17 Tinder Hacks To Double Your Dates In 2021

Not enough matches, swipes or Super Likes?

Do girls barely reply and always seem to cancel the date last minute?

Time to get more success with women than a B-list rockstar.

Read on and get:

  • 17 Tinder Hacks to boost your matches
  • How to increase the odds of matching your Tinder crush
  • The trick to be found in as few as 5 swipes
  • Outrageous pickup lines women LOVE
  • An easy way to become more attractive in your photos
  • How to find out if she already liked you
  • 4 Openers she can’t resist
  • The best way to match with 9s and 10s
  • And much more…

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#1: Abuse the sound of music for more matches

Use the next hack to steal the heart of your soulmate, or plan a pajama party with your crush.

In 2016, Tinder and Spotify teamed up to give you the Anthem.

And your Anthem decides where you are on a scale from fuckboi to “I Will Always Love You”.

So essentially, a 3-minute song that symbolizes who you fundamentally are as a human being.

No pressure.

*sweats profusely*

You can use your anthem to increase your matches in three ways.

Use your tune as a filter

Hardly anything strikes our emotional chords harder than music.

So an anthem, plus a set of good photos, can be enough for her to want to match you.

Or, of course, to ignore you.

And if you want her to like you for your taste in Rammstein, that’s exactly what you want.

The problem with picking a German-screaming-heavy metal song as your anthem, is that it may scare away a lot of girls who would actually enjoy dating you.

In comes tactic two…

Use your Anthem to express your personality

If your favorite band is too obscure and off-putting, pick an Anthem that enhances your personality.

Are you funny? Pick Celine Dion’s All By Myself.

Are you a bit of a challenge? Go for Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much or Rihanna’s B*tch Better Have My Money.

Do you like to dance? How about Whitney Houston’s I Want To Dance With Somebody.

Pick a song to seduce that one special lady

If you see your dream girl while swiping and want to increase the odds of matching…

Sneak into her bio and steal her Anthem.

Caution: Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you don’t like the artist or the genre, don’t claim it’s your favorite.

Fakery hurts her as much as it does you.

#2: How to get seen by the girls you like

Now you’ll discover how to use Tinder’s algorithm to get more and better matches.

In March 2019, Tinder updated the algorithm and changed what determines:

  • The desirability of your profile.
  • Your visibility
  • And what swipe stack you get put into.

Using image recognition, Big Brother Tinder sees what types of girls you like.

Women who play the guitar. Women with piercings. Or women who do yoga.

Once it has a sense of your taste, Tinder actively connects you with that type of woman.

The algorithm also shows you to women who like the type of guy you are.

That means it pays off to have a Tinder profile that fits together and truly represents YOU. Rather than a mismatch of Facebook photos and copy-pasted bio jokes.

To harmonize your profile, look at my Dating Profile Checklist.

It shows you exactly what aspects of your profile need improving and how to do it.

Click the link and get more matches in no time.

But before you get matches, you need to be seen.

And Tinder only puts “good boys” in the spotlight.

Here’s how you become the star of the show:

  • Give Tinder all the info you’re comfortable with. Facebook, Instagram, Anthem, 3+ photos and a bio.
  • Tinder Plus users only: Don’t change your location too often.
  • Send texts that get a reply. If you don’t get a response, Tinder gets the idea you’re not desirable.
  • And another trick that we’ll discuss more in-depth later.

Your reward?

A top position in her swipe stack.

Rather than 30+ swipes, she may find you in less than 10.

#3: How to get away with outrageous sh*t on Tinder

Say the RUDEST pick-up line or give the most RAUNCHY compliment to make her LOVE you.

Ladies and white knights, please put your pitchforks away.

Give me a moment to explain myself.

My advice is no license to be a douche.

Like my dude, Pat:

Firstly, let’s not be too hard on Pat.

Most men send bad pick-up lines as a last resort.

Friendly and interested only gets you into the friendzone, so guys leap to the opposite side of the spectrum.

