“Man, look at this hottie I’m dating right now”

Your friend takes out his phone. 

Damn, she’s drop dead gorgeous indeed.

“I also just matched with this other girl, just LOOK at this stunner!

How is it that some guys seem to get lucky all the time?

You look at your phone and realize something’s wrong.

For the second time today you’re checking your favorite dating app…

Just to realize again what you already knew:

Hardly any matches and stale conversations.

Or maybe you got some matches, but not with the ‘girlfriend material’ you’d like.

And you wonder what’s wrong with you… Are you just plain ugly? Are girls looking for something else? Do you have to settle for something you will never really be satisfied with?

And when you get matches… You never seem able to get them on a date.

You’re chatting them up…

But before you know it, she starts responding less… One-word-texts come in...

You put in ALL the effort, and she ghosts you.

And again you wonder what on earth is going wrong.

What do all those other guys do that you don’t?

Why do girls always fall for those douchebags and weirdos that don’t treat them well?

On this page I will tell you the secret to success on dating apps.

And It’s definitely not ‘looks’.

But first I have to tell you something about myself.

Today people call me the TextGod.

But back in the days I was a total disaster with girls.

Puberty hit me super late, and the only legend-status I had was in World of Warcraft.

So I am not your typical ‘natural’ with girls.

It took me until my 22nd to finally lose my virginity (one month before I turned 23).

It was then I decided to stop being a victim, and to take matters into my own hands.

I read every book there is about attracting women and seduction. Followed every seminar out there. And practiced day in day out on every dating app that hit the market.

Finally after years and years of training I stumbled onto something remarkable.

I noticed there were 4 things that I was doing every time. And if I dropped just one of them, my success rate dramatically decreased.

So I started playing around with them.

I discovered how they relate to each other. How one amplifies the other, or how one actually lowers the time needed to get girls all excited.

I started looking at conversations my friends were having. And everytime I noticed one of these 4 things was missing, I added it for them.

The results were insane.

My nerd side went bananas and I started comparing every success and failure. Until I finally saw it. It felt like I could finally see the Matrix. And my success skyrocketed.

It was like I reached godlike status: no woman was safe from my texting skills.

This is when I created my formula to online dating success: 4 ingredients to create massive attraction

It’s not luck, looks, or some ability that mother nature either gave you or not…

There are 4 ingredients that determine whether you get more and cuter dates…

4 Ingredients that make her so attracted to you that she can’t wait to meet you…

Without ingredient 1, she’ll always kick you into the friendzone.

Without ingredient 2, she’ll never go on a date with you.

Without ingredient 3, she’ll leave you on read and ghost you.

Without ingredient 4, you’ll never consistently get the results you want with the girls you want.

Some guys naturally do this right. Even though they have no clue what they’re doing and why it’s working.

But a lot of guys out there simply can’t figure it out. And blow up every match they get.

But when you DO discover the 4 ingredients of the dating app success formula, you’ll finally understand why it never works out for you. 

You’ll finally unlock the secret to attraction, great conversations, and unlimited dates.

And because you’ll understand what you are doing, you will even get more and better results than you ever thought possible for someone like you.

And now, finally, I made the Dating App Success Formula available for you.

After a lot of requests from the TextGod community, I decided to create a course that’ll teach you exactly this: The 4 ingredients that will change your dating life forever.

You’ll learn exactly how to apply each ingredient to create engaging conversations. The type of conversations that she can’t get enough of. The type of texts she gets addicted to.

Finally you’ll feel in control of texting. Finally you will have success with women you never thought would be anywhere near interested in you. 

You’ll have trouble finding another empty spot in your agenda for the next cutie.

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