Tinder Error 5000: What it is & How to fix it

You were swiping or texting, but then got logged out.

So you try to log back in.

But then you see a message:

Error code 5000.

I gotchu.

Read on and get:

  • The truth on error code 5000
  • A step-by-step guide to log back into Tinder
  • 5 Tips to turn your matches into dates

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Tinder error 5000… what the fu—

The meaning behind Tinder error code 5000 is simple.

It simply means that you swiped right 5.000 times and got no matches.

I’m obviously joking.

The truth is, you’re banned.

Your attraction level was over 5.000 and you destroyed Tinder’s scouter.

You destroying Tinder property.

So you got kicked from the server.

Serves you right, you handsome son of a gun.

Go flex your lantern-jawed, Neanderthal-browed face outside where us basement dwellers don’t dare go.

*furiously tips fedora*

Alright, enough jokes.

First things first, you’re fine.

No need to worry.

You’re not banned from Tinder. That has a different code: 40403.

(I still don’t know how an app that’s about connecting people is so bad at communicating.)

The Truth with a capital T is…

The Tinder servers of your area are probably down.

Which is completely out of your hands.

Unless you flew a drone into a set of power lines.

Tinder error 5000 is usually due to an overloaded system. Which in turn is thanks to a lack of regular pc maintenance.

Before you can swipe or text your matches, you need to be sure what’s going on.

Let me show you how to find out.

How to know if Tinder is down?

Here’s you know if the Tinder servers are out.

You’re kicked off Tinder.

And Twitter is flooded with messages.

And pigs are flying.

O, wait. That’s just my mom with a jetpack.

Anyway, the above signs only show that the Tinder servers are probably out.

But to know for sure, you want to do something else.

You want to visit a monitoring service for live feedback on the Tinder servers.

Some are confusing or not up-to-date, so I recommend using downdetector.

Are the servers down?

The only solution is waiting for Tinder tech support to do their job.

Are the servers not down?

Continue to the next tip to discover how to log back in.

How do you fix Tinder error 5000?

If the servers aren’t down, Tinder error code 5000 has a solution, here’s how you do it.

Warning: it’s a multi-step process.

In short, this is how your fix Tinder error 5000:

  • Step 1: Avoid using a VPN
  • Step 2: Confirm you currently have a good internet connection
  • Step 3: Check if you have the latest Tinder version
  • Step 4: Delete and re-download Tinder
  • Step 5: Clear Tinder app data (Android only)
  • Step 6: (Alternative solution) login using mobile web browser

I’ll explain the steps down below.

Step 1: Avoid VPN

Fooling Tinder into thinking you’re in a different location can cause login issues. So turn VPN off.

Step 2: Confirm you have a strong internet connection

Try switching between wifi and mobile data to see if the 5000 error is related to your connection.

Step 3: Confirm you have the latest version of Tinder

Check the App Store or Google Play to see if there’s a new version of the app available for download.

Step 4: Delete and re-download Tinder

Don’t worry. Deleting and re-downloading won’t affect your account info, matches, or messages.

Step 5: Clear Tinder app data (Android only)

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your device
  2. Click on ‘Apps’
  3. Pick ‘Tinder’ from the list
  4. Clear cache and data
  5. Restart your device and log in

Step 6: (Alternative solution) login using mobile web browser

Tinder has a web version.

Use your mobile to login via the website. There you can continue to swipe and text your matches.

If you still can’t login to Tinder, you want to try again later.

Don’t worry, bro.

You’ll be able to swipe in no time.

In the meantime, let’s get into…

What to do while Tinder is down?

Just because Tinder is down doesn’t mean you can’t get new matches.


Well, Tinder is not the only dating app, mate.

1. Download Bumble

If you want to continue swiping and text girls, go on Bumble.

It’s almost identical to Tinder, except women text first.

If you want to know if Bumble is right for you, check out my Bumble article.

2. Get better at Tinder

Learn how to turn your matches into dates.

Almost all guys sabotage their Tinder conversations with preventable mistakes.

Small snafus that have a big impact.

So being unable to login is a blessing in disguise.

Because now you have a moment to level up your Tinder game.

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And forget about reading.

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Cumshot included.

The flavor of testosterone.

I cropped out my kickass opener, because it doesn’t drive my penor into her vagien point home.

Plus, you can see it in the video.

She clearly likes my Tinder icebreaker. But her reply is so lackluster, I don’t respond.

That was the first act of manliness.

Then she screams (notice the exclamation mark):

“How are you?!”

I bite. HARD.

Worse after your two generic lines


After I verbally body slammed her (how to be a man pt. 2) she remembers how to speak in more than 3 words.

First she laughs.

Ouch dude hahahahah damn super harsh

Then defends herself.

What do you expect me to say? I know absolutely nothing about you and you have to start somewhere….

Then qualifies herself

Don’t be fooled, I’m pretty far from generic.

The last line seals the deal. She’s bought in.

All I have to do next, is be cool and not mess it up.

The rest of the video covers that too.

Watch it here.

That completes how to solve a 5000 Tinder error.

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Louis Farfields

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