9 Steps From ‘Hi’ to Hookup: How to Hook Up on Tinder

If you could have a Tinder Hook Up tonight…

…would you want it?

If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right page.

If the answer is no, then what the hell is wrong with you?

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Getting hook ups from online dating apps is an easy feat…. If you know how to present your profile the right way. I’ll guide you on how to start the conversation, get her number, fix the meetup, and get the hookup. All while focussing on being authentic, fun, and respectful.

Is Tinder a hookup app?

Tinder is a hookup app if you want it to be.  Although there are men and women with serious intentions, there are plenty of Tinder users open to a casual fling. But they may not be as transparent about it as you’d like.

We’ll go over some of the signals that say she’s ready to hookup later.

Step #1: Tell the right story

In this tip, I’m going to tell you something you wish you’d known the day you downloaded Tinder.

As you likely know, most men are open to hookups. I see it all the time when coaching clients. Even the ones looking for relationships are open for an adventure on the way.

But all of them make the same mistake:

They send signals that attract the wrong type of women.

Although they might be looking for a hookup, the women they’re talking to have no clue of their intentions.


Because most men believe that you have to be super sweet and gentle to seduce women.

So they build sugary sweet Tinder profiles that make them look like a cutesy teddybear. The ladies only see a profile and bio that either labels them a platonic friend or boyfriend.

Let me show you what I mean. Here’s what the Tinder profile looks like for the average Joe Schmo:

  • Sweet, smiling photos.
  • An overdose of pettability: pictures your newborn nephew, you with your family over Christmas, …
  • Boyish vacation pictures.
  • A well-behaved profile text.
  • Signs of a successful, balanced life.

And then their teddy strategy also extends to how they text women.

  • Asking boring interview-style questions.
  • Completely unnecessary use of emojis.
  • Long aimless conversations.
  • Fake get-to-know-you topics like ‘her day’.

Do you think the above type of profile and way of communication gets girls in the mood for a Tinder hookup?

Let me answer that for you: NO. THEY. DON’T.

You need to be sending a clear signal that says you are hookup material. That way the majority of your Tinder matches will be down for casually clapping cheeks.

Because PLOT TWIST: women are sexual just like you.

If you’re looking for Tinder hookups, then your profile has to look manly. Adventurous and fun. That way you minimize looking like husband material.

Of course, you still need to look a little trustworthy. You just don’t want to be the type of guy who says “I love making love to you” when a woman asks him to talk dirty.

Do the texting and profile building right, though?

Then she’ll think that if you starred in the movie ‘The Revenant’ instead of DiCaprio, the credits would be rolling after 20 minutes because you would fugg that bear up in no time.

Step #2: Properly break the ice

Time to arm you with the best icebreakers for hookups. If you want to knock boots, you want to be funny, teasing, and perhaps even a little challenging.

Here’s an example of a guy safeguarding his virginity:

Let me break the convo down for you real fast:

  • He displays the ultimate lack of creativity by starting with “Hey”. It’s rumored to put more girls to sleep than melatonin.
  • When he’s asked what’s up, he says he has nothing going on. So hot. #sarcasm
  • He uses childish abbreviations. A quick way to scare off a good amount of women.
  • Lastly, he gives her a poopy compliment. He loves her name. Something that has close to nothing to do with her.

The opposite side of the spectrum is also terribad.

While I think it’s important to communicate what you’re after, the start of the conversation is not the best time for radical honesty.

So what’s the best way to break the ice when you’re looking for a hookup?

Anything that’s like to get a reply. It’s better to make your intentions known when she thinks you’re a cool dude.

Holy Tip:

The goal of your first text is to get a reply and start a conversation.

There’s one text that does this better than ANY other.

My Clickbait Opener.

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Thank me later. Or don’t thank me at all, your call.

Step #3: Keep the naughty language for later

Here’s something you never want to forget when you’re looking to have a successful Tinder hook up conversation:

Even girls who are open for something casual are 10x more picky than us guys. Once we’ve approved of her looks, we just want the shortest route toward vayjayland.

Women, on the other hand, run a whole checklist:

  • Do I feel comfortable?
  • Will I be safe?
  • Will it be awkward?
  • Is he respectful?
  • Do I feel attracted to his personality?

That’s why one of my texting rules is to never directly sexualize with your first text. She doesn’t know you. So if the first thing that comes out of your mouth is X-rated, she’ll just think you’re a creep.

Boom. That’s a reputation that’s hard to shake.

