41 Best Tinder Icebreakers That Always Get A Response

Do girls never start a conversation with you unless they’re selling cookies?

Then it’s your responsibility to open her.

And starting today, that will be easy as pie if you use my Tinder icebreakers!

You get:

  • 30+ copy paste icebreakers (for Tinder, Bumble, PoF, and any other app)
  • An opener that makes sensitive readers throw up in disgust
  • How to start the conversation online
  • 10 Painfully wrong openers (that may actually work)
  • Texting tips for guys, to use after breaking the ice
  • A video of me spitting smooth icebreakers at my girlfriend (and she rates them)
  • More…

Important: Quickly letting you know I found the best opener EVER. Its psychologically irresistible to ignore. I made a video explaining how to use it and it's 'clickbait-principle' with screenshot examples. Check it out here.

#1: Compliment her… on yourself

If you’ve followed my advice before then you know that personalized openers are king.

If you haven’t followed my advice before then my condolences to your sexlife.

Either way, sometimes a personalized opener is hard to pull off.

In which case you can just compliment her on the only fixed variable in the equation: yourself.

I don’t usually give compliments to people I meet right away, but you have excellent taste in men.

If you’re a woman reading this, you can compliment his great taste in girls. And if you’re a non-binary apache helicopter you can compliment his great taste in non-binary army vehicles.

#2: Be personal & original

Do you know what my uncle Dale always told me?

A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.
—Dale Carnegie

That’s right. That’s what he told me.

And right he was and still is.

If you could rearrange the t and the a in your name that’d be great.

You can be in the noisiest room full of people gibbering and prattling…

…if someone somewhere in that room says your name and it reaches your ears…

…you can bet your beautiful ass your head will turn.

Your head will turn and you’ll try to find out who is potentially interested in you.

You little narcissist.

That’s why whatever Tinder icebreaker you decide to go with, you can add her name to it.

[whatever opener you choose comes here] followed by [her name]

#3: Expand on her interest

Look at her photos and bio.

Pick anything she likes. Like… some line in her bio saying she wish she could study at Hogwarts.

How did Harry Potter get down the hill?


Jk… Rolling

Quickly stole this and sent it to my favorite female in the world.

It worked. She giggled.

Pretty sure the next session of bedroom acrobatics will be 1% better because of this line.

#4: Cheesy icebreakers work. Just give ‘m a little twist.

You know the classic polar bear bad pick up line by now, right?

How much does a polar bear weigh?

No, they live on the ice. If they broke it, they would fall through.

Bet you didn’t know this version with a twist.

Also, my dear reader and best friend ever…

…quick word of the wise:

If your opener goes wrong, it might be a smart choice not to explain it.

As my cunnulingus mentor used to say:

Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process
—E.B. White

Also, don’t try to explain the other’s person joke.

Don’t be the party pooper.

There goes this guy’s date.

Game over for mister knowitall.

Holy Tip:

If you want to break the ice in ANY conversation…

…you need to know what the ‘ice’ actually is.

Here’s a definition for you:

If you break the ice at a party or meeting, or in a new situation, you say or do something to make people feel relaxed and comfortable.

The ice is what makes you behave differently in the sofa of your best friend’s apartment, then in a room with someone you’ve never met before.

That room can also be a chat room.

Meeting new people will ALWAYS be a little exciting and awkward.

The next question to ask yourself is:

How DO you break the ice and how DON’T you break the ice?

You see, most people fall back on ‘safe’ questions.

Resulting in the type of question that could just as well come from the cashier at the local supermarket:

How’s your day?

Got any plans for the weekend?

Do you study or do you work already?

Newsflash: These questions usually don’t break the ice.

I’m sure you’ve experienced before how they make the room extra chilly.

Why is that?

Because this type of question CONFIRMS that the two of you don’t know each other well.

Instead of instantly playing and messing with the other person as if you’ve known each other for ages.

That second option is what breaks the ice.

Because it pierces right through the social barrier of distance and awkwardness. It’s like your besties already.

Now you know why I prefer to say Over The Top things, rather than playing it ‘safe’.

