She Stopped Texting You – 10 Tips to Get Her to Reply!

Perhaps she’s your real-life crush.

Maybe you met her on Tinder or another dating app.

However you know her, the worst happened…

…She left you on read and now you’re left wondering, She stopped texting me! What do I do now??”

No worries.

You’re about to get exactly what you want:

  • 3 Biggest reasons why your match stopped texting you
  • 3 Biggest reasons why your real life crush stopped texting you
  • How to get her to reach out to you without even sending her a text
  • How to guarantee you’ll never get ghosted again
  • 3 Copy pastable texts to revive the conversation
  • Much more…

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Before we dive into the tips that will get her to reply, a little MUCH NEEDED context.

As you probably understand, I can’t look over your shoulder while you scroll through your text convo.

That means I don’t know exactly what went wrong. And that I can only give you a general idea of why she stopped texting you.

Obviously, there could be a million reasons for why she left you on read.

Some of which are entirely out of your hands.

That’s why I’m going to focus on flubs and goofs that YOU potentially made that scared her off.

By systematically breaking down the most common texting slip-ups, you’ll be able to pin down the problem.

And know exactly how to fix it.

At least… after I bless you with some TextGod tips and tricks.

Enough jibber jabber.

Let’s get into texting issue #1.

She stopped texting me: online dating

Over 80% of the emails I get are titled something like:

“I f$%-ed up, Louis. Please help!”

At which point I already know she stopped texting back.

Once I open the email, I’m greeted by a wall of text and a series of screenshots.

As I dive into the screenshots and skip the text, I can usually spot the texting mistakes in seconds.

And for good reason.

After reading hundreds of emails, and helping thousands of clients, I discovered that most mistakes fall into 3 categories.

Which is what I want to share with you right now.

#1: The first reason why she stopped texting you

This first mistake still boggles my mind.

Every guy on this planet knows this type of behavior is wrong. And yet almost every dude commits this texting crime.

It’s like these guys don’t have a choice. As if it’s cemented into their DNA.

Newsflash, it’s not.

Unless this is you:

That cute, fluffy furball can’t help being cute and lovey-dovey.

But you can.

And yet, odds are you’re being just as adorable and sweet as him.

“Maybe a dumb question, Louis. But what’s so bad about being sweet and adorable?”

Women don’t want to do the bedroom tango with a teddybear!

A woman’s biology is (generally) attracted to the masculine! Which comes in many shapes and sizes.

Although never in this shape:

Did you catch the mistake?

I couldn’t make it any easier to spot than this.

So hopefully you thought something along the lines of:

“The emojis!”

“The hahas and lols.”

“The long and frequent texts.”

If so, well done, my dear reader.

If not… that’s a paddlin’.

Nah, just kidding, brother. You’re here to learn!

Anyway, by constantly ‘lol’ing, emoji spamming, and mass texting, he scared off his Hinge match. And she stopped texting him.


He was being far too cutesy and interested.

Which makes sense: he wants to come across as a positive and light-hearted guy.

But this behavior actually makes you seem like a spineless glob of putty that she can squish and squeeze however she wants.

Does that sound sexy to you? I sure hope not.

The point is…

If she gets the idea you’re trying to smile and cutesy her way into her heart, she’ll be turned off and stop texting you.

That’s because she doesn’t want to date a giddy puppy who’s happy with everything she does.

She wants a man who has the guts to speak his mind, even if it means voicing an opinion she doesn’t share.

In short: don’t be cute, be a man with clear opinions, feelings, and views.

#2: She stopped texting because you don’t get to the point

My biggest pet peeve…

A never-ending stream of texts that goes nowhere.

If I had a penny for every time a client asked me to scroll through his boundless Tinder conversation for feedback, I’d have… a lot of pennies. (Did you think I was going to count them?)

What’s the problem with being more prolific than the guy who wrote the Encyclopedia Britannica?

She’s going to lose interest!

Imagine going out for dinner and having to wait 3 hours for your meal.

Although you’re starving and would love nothing more than a 3-course meal, you’re not going to wait.

You’re going to walk across the street and go to Wendy’s instead.

Women on dating apps are no different.

If she’s decent looking, she’ll have tons of guys invading her inbox.

And although she really likes you, she’s not going to wait forever. If you don’t pull the trigger fast enough, she will leave you on read.

That’s why it’s crucial that you always work toward the date.

“But Louis, sometimes I’ll ask to go on a date early on and be blown off. What’s that about?”

Good point.

If you go for the date too quickly, she won’t be interested because it’s too early: she doesn’t feel like you like her, she feels you only like her looks.

Big difference.

But my point still stands, I want you to always ‘work toward the date’. As long as you understand it’s broader meaning:

Ask her out if she’s interested. If she’s not interested, raise your attraction by teasing, flirting, and joking.

