How To Find Your Girlfriend On Tinder – 5 Simple Steps

You’re either ready for a relationship, but you’re not sure how to get it.

Or you already have a partner and you think she might be using Tinder behind your back.

Today’s article will answer how to find your (current or potential) girlfriend on Tinder in 5 steps.

In this article:More...

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How to find your current girlfriend on Tinder in 3 steps

1. Browse your old Tinder matches

If you’re lucky and you met on Tinder, you can find your cheating girlfriend using this method:

Browse your old Tinder matches.

All you need to do is check if her profile is still up.

If your matches archive is too big to short through quickly, you sly dog, you want to use the search function.

So tap the message bubble at the top of the main screen.

This sucker.

Then press and pull down on the screen until a search bar appears.

Lastly, type in your girlfriend’s name and see what you find.

If you didn’t meet your girlfriend through Tinder, you want to walk a different path.

Read all about it in the next tip.

2. Ask her

If you want to know if your girlfriend is on Tinder, your best option is to…


And simply trust her answer.

But maybe that’s not enough to ease your mind, because you’ve been betrayed before.

Although I’m not really a fan of snooping around and treating my girlfriend like she’s a criminal, it might be best if it’ll end your constant worrying.

So here’s what you do if you think she’s lying:

Ask the right question.

You see, a liar surrounds themselves with a web of lies.

And as the web gets bigger, it gets harder to keep track of the lies. Especially when they let one or more people in on their deceit. And they often do.

So here’s what you’ll ask your girlfriend.

“Hey, babe. Is it possible that someone saw you on Tinder?”

If she’s loyal, she’ll instantly say, “Huh. No. Of course not. Who is saying this about me?”

But if your girl is a liar, she first has to figure out if someone COULD have seen her on Tinder.


*A couple seconds go by*


Do note that this method isn’t foolproof. Maybe she’s hesitating because she’s shocked by the question, tired, or gosh knows what.

If you want the definitive answer, here’s what you do…

3. Change your radius and start swiping

The most effective method to bust your girlfriend on Tinder is actually easy.

You walk to your chamber of magical artifacts, sacrifice a virgin at the altar and ask Cthulhu to call Tinder tech support.

Don’t have a virgin?

No worries.

There’s another method.

Albeit a pinch more difficult.

Next time you’re visiting your girlfriend, arrive a little early and chill on a bench nearby.

Then open up Tinder and set your Tinder radius to 1 KM/MI.

Now start swiping.

If she has a Tinder account, you’ll probably find her within 5 to 15 minutes.

The above is obviously even easier if the two of you live together.

Holy Tip:

Free Tinder has a swipe limit. Every 12 hours, your likes are reset to 100.

Because you don’t want to run out if likes, swipe everyone left.

But do it carefully. You don’t want to accidentally miss her and lose your proof.

If you do skip over her, you can get Tinder Plus to access the Rewind function and undo your dislike.

If your girlfriend is an evil genius, she can hide from you with a special Tinder setting.

That setting gives her the ability to only be seen by profiles she likes first.

And if she’s cheating, she is 666% going to ignore your real profile.

That’s why you want to build a fake profile that she can’t resist.

Tip: Don’t use photos from famous models and celebrities.

Now you know how to catch your cheating girlfriend, or how to quiet your paranoid mind.

We can move onto finding you a girlfriend via Tinder!

Can you find a (new) girlfriend on Tinder?

The short answer…


The long answer?

Hellllllllll YEAH!

Here’s proof:

Oops, wrong one.

Sorry, buddy.

Here’s what I was looking for:

I actually whispered, “I think we should call this the end.” But I’m in too deep. Balls deep.

So finding love online is possible.

Better yet, it’s more than possible…

It’s likely.

Just look at the next numbers.

15% of American adults have used online dating sites.

Since 2013, usage by 55 to 64-year-olds has doubled.

While usage by 18 to 24-year-olds has almost tripled!

Plus a study by PNAS shows how 30% of all American marriages come from people who met on a dating app.

And I’ve got a throbbing suspicion that an even bigger percentage of daters simply haven’t walked down the aisle.

A study by Stanford University confirms this.

39% of heterosexual couples that got together in the US in 2017 met online.

So the idea that Tinder is just for hookups is outdated. There are even plenty of people who have used Tinder for marriage.

Tinder is for finding girlfriends too.

And if you want to find your girlfriend, keep reading.

Because you’re about to learn how to do exactly that.