#5: Bumble icebreaker example

Here’s a screenshot example of multiple tips combined.

This gentle sir skipped the safe questions we just discussed.

He also made clever use of her name AND he made her giggle behind her phone by giving his cheesy line a twist.

What a guy.

Oh btw, on Bumble girls have to make the first move.

My trick on how to make them text you first, and all other sorts of wicked ways are waiting for you in this article.

#6: Self deprecating humor is a great way to break the ice

WARNING: this one is not for sensitive readers.

Remember that Holy Tip I just gave you?

Yes, that big text in a blue frame.

It told you not to use safe lines but instead go a more ballsy route.

Well, that’s exactly what this guy did in his Tinder icebreaker.

I’ll be honest, my last relationship ended because she caught me having sex with our daughter. But I think she was just more surprised that the hospital let me keep the stillborn.



He uhm… cheated on his girlfriend or wife…

…with his own daughter…

…who was a baby…

…that was dead?

Self deprecating dar humor, over the top, or twisted and not okay…

…whatever you wish to call it… his match liked it.

(while other may instantly unmatch you for this.)

And now there is SO MUCH freedom on their conversation because pretty much anything can be said.

All filters destroyed.

And the ice?

The ice isn’t just broken.

It is shattered, obliterated, and extirpated all at the same time.

#7: The best copy-paste icebreaker

Ready for an icebreaker that breaks all records?

The undefeated best Tinder icebreaker.

Find out what I texted here.

Did you see how clever that was?

Oh wait, you can’t see what I texted because of that stupid black rectangle.

The line I used right there is my clickbait opener.

I used it as a welcome gift for my readers.

If you’d like to see how you can open any conversation with this smooth icebreaker…

…then you can get a secret video here where I show screenshots.

You’ll see the opener + 2 follow up texts that you can play with.

Enjoy the secret video, and the texts you’ll be getting with it!

#8: Kill, f_ck, marry

We all know the “kiss, marry, kill” game.

This guy messed it up, but this is how it should go:

Kiss, marry, kill

Kiss Bruce, marry Bill, kill you

Well if you’re going to kill me at least let me take you out first

Personally I find the “kiss, marry, kill”  a little weird.

Because one of the three I would never EVER do.

I phuck quite regularly, you could say it’s a hobby of mine.

I kill it when I’m lifting weights or boxing. So you could say I’m a killer.

But getting married?

No thanks, Jef.

Not my jam.

Anyway, no matter how witty your icebreaker, they’ll all fail sometimes.

I have another better example of this one further down the article. In the part where we get to the WRONG icebreakers.

Holy Tip:

The hardest profiles to open are the ones with all selfies.

It’s draining to come up with a clever line when someone’s profile doesn’t inspire you.

Imagine seeing a girl you want to talk to but you look at her photos and draw a blank…

What now?

Now imagine she has a solid bio.

The type of bio you read and instantly know what to text.

See, you can be that guy.

The guy who has a bio that inspires her to text you.

Find some funny Tinder bio examples here.

#9: Icebreaking game to play

This one you can copy paste and STILL it will be personal!

It’s the classic “two truths and a lie” game.

Here’s a screenshot of a guy doing it wrong:

Instead of being lazy and asking for investment from her, like this guy did…

YOU state three ‘facts’ about yourself but one of them is in fact, a lie, and not a fact.

You can always ask them to do a round about themselves after you went first.

Dating app Bumble has this built in as an option for your profile text.

Anyway, to make sure you get the game, let’s play a round:

Two truths and a lie:

  • I have dated the daughter of a billionaire (twice)
  • I have dated the daughter of a mafia boss who is now in prison
  • I have dated an actress that plays in TV shows that you watch

Now it’s your turn to guess the lie.

Get it?


  1. Think of two crazy things you’ve done in your life, it’s better if they aren’t dating related.
  2. Add one equally crazy but made up thing.
  3. Now shoot them at your match.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

#10: If her name is Hannah

This line only works on girls named Hannah.

It doesn’t even work on Hanna without an ‘h’ at the end.

