10 Tips That Will Transform Your Tinder Dating Life [Best Advice]

Feel like you’re not squeezing all the juice out of Tinder?

The sweet juice of getting match after match or a date with the girl of your dreams. The feeling that your conversations are just flowing effortlessly. With fun, masculinity and attractiveness radiating from your texts.

It’s time to break out of the dull conversations, tedious interviews, and painful silences.

In this article I’m giving you essential Tinder advice. Tackle the most common issues with the following 11 short but powerful tips!

This is what you’re getting:

  • What is BLOCKING you from being swiped right (+how to fix it!)
  • The 5 crucial aspects of your first picture
  • The secret Tinder algorithm and how you can benefit from it
  • How to smoothly increase your masculinity and ask her out
  • 10 funny Tinder lines you can steal
  • 4 Signs a girl likes you over text (great advice for men)
  • 2 Bulletproof ways to revive dead conversations
  • Much more

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#1: Well begun is half her heart won

Right now, you’re only a single simple step away from increasing your attractiveness on Tinder with at least 69%.

You’ve got very little time to impress girls on Tinder.

But after you’ve read this tip, girls stumbling on your profile only have two options left:

  1. Swipe right or…
  2. Click on the photo to see the next one

Because that’s how important your first picture is. Uploading a killer first photo of yourself minimizes the risk of getting swiped left.
But Louis, what does the perfect first profile picture look like then?”

The perfect profile picture keeps everything simple.

Particularly with respect to the following 5 aspects:

  1. Contrast: make yourself stand out from the background by applying high contrast
  2. Noisy background: avoid distracting backgrounds
  3. No other people: avoid having other people in your first picture
  4. Composition: only show your head and torso
  5. No facial obstructions: take the (sun) glasses off

These two profile pics check off all the aspects on the list and that’s why they look great

Try to judge your first photo critically on these 5 aspects and watch those matches come towards you like bees swarming to honey.

By the way, good news for the bros without a Colgate smile:

Whether you look away from the camera with your serious face or look straight at the lens with a big smile, research has shown that it’s roughly equally attractive.

Here’s a quick list of things to keep in mind about the remainder of your photos:

  • Posing with dogs and other cute pets really works like magic.
  • Don’t use multiple photos where you’re doing/wearing the same things.
  • Group photos can work if you’re the center of attention and it’s instantly clear where you are in the image.
  • High quality photos and no selfies.
  • Upload no more than 4-5 photos. Don’t oversell yourself bro.

Check out this guide to learn how to increase your matches even more.

This is why group photos only work when it’s evident who you are in the picture.

When you’re finished upgrading the photo department, it’s time for your Tinder bio!

#2: This is how you stand out with your bio

What if your dream girl stumbles on your dazzling first picture and… hesitates.

You’ve got her attention… but she’s not completely blown away by your looks.

Not entirely convinced, her eyes go down to scan your bio, hoping it’ll persuade her to swipe right.

And what does she find?


Arghh the horror she must endure.

Student. Likes to travel”

Food lover, sports and music”

[Fill in deep inspirational quote]”

Both men and women have an irresistible tendency to tell boring facts about themselves.

But unfortunately, the only people whose hearts you’ll warm are your sweet mother’s and grandma’s.


YAWN. You’re better off without a bio than this.

My golden rule on Tinder: Stand out from the crowd.

This is potentially the best Tinder advice I can give you. Because it holds for everything you do on the app.

Let’s look at how you can apply this to your bio.

Keep your bio short and save your life story for your grandchildren.

The best bios I’ve used in my Tinder career were only one sentence long.

Keep in mind that the majority of Tinder users prefer the app over its competitors because of its ease of use. Reading a long bio will disturb the flow people are in when swiping.

A short bio is read at the drop of a hat.

Moreover, its briefness suggests an I’m not taking this Tinder thing too seriously-mentality.

Using your bio to attract the right person

If you’re interested in meeting girls that are EXACTLY your type… then this tip is for you.

Some men just want to collect as many matches as possible. If you’re not one of them, then here’s some advanced Tinder profile advice:

Turn your bio into a magical fishnet, only catching the fish you’re interested in.

If you’re like me and have no time for shy ladies, low self-esteem girls, or women who can’t love a man that loves himself (too much), then customize your magical fishnet to your needs.

To make those shy ladies slip through the mazes of my net, I wrote this bio:
Most likely out of your league but hey… every shot you don’t take, is a shot you miss.