Starting with your Tinder photos.

How to find your new girlfriend on Tinder in 5 steps

Step 1: Attract your type of girl

To attract your Juliet, you want to do as Louis Vuitton does.

I don’t mean sell overpriced handbags.

I mean filtering.

And you do that by having a specific flavor that not everybody likes.

Let’s look at Louis Vuitton.

Its shops are located in an expensive street, inside a venue made out of sparkling marble, and they have clothes on display without price tags.

As if to say, “If you wear Louis, you won’t have any money, because you’ll be wearing it.”

So people who aren’t prepared to drop bennies and stacks on haute couture, aren’t interested in Louis Vuitton.

Which is how Mister Vuitton likes it.

Because if he wanted to sell to Jane Doe and John Schmoe, he’d put up shop in a shopping mall.

In short, Louis Vuitton is filtering out the riff-raff.

And you can do the same with your Tinder profile.

Instead of attracting fashionistas and repelling plebs, you want to attract Monogamous Meg and repel Promiscuous Pam.


By not uploading photos where you look like a fuckboi.

  • No club photos of you with bottles of booze.
  • No bathroom or gym selfies showing off your washboard and cobra traps.
  • No try hard pics of you showing off your rolex.

And focusing on photos where you look like boyfriend material.

  • A photo with a pet.
  • You wearing a cozy Christmas sweater.
  • A loving and kind smile.

Holy Tip:

You want a profile that’s bulletproof.

But how can you ever be sure?

Let me tell you.

With my Dating Profile Checklist.

Answer my targeted questions and know exactly where the holes in your profile are.

Patch them up and you get a guaranteed increase in matches.

Find my free Checklist HERE.

Next up is your Tinder bio.

Step 2: Write a bio that attracts high quality women

Increase her attraction to you with the next psychological hack.

First a thought experiment. And you’re the guinea pig.

Quickly read the next list of words:

Pull up.

Now finish the next word G_M.

Let me guess.

Even though there are multiple possible answers: gym, gem, gum, gap

You thought gym.


How did I know?

Because I’m a level five Laser Lotus with the power to read minds and see the color blurple.

Silly jokes aside, I actually primed you.

With all this talk about exercise, weight, running and barbells, you almost had no choice but to choose ‘gym’.

Leading someone down a path to get them to think a specific answer is called priming.

And you can apply this psychological technique on your Tinder bio.

You’re looking for a girlfriend.

So you may want to lead your match to feelings of romance and love.

And you can steer her to your destination just by having her read the word ‘love’.

Bio example:

I’m here looking for love and romance.

That’s technically priming.

But words alone don’t make her fall in love.

Because even though reading ‘love’ sparks the right emotion, the word by itself only sparks little emotion.

So you want to wrap your priming words in a sentence laced with emotion.

Here’s a bio example of a close friend of mine:

It starts off bland, but then comes the twist, “Fuck it.”

And the bio continues to paint a picture.

So as you read this profile, you imagine yourself:

  • Building blanket forts.
  • Holding hands.
  • Kissing.
  • Traveling.

Plus it’s loaded with emotional atom bombs that blow you toward its central theme…

A relationship.

So when you want to prime her for love, think about the imagery that comes with love.

  • Long walks on the beach.
  • Holding hands.
  • Hugging tightly.
  • Backrubs.
  • Sleep in Sundays.
  • Adorable furry pets.
  • Drinks in Paris on the Champs Élysées.

And if you don’t want to be seen as a hopeless romantic, add in a touch of masculinity.

Just like my pal did with his “Fuck it.”

Step 3: Start with an emotionally stimulating ice breaker

Regardless of your photo album and bio, if you don’t get this right, your odds of finding a girlfriend are slim.

Unless you are Jason Momoa.

In this case, you can speak gibberish and still get an inbox filled with love letters.

But if you haven’t won the genetic lottery, you need what’s in this tip.

Because without guidance, most guys text in a way that kills their attraction.

And they hurt their attraction because they belong to one of two tribes:

  1. The I-Don’t-Know Tribe.
  2. The Puss-Is-Magic Tribe.

The first tribe simply does NOT know what to say.

So they say the wrong things.

Which largely boils down to yes-no questions.

Do you exercise?

What do you do for work?

Ice cream or chocolate?

These Tinder questions don’t lead to fun, love or wet panties.


Because it gives a woman almost no choice than to reply with one word.

The Puss-Is-Magic Tribe makes a different mistake.

They’re not new, they’re needy.