And get rejected in an instant instead of a month later.

But that extreme of X-rated innuendo doesn’t have to lead to rejection.

How do you make your sexual or cheesy openers work?

With the art of pre-framing.

What’s that academic mumbo jumbo?

Let me explain through an analogy.

Imagine you just finished a soothing shower.

You reach out for the towel and dry yourself off.

You’re squeaky clean.

You head to your room to get dressed, but feel something under your foot as you step out of the bathroom.

It’s a slightly wet note.

You hold it to your face, and although the text is slightly damaged by the water, you can make out:

“Buy more so-p.”

What do you think the last word is?

Soap, right?

If I sketched a scenario of you cooking, you probably would have thought soup.

That’s the power of pre-framing.

How does that help you write naughty icebreakers that she wants to hear?

Because you can first manage her expectations. Just like I did with the shower story.

What would that look like?

Hi Rebecca (or whatever her name is), are you ready for the world’s most terrible cheesy pickup line?

If she says yes, you have her permission to be an insensitive asshole.

The beauty of setting her expectations?

She knows you’re not actually a dumbass, so she’ll actually laugh at your dumb opener and continue to talk to you.

Even though it’s not rude, I have another opener that’s super effective.

It may not be rude, but this opener has the highest response rate of any other line my team and I have tested.

Get the most irresistible opener by following the link, plus two follow-up texts to reel her in further.

Best 5 Tinder tricks to double your dates

You could be wasting lots of Super Likes without knowing it.

The idea behind a Super Like is to improve the odds of matching.

So if a girl already liked your profile, you don’t need to spend your Super Like on her, because a regular swipe gets you the match too.

If only there was a way to find out if a girl already liked you…

Hint: there is! And you can find it inside my next YouTube video.

You already know that trick?

Well, excuse me, Mister Fancypants.

Luckily my video has 4 more Tinder tricks to impress you PLUS get you more matches.

Check it out here:

#4: Slide into her heart with your Insta

Use your Instagram to get 69% more matches.

Truthfully, the number 69 was pulled out of my ass, but Instagram absolutely gives you many more matches.

‘Influencer’ actually made its way into the dictionary. And dozens of musicians rap and sing about “sliding into DMs”.

As a Facebook using boomer would say, “Instagram is the bees knees.”

For those of you who don’t yet have Insta, let me tag in Dewey:

Can’t hurt your feelings if I use a meme.

How does Insta get you more matches?

For starters, women are very picky.

If your profile doesn’t instantly blow her away, she can dive into your Instagram before making the final swipe.


Because she wants to get a taste of the real you.

Which she’s more likely to find on your Instagram.

Does an Insta account automatically lead to right swipes?


Unless you strategically scatter irresistible traps across your Insta photos.

Where do you place your traps?

In the places she’s most likely to look.

Your photos, DUH!

And that’s where you want to place your ‘thirst trap’.

“Any image used to intentionally create attraction”.

For women, that’s a photo of her badonkadonk squeezed into a tight bathing suit.

For you, that can be one of three things:

  • A candid photo of you and your chiseled beach body.
  • A photo of you being a G. Any hobby with a dangerous edge works.
  • Stories (it’s not quite a photo but WHATEVA).

How do I know all this Insta stuff gets her to swipe you?

For starters, because my coaches and clients all got more matches after linking their Insta to Tinder.

Plus, I once caught a Tinder date red-handed: she knew details about me that I hadn’t even told her!

Details she could impossibly know…

…unless she dove deep into my Instagram feed.

Do you want to know more about Insta and sliding into her DMs?

Check out my article on how to get girls through Instagram.

#5: Breathe life into your dead matches

Get her to revive an old and deceased convo with the next hack.

It sucks when your conversation with your special Tinder match dies down.

In the old days, your only option was to send her a text and pray to the Text Gods.

But today, you have a much better option.

The Tinder Feed.

As you can see from the screenshot, the Feed sits right next to your messages.

What does it do?

The Feed shows you the activity of all your matches.

