21 Tinder Hacks To Double Your Dates In 2024

Not enough matches, swipes or Super Likes? Do the matches you do have barely reply and always seem to ignore your date requests?

I’ve got your back.

Because one thing you should never forget is that Tinder is a piece of software that can be ‘hacked’ to give you what you want.

I’m going to give you the best Tinder hacks to get you the success that you’re after.

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Earn a higher place in Tinder’s Discovery pile with these 6 Tinder hacks

Tinder’s creators want to keep as many of its users happy, especially the ladies. That’s why the dating app’s algorithm is designed to reward good behavior.

If Tinder’s robots see you do things that make you more desirable and fun, then it’ll place you higher in the swipe stack and show your profile to more desirable people.

Getting you much better matches.

1. Do a little every day

To pop up in more of people’s feeds, the easiest thing to do is…

be active.

Tinder likes it if you’re active because that means you can show your matches a good time. Instead of being unresponsive, you’re ready to chat and meet up.

Are you inactive? Then Tinder will bury you under a mountain of profile, making it almost impossible to find you.

What does being active look like?

  • Swipe a few profiles every day.
  • Message new matches within 24 hours.
  • Chat daily with Tinder matches.
  • Update your profile every so often.

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2. Stop spamming right swipes

Here’s one simple but highly important piece of advice:

Do not swipe right until you’ve spent a bit of time looking at their profile. 


Spamming the like button will hurt your standings. If the algorithm sees that you like everyone, it’ll lower the quality of your matches.

Tinder rewards users who swipe selectively and who take their time before swiping. (Yes, the algorithm watches how much time you spend looking at a profile before swiping.) This behavior suggests that you have healthy standards.

3. Swipe selectively

If you want to game the system, you need to swipe at least half of the profiles you see to the left. That shows that you see yourself as high-value.

I recommend swiping even 2 out of 3 profiles to the left. Perhaps more.


I believe you should only try to match people who you genuinely think will be fun to hang out with.

Once you have a good profile, it’s not that difficult to get matches. Sure, you may not get the super mega-attractive Tinder matches, but you’ll get enough good ones.

And by being selective, you’ll only get more. After all, Tinder’s robots will place you higher in the Discovery pile.

4. Stretch out your match filters

You may not want to date anyone beyond a certain age, or someone who lives too far away. But here’s something I’m sure you haven’t thought of…

these people may want to date you!

And if they can see you, they will swipe you. And the more swipes you get, the more desirable Tinder will rate your profile.

The more desirable your profile, the more beautiful people will see you in their swipe stack.

5. Connect your other social media

Tinder wants your data. The more information you can give it, the happier the algorithm will be.

Especially if it makes your profile more desirable. Such as linking your Instagram.

How does Insta get you more matches?

Because it gives women who are on the fence about you to push them over the edge. She can dive into your Instagram before deciding where to swipe.

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6. Use Tinder Boost at the right time

Tinder Boost helps you double your matches, but ONLY if you use it at the right time.

What’s the point of being at the top of everyone’s Discovery pile if nobody is swiping?

Exactly. It’s not!

That’s why you want to use Tinder Boost when most people are active.

People tend to swipe at lunchtime or after work.

This is confirmed by a study by Dr. Gareth Tyson where most matches happened between 9AM – 11AM and 5PM – 8PM.

That’s why I recommend using boost at 6:30PM.

Have a profile people love to swipe with these 8 Tinder hacks

Tinder rewards desirability. And nothing screams desirable as much as a Tinder profile that gets lots of right swipes.

Here are the best Tinder hacks on how to do that.

1. Be warm and approachable

Smiling and recognizable faces are more attractive and will get you more matches. Unless, I guess, if you look like this.

  • Avoid wearing anything that covers your face. Such as a hat or sunglasses.
  • Start your profile with two friendly portrait-style photos to show everyone what you look like.
  • Shoot vertically, since almost everyone uses their phone to Tinder.

2. Build a profile that represents you

Two hugely important facts about Tinder’s algorithm.

