Tinder FWB: 10 Tips to Easily Get a Friend With Benefits

Struggling to get lucky via Tinder?

Or perhaps you find it difficult to see a girl more than once without emotions getting in the way.

No problem. Because you’re about to find out how to get a friends with benefits (‘fwb’ for short) on Tinder. Or any other dating app.

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How do you get a friends with benefits on Tinder?

Setting up a situation where you have casual sex with someone is similar to dating someone seriously.

Both start the same: you build up enough trust and attraction that they want to sleep with you.

So what’s the key difference between casual and serious?

Managing expectations.

If you only want to hook up with someone, you must make that clear from the start.

For more details, keep reading.

1. Find like-minded women

Never waste your precious time again. This is how you match women looking for something fun and casual.

A lot of guys will just pick photos where they look best in without thinking what the photos communicate.

That way they’re attracting all sorts of women. Including women looking for serious relationships. Waste of time.

Be aware of what your photos communicate.

Photos that show you’re caring, responsible, and dependable attract women who want to date-date.

No good.

So then you should only post bad boy photos that make you look sexy and dangerous, right?

Wellllllll that’s not correct either.

Here’s where it becomes a little difficult: too much trust and you’ll seem like a boyfriend. Too little trust and you’ll seem like a creep or fuggboi.

Your profile needs JUST the right amount of trust and playfulness, and JUST the right amount of bad boy vibes.

Choose photos that show you’re a trustworthy but carefree dude.

What kind of photos are those, you ask?

Focus on playful, adventurous, and chill photos. Stay away from photos that make you seem like a house husband.

Here’s some examples:

  • You chilling in a hammock.
  • You walking down the beach with a surfboard.
  • You goofing around with a buddy.
  • You hiking a huge mountain
  • You looking extremely excited to eat your favorite food

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2. Write an inviting profile text

You’ll know how to make the perfect profile text to attract a fwb after reading this tip.

But first, let me vent about panty-drying bios.

The ‘stuff-about-you’ list bio. The quote bio. The review bio. The pineapple pizza bio. The ‘I take this Tinder thing super serious’ bio. These are all overdone or try hard.

HOLY TIP: for some general profile tips check out my other article below.

The best bio for a friends with benefits is a laid back one-sentence bio that shows you’re fun.

This communicates that you don’t take this whole tinder thing too seriously.

You’re not putting in a huge amount of effort and you’re definitely not trying your hardest to find the woman you want to marry.

But it will make her smile or like you because it’s emotionally stimulating.

AND If she’s attracted to your photos, the right bio can make a girl excited to meet you.

Here’s a few examples of short and sweet bios that are easy and fun:

  • “I’m against climate change. Wanting the same weather every day is for fascists.”
  • “I sometimes wear headphones without music just so that people won’t talk to me.”
  • “Con: can sing all the words to the pokemon theme song. Pro: won’t sing it in front of your friends.”

3. Send an emotionally stimulating first text

This will make your conversations 10x better.

Stay away from ‘hi’, ‘how are you’ and their inbred cousins. It gives her incredibly little to respond with and it gets you put in the boring category.

First impressions count, so make it good.

When coming up with an icebreaker, think fun and relaxed. And ALWAYS personalize it.

You can use her facial expression:

That’s the same way I look when Oreos are on sale!

Reinterpret her photos to your advantage:

Already bought me flowers? How thoughtful!

If she has a pet:

You’re sooo cute! And your two-legged human doesn’t look too bad either

If she has a nutty photo:

That photo (describe it so that she knows which one) makes me think of so many captions haha

There’s also one first message she can’t resist responding to.

My clickbait opener.

Throw out this bad boy and then lure her into a flirty and fun conversation that’ll make her excited to see you.

4. Keep the conversation relevant

Here’s how to keep her hooked in your conversations, and it’s super easy!

Many dudes have no clue what to talk about. They’re just grasping at straws. Or they’re like a drowning man treading water.

To keep the conversation fun and engaging, just do this one thing.

Be genuinely curious about her.

Use her photos as conversation topics.

I see you’ve got quite the bookshelf. What’s your favorite book that you read this year? Minus points if you say Harry Potter though

Use her bio.

I read that you like to travel. What’s been your most memorable travel experience so far?

Use what you want to know about her.

What would you do with your day if your boss said you didn’t have to come in to work tomorrow?

Remember, her favorite subject in the world is herself.