To get her attention, they use the horse trainer technique.

For those out of the know, trainers like to reward good-behaving horses with sugary treats.

Puss-Is-Magic members reward girls for swiping them right.

But instead of sugar, they feed her compliments and emojis.

And it’s equally nauseating.

What’s a cutie like you do on the weekend? 😉

Not much

Really? A nice girl like you must have tons of options! 🤣


If you like, we can do drinks. 😜

Your facial expression in your last pic, A+ btw 😍

*sprints to the toilet*

Now that I’ve lost my lunch writing this Tinder conversation for you, onto the good conversation starters.

The phrase that sums up an exciting opener?

Be interesting.

That’s super vague.

Which is why I’m going to make it crystal clear with the help of a gift.

My most effective Tinder opener…

The Clickbait Opener.

What can you expect?

  • An opener with a crazy success rate.
  • 7 Screenshot examples.
  • 2 Follow-up lines that suck her into the conversation.

You can find my Clickbait Opener HERE.

To make you a true master of the icebreaker, I have another present.

A video where my girlfriend and I go over 20 icebreakers.

To make the video even better, I followed my own advice…

I made it EXTRA interesting.

So I dug a rusty old hammer out of the ground and gave it to my girlfriend.

And every time a line impresses her, she lifts it above her head and slams it down on top of a slab of ice.

Don’t miss it.

Step 4: Do the opposite of the competition

Here’s how you keep her attention and make her excited to see you.

Do the opposite of Normal Ned.

Ned is a normal guy.

And he never says or does anything weird.

So once you know him, you can predict his every move.

While that makes him reliable, it also makes him super boring.

How can Ned help you?

Well, if you want to be exciting, you just do the opposite of what Ned would do.

So before you send your match a text, think:

“What would Normal Ned do in this situation?”

Once you found the predictable, do the unpredictable.

Let’s practice.

Imagine you’re swiping and you bump into the next profile.

Barely legal? Check.

Hot girl? Check.

Naughty bio? *frantically colors the box with a crayon*

Based on this image alone, how do you open her?

(I know this tip is about keeping the conversation going, but the method is the same).

Said differently, “What would Normal Ned say?”

Ned would make a comment about how beautiful she is.

So your only rule for this opener is: don’t comment about her looks.

Got something?

Here’s what I have.

I don’t mean to alarm you

But where I’m from plastic straws are illegal

The FBI is probably already on their way to get you, follow my instructions if you want to live

Let’s have a go at another profile.

Same scenario as before.

Gorgeous woman with a dangerously erotic bio.

And you can’t say the obvious.

What is your icebreaker?

Here’s mine.

I think I’m in love…

With that artwork. Such clean lines. Where is that so I can pay my respects?

See what I did there?

In this case, I literally used what I thought Normal Ned would say and gave it a twist.

And you can use this technique during a conversation too.

What do you do for a living?

Normal Ned would simply say the truth, but you keep it unexpected and fun.

I’m a dietician. I shadow my clients and whenever they grab a carb I run up and slap it out of their hand

Still can’t think of what to say?

Use my 10 Texts That Always Work.

That includes 3 fun ways to keep the conversation going, 10 screenshot examples and more.

Get my Ten Texts for free HERE.

Step 5: Have a long-term strategy

If you can only do one thing to increase your matches and find your girlfriend, do this.

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.

—Lee Bolman

That’s better.

Without a long-term plan, finding your girlfriend may take forever.

But if you strategize, it may take only months.

I know which I prefer.

The end of your strategy is already done: find a girlfriend.

Now you want to work your way to the start.

  1. Know what kind of woman you like.
  2. Have a Tinder portfolio that attracts your dream girl.
  3. Write a bio that primes feelings of love and romance.
  4. Swipe to get lots of matches.
  5. Start conversations using openers that are the opposite of Normal Ned.
  6. Have stimulating conversation that includes teases, flirts, challenges, sharing, and fun questions.
  7. Lead to the date.
  8. Go on a date and watch for sparks.
  9. Continue dating the girls that stand out.
  10. When you found the One, start a relationship.

We haven’t discussed all of these points.

Do you want to know more about leading to the date?

Check out my article on How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text.

That’s all we have on finding a girlfriend on Tinder, brochacho.

If you want more help with improving your profile, check out my TextGod Toolkit.

You’ll get:

  • A checklist that reveals the weaknesses of your profile.
  • My highest response rate opener
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Louis Farfields

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