That means:

  • Do not share your life story over text
  • Do not go philosophical over text
  • Do not get to know her over text

Online dating is about playful banter that leads to a date.

Only once you’re on the date should you find out what she’s like and check if there’s something more meaningful between you two.

#3: She stopped texting because you’re a tryhard

If the following text describes you, then you’re in luck…

You’re an above average texter.

But you’re far from a TextGod. Which is why you’re getting left on read.

Don’t know what a tryhard is?

No worries, my non-gamer friend.

I’ll explain everything.

My more experienced clients already get the basics:

  • Don’t be a cute pushover
  • Don’t be overly interested
  • Don’t be a cucklord

But now they’ve turned themselves into tryhards.

  • They write super witty jokes
  • They obsess over finding the perfect opening line
  • They craft cool-sounding texts with flowery words

In short, they’re really working to make a good impression.

And girls sense that.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

A little flexing isn’t a problem.

Flexing is only a problem when you’re constantly showing off your 24 inch proverbial pythons.

Which includes:

  • Mentioning your NBA level height
  • Talking about your prestigious job
  • Having a profile littered with holiday photos

But flexing also includes seriously discussing dating issues, like age.

Suppose you and your Tinder match differ ten years in age.

After shooting a couple texts back and forth, she says:

It’s been fun texting you, but I think our age difference is too big sorry

At which point most guys would go into tryhard mode and reply:

Don’t be silly, age doesn’t matter

My parents are 10 years apart
and get along great

I’ve also dated a girl who was 8
years younger than me. Was fine

You know what this does?

It shows her that you’re nowhere near as cool and funny as she thought you were.

In fact, you’re pretty darn serious about dating.

And if she’s not ready for that, she’ll stop texting you.


“Okay, got it Louis. Don’t be a tryhard. But… what do I do instead?”


Impress her by being high value.

If you ever catch yourself obsessing over a text and wondering what to say, think to yourself:

“What would a rockstar do in this situation?”

In other words: “What would someone do who KNOWS he’s cool and worth being around?”

He’d be oozing cool and be super playful and flirty.

Holy Tip:

Does being playful and flirty sound easier said than done?

No worries.

I can make flirting be easy to do, no matter who you are.


By giving you my 10 Texts That Always Work.

Just hit the link and collect your free flirty lines.

Enjoy, bro.

So if you ever find yourself trying too hard, slow down, take a breath and think: “rockstar.”

#4: She stopped texting you because you weren’t funny

A big time mistake I see most men make is being too serious.

And I understand. Making people laugh over text is difficult.

After all, you don’t have things such as body language, voice inflection, and facial expressions.

So even when some dudes try to be funny, they still fall flat on their faces and turn off the girl.

Here’s an example of a client who started with a pretty funny caveman opener that fell on deaf ears.

She didn’t get the opener, so she went with a safe answer.

Next, our buddy explained himself but it was too late. She stopped texting back. (No worries, we sprinkled some TextGod magic over the convo and her texts came flying in.)

Being funny over text is difficult.

Which is why I made a video that’ll show you exactly how to make a girl laugh using only words.

No worries, I made an easy to follow format so you don’t even need to be creative.

Here’s the vid, m’bro.

The above tips are enough to keep your Tinder and Bumble matches interested.

That’s why we’re moving onto girls from real life.

She stopped texting me: real life

Being ignored on a dating app sucks.

But being ignored by your real life crush is the worst.

And if she stopped texting you after you went on a couple of dates…

…it feels like you’ve been hit in the stomach by Mike Tyson with a sledgehammer.

To help you get rid of that hurt, I’ve nailed down the most common reasons why she might have ignored you.

And after that, I’m going to give you some practical tips on how to get her to text you.

Let’s get into it.

#5: You didn’t pull the trigger

It’s no surprise you didn’t pull the trigger.

Making a move on the date is probably a man’s biggest fear.

At least… the biggest fear for men who haven’t joined my Mentoring Program—my clients successfully make moves on the regular.

But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean you can wuss out without consequences.

When you don’t kiss your crush on the date, she may feel bummed out.


Not kissing her sends her on the date sends her a host of different messages. Which are different for every girl:

  • “Is he not getting the signals I’m sending him?? Geez. He must not have a lot of experience with women. I wonder if there’s a reason…”
  • “Ugh… he doesn’t have the stones to go for the kiss. He’s probably not that great in bed either.”
  • “Another shy, nice guy… It’s nice and all, but I just want a normal guy who doesn’t treat me as if I’m a rainbow farting angel.”
  • “He didnt kiss me. I guess he doesn’t like me after all… I better move on.”

Although wussing out on the kiss and going for the sticking-out-butt-hug isn’t always a disaster. But if she stopped texting after you failed to plant your lips on hers… it’s probably why she ghosted.