This will filter all the women who think I’m an arrogant player. And the ladies that swipe right are eager to have an answer to the question: Am I out of his league?

This Tinder profile text results in less but also BETTER matches.

Exactly what I was looking for at the time.

So ask yourself what kind of girl you’d like in your life and adjust your profile accordingly.

Disclaimer: This profile text was tailored for my specific needs at the time, fitting perfectly with my photos. Try and customize yours to your profile and needs.

#3: The best texting advice for men

You’re exactly where you need to be if you recognize one of the following things:

  • Having no clue what to send
  • Knowing every corner of The Friendzone inside out
  • Or converting suspiciously little matches to dates…

Indispensable Tinder messaging advice incoming!

But first, remember: it’s not always your fault that the conversation is going more bumpy than a plane landing without its landing gear.

It’s entirely possible that out of all those fish in the sea, some girls just don’t fit you.

Maybe the two of you have a different kind of humor, totally mismatching interests, et cetera…

In those cases, try to accept accept the situation and move on.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it!

One of the most common texting issues is: how to effortlessly keep the conversation going.

You can prevent a lot of boring topics by carefully considering what questions you’re asking and how.

Sooner or later you’re going to want to know more about each other.

But you’re quickly coming across as BORING if all your questions completely lack playfulness and are dead serious like:

Where are you from?

What do you do for a living?

Those kinds of questions pave a very short road straight to The Friendzone. If there’s little to no connection at the time of asking these, her response will be short and boring.

Questions are by no means forbidden territory. But try to anticipate whether your questions build on the conversation.

Closed questions are another simple way to run a sparkling conversation directly into a wall.

Closed questions like…

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

…can expect only two responses.

And both of them are boring as hell. An ideal recipe to turn wet pü$$äy into a dry desert.

By posing open questions, you’ll extract more information than only yes/no. She has to invest more and you’ll have more of an answer to work with.

Here’s an example:

What one mischievous thing would you definitely do when stuck in IKEA overnight?

You’ll notice that this question is also slightly teasing her. You’re stimulating her emotions by making her imagine adventurous scenarios.

Another example you can steal from me:

What would be your street name if you were a high profile drug dealer?

Of course use common sense. If she’s quickly disgusted by anything edgy or you make a way too random turn in a convo, a Tinder question like this might seem weird. But in general these things are way more fun than the earlier examples I gave you.

#4: Keeping the conversation going

The next tip is an extremely powerful tool for playful teasing.

With it, you can easily keep conversations going, evoke emotions and most importantly: create a light-hearted fun vibe.

You can achieve all of this by something very basic and simple:

Teasing her with statements.

Make an assumption about her. It doesn’t have to be rational or true.

An incorrect but wild and funny guess is enough to tease her. Like this:

You really seem like the kind of girl that’s all sweet and innocent during the week but in the weekend you’re naughty side comes to light.

By simply informing her instead of asking, she’ll be curious to what’s leading you to have such thoughts about her.

We haven’t even talked about the implicit benefits of this way of texting:

You’re not coming across as needy.

Constantly asking questions make you seem like you really need information about her. To her, it will feel like an interview. You’re not her shrink.

You’re avoiding The Friendzone.

Her emotions will be stimulated in the right way by the playfulness and teasing nature of your statements. She’s way less likely to see you as Mr. Nice guy #38.

Holy Tip:

Try to keep those childish smileys to a minimum. Make sure your texts are clear enough to stand on their own.

Now in the next tip, let’s try and unveil Tinder’s biggest mystery.

#5: The Secret Tinder algorithm

Few things are clouded in more mystery than Area 51.

But Tinder’s ELO system is one of them.

The company’s keeping their lips tightly sealed about the details of the algorithms workings.

Despite this cruel secrecy, I can still share some great tips with you.

Tips that DEFINITELY affect your ELO score positively.

Understanding your Tinder ELO score = more success on Tinder

In short, the score is part of a system frequently used in zero-sum games like chess. And the essence is this:

The difference in ratings between two users functions as a predictor of the outcome of a match.

How does this system work on Tinder? The smaller the difference in rating between you and your potential match, the higher the odds that both of you will swipe each other right.

But what matters most for you, is how to use this information to your advantage.

Because very likely, you’re using Tinder the wrong way.

Here are 5 ways to improve your ELO score:

  1. Stop swiping everything right

Tinder does not like users that are more desperate for a match than the Kardashians are for attention.