Including any changes to their photos, bio or Anthem.

What does any of this have to do with reviving your departed convos?


Uploading a new photo, or revising your bio suddenly becomes a way to reach out to your Tinder match.

Here is what I saw after a girl changed her bio.

So not only does she see your profile tweak, she also sees a fullscreen image of your leading photo.

Which is HIGHLY likely to squeeze a response out of her, if she ever visits her feed.

Just look what happened when I picked a new Anthem:

Maria saw Frankie’s swinging tunes pop up on her feed and felt compelled to message me.

Over the last few months, many subscribers to my newsletter thanked me for giving away a very strong opener.

Which also works really well to renew old conversations.

Get that epic opener in the next bonus tip.

#6: Get more attention than anti-vaxxers

How to write an opener she can’t resist.

A new Tinder match is a reason for celebration.

But the stress of writing the first text cuts your victory dance short.

I don’t care who you are…

Every man has at least once sent his fresh match a text that got her to ignore you.

Some men never get replies from the ladies.

So before we discuss how to write an icebreaker she can’t resist, let’s review what NOT to do.

  • Plain greetings: “Hey”, “Hi” or “Hello”.
  • A lone compliment: “You look amazing in that bathing suit 😉”
  • Chit-chat questions: “Do you study?”
  • A random pick-up line you stole from the web.

And the most infamous opener that deserves a moment in the spotlight:

How are you?

As a Tinder match of mine once beautifully put:

She’s right.

Why do you want to know what a stranger on the internet did today?

If you recognize yourself in the above list of dating DON’Ts, don’t beat yourself up.

Firstly, everyone starts out as a newb.

Secondly, women often do just as bad at writing openers as us guys.


The secret to a good first text is simple…

Be unique and relevant.

The opener my followers were so thankful for?

It’s called The Clickbait Opener.

Let’s give you an example of a line the ladies can’t resist:

Hey [name], do you know what I find so interesting about your photos?

It sounds unbelievably basic, but it almost always gets a reply.

Try it out now with one of your NEW matches. (Old matches rarely reply.)

I’ll wait.

Trouble coming up with a reply?

Check out the rest of the Clickbait Opener. Because I also give you two follow-ups to get her really invested in the conversation.

Enjoy, bro.

Up next…

#7: A hack that gives you 300 matches an hour

Do you want more matches, but have no time to scroll through her photo album and read her bio?

I’ve got exactly what you need.

Behold the Tinda Finga.

The lifeless finger swipes while you rest. As you climb the ranks of League of Legends, your robot friend is looking for your cumdumpster soulmate.

With 100+ swipes a minute, I hope you’re not picky.

Okay. Enough trolling.

Sure, you can swipe every lady right. But not without enraging Tinder.

Let’s discuss why Tinder loses its cool over mindless swiping.

Imagine you’re throwing a party for your closest pals.

You want to make the shindig a night to remember, so you buy a $200 bottle of champagne.

Weekend-warrior-bro, Thad, is also coming. And he throws back anything you put in front of him.

Breezer, Tequila, pisswater, it all goes down the hatch.

Do you pour Thad a glass of your finest bubbly?

No. Thad’s happy with anything as long as it gets him wasted.

So you pour him some $5 sparkling wine.

Tinder treats swipe spammers like Thad.

Want to know exactly what the app does to swipe zombies? Continue to the next tip.

#8: Join the leagues of Tinder’s 9s and 10s

Get a shot at becoming one of Tinder’s most desirable without paying a dime.


By getting a new rank, or Elo-rating.

In case you didn’t know, Tinder assigns your profile a score after the first 24 hours based on:

  • Who you Liked and Noped.
  • Who Liked and Noped you.

And that score largely decides what type of profiles you see.

Are you rated an 8? Then you frequently see profiles of 7s, 8s and 9s. And sometimes a 6, or if you’re lucky a jaw-dropping 10.

As of March 2019, Tinder changed its rating system.

While Elo isn’t entirely gone, Tinder claims it plays a much smaller role than before.