IMPORTANT: It’s not JUST about the first date kiss.

Maybe you’re crushing on a girl you’ve never gone out with. But you see her regularly at school or social gatherings and keep in touch over text.

Why did she stop texting you? After all, you never had the opportunity to kiss her.


You didn’t pull the trigger.

“Eh… I’m confused, Louis.”

Let me explain, bro. Pulling the trigger doesn’t just apply to locking lips.

Pulling the trigger involves making your intentions known.

Whether that’s through a kiss, eye contact, or flirty conversation.

And if you never make your intentions known, she stops seeing you as a potential boyfriend.

Although she once felt sexually attracted to you, if you only ever talk about friends, family, and dreams, she won’t feel desired by you.

Then she’ll stop fantasizing about you.

And finally, she’ll friendzone you.

Does she have enough friends? She’ll stop texting you.

Don’t hate the game, buddy. You just didn’t play it well.

In future, be sure to pull the trigger and make your intentions known before it’s too late.

But be careful you don’t go into the other extreme.

#6: You weren’t yourself

Story time!

When I was young and I started liking a girl, I’d try really hard to impress them.

Here’s the problem.

I was always worrying about whether they liked me. And trying to measure my likeability in all kinds of ways:

  • She answered my text super quickly
  • She put her hand on my arm when we talked
  • She said she was looking forward to seeing me at the house party

After I was done measuring, I’d think: “What type of person does she want me to be and how can I be more like that?”

So whenever I was around my crush, I’d play the role of her ‘favorite’ character. And hide my true self.

Here’s the worst of it.

Around girls who I didn’t feel attracted to, I was 169% my silly fart-joke loving self.

And those girls ALWAYS liked me. Which was SUPER frustrating, because the one I really wanted was her friend.

So I was constantly banging my head against a wall, thinking, “What’s going wrong here?! Why can’t my crush have the same taste in guys as her friend!”

But my crush and her friend didn’t necessarily have a different taste in guys. They just were seeing different versions of me.

And if she stopped texting you after you went out on a date with her, odds are you showed her a different version of you. Just because you really wanted her to like you.

Obviously you’re analyzing what you did wrong and how to reignite her interest. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

So here’s a critical question for you:

“What would you be doing right now if you had important life-enriching things to take care of?”

Probably the important life-enriching things.

Do you know why the answer to that question is relevant to you?

Because doing important life-enriching things is mega attractive. We all want to be with someone who is moving up.

Now, I can’t guarantee that your crush will start liking you again. But I can guarantee she’ll respect you for improving your life.

Stop trying to figure out what you did ‘wrong’ and focus on upgrading your life.

Because there’s nothing sexier than a winner who ultimately doesn’t care whether you like them or not.

#7: You were too needy

Before you skip onto the next tip, because you’re convinced you’re TOTALLY not needy, stick with me.

Because this is easily the biggest problem men suffer from when it comes to dating.

Most men are so starved for attention from women, that the slightest sign of interest will have them getting down on one knee.

“Heh, well count me out, Louis. I get more than enough attention from the ladies. ;)”

Lucky you, hot stuff. But I know plenty of male models who act like rockstars around women they don’t care about, but turn into spineless waiters with the women they’re crushing on.

Let me tell you how these square-faced yung Gawds behave when they’re crushing on a girl:

  • “They’re constantly thinking: ‘What can I do to make her like me?’”
  • “They’re always filtering themselves and only let out the good.”
  • “They’re ready to drop their pants and bend over when she grabs the strap on.”

In short, needy people think:

As long as I have her attention I’m happy.

The issue, of course, is that your happiness is totally dependent on her.

And she feels that.

Which kills all the attraction she feels for you.


Because instead of wanting her to be your lover, you’re actually asking her to be your mommy.

And she doesn’t want to play that role.

On the whole, women want a guy who has his life in order: a man who has a job to pay the bills, a roof over his head, friends, hobbies, and a reason to get up in the morning.

And that reason can’t be her.

“But Louis, isn’t making her my #1 romantic?”

No. It’s creepy and sad.

Let me tell you why.

If you need her more than you need a job, friends, and oxygen, you need her constant attention and validation, “Mommy, do you still love me?”

Nobody wants to date a baby.

Everyone does want to date a strong, independent person whose happiness can’t be broken by not returning texts.

3 Tips for when she stops texting you

We just went over why she stopped texting you.

Which is great… but unless you have a time machine, it won’t get her to text you back.

Holy Tip:

Do you have a time machine?

Or do you want to know how to prevent girls from ghosting you in the first place?

I have exactly what you need.

My 10 Texts That Always Work.

Whether the conversation demands a:

– Funny answer to a boring question
– A witty tease
– A playful challenge
– Or what to do if you don’t know what to say…

The 10 Texts have got your back.