  • Tinder pays close attention to the type of profiles you like. Once it has a sense of your taste, Tinder actively connects you with that type of person.
  • Tinder also shows your profile to women if it thinks you’re their ‘type’.

This means it pays off if your profile has the distinct flavor of YOU.

  • Have photos of you engaged with your hobbies.
  • Have photos that show your great strengths, such as your sense of humor or curiosity.
  • Embrace your distinct features. Don’t hide it when you have a lazy eye, bad skin burns, or a missing limb. They’ll find out when you go out anyway, so it’s better to playfully point it out and show that you’re okay with it.

3. Get feedback on your photos

We’re not accurate judges of what makes us sexy. What we think is unattractive about ourselves, someone else might find wildly attractive.

That’s why I recommend people ask for feedback from their female friends. Or to use services like Photofeeler.com.

This way you’ll KNOW what photos are your best.

4. Pose with a pet

I don’t feel great recommending it, but people can’t resist cute little fluffers. Uploading a photo of you with your cat or dog will instantly make your profile more attractive.

It works stupidly well. So well, in fact, that if you don’t have one of your own I suggest asking someone you know to pose with their kitty or puppy.

5. Write a good bio

Bios are designed with two aims in mind.

Firstly, it pleases the Tinder algorithm. Secondly, it helps to convince the doubters to swipe you right after all.

Here’s what all the best Tinder bios have in common.

  • It’s personal. Even if it involves stuff about others, 70% of the content should be about you.
  • It’s emotionally stimulating. The better you can make her feel, the more she’ll want to be with you.
  • It sets you apart from the rest. She wants to date someone who can enrich her life and she figures the average guy can’t do that for her.
  • It’s short. Although long-form can work, most people don’t have the patience to read more than 30 words.
  • It shows you can do both. Most women are looking for a gentleman with an edge.

What do you get when you put it all together?

Here’s a great example from my colleague, Coach Jay.

Brutally honest. Sucker for a good romcom. Love to explore neighborhoods and get lost. And am serving a lifetime ban on wearing white after last week’s spaghetti incident.

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6. Choose the right anthem

Your Spotify Anthem represents who you fundamentally are as a human being. No pressure.

*sweats profusely*

You can use your anthem to increase your matches in three ways.

  1. Use your tune as a filter. Do you want to attract a specific type of person? Skip the pop music and go for something niche.
  2. Express your personality. If your favorite band is too obscure and off-putting, pick an Anthem that shows what you like to do. Are you funny? Pick Celine Dion’s All By Myself. Are you a bit of a challenge? Go for Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much or Rihanna’s B*tch Better Have My Money.
  3. Seduce a special lady. If you see your dream girl while swiping and want to increase the odds of matching… Sneak into her bio and copy her Anthem. But do avoid it if you don’t like the artist or genre. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Fakery hurts her as much as it does you.

7. Focus on novelty and curiosity

Our brains are wired for discovery. People can’t resist what’s new and interesting.

Are things not working out? Look for ways to make your profile even more unique by emphasizing your personality.

Add some ironic memes. Upload even more authentic photos. Or suggest in your bio that you’re the most giga chad male in the world, even though you look like a skinny nerd.

By going more niche, you will attract better matches.

8. Reset your profile

Do you rarely see attractive Tinder profiles? That means Tinder has labeled your profile as undesirable. In more technical terms, your ELO score is low.

If you want to get a better rank, the quickest way is by starting over.

By deleting your account and starting fresh, Tinder will have to reevaluate your desirability level.

Just don’t reset your profile until you’ve made your profile the best it can be. Otherwise, you’ll end up in the same place where you left off.

Check out my article on how to reset Tinder for more.

Become their favorite Tinder match with these 7 Tinder hacks

1. Write an opener she can’t resist

The best Tinder icebreakers are simple, playful and personal.

Here’s an example of what I texted a girl today. Here’s what she looked like.