But if you keep your penis away from the conversational wheel, and follow my texting principles, you have a good chance of making her like you. And THAT is the time to get a little more sexual.

Still, I recommend you get her number sooner than later.

Because if you lay out your cards on the Tinder table and she doesn’t like what she sees, there’s a fair chance you’ll get unmatched.

So exchange numbers and shoot the risky hook-up lines there. Your undercover Tinder score will thank you.

This is a type of joke you don’t want to risk sending on the dating app.

Step #4: Get her excited to meet you

Tired of having to put in all the work to win her over? Here’s how you get her to chase you.

Most guys make this mistake.

They do and say what they THINK the girl wants to hear.

If a beautiful woman disagrees with me, I will immediately change my views. I have no backbone.

—90% of all the men in the world

And that’s obviously unattractive. Plus, even if it works and she ends up liking you… she’ll eventually find out you’re a fraud.

Only a connection based on authenticity will last and feel good.

So what do you do instead?

Suppose she just texted you this.

Did you watch The Joker? Why are people so enthusiastic about it? It wasn’t even that good…

Let’s assume that you saw The Joker and actually liked it.

What do you reply? If you’re like most guys, you’d probably end up saying:

Yeah I don’t know. I liked the movie but it’s not as good as people say…

Great! If you want to be a diplomat and end up in every hot girl’s friend zone.

But what you should have done is speak the unfiltered truth! Here’s what I would have said in our imaginary text conversation:

You fucking wot m8? It was good. I enjoyed watching it! Joaquin Phoenix deserves 10 Oscars for this masterpiece.

It’s not so much the exact words that matter. What counts is that it’s brutally honest.

Opposing opinions shouldn’t be kept a secret.

It’s by sharing them with her that she understands that you value your own opinion, and therefore yourself. And that’s sexy.

So be sure to stay true to yourself. Even if that means going against the flow a little. It’ll just make you more attractive.

Holy Tip:

Sometimes girls send you texts that’ll send you reeling.

“How the heck do I answer this?” you think to yourself.

An all too familiar event.

But why hurt your head inventing your own material, if you can steal my material?

Grab the 10 Texts That Always Work, and you’ll rarely worry about how to reply.

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Step #4: Exchange numbers and ask her out

Here’s why you want to get off Tinder as fast as possible.

You’ll become part of her in-group.

Even if you’re one of her favorite guys to talk to on Tinder, you’re still on Tinder. The place where she gets swarmed with peasant openers and other boring texts.

Her iMsg, WhatsApp, or whatever platform she uses, on the other hand… is a place for family, friends and lovers. People she likes and trusts. So she’ll treat you far better there than she would on Tinder.

Katie has had it with Tinder’s population of clueless men.

Here’s the best way to ask her out if you want a hookup. No gimmicks necessary.

Get her number when she’s having a great time.

Either say something like, “Let’s continue over WhatsApp so I can bless you with voice notes and my dankest memes”.

Or my personal favorite… just give her your number.

Here are two fresh screenshot examples:

Use it to transition into something new. Or to answer a question of hers that’s too lengthy to type.

Next you want to ask her out. Just watch my video. You’ll get everything you need to know injected into your brain in just 5 minutes.


If you’re watching this on your phone and you don’t have limitless data…

…then lol what cave are you living in bro, you absolute primate.

Just kidding. You can check out my article below:

Step #6: Keep the conversation going

Hey Louis, how often should I text her once the date is planned?
—Every other guys in my email

It’s a great question that almost every guy seems to struggle with. Most guys prefer to set the date and just text nothing until the meetup.

Is that a good strat? Staying quiet for a few days and then just show up for the date?

No. That’s a HORRIBLE way to text. And it’s almost guaranteed to get in the way of your hookup.

At the start of a blooming relationship, emotions fade quickly. If you don’t stay active in her inbox, the odds she’ll forget you increase by 69%.

She wants to know if you’re still interested. Plus, she still wants proof that you’re a fun and cool dude.

No need to ask deep questions, share intimate stories, or get all try hard.

All you want to do is make her day a little bit brighter.

Here are 5 ideas:

  • Come across a funny video? Share it with her.
  • Did someone send you a meme that makes you giggle? Share it with her.
  • See something worth sharing throughout your day? Share it with her.
  • See anything that reminds you of something you and her talk about? Share it with her.
  • None of the above? Make up a joke and share it with her.

Just so you know, I’m about to buy a lottery ticket so the chances of our meetup Friday becoming legendary just went up with 0.00000000001%

I just made that up. But it does all it needs to do.