True or not, your Elo still has a huge influence on who sees your profile.

Although the algorithm constantly rethinks your rank, the process of re-evaluation is slow.

The quickest way to get a new rank is by starting over.

To truly reset, Tinder must not be able to link your new account to you in ANY WAY.

That largely leaves you two options:

  1. Use a new email, Facebook, Instagram, photos, and so on.
  2. Delete and don’t use your Tinder account for three months. Tinder only holds onto old data for a maximum of three months.

Check out my article on how to reset Tinder for more.

Holy Tip:

Do you find the reset too much work?

Some claim the ‘soft’ reset also gets you a new rank as long as you use it SPARINGLY.

Spamming reset will definitely get your account banned or shadowbanned.

What’s the soft reset?

  • Delete your account and app. Then reinstall and login with your old account.

Whatever reset you choose, you won’t get a new rank unless you optimize your profile.

Download my Dating Profile Checklist to find out how.

#9: Fake it until you make it

Get more Tinder success than all your friends with the next hack.

Almost every social circle has a guy who thinks he’s the next Don Juan.

He can’t shut up about his latest Tinder match, the cutie’s DMs he slid into, and that one time he banged a girl in the club bathroom.

Which is always annoying to listen to.

But if you’re not getting any action, those stories sting!

If you want to be the one to parade your sexual victories in his face, keep reading.

We’re about to break down Tinder success.

Starting with its opposite: the losers.

Which sounds a bit harsh, but every competition has a losing side.

Anyway, the losers are fighting for the scraps at the bottom of the Tinder barrell.

What Tinder law did they break to be sentenced to a life of leftovers?

The piece of legislation that reads: “Thou shall not swipe right without contemplation.”

Why did Tinder’s lawmakers write that rule?

Because the people who ignore it are no-good.

Let’s dissect what it means to constantly swipe right:

  • We’re all God’s children in the dark.
  • Please have sex with me.
  • Standards? Is that another hole for my donger?

What these thirsty bois look like in real life.

Tinder kicks the desperate into a dimension free of cuties.

And not just as punishment, but for business purposes.

If the needy could match with Tinder’s most beautiful, all the cuties would throw Tinder in the trash.

No attractive women = bankrupt Tinder.

So Tinder does all it can to attract and defend pretty ladies.

Do you who Tinder connects with its most desirable women?

The most desirable men.

So if you want to match with the most beautiful, you better act like a stud.

How do studs behave?

For one, they have high standards.

If you’ve never considered your standards, here’s an example of what it can look like:

1.   Points if:

  • She likes electronic music.
  • She has piercings.
  • She has a funny bio or photo.
  • She has a normal Instagram.

2.   Penalty points if:

  • She smokes.
  • She doesn’t have a single full body shot.
  • She only has staged photos.
  • She has an Instagram littered with holiday photos.

Next, you start swiping and count her pros and cons.

Then, you tally the difference.

Positive means swipe right. Negative means swipe left.

Holy Tip:

The pro/con list is simply a tool to make you more selective.

I don’t use lists.

I simply ask myself the next question:

“Do I really want to use my free time to get to know her?”

Keep in mind, I already get action on the regular.

You may want to meet her just so you can get your D wet.

Be selective. That’s what the lady killers are doing.

#10: Stop wasting Tinder Boost

Double your matches with the next Tinder Boost hack.

Tinder Boost helps you double your matches, but ONLY if you use it wisely.

Many clients of mine regularly use Boost and only get a handful of extra matches.


They don’t run the Boost at the right time and waste its potential.

Which SUCKS, because premium only gets you one a month.

Perhaps you don’t know what Tinder Boost is, so let’s explain.

Tinder Boost puts you at the top of every same-ranked girl’s swipe stack in the neighborhood for 30 minutes.

During that time, every cutie will find your lovely mug in under 5 swipes.

And if your profile is OFF THE HOOK,  almost every lady will like you.

The difficulty with the Boost?