Don’t lower your standards to increase your number of matches. The result is that your profile won’t be shown to popular girls any more.

When you’re swiping everything right.

Be picky within reason. Swipe selectively.

  1. Don’t wait to text your new match

Tinder rewards active users. When you immediately text your match, your ELO rating will increase. So don’t wait too long.

  1. Regularly text back

Again, be an active user. Waiting one or even multiple days to text back isn’t going to work to your advantage. It’s better to check Tinder a couple of times per day for five minutes, than once per day for 30 minutes

  1. Frequently update your profile

Not only will an up-to-date profile better represent you on Tinder, it’s one of the best ways to increase your ELO rating.

Upgrade your old profile picture whenever you have a new one that’s better!

Same holds for your Tinder about me, job title and other profile info.

Also connect your Instagram and Spotify to your profile. Updating your anthem is a great way to let Tinder know your active.

5. The right time & place

Tinder recently revealed a bit more about their matching method. Time and location appear to be more important than ever.

For the best results, swipe in crowded areas during peak activity moments.

Don’t swipe at 10 AM during a visit to your grandma’s farmer town. Swipe in the evening in the city center when every girl is checking her new matches.

Remember this Tinder advice well because you’re certain to benefit from it!

Time to increase your masculinity on Tinder to a level even Schwarzenegger would be proud of!

#6: How to be more masculine on Tinder

The following Tinder advice for guys is essential if you want to up your manliness.

Check out the following two lines and see for yourself which one comes across as most masculine:

Hey, would you maybe by any chance somewhere in the future perhaps consider to go out with me?


Hey, I know this great bar in town, let’s go grab some drinks there Thursday night.

Okay… I’ll admit the first example is slightly exaggerated.

But look closely at the words and phrases in that line.

You know what’s dripping off the conversation in the first example?


And uncertainty is what makes you lose your masculinity faster than girls can swipe guys left.

So what are typical traits that are associated with masculinity in our society?

Strength, independence, assertiveness, leadership.

Shaving with an axe is another quick way to increase masculinity.

The uncertainty that words like perhaps, maybe or somewhere give off, shows a lack of confidence. You’re effectively expressing doubt about her agreeing to your proposal.

The second example expresses assertiveness and leadership.

You’ve already decided when, where and what you want to do with her.

You are leading.

She’s way more likely to say ‘yes’ this way. It’s still a proposal but you present it in an assertive way. No question marks needed.

Now let’s delve into the world of texting clues girls give to tell you whether they like you or not!

#7: Four signs she likes you over text

If you’ve regularly caught yourself wondering whether a girl likes you over text

This tip will end all your woes.

It’s actually not that hard to tell if a girl’s into you.

Let’s start with one of the biggest indicators her pü$$äy is getting hydrated by you:

Signal 1: She’s double texting you

Double texting is when a girl sends you a message, while she already sent you one some time ago. So sending multiple texts shortly after one other is not double texting.

This is one of the clearest and simplest signals that she enjoys talking to you.

The last two texts are the definition of double texting

The girl in the screenshot above is practically screaming “P L E A S E, give me another hit of your oh so sweet attention. GIVE IT TO ME, I NEED IT!”

Look out for those texts. It’s probably time to ask her out on a date. But more on that later in the article.

Note that double texting isn’t necessarily the same as overtexting.

She’s using lots of emojis

The more emojis she’s using, the better.

You want to stimulate her emotions (and later her princess parts) with your texts.

Emojis convey part of her female energy. When she’s abundantly using them, it shows that she’s enjoying texting you…

Guess who’s having a good time texting? This emoji spamming lady is.

3. She’s sending you pictures

This one’s pretty easy to catch.

You’d think.

It’s terrifying to see how many men still miss these signals. The more visible she is on the photo, the better.

A selfie? Jackpot.

A selfie shows way more interest than other photos.

She’s reminding you of her cute looks and you’d better remind her of that date at your place next Saturday.

4. Her texts are long, frequent, and she responds very quickly

Long texts are another great indicator of her investing in you. The more texts she blasts at you, the more she’s into you.

Know who’s always INSTANTLY texting me back? A girl that likes you.

Everything that indicates a significant amount of time, energy and effort someone invests in you, is a sign they’re into you. But too much of this, and it can get creepy of course.

But while she’s monologuing away with her head in the clouds, you don’t want to be at a loss for words.

That’s why I have THE DEFINITE cheatsheet for you next.