I LOVE your confidence

Nothing sexier than a girl who is so tidy that she leaves open her kitchen cabinet to show the world how clean her dishes are

I can imagine that coming up with such lines might feel difficult for you. That’s why I created a copy-pastable opener that almost always gets a reply.

Hey [name], do you know what I find so interesting about your photos?

It sounds unbelievably basic, but it almost always works.

Try it out now with one of your NEW matches. (Old matches rarely reply.)

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2. Use statements

Asking too many questions doesn’t work. Why?

Questions are complementary, like a sauce. And no matter how good the sauce, nobody wants to eat a bowl of ketchup sprinkled with a few french fries.

In short, too many questions ruin a conversation.

Strike a good balance between asking questions and giving value.

If you want, you could pair up the two. Here’s an example.

“You seem like an adventurous person, but I’m not sure. Have you ever gone skinnydipping?”

Now you’re giving her your perspective of who you think she is + asking for some information.

3. Be respectfully outrageous

Too many people are afraid to say something that the other person might not like.

But actually, most of us enjoy risky subjects. It’s synonymous with excitement. What we don’t like, however, is someone who’s clueless about our sensitivities and just blurts something out without thinking.

So if you ever want to say or ask something risky, you want to do it tactfully.

You want to set it up.

Let me give you an example.

“I had to fight myself not to ask a stupid question right now lol”

“It’s maybe a little much. But I’ll let you decide. Want to hear it?”

Voila. Now you’re no longer being rude but fun.

4. Focus on playful vibes

What makes someone want to meet you is how you make them feel.

That’s why you always want to stimulate their emotions with your texts. That way you’ll keep their attention focused on you.

Here are three easy ways to keep someone hooked on your texts.

  • Ask fun questions. “How many fries can someone steal from you before you tell them to get their own?”
  • Tease them. “I knew you were a Trekkie. Your profile is super nerdy. ;)”
  • Playfully express self-love. “You don’t like horror movies? Well, I guess not everyone can be as awesome as me.”

For more ways on how to have fun conversations, check my next article:

5.  Regain the attention of matches with a profile update

Get her to revive an old and deceased convo with the next hack.

Update your profile.

Her feed (right next to your messages), shows you the activity of all her matches.


Here’s an example from my feed after one of my matches changed her bio.

These changes are highly likely to trigger a response from her.

Just look what my match ‘Maria’ did when I picked a new Anthem. She instantly sent me a message with the ‘in love’ emoji.

6. Keep things fresh

Novelty, novelty, novelty. The more different (yet relatable) someone is, the more attractive we typically find them.

That’s why you want to keep your conversations fresh.

  • Vary the flavor of your texts. Funny, witty, confident, teasing, challenging, flirty, and chill.
  • Switch up your texts. Sometimes short and many, sometimes few and long.
  • Change your response times. Keep them on their toes by replying fast at the start and a little slowe later.
  • Add variety. Use GIFs, voice notes, emojis to break up any patterns.

7. Avoid confusion

Tinder is seduction with a handicap.

There’s no body language, no touch, no scent, no voice inflections. When it comes to indicators of real emotion, you’re in the dark.

Want to know an even bigger problem?

She reads your messages based on how she’s feeling.

Do you know what happens when she’s in a bad mood and you make a dumb joke or tease?

Good luck winning her over, brah.

To avoid upsetting her with bad jokes, use GIFs .

Figure out the emotion you want to express and enter into Tinder’s GIF search bar.

No Tinder hack is complete without an example.

Because I’m a good teacher, here’s a straightforward example of good GIF use. (I called out my cheesy line by adding a GIF so she knew I was kidding.)


Holy Tip:

Before you send your next text. Ask yourself:

“Can she interpret my sentence in multiple ways?”

If so, try to rewrite your message to have one meaning. Or add a GIF to get rid of any interpretation mix-ups.

Tinder Hacks – Conclusion

Tinder hacks make all the difference between having weekly dates with your Tinder matches and swiping new profiles in frustration.

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Enjoy the avalanche of new matches.

Louis Farfields

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