How do you know when all the sexy singles of your area are swiping?

You don’t.

But you can guess quite accurately.

Especially when you use the next graph that’s the result of months of hard nerdy labour.

Your last math class was probably a while ago.

So let me help you make sense of the chart.

The red line represents Tinder and shows what percentage of the users were online at a certain time.

The highest peak is between 9 and 10 PM.

Which means that’s the best time to use your Tinder Boost…right?

Calm your horses, buddy.

Sure, the majority of people are online. But…

Online ≠ active.

You want ladies who are actively swiping, not answering their matches.

The above graph doesn’t give us that information.

If we turn to a study about matches by Dr. Gareth Tyson, we find the missing puzzle piece:

The times most people swipe happens:

  • Before going to work/school.
  • Lunch.
  • After work.

The first graph showed us most people were online between 9 and 10 PM.

And Tyson’s blue bars show us they were only chatting.

The majority of swiping is actually done between 6 and 7 PM.

After having experimented with Boost myself, I can confirm that 6:30PM gets you TONS of matches.

#11: Using Super Likes like a mastermind

A Tinder hack for more Super Likes and thus more matches.

When a woman on Tinder raises your meat flag, you want to instantly smash the Super Like.

Holy Tip:



The logic is simple, my friend.

If a girl already liked you, a regular right swipe of your own gets you a match.

So why waste a Super Like?

Granted, you don’t know if she already liked you or not.

So a Super Like is playing it safe.

But what if there is a way to find out if she already liked you PLUS a way to save your Super Like?

This win/win scenario is not a fantasy, if you have Tinder Plus.

Read my next article to find out if Tinder Plus is worth it.

So how do you save your Super Like AND get that babe as a match?

You swipe her right. And if it’s NOT a match, then you rewind and superlike her.

If you have a good profile, this method will 1337% save you lots of Super Likes.

Another benefit is that you and your new match now start on equal footing.

But if she liked you and you superliked her, then she knows she already has you.

Which (partly) kills the attraction.

Enjoy your extra Super Likes. <3

#12: The BEST hack for matching 10s

With the big update of 2019, Tinder made it easier for you to connect with the cuties, IF you know how.

Seeing babes is no longer JUST based on who you like and (what the score is of the person) who likes you back.

Today, the deciding factor is…


The more you are active, the more Tinder places you front and center.

The more ladies see you, the more matches you get.

Do you take long breaks in between usage?

Then Tinder buries you under a mountain of profiles.


Tinder’s #1 goal is to set up first dates for its users. Matching with dead accounts gets in the way of that objective.

Because chatting leads up to the date, Tinder also wants you to send your first text as quickly as possible.

Do-gooders are rewarded with a higher spot in the swipe stack.

But be careful not to turn into her lapdog.

Your rank and position in the stack won’t drop with every passing second.

Although it is in your best interest to answer within 24 hours.

Stack-placement and rank, however, are not the same.

Despite Tinder’s claims, it seems that being Liked by profiles with a good score is still the leading method to boost your own rank.

Long story short, the more desirable your photos and bio, the higher your rank, and the higher quality profiles you see.

So get rid of your blurry photos.

And download my Dating Profile Checklist to get a more desirable Tinder than 90% of the guys out there.

#13: When you don’t know what to GIF

The GIFs you’re sending may be ruining your shot with her.

And if you don’t yet use GIFs, you’re about to discover how to warm her heart.

How do GIFs turn her off?

When you use the recommended ones.

Does that sound like news to you?

Open up a Tinder conversation and look to the left of the message field.

Hit the bright blue button and you’ll instantly see a sea of ready to go GIFS.

The recommended GIFs are easy and effortless to use.

So you won’t.

Those are the clips that everyone and their grandma uses.

And that dry up her babymaker faster than a trip to the Sun.

Every lame-o sends her the latest viral GIF.

Forcing her to see it for the trillionth time will definitely make you lose 10 sexy points.

Girls use Tinder for fun and excitement, not as a lullaby.

