Everything You Need To Know About Tinder Hot Takes

You’re probably here for one of two reasons:

One, Tinder invited you to play its new game and you don’t know what it is.

Two, you heard about Tinder Hot Takes and want to know how to participate.

Whatever the case, you’ll get everything you need to know about Tinder Hot Takes.

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What is Tinder Hot Takes?

Tinder Hot Takes is one of Tinder’s new  features. And it’s basically Tinder’s equivalent of speed dating.

How does it work?

You get invited to chat with someone before you match for a fixed amount of time. Once the timer runs out, you both have to choose if you want to become a match or meet someone new.

What is Tinder Vibes and how does it work?

How does Tinder Hot Takes work?

Tinder Hot Takes won’t always be available to you.

The speed dating game is tied to specific events that are run at specific times.

In the places Tinder Hot Takes is already live, the events run every day from 6 PM to midnight. If you log in during those hours, you’ll instantly be invited to play Hot Takes. If you accept, you’ll then be shown a question that’ll act like a conversation starter.

Even better, the algorithm will try to connect you with someone who answered similarly.

Although that doesn’t always happen if not enough people are participating.

Blurring out the friend who made me this screenshot. 🙂

Here are the most important things to know about Tinder Hot Takes:

  • You can’t see the other person’s profile.
  • A clock starts the second you enter chat.
  • Before the timer runs out, you must decide whether you want to match with them or speed date someone else (letting the clock reach zero is treated as a rejection).
  • If you don’t reply to the other person’s text in 30 seconds, the game also ends.

This time crunch forces you to keep the convo moving and quickly reveals whether or not you have any chemistry.

One last thing to remember:

You’ll be chatting with someone you haven’t swiped right or left on. So there’s no chance the person on the other side is that hot babe that you liked the day before.

Why use Tinder Hot Takes?


It’s a great way to wow someone with your personality before she even sees your Tinder profile.

And because you can’t see each other’s profile during the speed-date, you may be talking to someone out of your league. Someone who would never consider matching you based on just your profile.

So if you have solid texting skills, Tinder Hot Takes is an easy way to match with ladies who are normally beyond your reach.

And in the cases you end up talking with someone of your own level?

Then Tinder Hot Takes makes the convo run much more smoothly thanks to the ice breaker you answered at the start of the game.

And if you have my 7 secrets to text and flirt with any girl, the speed-date is almost guaranteed to be a success.

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How can you participate in Tinder Hot Takes?

There are two requirements to participate in Tinder Hot Takes:

  1. You need to be on Tinder at the right time: between 6 PM and midnight
  2. You need to be in the right region (not all regions have access to Tinder Hot Takes yet because Tinder is still in the experimental phase)

How do you know Tinder Hot Takes works in your area?


You get notified by Tinder once a Hot Takes event goes live or you see the Hot Takes screen the moment you log onto Tinder.

If neither of those things ever happen, you don’t have access to Tinder Hot Takes.

Sorry, friend.

But there’s also good news: if Hot Takes is well received by the community, Tinder will bring the speed-date minigame to as many areas as it can.

So you may be able to play soon.

Anyway, this is all you need to know about Tinder Hot Takes. But not everything you need to know about texting.

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