72 Tinder Bios For Guys That Get Most Matches!

Attractive photos aren’t enough to get you good matches and dates.

A strong profile text plays a big part too.

That’s why I am giving you the best bios for guys

No matter what type of woman you like. On this page you will find a profile text you can steal and get matches with.

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What is a good Tinder bio for guys?

The best Tinder bios for guys include three elements:

  • She’s never seen it before.
  • It says something interesting about you.
  • Emotionally stimulating. It evokes emotions and motivates her to match and message you.

Funny Tinder bios

They always say laughter is the best medicine. Although I’d argue burying your face in between two round ass cheeks works just fine.

But I’ll leave that discussion for another time.

Humor is a great way to show off your funny bone and to attract likeminded women.

  • Dogs LOVE me, got a great butt and have never been in jail (except when playing monopoly).
  • To women over 30, I’m a successful business owner and I want to start a loving family. To women under 30, I’m hung, love jägerbombs, and breed husky puppies.
  • If you don’t swipe me right, you’re a bad person.
  • I’m terrified of speedbumps, but I’m slowly getting over it.
  • Some say I have a dad bod, I consider it more of a father figure.
  • If you chill at home wearing jeans, I know you’re a psychopath and am calling 911.
  • Just need 8 hours of alone time in the morning and then I’m ready to tackle the day.
  • Looking for a girl that my son’s friends are gonna call a milf when we’re older.
  • Did you know that if you wake up an hour earlier, you can get in 60 more minutes of anxiety?
  • The cool enough bio…

And that’s a wrap on the Funny Tinder bios.

But we ain’t done yet!

It’s time for some flirty Tinder bios.

These profile texts are for the men who are looking to eat some cheek find an adventurous girl.

Holy Tip:

If you want to date high-quality women, fix your grammar.

Study after study shows that it’s a HUGE turn-off.

It makes you look like a numpty.

Don’t use lazy shortcuts as if you’re a pimply faced kid.

Use proper capitalization, grammar, and punctuation like an adult.

So proofread your bios, mate!

And another thing:

No one’s got time for massive lumps of text. Serve it bite-sized!

Break up that text!

Flirty Tinder bios

If you’re not looking for something serious, it helps to have a laid back and suggestive Tinder bio.

Do note: flirty is not the same as being sexual.

Flirting is more subtle.

Here they come:

  • Tall, smart, hot, valedictorian, prom king,…that’s my brother. He’s getting married soon. I’m similar but I can cook.
  • Interested in destroying your lipstick, not your mascara. But only if you promise to snuggle after.
  • A butt, not boobs, are the best pillows. Change my mind.
  • Looking for fwb (Friend with boat)
  • I lost the way, but pretty sure YOU have to take a right here.
  • If you say something that makes me blush, you better put your hands where I can hold them.
  • If there’s something missing in your life, it’s probably me.
  • The most erotic moment of my life was when the melted cheese of my first pizza slice clung to the rest of the pie as I put it in my mouth.
  • I’ll give you more butterflies than headaches.
  • The come over bio…

You just got a taste of some flirty Tinder bios that’ll make her excited to match you.

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Hold on tight ‘cause we ain’t done yet!

Get ready for some next level creativity.

Matches will be rollin’ with your one-of-a-kind bio creation!

Creative Tinder bios

Being the same as everyone else won’t get you anywhere.

Make sure to stand out from the sea of mundane bios like a vibrant flamingo in a pond of ducks.

Like this:

  • I’m going to Trader Joe’s want me to pick you up anything?
  • So I’m actually from the future where we have been married for 20 years. I came back in time to settle an argument over when and where our first date was.
  • I’m just here to recruit for our trivia team.
  • I’ve got ✨Styles✨ , but I ain’t Harry.
  • I do. You did. We date.
  • Cooler than the other side of your pillow.
  • Free psychological evaluation based on your profile.
  • Willing to lie where we met.
  • Match me if you can.
  • Heart specialist bio…

So, you’ve just entered the realm of Creative Tinder bios. Where being ordinary just ain’t gonna cut it.