If you want MORE insight on how to flirt over text, smash this link below to watch 7 Secrets to Flirt With Any Girl Over Text.

5. Stop trying so hard

If you’re like most guys, you’ve probably made this common mistake.

You try too hard to impress her.

If you have a strong profile, most women will probably want to meet up with you IF you don’t fugg things up over text. After all, women don’t swipe right as easily as us men.

And if your profile ISN’T strong, you try too hard to make her laugh or be entertaining.

Don’t prove your worth, but don’t be boring. She’s on Tinder to find someone she finds attractive that she can vibe with, so don’t be a bore.

Here’s some common mistakes guys make:

  • They ask platonic questions (how was your day, what are you up to?).
  • They’re super logical in their replies instead of flirtatious.
  • They don’t lead the conversation.
  • They try to brag about how amazing they are.
  • They try to act super cool to make the girl chase them (eww, tryhard much?).

Stop making these mistakes and you’ll be on the fast-track to meeting up with her.

For more texting tips, check out this article:

6. Be open about your intentions

This is the truth about how women feel regarding casual sex:

Plenty of women want to have sex without strings attached, as long as they can trust the guy not to be needy or creepy.

Ever heard that women are into badboys?

That’s partly true. Not because they like predators. But because badboys are guys who can take care of themselves and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

That means she can trust him without having to tend to his feelings.

Perfect for a casual hook up.

What does all this mean for you?

Know what YOU want from her and why YOU want it.

Here’s some examples on how to let a girl know you just want something casual.

I’m at a time in my life where I don’t have enough time for a relationship. But I still really like you and would like to spend time with you

I feel like I don’t have enough experience to be a good boyfriend, so I prefer to keep things casual for now

I struggle finding someone who can sweep me off my feet, so I prefer seeing girls without strings attached

Being honest with her is ten times hotter than lying about what you want.

7. Don’t get upset

Here’s what you do when you match a girl that wants to keep things casual:

Move on.

Accept that you both want different things.

Now, you might be thinking “But But BUT I followed Louis’ tinder tips to make a sexy hookup profile…..you need to sex me wamen!”

Even with the right profile, you’ll still attract girls who will want something more serious. Or at least the potential of a relationship.

That’s life.

8. Move away from Tinder

There is one magical moment where she’ll say yes to your date proposal 99,577124057% of the time:

When she’s emotionally engaged in the conversation.

If she’s laughing lots, asking you questions, using girly emojis, and generally quick to respond, then it’s time to pull the trigger.

Here’s some fun ways to ask her out in a way where she’ll love to say yes.

Sarah, would you like to join me for a glass or wine or seven next week?

I’ve been craving raspberry ice cream lately. Grab some with me this weekend? I’ll even let you have the first lick

Let’s grab a coffee soon, I’d love to meet up. Text me and we’ll plan it out. 🙂 xxx-xxx-xxxx

9. Best advice for a great first date

This is what RUINS date even if she likes you.

Already being sold on her.

Why is that so unattractive for her?

Because you’re going to say and do whatever it takes to play ‘hide the salami’.

So no doubt you’ll be extra available and nice.

And since you’re so easy to get, she’ll lose attraction and move on to someone else.

Here’s how to make her more attracted to you on the date.

Look if she’s a fit for you.

Even if you’re not looking for a relationship, you’re still looking for company.

And HOPEFULLY, you don’t want the company of just anyone who makes your dick hard. She may very well be into Pitbull. Lelgh..

So always be on the lookout for signs that she may not be right for you.

She does something you love? Get a little closer and warmer.

She does something off-putting? Grow more distant and cold.

Now you’re a fun challenge for her.

10. What to do after you sleep together

Here’s how you make her your Tinder fwb after doing the bedroom mambo.

Have fun with her without acting like her boyfriend.

Here’s what that means.

  • No meeting the parents.
  • No spending full days together.
  • No daydreaming about the future.
  • No special dates.
  • No deep dives into her past.
  • Easy effort dates.
  • Minimal texting.
  • Keep things fun and playful.

That said, just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat each other without care and respect.

You always want to be kind, compassionate, and respectful.

And if feelings eventually come into play (like jealousy) have a serious conversation about whether you want to keep it casual or not.

In the meantime, enjoy each other.

IMPORTANT: You can spend more time with each other if you like. But only after you’ve spent more time together and it’s super-duper clear that you’re friends with benefits.

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