless it’s clear you’re making a joke. It’s ‘before’ not ‘B4’. Speak English, not Bingo.
  • Pore spellink. If grammar and spelling aren’t your strong suit, educate yourself. A bad grasp of English is a big turnoff.
  • Non-stop emojis. Only use emojis when your message might be misunderstood without one.

Emojis are so fun lol 🤣

But when I put them behind every sentence 😆

I seem like a 9-year-old girl who just ate a handful of candy necklaces and gummy bears 🥴

If you start your sentences with capital letters and don’t make the above mistakes, you’re good to go.

3. You seem insecure

If you don’t know how to make jokes without an emoji or ‘haha’, you’re in trouble.

At the store haha

Doing the dishes haha

I can’t stop myself from ending every sentence with ‘haha’, please I need help haha

You don’t have to text like this.

Suppose she sends you the next message:

What’s up?

And you reply:

I just came back from the gym haha

The ‘haha’ is not adding to the conversation. So here’s a golden piece of advice:

Adding ‘haha’ or an emoji to every sentence does NOT magically make your text funny. It’s like you’re beefing up your weak jokes with a laugh track: “This is where you’re supposed to laugh.”

Your barrage of emojis and hahas just makes you seem insecure.

For more tips on how to text in an attractive way, check this article:

4. You’re taking action at the wrong time

Most guys already know this, but they still do it anyway and c*!kblock themselves.

Going too sexual, too fast.

Let’s set the tone with what some guys think is good seduction.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I never send sexual texts like that.”

First off, congratulations. You’re not a creep. Earth needs more people like you.

But I’ll bet my entire My Little Pony collection that some of your conversations still move too fast.

Sure, you won’t ask her for the difference between jam and jelly. Then ignore her answer and say:

The real difference is that I can’t jelly my d*ck in your ass

But I’m 69% sure you’ve escalated on a no. Big mistake.

What does ‘escalating on a no’ mean?

Trying to take your blooming relationship to the next level, even though she’s not ready.

The most common example is asking her out when she’s not even digging the conversation. Worse still, when most guys sense she’s slipping away, THAT’s when they make their move.

But that almost never works! That’s like trying to bake a pizza using nothing but sunlight.

You want to strike when the metaphorical iron is hot.

Want to know what that looks like? Check out my next article:

5. You’re being too distant

Another reason why she’ll ignore your texts.

You’re being too hard to get.

It’s true, women don’t like it when you show interest too fast. It makes your attention seem cheap. But they also don’t like it when you’re not showing enough interest. It makes you seem cold.

You have to strike a good balance between the two.

How do you do that?

For every step that she takes forward, you want to take a step forward too.

6. The emotional momentum died down

Here’s what a girl means when she’s just not FEELING it.

The emotions she once felt for you are gone, lost, beamed up by aliens. And for some girls, losing feelings is identical to having no memory of them.

You made her laugh? She doesn’t remember. Your texts were more fun than talking to her friends? Forgotten.

Your texts got her so excited that she had to take a break from work and play a Clitar solo in the bathroom? That clearly never happened because she’s a lady.

I kid. But only a little.

So how do you get a permanent spot in her heart?

Consistently send her emotionally stimulating messages.

That doesn’t mean to blow up her inbox. Just send her a handful of messages that remind her how cool and fun you are, every 1 – 2 days.

What to do if she dismisses your messages

Although it helps to know why she didn’t get back to you, the most important thing for you to focus on is…

…your response.

If she’s still open to hearing from you, your next text will make or break everything. Either she’ll feel a little guilty for ignoring your texts, or she’ll decide that you’re not good enough for her after all.

Your Tinder match is not responding to your texts

This is where most guys get stuck. They get a fun Tinder or other online dating conversation going and it loses steam until it comes to a standstill.

There are usually two reasons for this.

One, you blundered and killed the vibe. Or, two, you were doing great but she just ignored your text.

Each scenario demands a different type of message from you.

  • If you blundered, own your mistake. “That sounded way better in my head. Guess I’m not as good of a flirt as I thought, anyway [change the topic].
  • If she dismissed your last text, confidently call her out. “You’re thinking awfully long about your next text. Don’t worry, I’ll pretend to be impressed by it ;)”.

For more lines and tips, check out my video.

She ignores you after a date

Being ignored sucks. And I’m not going to lie, you probably are being snubbed a little.

If she was mega into you, you obviously wouldn’t be having this problem.

So where do you go from here?

You send her a text that makes you seem high-value. That’s your best bet at rekindling the attraction she felt for you.

Here are some lines you can use. Be sure to pick the one that best fits your personality and how she knows you. You don’t want your message to seem like it came from the internet.

  • “I didn’t expect you to be intimidated by my charm. How cute ;)”.
  • “Awww… you’re lost for words. That’s kinda sweet.”
  • “You don’t have to try so hard to come up with a good reply, you know ;)”.

