7 Signs You’re A Simp Over Text Message

Maybe you’re afraid that you’re simping for a girl.

Maybe you’re curious what the heck a ‘simp’ is.

Perhaps you just want to skim through my dynamite content for lines that’ll get you more girls.

Then you’re in the right place.

Because you’re about to discover the 7 signs you’re a simp over text message.

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The most crucial questions of all: what does ‘Simp’ mean?

If someone calls you a simp, they’re NOT saying you’re a simpleton.

It’s quite a bit worse.

When the phrase was invented in the American ghettos of the 80s, simp stood for:

Somebody/Sucka who Idolizes Mediocre Pu$$y.

Geez, those 80s rappers had serious potty mouths.

Anyway, ‘simp’ doesn’t mean what it did 40 years ago.

So what does it mean today?

According to one of the highest upvoted definitions on Urban Dictionary:

A square with no game other than ‘Rolling out the Red-Carpet’ for every female

So similar to the phrase ‘nice guy’, simp is a term given to men who do nice things for women in hopes of getting sexual favors in return.

Today, almost everyone has adopted the word simp. And it’s becoming a YouTube classic.

Anyway, being the type of guy who is prepared to do anything for her (a simp) is a huge turn off for women.

So if you care about being attractive to women, you need to know if you act like a simp.

Let’s dive into the 7 signs you’re a simp over text right now.

#1: You’re afraid to say what you’re after

Most guys find it incredibly difficult to tell a girl what they’re after if they just want…


So they lie and:

  • Say they’re looking for a relationship
  • Say they’re not sure
  • Say they’re open for anything
  • Say they enjoy meeting new people

Anything but the truth.

Why are they hiding their true intentions?

Because they’re afraid to say something she may not like because it may push her away.

Which shows that they’re desperate to have her.

And also that they’re a… simp.

Or at the very least, simping for her.

Onto the next sign.

#2: You do everything she says

One of the biggest signs of being a simp is when you’ll do anything she says.

Can you help me with my homework?

I’m going to go to a party tonight, can you pick me up when I want to go home?

My boyfriend is coming over tonight and I have to work late. Can you go to my place and tidy up? The keys are under the doormat.

These examples are pretty extreme.

But make no mistake, if you EVER catch yourself doing favors for her in hopes that she’ll like you…

You’re being a classic simp.

#3: You overcompensate by being extra chivalrous

A more subtle way of simping is being overly chivalrous.

Which usually translates itself into opening doors for her, pulling out her chair, or buying her flowers.

But chivalry over text looks very different.

Usually it looks like long sweet messages with overly flowery prose.

Similar to this:

Do you tend to write her long volumes that cement your position as a doormat?

You’re seriously simping.

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#4: You have a way too available bio

Let’s keep this one brief.

Does your bio hint at (genuine) romantic things you want to do with your Tinder dates?

You’re simping.

Especially if it’s anything close to this guy’s bio:

On the other hand, if simping makes you genuinely happy then is it really simping? We’ll save that philosophical discussion for Jordan Peterson and Deepak Chopra to figure out.

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Onto the next sign you’re a simp over text message.

#5: You react like a puppy every time she sends you a text

This sign doesn’t need much explanation.

If getting a text notification from a random Tinder match makes your chest flutter, you’re a simp.

It means you’re seriously desperate for attention from women and is a sign you’re living in scarcity.

No problem, man. I’ve got your back.

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Onto the next tip.

#6: You never disagree with her over text

Some guys I know will act tough in front of the boys, but when they’re home alone texting a hottie from Tinder…

…they turn into ‘lil simps.

What happens?

They never go against the flow.

Afraid to rock the boat, they keep the conversation safe and try very hard to avoid anything she may not like.

Not only is that a major turnoff. After all, you’re saying anything that you think will get her to like you.

It’s a big sign you’re a simp.

So disagree sometimes! (In a playful way.)

Holy Tip:

If you use the word ‘simp’ a little too much, this is for you.

Women do not like a-holes.

But they likely have a tendency to be more attracted to men who have traits of prestige and dominance.

So it’s not so much about being aggressive or an a-hole.

Women simply like men who are in a position of power.

Which is no different than a dude being more attracted to Beyonce than the cute girl next door.

So don’t think you need to be a d-bag to be sexy to women.

Instead, focus on climbing the dominance hierarchy and gaining prestige.

And don’t take this whole simp thing too seriously.

Onto the last tip.

#7: You’re too emotional over text

Make no mistake, I’m not against guys having emotions.

Watching Simba trying to wake up Mufasa still brings me to tears to this day!

So there’s nothing wrong with having an emotional side.

But there IS something wrong with being too emotional over text.

When it comes to texting, you want to be more chill with your emojis and haha’s, so that she can play the more emotional/girly role.

Are you the type of person who listens to Drake every day and starts crying because it’s relatable?

You need to toughen up. Fast.

Anyway, that was the last sign that shows you’re a simp over text.

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