#8: Crucial Tinder advice for guys who don’t know what to say

There is no doubt that you’ll encounter some dark moments on Tinder.

Moments when you just have no clue what to say on Tinder.

When she’s asking another boring question for example and you find yourself just staring at your screen thinking “wtf should I say NOW!?”

Being prepared for these inevitable Tinder blackout flashes can save your ass.

And it may just yield you a date with the girl of your dreams.

That’s why having a cheat sheet with clever lines is essential Tinder strategy.

Because one of my holy traits as TextGod is being infinitely generous, I’ll hand you one of the 10 texts that always work.

Funny opening message

This line helps you a whole bunch when you’re not sure what to say, and you have a bit of a playful-narcissistic vibe about you.

It works best with witty girls who like a bit of weirdness.

Congratulations! You have successfully obtained the numerical combination that allows you to transmit written and/or spoken communication to my mobile device which, upon exercising this power, will expose you to the full extent of my beautiful personality.

Nobody likes an arrogant person. When you just say “I’m super cool”, you will sound like an idiot.

But when you say this in an exaggerated manner, with less commonly used words, it displays your wittiness.

Also, feel free to change these messages so they better fit your personality. They will work even better when they are tailored to you.

Of course you need to expand your cheatsheet to rescue yourself out of all tricky situations.

I have 9 more epic texts in store for you that would make great additions to your list!

You can download them free by clicking these shiny words right here.

#9: How to ask her out

This tip is absolutely C R U C I A L.

Because this is the last hurdle you have to cross to meet her in real life.

Without this tip, all the previous Tinder advice is nice and all but won’t get you to your goal.

So time to give you all the essential information about asking her out.

My godly senses register you’re wondering what the right time is to do this.

I’ll tell you, my dear apprentice of seduction.

Ask her out when it’s clear she’s returning the flirting.

You’ll feel it in the conversation. The vibe is fun and light-hearted.

When the two of you arrive on a positive emotional peak together, then it is time.

These are some of the signs that’ll give you a green light to ask her out over text.

  • She’s laughing about your jokes and playfully returns your teasing
  • She’s showing substantial interest in you and your daily/weekly activities
  • She’s responding to your texts quickly

However, if you notice the reverse of these signs:

  • Your teasing doesn’t invoke a playful vibe in your conversations
  • She’s has little to no interest in you and your life
  • She’s responding shortly and slowly to your texts

Then she’s either not into you or you have to be patient and try again later.

Now if you read the article carefully, in tip 5 I already revealed how a date proposition is done the TextGod way.

The following aspects are crucial when asking her out:

  • 1. First, always assume she wants to go on a date with you. Don’t show doubt about her rejecting your proposal.
  • 2. Second, explicitly mention time and place. You’re leading, remember? So tell her what you will be doing and when.
  • 3. And third, KEEP UP the light, funny, lively vibe of your conversation when you’re asking her out.

You can leave out the formal and scary word “date” for example. This makes it way easier for her to accept your Tinder meetup.

#10: What if someone doesn’t respond anymore

There are few things in life worse than being left on read.

Humans crave the attention of all those around them and being ignored sucks big time.

But you’ll be surprised how many times people just forget to reply. To learn all the reasons why, check out my article why she stopped texting back.

Your matches also have a life and even a small event can distract her mind from thinking of you.

In other words: she’s just busy.

Also possible.

And, hate to break it to you, dude, but…

You’re not the only guy texting her.

Just pray all the other guys aren’t applying my Tinder advice, tips ‘n tricks.

But there’s also good news!

I have some very simple methods for you to revive your dead conversation.

Holy Tip:

Never send a text in the same vibe or mood as the previous text to which she didn’t respond.

Open with something positive.

Send her a photo of a meme that puts a smile on her face.

Reviving a dead conversation done wrong, and then done right.

Turns out again and again that cute puppies are the solution to your worst problems.

Another trick that has proven its success time in time again is this one:

Both examples keep the light-hearted fun spirit up and she’s way more likely to respond again.

Now I have a little extra for you…

#Bonus Tip: Checklist your profile!

My compliments to you, dear reader.

You made it to the last tip of the article and I want to reward you for your dedication.

I have a gift for you.

A gift that’ll make you get even further ahead of other men on Tinder.

The Tinder Profile Checklist.

The Dating Profile Checklist has more than 30 questions to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your profile.

Including simple tips to instantly increase your matches.

+A bonus Profile Breakdown video from a TextGod follower.

So click the link and check it out right here!

Louis Farfields

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