Time to show you a Tinder example of yours truly.

Yes, she kissed that rhino. They now live together.

Two photos of her 7-image photo album had her posing with a rhino.

You don’t need a PhD to know she loves these hard-horned beasts.

It’s not too far off to assume she also likes wildlife, traveling and pets. Or anything else related to rhinos.

Personal photos like hers are seduction gold.

She’s basically giving you a roadmap to her heart.

I basically gave it away, but if you had to send her a GIF, what would you send?

I can only assume you screamed “RHINOS” at the top of your lungs.

Otherwise, I’ll give you a moment to do it now.

Here’s the GIF I sent her.

As the screenshot shows, once I mentioned rhinos, her texts didn’t stop.

I struck her heart and it was gushing passion all over my Tinder.

Get a girl passionate and she might let you gush something all over her face.

Getting your match to talk about their passion is fun for them and easy for you.

Next time you’re wondering what to say, consider a personal GIF.

#14: Be a dude she wants to date

Tinder is great for meeting the ladies, but has one MAJOR flaw.

One-dimensional text messages.

There’s no body language, no touch, no scent, no voice inflections. When it comes to indicators of real emotion, you’re in the dark.

You could have Russell Brand’s confidence and the steamy voice of Barry White, and you can’t even show her.

Frankly, Tinder is seduction with a handicap.

But the dating app’s toolkit is all you got.

Here’s how you optimize what Tinder gives you.

For starters, use pictures.

Even if you’re an award-winning wordsmith, sticking with texts is like playing Tinder on hard mode.

Images, however, bring the difficulty down a notch.


Because a huge part of Tinder is playful banter.

Said differently, a huge part of Tinder is about raising emotions.

While words do the trick, images spark emotions much more easily.

That’s because images are closer to real life and so more relatable.

It’s also a nice change of pace. After a flood of text bubbles, visuals nicely break up the flow.

To mimic reality even more, throw in animations, clips and GIFs.

Moving images are way more relatable than stills and evoke that much more emotion.

For some of you, GIFs are old news. You’ve been using moving images since its introduction.

Great, amigo.

But I want you to use GIFs strategically.

Specifically, to enhance and support your regular Tinder texting.

Every message you send contains an emotion. Interested, playful, shy, serious, cocky and so on.

But she doesn’t see any of that. She reads your messages based on how she’s feeling.

Do you know what happens when she’s in a bad mood and you make a dumb joke?

Good luck winning her over, brah.

To avoid upsetting her with bad jokes, use GIFs.

How do you ward off misinterpretation?

First, figure out the emotion you want to express.

Next, enter the emotion into the Tinder’s GIF search bar and voilà.

No Tinder hack is complete without an example.

Because I’m a good teacher, here’s a straightforward example of good GIF use.

The logic behind the GIF is simple.

Although we both enjoyed the conversation, it wasn’t super exciting.

I was already looking to spruce up the convo and then she wrote:

Canada’s nice!

There was my opening.

So I replied:

You’re nice!

Knowing it’s a super newbie way to compliment a girl, I added a GIF that showed I knew.

To which she replied:

Hahaha I like cheesy

What she really liked was getting complimented.

More importantly, without the GIF, she probably would’ve thought I was an innocent nice guy and lost sexy points.

So how did I find the GIF?

I realized my “You’re nice!” comment was cheesy. So I typed ‘cheesy’ into the search bar and hit enter.

Holy Tip:

Before you send your next text. Ask yourself:

“Can she interpret my sentence in multiple ways?”

If so, try to rewrite your message to have one meaning. Or add a GIF to get rid of any interpretation mix-ups.

Next up, a hugely common conversation pitfall.

#15: Tinder taboos that scare her off

Make yourself one of her favorite matches with the next hack.

Although Tinder is good for casual hookups and serious relationships, you want to keep away from serious topics.

The serious often venture off into the boring.

Bore her and she won’t reply quickly, or at all.