Do give her some time to respond before you send your text though. How long? I give all the details in my next article:

Your girlfriend gives you the silent treatment

It can be incredibly confusing and hurtful when your partner ignores you. Although your pain may motivate you to reach out for an explanation, it’s best to take a breather and examine the situation.

It’s rare for a girlfriend to stop responding for no reason. So what could be wrong? If you goofed and haven’t properly apologized, now is a good time.

If you don’t know why they’re not responding, it’s usually a good idea to ask if they’re alright. Especially if this is unusual behavior for them.

  • “Hey, you okay? I just want to make sure you’re doing alright”
  • “Please let me know if you’re going through something. I’d love to help.”
  • “I get the feeling you want some space. So I’ll respect it. Just let me know when I can reach out again.”

Once she reaches out and the silent treatment is over, you want to talk about how to improve your communication for the future. Ignoring your texts obviously isn’t very mature.

Holy Tip:

Does she ignore your texts and phone calls?

Don’t take it personally. For now, focus on her well-being. So no matter what happens:

– Don’t leave angry messages.
– Don’t go by her house.
– Don’t raise your voice once you do talk.

Once you know she’s doing okay and you’re on speaking terms, that’s when you want to work on the relationship.

Your ex-girlfriend ignores your text

You just broke up and you’re hurting. So you shoot her a message in hopes of clearing up some confusion or getting some support.

But she doesn’t respond.

You’ve been through so much together, the least she can do is reply. Right?

No, not right. Wrong.

As sad as it seems, she doesn’t owe you anything. You’re no longer an item. Now she’s trying to move on and so should you.

Don’t reminisce about the past. Don’t call her. Don’t visit.

A tall order, but you have a secret weapon to help you: heartache.

It’s dark and overwhelming. But you can use the power of heartache to fuel your ambitions.

Get swole. Devour lots of books. And finally learn to stand up to your grandma when she fills up your empty plate for the 3rd time.

By using heartbreak as rocket fuel, a coach from team TextGod got in the best shape of his life.

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He was now brimming with life and ready for a new relationship.

What if she ignores your texts but flirts in real life?

She gives you the googly eyes in person, but the cold shoulder through text.

What’s going on?

One of three things:

  1. She isn’t flirting with you, she’s just polite. It’s easier to see nice behaviors as flirting when you’re feeling lonely. So do your best to take care of your mental health.
  2. She is flirting with you, but she does that with everyone. And who can blame her? It’s fun and healthy. Just understand that she truthfully may not want anything more.
  3. She is flirting with you, but she’s unavailable. Perhaps you’re reading her signals right, but she’s in a relationship or dating seriously. My advice? Stay in touch but focus the majority of your attention on girls who would love to be intimate with you.

What to do if all your attempts at reconnecting fail

1. Give her space

If you’ve tried to reach out to her twice without success, hit the breaks. Give your attention to someone else who does appreciate it.

By putting in more effort than you’ve already done, you’ll just seem desperate. And turn her off.

If she likes you, she’ll get back to you. And if she doesn’t, that’s a sign you’re better off without her.

2. Focus on your life

It’s easy to get stuck on a girl. But take it from me, it’s not worth it. Especially if she’s showing you that she feels fine ignoring you.

So take your energy and invest it into what gets you excited and energized.

Hang out with friends, hit the gym, invest in your hobbies, watch the highest-rated movies, make art, and play airsoft.

Do whatever you’re into to take your mind off things. Your life should be more important to you than the girls you’re dating.

3. See other women

Dating one girl is almost guaranteed to make you overvalue her. You’ll soon obsess over her and think she’s the most amazing woman in the world.

Trust me, she’s almost guaranteed not to be. There are probably thousands, if not tens of thousands of women out there, who are just as good for you. If not better.

Even if you don’t believe that, I still recommend seeing other women.

It’ll make you feel more confident. It’ll distract you. Heck, it might even make you realize that she’s not as perfect as you thought.

4. Rekindle your other relationships

Everyone goes through periods in their life where they hugely overvalue romantic relationships. We all like to believe that there’s someone out there who’ll make us feel like we’re in a Disney movie.

But if you look back at all your romantic entanglements, you’ll realize that they all ended. Now, compare that to your platonic relationships.

Odds are that you’re still in touch with most of your friends. That’s the stuff that lasts. So don’t overlook it!

Deep friendships might be even more enriching than being married. As long as you’re getting laid on the side, of course.

5. Assume the best

If you don’t know why she’s ignoring your text, why tell yourself a bad story? Assume she really likes you but can’t express it for various reasons.

Doesn’t that feel much better? Keep the negative thoughts away.

She’s ignoring my texts – Summary

Whatever you do, don’t think you’re losing out on your shot at true love.  If she was right for you, she would have already replied. That she’s ignoring your texts is evidence she’s not a great fit.

But don’t write her off yet. She might have a perfectly reasonable explanation for giving you the silent treatment. The only way to find out is to send her a reminder, and then give her space to get back to you.

That almost brings this article to a close.

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Louis Farfields

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