Text After First Date: 12 Tips To Secure A Second Date (+ Real Examples!)

You had a fun first date! Or perhaps you’re about to go on a first date and you’re already thinking ahead of what kind of message to send her.

Either way, you’re not entirely sure what to text after the first date. After all, you want to show you had a good time, but you also don’t want to come on too strong.

No stress.

Because you’re about to get 12 tips and my best 3 texting templates that secure the second date!

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Send her this after the first date

If sending the first text seems scary or difficult, don’t worry.

I’ll make it stupidly simple for you. And more importantly, I’ll make sure your text will be just what she wants to read too.

So sit back and watch my video where I’ll give you 5 tips that tell you everything you need to know:

When should you text someone after a first date?

The best time to send someone a text after the first date is within 24 hours. Usually within the next few hours after saying goodbye. Why? They want to know if you had a good time. It’s exciting to know someone enjoyed your company. It feels good.

Afraid you’ll seem too eager by texting them back so soon? Sure, some people may feel that you’re being too easy or available by texting back relatively fast. But these are largely immature people that you probably don’t want to have in your life.

Just make sure to wait long enough that they has a chance to wonder about you. It’s during that time that they’ll start to desire you.

1. Be the person she thinks you are

Even if you had a good first date, the wrong text can make everything turn sour.

I’ve seen countless second-date plans vanish like a bowl of nacho cheese Doritos in the stomach of a basement-dwelling WoW RP PVE player. (That’s REA-HEA-HEALLY fast.)

Here are a few examples of bad texts I grabbed from my hopeless competitors (not even joking):

After you left I spent hours imagining how tasty your body must look naked.

When I read this text, I can physically feel the cringe running through my veins. Imagine being on the receiving end of this.

On the date, she heard you talk a little about your time in college and some stuff about your family. She told you some of her travel stories and how she’s into dancing.

Then she gets home and checks her phone one last time before bed. Now she sees how the guy she went out with was secretly fantasizing about her body the whole time.


Here come two more texts that have been nominated for the Cringe Awards:

You’re incredible, you were the highlight of my night and the star of my dreams



It’s too bad you had to leave so early, we didn’t even have the chance to kiss

Please make it stop. 🙁

Here’s what you want to remember when texting a girl after a first date:

Always write your text in a way that fits how she perceives you.

Did you never or barely touch her? Don’t send her anything flirty or sexy.

Did she say she was wildly in love with you? Serenade her already, Shakespeare!

2. Make your date smile with my texting template

This is a first date texting template that has never failed me or my clients:

Hey [name], thanks for earlier. I really enjoyed [what you did], and your company wasn’t bad either [emoji that makes clear you’re joking]

Let’s make this more relatable.

Suppose you went on a date with Louise and you went bowling together. Then your text could look like this:

Hey Louise, tonight was fun. I really enjoyed seeing you throw around that pink ball, and your company wasn’t bad either 😉

In this case, [what you did] was ‘bowling’. But why not add a little more flavor.

Add some details!

Examples are:

  • how you shamelessly kept cheating by stepping over the line
  • seeing you get that strike in the other lane
  • bruising my fingers by trying to impress you with picking the heaviest bowling balls

As always, humor is the key ingredient.

3. Show some gratitude (with real screenshots)

This is hugely important for all you giga chads and nice guys out there.

Yes, you can send her a warm and kind text after the first date. Before you start gloating, Mr. Nice Guy, know that being thankful is also the wrong approach.

A woman doesn’t want a man who is thankful for her time and energy. She wants a man that makes her feel appreciated.

When she feels appreciated, she’ll enjoy spending more time with you.

How do you turn this golden bit of advice into a good first date text?

By appreciating something that she worked for and takes pride in. So forget complimenting her looks and focus on the things she did on the date.

Here’s an example from one of the TextGod coaches:

Let’s break it down real quick:

  • It begins with him saying he likes her stories
  • He clarifies exactly what stories (that’s hawt because it shows he listens)
  • He wishes her a good night (women like men with positive energy)
  • And he wraps it all up with an inside joke about the police

Boom. Now you have another stealable template.

Holy Tip:

Want more stealable lines to make her excited for the second date?

Look no further.

Just hit the link and thank me later.

4. Follow coach Dan’s 3-step first date formula (real examples included)

Coach Dan has a very simple and effective formula for his post-date texts.

Before I show you the screenshot, let me give you some juicy context.

Coach Dan was about to meet up with a fun Brazilian girl. Before the date, they joked about how they were both cold, unfeeling people.

And during the date, Dan ranted about how emasculated the monkey face emojis are, and that no self-respecting man should use them. (I bet this is the part where she swooned over him.)

These culprits: 🙈🙉🙊

So, here’s what he texted her after the date on WhatsApp:

What’s the 3-step-formula coach Dan used here?

  • Say some sort of thank you (“Good seeing you”)
  • Wishing her a good night (“sleep well”)
  • And lastly, an inside joke from the date (“Cold dutch hugs”)

And the following day, Dan hits her with another inside joke and spams some effeminate monkey emojis.

Before he finally plans the second date.

5. Send the perfect rejection text after the first date

When a date was bad, you need to let the other person know.

But how do you do this without hurting your date? How can you be a gentleman or a kind woman when rejecting someone?

By being honest but warm.

Now let me tell you a secret:

I am not a woman. I have a penis and a primitive man-brain. BUT if I were a woman, I’d verse my rejection text something along the lines of this:

Hey, Louise! I just want to thank you for your time earlier. I respect you a lot for [ABC]. However I didn’t feel the connection I’m looking for right now. I know that might suck to hear, but I want to be honest with you and with myself. I hope you understand and I wish you all the best.

[ABC] is whatever you found noteworthy about the other person. For example: her honesty.

Will this text make her feel great about the situation? Heck no it won’t. But will it clear up any confusion she might have? Heck yes, it will.

If she now chooses to keep chasing and trying to get with the you, politely ask her to stop texting you.

6. Keep it cool when you don’t get a response

If you went on a date with a girl and you get no response to your text after the first date, then there are 3 things I would advise:

  1. Give her at least a day to respond, maybe even 2, then text a second time.
  2. Find out what you could do better next time.
  3. Focus on improving your life and move on.

Here’s a high-value text for when she doesn’t get back to you:

Haven’t heard from you in a while. No problem if you’re not interested in seeing me again. Just let me know you’re doing OK 🙂

Or if she knows you as a funny guy:

Dear Diary: Today, the cute girl I was talking with vanished. Do you think it’d be romantic if I send a search party?

7. Set up the second date

You can go through the trouble of creating your own lines that lead to the second date.

But that can be a bit tricky at times. Especially when you’re feeling uninspired and she’s being a little distant.

That’s why I made you a cheat sheet: 10 copy pastable lines that my team and I use. The cheat sheet includes:

  • A non-needy way to ask her out
  • Ways to grab her interest when she hasn’t got back to you
  • And stuff for those Hollywood romantic drama feels

Download it here for free and land yourself a second date!

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