Get your free 10 texts by smashing the link.


So now it’s time for damage control.

And repairing a potentially dying relationship.

Let’s see how we can get her to reach out to you.

#8: How to get her to reply via chat or online dating apps

Let’s not beat around the bush.

If she’s never met you in person, she could have a gazillion reasons for why she stopped texting you.

Many which lie outside of your control. Like her being busy with school or work.

And others that lie well within your control.

Like steering the conversation nowhere.

Being more insulting than funny.

Texting with your dick rather than your mind.

Texting like a 7-year-old with brain damage.

All the above texts and behavior slash your attraction to bits. And will likely stop her from texting you.

So what in TextGod’s name do you do to get her to text you again?

Firstly, don’t lash out or play the butthurt victim.

Which is probably self-explanatory. My readers and clients all tend to be civilized pimps and pimpettes. #proud

Okay, so if you haven’t blown a fuse and gone nuclear, you still have a chance of restoring her interest in you.

Where do you start?

It depends on the depth of the conversation.

Did you get 5 texts deep before she stopped texting you?

Or did you write America’s Greatest Novel together?

Depending on the situation, you have a different answer.

Here’s what I recommend you do in each situation:

  1. Superficial convo. Send her the following meme:

    Or if the texting platform you’re on doesn’t let you send images, send her:
    It’s okay, calm down, (your name). I’m sure she’s just busy building her minecraft cottage
  2. Meaningful convo. Send her something that reminds her of the connection you already built.

Because I can’t give you a generic answer for this last situation, I’ll give you a specific example to give you some inspiration for your own conversation.

Don’t want to bragh, but uhh…

I just made an artwork that even your beloved Michelangelo can’t match

#9: What to do if she doesn’t reply to your texts after a date

My heart goes out to you, m’bro.

But this is no time for pity.

You want to fix your problem.

And I’m here to tell you how.

Okay, so she left you on read even though you’ve already gone out.

What the heck do you do now?

Do you crawl into the fetus position and give up?

Heck no!

You grab your phone and double text her like an adult!

But you won’t send her just any text. No sirree, Bob!

You’ll send her the most strategic text of all.

A message that gets women to reply, 99.4783453997% of the time. (Unless you turned her off so badly that she’s already made up her mind.)

What’s that message?

A reminder that you’re doing super well.

“C’mon, Louis! Enough with the bait. Spill the beans already!”

Okay, my impatient reader. I’m talking about…

Showing how awesome your life is on social media.

As we discussed earlier, people want to date someone who is moving up. And someone who is surrounded by fun.

What better way to show that than through the occasional Instagram photo?

Post photos of you:

  • Traveling the country
  • Being sung to on your birthday
  • Petting cute little pups at the pound
  • Earning a new stripe on your jiu jitsu belt
  • Doing an unassisted handstand on parallel bars

The beauty of these posts?

These are all subtle flexes that she won’t see unless she chooses to look at your Instagram or Facebook.

And if she likes what she sees, she’ll probably leave a like. Which is girl-code for, “I’m interested in you. Please say hi.”

#10: How to guarantee she’ll never ghost you again

Here comes the #1 method for being so attractive to women you’ll never be ghosted again.

Plus, it’s stupidly simple.

You ready?

Here it comes.

Self love.

“Oh, no. Louis has turned into a self-help guru. Blegh.”

Hehehe, thanks. But it’s not as woo-woo as it sounds.

Easily the biggest problem that keeps men from being successful with women is a lack of self love.

This is how the average guy (I call him Peasant Paul) behaves around women:

  1. Peasant Paul meets attractive an attractive woman and already knows he wants to date her
  2. By some stroke of luck or divine intervention, she likes him back
  3. He buys her dinners and cocktails and the relationship gets more serious
  4. Because his now girlfriend likes to spend a lot of time with Paul, he frequently flakes on his friends
  5. Sometimes his girlfriend’s demands are unfair, but Paul doesn’t speak up because he’s afraid to make her mad

Peasant Paul’s problem is that he has no self love. No self love means no boundaries. No boundaries means he gets no respect. No respect means little to no attention from women.

How do you get a lot of attention from women?

  • By wondering if she’s good enough for you, rather than if you’re good enough for her
  • By walking away from a woman if she’s not a match
  • By not caring if she doesn’t like you after a couple dates, because you realize it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway
  • By only spending time and effort on women whose company you enjoy
  • By having the tireless passion of enriching your life and those around you

You are what attracts (or rejects) women. Not the words you say, not the strategies you follow.

That said, when it comes to online dating you only have text and photos to communicate who you are.

So you better get it right.

Here’s how you do exactly that:

Grab my Checklist to see the weaknesses in your online dating profile and how to best represent your true self.

Enjoy your new matches.

And if you follow the advice from this article, she definitely won’t stop texting you.

Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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