  • It’s light.
  • It’s funny.
  • It doesn’t ask anything from her.

Need another example? Let me pull another one out of my ass:

Hey what color socks are you going to wear this weekend? I might need to run a quick laundry if we want to match.

Not the best text ever, but at least it’s light, semi-funny, and it doesn’t desperately ask her if the date is still on. What the line does cleverly do, is remind her that the date IS still on in your books.

That’s all you need to know to keep her interested enough until it’s time to meet up for your Tinder hookup.

Step #7: Follow my dating commandments

11 quick tips to turn your Tinder meet up into a Tinder hookup.


  • Reread the conversation. By remembering easy details, like what she studies, her favorite song, or the name of her sister, you’re scoring easy points.
  • Clean up your place. Have your house looking and smelling nice, and have clean bed sheets.
  • Know her schedule. You’ll be disappointed when she has to go home early because she has a yoga class in the morning.
  • Have a clear plan. The less she needs to do, the more she can relax. And if she can relax, she has room to get attracted to you.

Meet up

  • Meet up a few minutes away from the venue. That way you can casually walk off any stress and you avoid 10 awkward minutes of sitting at a table with a stranger.
  • Sit next to her. It’s not a job interview. When you enter a bar, choose the best available table and let her sit down first. Then sit right beside her.
  • Visit several locations. What’s more adventurous? Parking your butt on a seat and chatting for four hours? Or visiting a couple bars, walking through the park, hanging out on a swing set, grabbing an ice cream, and watching the stars in the sky? More things is better than one thing.
  • Kiss her when you can feel the tension. Don’t kiss at the end of the date. That’s usually not when it’ll feel the best.
  • Be direct. During every date there will be a point where you’re asked about what you like or dislike. Don’t beat around the bush. Be direct. Whether it’s about food preferences, fashion, your opinion on squirrels, or more kinky stuff.
  • Touch her. People that like each other, touch each other.
  • Use protection. Keep multiple on you so it doesn’t get lost. Also, don’t use her condom. Use your own, SAFE AND RELIABLE condom. She doesn’t know your donger yet, but you do. Pick what’s best. Don’t make anyone pregnant. Don’t get any STD’s. Definitely don’t give any STD’s. Use a condom.

Last but not least, a quick video of ten things you should never do on your (first) (Tinder) date:

Step #8: Make your hook up a success

Here are three things that will significantly improve your odds of ending up in the sheets.

  • Have music playing. Personally, I only listen to three genres: hard rap, emotional singer-songwriter stuff, and baby making music. Needless to say, I only play the third genre when it’s Tinder hook up time. Both TextGod coach Dan and Jay have a playlist for anything sexytime-related.
  • Turn on the cozy lights. Whether it’s yellow-orangish light, or you have those LED light strips that change into any color of your choosing, doesn’t matter.Just stay away from bright light and white light. It’s a (Tinder) hook up, not a dentist appointment.
  • Have a good sofa. You want something that’s super comfy. Don’t have such a sofa (ideally with a soft blanket)? Then make sure your bed doubles as a movie theater.
  • Consent. Just watch the hilarious video below.

Step #9: Send a post-hook-up text

On a scale from 1 to 10, where are you?

1 Being a primitive beastman. Living in a cave. Illiterate, uneducated, and covered in yesterday’s spaghetti sauce.

10 Being the gentlest of sirs. Full mastery of etiquette and respectful towards everyone.

Personally, I am around 6.9/10. (I’d easily go up to an 8 but I refuse to wash off yesterday’s spaghetti sauce.)

Anyway, if you are over a 2/10, then you know what to do after every hook up:

Send her a grateful text afterward.

Be careful though.

This text can quickly do two things:

  • Make her think you are in love and will die if you don’t see her again ASAP.
  • Make her think you see her as a sex toy and scare her off.

In general, it’s best to keep your text friendly, short, and polite.

Something like so:

I had fun last night. I hope you did too 🙂

Make sure to personalize your text though. It has to come from you. Just like any other text you ever send.

The girl will be glad to hear from you. And life is so much better when you can make other people feel good, isn’t it?

When TextGod gives ‘live laugh love’ advice instead of actual dating advice.

Tinder Hookup – summary

Show her your authentic self, be direct, give her the best party you can, and be respectful.

There’s a Tinder hookup waiting for you if you follow the advice from this article. 100%.

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Louis Farfields

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