Because online dating is really just about setting up the date, you want your conversations to be light-hearted and engaging.

Once she thinks you’re fun, planning the date is easy.

So stay away from boring questions.

What’s new?

Where do you work?

What do you do for fun?

If you could stick your nose into my Tinder inbox, you’d notice something odd.

I rarely ask these get-to-know-you-questions.


Because questions are complementary, like a sauce.

And no matter how good the sauce, nobody wants to eat a bowl of ketchup sprinkled with a few french fries.

In short, too many questions ruin a conversation.

Questions, however, are very natural to ask.

What do you do the next time you want to know more about your match?

Here is where the Tinder hack makes its entrance.

The assumption.

Instead of asking, you assume.

Before we get into the how, here’s why:

  • Instead of asking, you’re giving.
  • Assumptions make her curious and responsive.
  • It’s easily turned into a tease.

Let’s suppose she’s a country girl studying in the city.

Rather than ask a question that guarantees an emotional flatline:

Soooo, what do you study?

You transform your question into a funny statement:

Studying to discover new farming techniques, I reckon. The farm life ain’t easy. But hay, I guess it’s in your jeans

It’s dumb, light-hearted and not a question.


And if she cares about her education, she’ll tell you exactly what she’s studying.

So the assumption gets you the answer you want.

Plus, if you tell it right, your hunch stimulates her emotionally.

Hungry for more, she’ll likely be quick to reply.

Don’t put her to sleep with questions. Excite her with assumptions and become her favorite match.

#16: Tinder taboos that scare her off

Although you’re probably more Average Joe than Jason Momoa, applying this hack gets you HELLA more matches.

Even if you are the centerfold of Playgirl and write for the Wall Street Journal, no girl will read your stupendous bio and ogle your Tinder photos if your first photo SUCKS.

That’s why, sweety, I’m going to smash your head in with the brass tacks of an irresistible first Tinder photo.

Grab your bubble wrap helmet and brace yourself.

Class is about to start.

First subject?

Your leading Tinder photo.

After analyzing the profiles of the most desirable men on Tinder, my team and I discovered a pattern.

Every sexy stud uses a similar first photo.

The no frills chest-up pose.

Apparently the ladies don’t care about the Chichen Itza ruins in the background, or your 10-inch love muscle.

When it comes to your leading photo, the ladies only care about a head that’s connected to a torso.

Let’s quit the descriptions and use an example from my Tinder album.

If you can’t resist the beauty of a living adonis, look away now.

Is that an alien chest-burster in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”

For the perceptive, this image indeed does NOT meet the criteria of a good first photo.

It shows too much of my body.

If we want my photo to properly welcome the ladies, the photo must be cropped.

After 10 seconds of intense cropping, we get this:

Much better.

A little grainy for my liking, but the image does its job.

Any lady can process what my face looks like in an instant.

The reason we want to show a little torso is so you don’t look like a floating head. Plus, a little distance hides the imperfections in your skin.

Although the crop made for a better leading photo, we now run into a different problem.

The focal point.

Briefly look up at our cropped photo.

Where does your eye naturally want to go?

The sun.

You can almost feel it burn a hole in your retina.

To take away attention from the sun, we want to play with the colors.

You can do that through Photoshop or Lightroom on your desktop.

Or an App like Snapseed or Instagram on your smartphone.

To steal the show from the drama queen in the sky, I gave myself a suntan.

Who needs a tanning bed when you can bask in the glory of my photo?

Thanks to my tinkering, I no longer look like I just crawled out of a grave.

And the new orange sky makes my dark hairdo stand out. Which is not simply an improvement, because I say so.

A neurological study says a stronger contrast between figure and background leads to more matches.

Is my photo finally ready to work as my first profile photo?


And it won’t ever be.

A perfect headshot not only revolves around framing and a clear background, but also…


Don’t get me wrong, you don’t NEED to smile in your first photo.

But a detailed study by PhotoFeeler shows that whenever you look INTO the camera, smiling creates more attraction.