But I’ll share it anyway because:

  1. Don’t underestimate your future self, you might come across a Hannah before you know it.
  2. It’s too witty not to share.

There’s also another lesson here.

One that is relevant to ANY girls regardless what name she has.

Never start with a ‘howdy’ or a ‘what up cutie’.

9 chances out of 10 her fuckboy alarm will go off and you wasted a match.

#11-30: I tested 20 Tinder icebreakers on my girlfriend

Here’s a video I made specifically for this article.

I melted some water into a bar of ice…

Gave my girlfriend a hammer…

Fired 20 icebreakers at her…

And told her to smash the bar of ice with her hammer if she liked what she heard.

Watch it here:

#31: After you break the ice

In this tip I’ll tell you what to say AFTER the Tinder icebreaker.

Because any man can steal an opener…

But few men can keep the conversation going.

A great way to do that, is by stealing my phone and going through my Tinder.

But since only one of you can steal my phone, I’ll tell you what you’ll find in there.

You’ll find a very simple very effective conversation technique.

One that prevents you from being boring and predictable.

And encourages you to be bold and memorable.

The technique I am talking about is statements.

Whenever you find yourself typing a closed question…

…you slap yourself on the hand, and turn it into a statement.

Let’s say you used an icebreaker from this article:

How much does a Polar bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice.

Well no, they live on the ice, if they fell through it all the time they’d die. A male usually weighs around 450 kg, while a female weighs between 150 and 250kg.

Haha ok I fell for it!

So what do you do for a living?



This is the moment where you slap yourself across the face.

It’s part of the conditioning process to become better at texting by not asking boring interview questions at the start of a conversation.

Let’s make it better by turning it into a statement!

I’m not entirely sure why, but you strike me as a lawyer. A super strict one at that. That would only defend the most pure hearted, innocent citizens.

Now there’s two options:

  1. She isn’t a lawyer so she corrects you and now you know what she does but you didn’t have to ask an interview-type of question. Plus she’ll be wondering why you had that impression, and she’ll probably ask you about it.
  2. You were right, she does what you guessed she does. Now she’s mind blown and YOU, fine sir, are off to a great start.

So remember:

Minimize the use of standard questions.

Excite her with statements instead!

For copy paste lines to keep the conversation flowing, go here.

Now it’s time for some FUN!

And not just any kind of fun…

…the kind of fun where you make fun of other people’s mistakes! Hooray!

10 Wrong Tinder icebreakers (that can work)

Let’s look at some guys trying out icebreakers for Tinder.

Some will score, some will fail miserably.

And for some reason I find both options equally entertaining.

#32 Kill, fuck, marry

I told you earlier I was going to show this one again.

This time done properly:

Kill, fuck, marry: me, Boris Johnson, Brad Pitt

Kill BJ, fuck BP, marry you

Boom, she fell for it.

Boris Johnson is a rich, old, not-so-hot, politician. She obviously doesn’t want to fuck or marry him. So he dies.

You fucks Brad Pitt because who wouldn’t? He’s a frigging sex symbol.

And she marries you, because you’re younger and she can build a family with you.

That’s when you serve her the plot twist:

That’s the worst possible decision

She obviously thinks she should have married Brad Pitt in your opinion, but you have a smarter plan. One that’ll make her laugh:

You fuck Boris Johnson, take pictures and then blackmail him for money and political power, you marry Brad Pitt and instantly make millions more and then you kill me because I want to die.

#33 Great tits

It’s what you’ve thought MANY times.

You don’t have to explain to me how your primitive male mind works, bro.

Unfortunately, you won’t often get your hand on great tits by shouting “great tits!”.

Great tits

No reply.

But she did like his comment.

So let’s call it half a reply.

No matter how often you’ve received a compliment, it keeps feeling good.

But it feels better if you get it in a respectful way.

Anyway, the fine sir apologizes and the conversation starts.

If you can call that a conversation.

No matter how brutal the guy is, it doesn’t seem like this girl is going to be much of a conversationalist.

#34 Be bold, she said

This girl has something in her bio about being bold.

Great, she already has a better bio than 90% of people on Tinder.

