Swipe Left or Right: Tinder Swiping Tips For More Matches [2024]

Getting more success with your Tinder swipes is a science.

In today’s article, I’ll give you the best tips for more Tinder matches so that your swipe left or right actions get you what you want.

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What does swiping left or right mean?

The terms swipe left and swipe right have been popularized by the immensely popular dating app, Tinder, and all its look-a-like competitors.

If you fire up a modern dating app with an existing account, you’ll instantly see someone’s profile with photos, interests, and a short description.

Like what you see? Then you can swipe right to show you’re interested in getting to know the other person better.

Don’t like what you see? Swipe left to move on to the next profile.

In short:

  • A swipe left tells the app: I’m not interested in this person.
  • A swipe right tells the app: I am interested in this person.

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What exactly happens when you swipe right?

When you swipe right on, a Tinder profile for example, one of three things will happen:

  1. You instantly match.
  2. You get the ‘It’s a match!” notification on the moment they swiped you right.
  3. You don’t ever match (because they swiped you left or haven’t seen your profile).

So to match on Tinder, two people need to swipe each other right. Now Tinder or other swipe-inspired dating apps connect you through a shared chatbox.

From here, you can talk to each other and find out if you want to meet up.

And don’t worry. Other users won’t know whether you swiped them left or that you just haven’t seen their profile.

The only info someone will have about your swiping actions is when they match with you.

Best tip for more matches from a Tinder expert

You’ll be blessed with more matches if you swipe at peak hours, in busy places.


Countless of men are swiping the most beautiful women to the right. And the guys who swiped her right most recently, are highest in her stack of profiles.

This means that she’ll see guys that liked her a moment ago first. And guys that liked her an hour ago, much later.

That’s why you want to like a woman’s profile when she’s most likely to be active on Tinder.

And based on several data points, most people tend to be online between 6 and 10 PM.

Should you swipe right on everyone on Tinder? 3 Reasons you shouldn’t

If your goal is to date as many women as possible, you might be motivated to swipe everyone right. That would give you the largest amount of matches, right?



1. It will force your profile to the bottom of the Discovery pile

Tinder tries to do a good job of keeping everybody happy.  Do Tinder’s robots see you’re swiping right on every profile?

Then you’re telling Tinder that you’ll do anything to get a girl’s attention. And that almost certainly means that you won’t be giving her a good time.

So to keep the women from abandoning the dating app, Tinder will either ban you for your swiping behavior or move you so far down the Discovery deck that nobody will ever find you.

2. It removes attractive women from your Discovery pile

Tinder is designed to pay attention to your tastes. And if it sees that you prefer unattractive women to desirable women (which will happen if you swipe everyone right), the algorithm will show you more unattractive women.

3. It’ll get you banned

Swiping everyone right is botlike behavior. And Tinder doesn’t take kindly to bots.

So if you swipe everyone right, the odds are big that you’ll get banned.

The best swiping strategy for success – 3 Tips

1. Swipe only who you like

‘Like’ is a bit of a vague word that offers little direction. So let me tell you the best way to decide if you should swipe someone right:

Is this someone you genuinely think you could hit it off with?

Don’t just swipe her right based on her looks. After all, it doesn’t matter if she looks sexy in a crop top if the two of you can’t even hold a simple conversation.

So swipe sensibly.

2. Take it slow

Tinder sees how long it takes you before you swipe left or right. If you swipe her right in an instant, Tinder reckons that your standards are pretty low.

And if your standards are low, you’re probably not very experienced at giving women a good time.

So study her profile carefully and try to come up with a good icebreaker before you even hit the Like button.

3. Swipe selectively but often

Few but regular right swipes will give you a better Tinder experience.

  • Tinder rewards activity by showing you to more desirable profiles.
  • Having fewer matches gives you more time to focus on making the most of the matches you already have.
  • Swiping the top of the Discovery gives you an increased chance of matching because they’ve recently been active and live in your area.

FAQ: Everything else you need to know about swiping

Can you undo a swipe right on Tinder?


But you can only undo your last swipe on Tinder.

For example, if you just realized that three swipes ago you shouldn’t have swiped your coworker to the right… then you’re too late.

Not only that, you also need to subscribe to one of Tinder’s premium services to use this function.

That is if you have the Rewind function which is part of Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

On dating app Badoo, the rewind button will disappear once you swipe right.

On Bumble you’ll get this error message:

How do you decide if someone is worth swiping?

If you’re open-minded and everyone is your type, here’s some advice to make sure you don’t swipe too many profiles right and risk being lost in the swipe stack.

Avoid red flags. Swipe these dating profiles right at your own peril:

  • Unverified accounts without an Instagram.
  • Profiles where every photo is almost identical (angle, zoom, …) Rest assured this woman is not remotely as attractive as you think she is.
  • Women that have caked their faces in make-up. This woman is either hiding something or she’s just very insecure.
  • The overexposed photo where their face is so bright that their nose becomes invisible. And should you not be aware: for some reason we’re all so much hotter without a nose.

The good ol’ overexposure no nose trick.

Obviously, it’s hard to get a good read on someone.

You can guess what their personality is like, based on their profile text and photos. But both can be misleading in many ways.

How long can you keep swiping right on Tinder?

If you have vanilla (free) Tinder, then you can like a maximum of +- 100 people per day. And whatever version of Tinder you have, you can always reject as many people as you want.

I recommend liking about 10 profiles per day.

How can you tell if someone swiped right on me?

You can’t. Unless if you have Tinder Gold, which has the See Who Likes You feature. (A pretty useless feature for anyone that isn’t already killing it on Tinder.)

For anyone else, the only way to find out is by swiping them right and seeing if it’s a match.

With one exception: the Superlike.

Anyone who superliked you will appear with a shiny blue border around their profile.

Swipe Left or Right on Tinder – Conclusion

Swiping is only the beginning. To get someone on a date, you need to get them excited to meet you first.

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