Whereas if you look AWAY from the camera, smiling has no extra effect on charm.

The reason I didn’t show my pearly whites?

Smiling on command makes me look funny.

Whenever a camera is pointed at me, I turn into Agent Smith from the Matrix.

For me, looking calm and collected works better.

Seeing how I already have Photoshop open, here’s what would’ve made my photo even better:

The likeness is uncanny.

#17: Best 3 ways to start your Tinder conversation

The secret to a first text is simple…

You must be unique.

How to be unique, however, is difficult.

Until now.

Let’s get right to it, starting with the first of my three openers.

1.   The emoji opener

Men who use emojis repel women, UNLESS you use the ghey symbols sarcastically.

Don’t know how to break the ice and you have no time to lose?

Use the emoji opener.

She answered in the Black Speech of Mordor that’s illegal in over half the states.

The formula is simple.

  • Pick the gheyest and girlies emojis (that aren’t sexual): 🎀🌺🌷💅🏼✨👼🌸.
  • Write your greetings and her name in 1337 speak.

🎀🌺🌷 h3lL0 R3BecC4 💅🏼✨👼🌸

Why is this more likely to work?

She probably never got an opener like it.

And it’s humorous. You’re basically texting like a 9-year-old from the 90s.

If you’re creative, you can also open with an emoji story.

Can you follow along?

Me and her go on an airplane.

We enjoy the sun, rainbows, cocktails, and music.

We return and are in love.

My lovely match then adds her two cents three emojis:

We grow old together and adopt a dog.

My heart is melting.

2.   The poetic/philosophical opener

If you like to go deep, emojis are too superficial.

For you, my Shakespearian friend, I have the poetic opener.

Slow down with the poetry, lady. Your number is just fine.

So, how do you explain the sunrise if God doesn’t exist?

For one, the rotation of the Earth.

Whether you want to date scientists or hippies, this opener instantly cuts through the bullshit and finds you your type.

The above question not up to your liking?

Here are a few more icebreakers that verge on the philosophical.

If you’re clean when you get out of a shower, why do towels get dirty?

If the pope dies, is he being fired or promoted?

If you photoshop a male nipple on a female nipple, is it still obscene?

What’s the best religion?

Are sex toys alive in the Toy Story universe?

When you celebrate your birthday, do you celebrate that you’ve lived another year, or that you’re one year closer to death?

Why is it called a blowjob, when you actually suck dick?

Are any of these the best opener ever?

No. Far from it.

Does it get better reactions than ordinary Tinder openers?


When should you use the philosophical opener?

When you have dozens of matches waiting for a first text.

Do you want to increase the odds of a reply to its absolute MAXIMUM?

Go for the…

3.   Personalized opener

Never again blankly stare at the “Type a Message” box after this tip!

The best way to get a Tinder conversation off the ground is to keep it personal.


It’s her favorite subject.

The steps are simple:

  1. Check out her bio and photos.
  2. Pick out a detail that no one has ever noticed.

Let’s show you an example.

Suppose you run into the next photo.

What do you say?

Note: we’re playing Tinder on expert, because we don’t have access to a bio or the rest of her album. But I assure you, there’s a quality personal opener hiding in this photo.

I already found it.

You’ll probably skip right to my answer, so I won’t ask you for yours.

To all of you who did try to find a personal opener, I tip my fedora to you.

Here comes my personalized opener:

I LOVE your confidence

Nothing sexier than a girl who is so tidy that she leaves open her kitchen cabinet to show the world how clean her dishes are

Why would it work?

  • No other man has ever made a similar comment.
  • It’s a compliment.
  • It’s funny.
  • And it shows you’re not obsessed with her looks.

And o… it’s PERSONAL.

The above line won’t work on any girl besides that duck-faced princess. Which shows effort and wit.

And makes her feel special.

That almost ushers in the end of Best Tinder Hacks in 2020.

Before we call it quits, the greatest hack of them all.

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Enjoy the avalanche of new matches, mate.

Louis Farfields

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