The fun is far from over!

Now let’s take the bio game to the world of Interesting Tinder bios and leave your potential matches in awe.😱💬

Interesting Tinder bios

Interesting works too, as long as it’s different enough.

If it’s nothing she’s seen before AND puts a smile on her face, you’re doing it right.

Check ‘em out:

  • You have to survive on an isolated island. What ONE item do you take with you?
  • Would you have sex with your clone? Be honest.
  • Looking for a strong female role model for my cat.
  • My favorite part of America is where if you put mayonnaise on potatoes it becomes a salad.
  • Tattoos are a great conversation starter. Which is why I regret getting any.
  • If witty banter was a sport, I’d be champion. Challenge me to a pun-off.
  • Tell me the name of your first ever email address.
  • The only way to order food on a date is to get two different meals and eat off each other’s plates.
  • Random fact: horses get farted on more than any other animal.
  • There’s an island in Japan that’s only inhabited by bunnies. I’ve already booked my flight.
  • Dog qualities bio…

Aaah, you think we’re done.  Well guess again!

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Personal Tinder bios

You don’t need to be something that you’re not. If you’re not particularly funny, don’t try to be. Instead, focus on what you already are.

Here are some ideas:

  • Nothing tastes better with truffle oil.
  • The only thing capers are good for is to ruin a dish.
  • Cold pizza is better than warm pizza.
  • ‘May the fourth be with you’ is a mega cringey and weak pun.
  • Watching a movie at home is better than watching a movie in threatres.
  • Strawberries are the most disappointing fruit.
  • Bidets are better than toilet paper.
  • The best way to sleep is naked.
  • Coffee smells 100x better than it tastes.
  • The salt bio…

Still clueless on how to create a personal bio of your own from scratch?

I gotchu, fam.

A good way to come up with a profile text that’s drenched in YOU-sauce is to use the right prompt.


  • I can’t live without…
  • When I wake up, the first thing I crave is…
  • A day isn’t complete without a little bit of…
  • The wildest food combination I surprisingly love is…
  • If I could have a conversation with a historical figure, I’d choose…
  • My go-to way to relax and unwind is…
  • The invention I wish existed to make my life easier is…
  • The fictional world I wish I could live in is…
  • One thing I always wanted to try but haven’t yet is…
  • The teleport prompt…


You now have amazing ideas and useful prompts to craft your own Tinder masterpiece.

Let your personality shine through and create a bio that screams YOU.

Read on if you want her to scream…euh, text first.😇💬

Call to action bios

Want to greatly increase the odds of receiving the first text? Use a call to action bio.

What does that mean?

Have a bio that motivates her to text you.

  • Chocolate chip ice cream is like taking a Snickers bar and dunking it in Listerine. Change my mind.
  • Explain the appeal of sushi. It has no flavor until you dip it in soy sauce.
  • Would you date a guy who has an OnlyFans?
  • Milk before cereal. Yes or No.
  • Calling all nap enthusiasts. Am a world class nap taker. On the lookout for a perfect nap spot. Drop your favorite suggestions.
  • Ask me about the time I got strip-searched at the airport.
  • Tell me what’s your favorite late-night snack.
  • Positivity enthusiast here! Share your worst dating horror story with me.
  • Do you believe in magic? Summon me with a magical GIF!
  • Is it weird that guys can be gynecologists? Let me know.
  • The banana bio…

Tinder bio for guys – summary

The best bio is original and emotionally stimulating, while expressing a fun side of yourself.

Do it right and you’ll have girls sending you the first text. Plus, you’ll get doubters to go from “I’m not sure” to “Haha let’s see what this guy is all about!”

Of course, you’ll still need to convince her to meet up with you

For that you need good texting skill. Or Texts That Always Work!

Scroll down to the big button below and get the 10 best texts that me and my colleagues have used to great success to seduce the ladies.

I might even throw in a few more goodies for you, if you act fast.


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