And this sir is going to make clever use of her profile text.

How bold is bold?

Because I eat my cereal without milk and that’s pretty bold if u ask me

That’s pretty lazy and common if you’d ask me, but anyway, she replies:

You ever tried cereal ith water?

That’s the bold I’m looking for

That’s next level lazy. And disgusting.

Either way, great start of the Tinder conversation.

No peasant openers and no interview questions. Just light and fun banter.

Get ‘m, tiger!

#35 Bad wingman icebreaker

Fixing dates on Tinder for your friends is possible.

Been there done that plenty of times.


This guy is not going to pull if off any time soon:

Hey Isabel, I have this friend Marc who’s running on a pretty dry streak and is in desperate need of a blowjob. Think you could help him out? He’s not even ugly.

First of all, applause for Isabel’s response. Great comeback.

Second of all, the amount of girls who would want to go on a Tinder date with Dave and give him a bj AFTER a fun date is significantly higher than the amount of girls that will take this cheap offer.

It may also help to not portray Dave like a good looking loser.

#36 Minecraft

Minecraft is life.

For some at least. I will never touch the game.

If you’re one of the gazillion Minecraft nerds and you want to self amuse with a Minecraft line:

If you don’t play the craft, then you can’t get the shaft.

Definitely a top 5% performance!

Top 5% worst icebreakers.

#37 One year anniversary

Are you sometimes lazy?

Rhetorical question.

Most men have some matches laying around that they never got to text.

What do you do with those?

Happy one year anniversary since matching, *name*!

If you want to try this equal parts clever and desperate Tinder icebreaker…

…then please do yourself a favor and don’t follow up like this guy did.

Instead give it a good romantic and exaggerated spin.

They say relationships that form after a year of meeting are more stable and successful.


I was completely paralyzed by your dazzling beauty and went in a one year coma. But no worries, I am back. Well rested and ready to charm you with 10/10 texting for a couple days before asking you out.

I’m pulling these out of my beautiful round derriere here. But you get the gist of it.

#38 Vegan

You know what doesn’t exist?

A vegan that doesn’t tell you he/she is vegan.

For a vegan telling everyone they are vegan is just as important as actually being vegan.

So rest assured that vegan ladies have it in their bio

All that’s left for you to do is say:

I’m vegan too!

Her tomatoes will turn red instantly and her chicory will ripen.

Now personally I don’t like to lie about myself to get girls…

…so if I were you I’d show some willpower and actually turn vegan until you’ve had sex once.


When in doubt… HONK.



And so on, I can’t be arsed typing all those special characters.

I’m assuming it started with one honk because guys sometimes honk at beautiful girls?

Either way, it turned into a lot more honking and hopefully for these people, into an actual conversation, date, or relationship as well.

#40 Motorboating

Let’s try wrong opener #2 again

Is it bad that I want to bury my face in your tits right now?

The only thing bad here is your Tinder texting, buddy.

Game over.

#41 My girlfriend as your “wingman”.

As a last wrong opener, let’s play a game.

I’ll make up an opener…

…and you try it.

Or wait, I’ll ask my girlfriend to make up a random silly opener on the spot RIGHT NOW

(She hates when I demand her to be funny.)

If it somehow works out, email the screenshot to me and I’ll give you a kiss.

Hey are you the avatar?

Because you make me hot, wet, windy, and rockhard.

“Omg that’s horrible” She says after.

“What if she hasn’t seen Avatar? Or she thinks about the blue avatar?!”

I kind of like it, please do try it and email me the results.

(louis@textgod.com – Subject: Avatar opener)


Those were 10 good Tinder icebreakers…

…followed by 20 good and bad icebreakers in a video…

…followed by 10 wrong icebreakers.

That’s plenty of material to destroy ice in all sorts of ways.

Try them out, and enjoy!

The best icebreakers of them all is at your disposal at the click of a button.

That’s right, my Clickbait Opener is waiting for you right below this article.

Leave me your email and I’ll send it your way with a video full of examples of how to use it and what to follow up with.


Thanks for sticking around until the end, I’ll see you in the next one, bro!

Louis Farfields

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